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    Story - The haunted house job - FFF/M foot smelling and tickling

    I would love to hear any comments and if anyone would be interested in any more like this. Thanks!

    Joe was at the end of his rope financially. He was in his mid 30s and he lost his job as a personal trainer due to the gym he worked at closing during the pandemic. Even though most gyms had opened back up there were still more personal trainers than openings where he lived so he was desperately seeking something or he would be evicted from his studio apartment. So when his ex-girlfriend, and still current friend, Carly called him and said she had a job for him, he already knew he’d say yes before he even knew what it was.

    Carly said she was good friends with someone who was going to be running a high-end haunted house for the next month. Most of the spots were filled as it paid very well for this type of work, but when Carly found out one person dropped out, she immediately suggested him and the owner said “sure”.
    Carly explained that Joe would be playing a “head in a basket” outside a guillotine. The top of his head would be sticking through the roof of the floor and the rest of him would be tucked away, seated under the stage. His entire job would be to look horrified and blink at people. As the theory is that a head can survive for a short period after being severed from the body and some decapitated people appeared to be aware of what was happening after the guillotine finished its job.

    Joe was estatic. He would make good money just to sit there. He could easily do that! Joe said “I have a pretty good scream I can throw in too!”

    “No Joe!” Carly said sternly “most of the other exhibits are pure fantasy, werewolves, mummies, vampires etc. But this part is supposed to be at least somewhat plausible. A decapitated head has no lungs so you can’t scream. The last guy that was in that spot got fired because a kid went and patted his head and he told him to stop. Even though he was justified in not wanting to be touched he was fired on the spot for making a sound. In front of the attendees. So you HAVE to keep silent! They just added a period accurate leather mouth bit to help.

    “No worries Carly, I won’t make a peep!” Joe said.

    The next week went great. Joe would sit in a fairly comfortable chair with his feet propped up and just spent a few hours mugging for the crowds. He was a little claustrophobic, with his head securely sealed and the opening covered with fake gore and blood. He had to have someone else remove him from his position as the latch top open his hatch to remove his head was nowhere near where he was seated. But there was a girl that was always beside him who played an evil genie, that would periodically pop up through the floor into a lamp in a room the next door over, so she would release him at the end of the night, and in case of an emergency she could also.

    Joe’s only problem was being in so close a proximity to feet. He had a very strong aversion to feet and he was eye level to everyone’s that came through.

    “At least Halloween is in October instead of July, so very few people are wearing sandals.” He thought.

    Week two a problem arose. The girl playing the genie (Connie) had an emergency and couldn’t make it at the last minute. It was so last minute they couldn’t find a replacement so they were just going to close that room off for the night. Someone else could let him out at the end of the night but nobody would be there in case of an emergency. Since he was forbidden to speak, and had recently added a leather strap over the mouth to prevent future slip ups, they simply put a radio in his hands and if he had an emergency he could hit a button on it and it would alert the security to come check on him.

    Joe wasn’t completely happy with this, but with what he was making he wasn’t going to complain.

    The night was going just like all the other’s with Joe mugging and blinking wide eyed as people came through. A group of three college aged girls arrived in the next group and as Joe was doing his shtick one of the girls dressed as a witch, a tall blond name Rachel, said “wait up girls, I have something in my shoe.”

    Rachel pulled off her long boot and shook a small pebble out of it. She put her bare foot inches from Joe’s face. Immediately his reaction changed. He had been playing mock horror but his expression changed to true horror and the other girls immediately noticed.
    Shirley, a short slightly curvy brunette, dressed as a vampire said “Oh Rachel, he does NOT like your foot in his face!”

    Donna, a red headed Little Red Riding Hood said in her southern accent, “I don’t blame him, poor thing! I can smell them all the way up here!”

    Rachel smiled and lifted her foot up to her nose. “OMG, my friend who lent me these shoes said they made her feet smell, but wow, that was an understatement!”
    She put her foot back down right in front of Joe’s face and said, “C’mon you can take it can’t you?” And wiggled her toes.

