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    Sep 2021

    F/m P.O.V. Your First Session with A Tickling Fanatic!

    "I hope you're comfortable..."

    You watch as I draw the curtains to the bedroom, leaving the room dimly lit.*
    I smile softly at you from the doorway, shutting and locking the door, making your stomach flip-flop from excitement and nervousness. You've never been tied up by a woman before, especially not one with such devious plans for you...

    "Are you ready?"

    I don't wait for an answer before I straddle your hips, making you feel even more tightly restrained than you already felt.* Your bondage is simple, yet effective: I've handcuffed you to the bedframe so that your arms are stretched taut above your head and your legs kept apart by a spreader bar. Your big toes are tied back, and you feel cool air between them. The only clothing I have allowed you to wear is your underwear, which only heightens your sense of vulnerability. This is such a new feeling, you think to yourself.

    You look up to see my face still smiling down at you. The reality of the situation sets in and I notice you tense up.

    "Aww, relax sweetie. I'm going to start slow, ok?"

    You relax a bit, the tone of my voice has turned calming and you close your eyes as you feel my hands start to slowly and expertly massage your shoulders. Your mind starts to haze over and you think you might fall asleep, but you are pulled suddenly out of your blissful state when you feel long, stiletto-shaped thumbnails make their way into the crevices of your underarms. Your body tenses back up immediately,* and you desperately attempt to stifle an involuntary giggle. This is the moment you plummet back to reality.

    "What's wrong?" I muse teasingly, "are you just that sensitive? I'm only massaging you..."

    My smile widens as I look down at your face once more.

    "You look so cute when you're nervous."

    I'm practically purring with excitement. I lean down and lie on my stomach on top of you, my breasts nearly spilling out of the top of my corset as they rest on your belly. All ten of my fingers begin to gently rub in small circles around the depths of your armpits, and for a brief moment you expect it to tickle, but instead you are again met with a deep wave of pleasure. Your eyes automatically venture down to my corset, and your mind is cleared of any nervousness or tension that once resided.

    "Are you enjoying the view? Good. I want you to enjoy this feeling for a bit before your torture begins."

    You barely hear what I say as your distracted eyes linger. I let you watch me and feel your hips shift as you try to contain yourself. You remain blissfully unaware of my intention to get you as excited as possible before I begin your torture. I know that making you horny will ultimately make you more sensitive in the end. After a couple of minutes, I finally speak:

    "It seems like you're having a good time, aren't you? You're already grinding...though I can understand why."

    I scoot up to get closer to your face, and I see the desire in your eyes more vividly.

    "Enough distractions. I think it's time for the real fun to begin, don't you?"

    My fingers halt in their circular tracks, and I point my index fingers toward the most sensitive recess of your underarms, hovering over them as close as I can get them without actually touching you. Wiggling them teasingly, I watch you begin to squirm uncomfortably, and I can't help but giggle at the reaction.

    "Oh honey, I'm not even touching you, and you're already squirming like this? You're really going to suffer when I am touching you..."

    You open your mouth to beg, and you try to come up with a coherent sentence to plead your case, you think that maybe you should lie and say you're not ticklish, or distract me somehow, but all that manages to escape your lips is "please..."

    "Please what?" I tease, "please tickle you? Is that what you're trying trying say?"

    My fingers finally make contact, and the unbearable sensations begin. My long nails scratch lightly at the soft, sensitive skin of your underarms, with no signs of letting up.

    "I'll happily oblige and indulge you, then."

    Through all of your thrashing I manage to stay on top of you, pinning you as firmly to the bed as I physically can.

    "I know how much you love this, you know. You may struggle on the outside but inside you're begging for more. You know you are..."

    I press my thumbs into the recesses of your pits and gently squeeze the muscles, causing you to arch your back away from me, but since I am straddling you, it proves useless.

    "Tickle, tickle sweetie! Awww...what a cute laugh you have! I want to hear more of it..."

