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    Tickle Punishment Time

    This past weekend my husband and I took a long overdue couple’s trip out of town. We decided it was the perfect opportunity to catch him up on all the tickles he’s been missing. We broke it into two main days of tickling:

    Saturday: I owed him 30 total minutes of tickling time due to not completing several tickling tasks he’d given me. We had previously tried one punishment session of 15 minutes, but it was too much for me to handle in one sitting. We made a deal: I would give him 5 minutes of tickle torture with no safe words or breaks and we would see if I could make it to 10 minutes. But if I took a break before my 10 minutes were up, he would add more time to be completed. He wanted me in workout shorts and a soft tee. We agreed on a hogtie restraint, a small ball gag, and an eye mask.
    My time started and he immediately dug in to my hips, which is usually my biggest reaction area. It didn’t get as big of a reaction as normal, just eliciting small moans and wiggles. Since my hips weren’t as sensitive as normal, he focused on my torso instead. He gave me several rounds of tickles on my underarms, ribs, and hips, not giving me time to catch my breath before moving on to the next spot. He would dig his fingers in as hard as he could, making me moan and squirm and try to defend my sensitive spots even though I was bound. It made me thankful for the gag. He moved on to my feet next, paying special attention to the spaces between my toes and my arches. It made my legs jump and jerk, but again he didn’t quite get the reaction he was looking for. He brought out the body of a sonic toothbrush and began teasing it between my toes. At that point, my feet began jerking harder and I started trying to pull my legs under my body, which he was having absolutely none of.
    He continued his fast pace between my four big areas (underarms, ribs, hips, feet). I couldn’t tell what was coming next because of the blindfold. My five minute time limit came and a went. I tried to hold out for 10. Eventually, I had to beg for my break. My time was 9:02. He gave me a 30 second break, but tacked on 3 more minutes in return. If I couldn’t make it to 12 minutes, the time would drop back down to 5 minutes. I didn’t make it to 12. He started back with the same relentlessness he’d been abusing me with. I think I made it another minute before calling it. So now I still owe him 25 minutes of tickle torture.

    Sunday: We decided to take it easy. He had used his time well the night before and taken advantage of my exposed underarms and ribs. They had been tickled so much and so hard that we had to put them off limits, leaving just my hips and feet up for grabs. Instead of trying to knock more time off my tickle punishment we decided to do a quick session where I had to try and sit still while he tickled my feet and videoed. I sat in a chair beside the bed with my feet propped up on the mattress and let him tickle my bare feet while I tried to “be good” and not move. He got the biggest reaction when he used the sonic toothbrush between my toes like he had the previous day. There was a lot of laughing, and I tried not to squirm but still ended up jerking my feet back several times.

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    Now thats a video I bet we'd ALL like to see! ��

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    It was a blast. Her covering her face while she laughed through the tickling really made the video special. �� I think we need to have another punishment session soon.

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    Great story! Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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    Loved it! Clearly your husband did his absolute best at getting all those wonderful ticklee reactions we like! He used his time well! Thanks for taking the time too share this with us here!
    tickle prince the name and tickling the game! and what a fun game it is!

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