    My squeezing starts to travel lower, reaching the top of your rib cage. Try as you might, you can't stop the stream of giggles bubbling out of you, and you certainly can't stop writhing. Waves of ticklish sensation wash over you, and your mind hazes over a second time, this time from pure torture instead of pleasure. Without warning, I suddenly change my hands to a claw-like position, digging into your ribs and belly at random.

    "Such a ticklish boy...I'm so happy to see that. I've wanted to do this with you for a long time..."

    My hands slip further down to your hips and begin to gently squeeze at your hip bones. I smirk as your wild jerking continues,

    "You really are ticklish everywhere, huh?"

    I don't wait for a response before deviously pinching your inner thighs, my thumbs kneading the crevices, making you buck harder than ever.

    "Oh my...that's quite a reaction."

    As I continue to knead, your laughter reaches a fever pitch, and you sink back into the bed in defeat. Just as you think you might lose your mind, I pull you back from the brink of ticklish insanity and release my grip.

    "Well, I'm very pleased so far. I don't think I've ever gotten my hand on a man this ticklish before. But there's one more spot I'm really curious about...can you guess where that is?"

    I sit up and get off of you, walking down to the end of the bed and squatting. I peer up at you, smiling, amused by the slight panic on your face.

    "I have a feeling that if the rest of your body is so ticklish, your feet are just as bad if not worse? Especially judging by that look on your face."

    You blush and try to settle down as you realize your nerves are translating in your expression. You don't remember ever feeling so vulnerable, nor so sensitive... maybe you're just imagining it. You're not used to being tied up like this, and you can't imagine the last time you've been tickled. Thinking back to what I said earlier, you realize that I'm right. You absolutely love it.

    Before you know it, two of my wicked fingernails are making their way down your soft, sensitive soles, and you feel your body jerk against your will. You're desperate to hide how ticklish your feet are, and you're searching every part of your brain to find something to say that will save you. Maybe there's something you can do, something you could offer, to make me show a shred of mercy and leave your feet alone. Your thought process is shattered when you feel my nails make another swift glide...my nails are sharp, but rounded. It's almost as if I filed them to be as ticklish as possible. Another trip down your soles...this time with more fingers, sending electric sensations up your legs and into more delicate areas. You did not expect the sensations to affect you there, but you are powerless to stop them. Overall, you know deep down you wouldn't complain.

    "Aww, look at you. Just a little tickling does this to you? I knew you liked it..."

    My teasing adds to your sensitivity it seems, as your toes attempt to scrunch away from my tickling nails, but are kept from moving too much by the laces holding them back. I work over the stems of your toes, my soft, feminine fingers able to dip between them, much to your dismay.

    "Listen little boy, I plan to keep you here here a while. I have lots of fun tools and activities planned for us, and I want you to enjoy it as much as I do. I want you to squirm, beg, and over anything else, I want you laugh like you're insane."

    I temporarily let go of your scrunching tootsies, and you breathe a deep sigh of relief.

    "Don't get too comfortable just yet..."

    Part 2 in the works!! ☺
    Last edited by Madame_T; 10-04-2021 at 08:30 PM.

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    Apr 2004
    Woah this was awesome!! Very detailed!! I am excited for part 2!!

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    Jul 2007
    West Tennessee
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    The heart wants what the heart wants, doesnít it? Wonderful read! Very descriptive and totally believable. Looking forward to reading more.


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    Aug 2017
    Just quickly going through it..itís amazing!

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    Oct 2020
    Wow very nice can't wait for part 2

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    Apr 2011
    Oil Country
    Outstanding job, love this start.

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    Dec 2019
    These second-person/POV stories are always fantastic! I found myself blushing just imagining this. Great work!

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    Jun 2021
    Los Angeles
    Very sexy! I thoroughly enjoyed it!
    My only critique is that the POV wasn’t consistent. You kept switching from describing the thoughts and feelings of the Ler, then the Lee. It made it difficult to fully immerse myself as a POV story.
    But once I got past that, I loved how the story played out!

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    Fine story! I envy him!
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    WOW I really enjoyed reading that. Can't wait for part 2!
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    Jul 2006
    South GA
    You write exactly what I love to read.

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    Awesome Story. Please continue!

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    Jul 2003
    E PA
    This is wonderful

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