    That was too much for Joe, he fumbled with the radio to hit the distress button, and the security team would come over, see the situation and throw these girls out. In his distress, his hands had begun to sweat and the radio slipped and fell from his hands to the floor.
    All four of them heard the clatter. Joe was obviously beside himself frantically trying to reach the ground to pick it up, but was unable to.

    Rachel, said. “Uh oh, it sounds like our friend dropped something. Let’s go help him out!” She pointed to a trap door barely visible at the back of the stage.
    Joe was relieved. Most immediately, her foot was out of his face, but second even though they were obviously breaking the rules, when they went in they would see the radio on the floor, and know the gravity of his situation and help him.

    All three of the girls climbed the three steps down into the floor then closed the trap door.
    Joe listened to them talk below him.

    Donna said “oh look, the poor boy dropped his radio.” She patted hi arm causing him to flinch and to involuntarily yell, the leather strap prevented all but the most muffled of sounds to come out.

    Shirley said “my, my, my, so jumpy!” Don’t worry, here is your little radio back.”
    Joe was FILLED with relief when he felt an object being place into his hands. He started frantically feeling it with his hands searching for the buttons. Something was wrong. This did not feel like a radio at all. After a second, he knew what he was holding. It was a high heel shoe!

    “Sorry, silly my feet were hurting in these shoes, and I figured from your reaction to Rachel’s foot you’d rather have that shoe than your dumb old radio anyway.”
    Joe threw the shoe down nearly hitting Shirley. “Nope we aren’t putting up with that Rachel said. Grabbing the duct tape on the worktable beside her she quickly secured his arms to the armrests then secured his kicking legs.

    Joe was beside himself with anger and fear. This was way beyond what he was willing to endure for any amount of money. He began to yell in earnest against the strap. While he was mostly muffled, he was able to make enough sound where the next group would surely be able to hear his distress.

    Joe saw the trapdoor open and saw Donna quickly approach him. She said “it’s ok darling, I’m going to help you. He felt the leather strap removed from his mouth, he opened his mouth to thank her and he felt a wet piece of cloth completely fill his mouth then immediately the strap being replaced. His mouth immediately filled with a horrid taste.
    Donna said “I was hoping my ankle socks would help to keep my feet from sweating in my boots, but it didn’t work. Sorry hun.”

    Joe tried to scream but now there was virtually no sound. The socks had cut it completely off.

    He thought it had gotten as bad as possible but then it got worse. He felt their fingers on him. Shirley said, he looks like he may be in pretty good shape, let’s see what he’s go under here and felt his shirt pulled up.

    “Dang, look at that six pack!” Rachel said tracing her fingers along his abs. The reaction was instant. He went from trying to scream to bucking and laughing into his gag.
    “Good grief he’s ticklish there!” Shirley said adding her fingers tracing around his toned abs. His thrashing increased and increased even more as Donna grabbed a pair of scissors from the table and cut his shirt off and joined in.

    Joe was in hell. The girls down there had removed his shirt and they were driving him insane. Since they started they had been tracing his abs non stop. That spot was so ticklish on him that he had trouble shaving it and this was one million times worse.
    When he thought he was at the apex of suffering he felt it get much worse. He felt a finger prod his ribs. He would have jumped through the roof had he not been bound so tightly. The last time he had been poked in the ribs it was by a friend and his reaction was so instantaneous he spun and drilled him right in the face giving him a black eye. He felt bad and apologized but the sensation was so maddening it was pure instinct. Now he was feeling it again and again and couldn’t even move to avoid it.

    Rachel said, my sister used to do this and I absolutely couldn’t take it, I can’t imagine not being able to get away from this. But I guess you just have to huh? Poke, poke, poke.”
    The next group came up but saw nothing wrong, they just saw an obviously distressed man with tears running down his face. The leather strap prevented them from seeing the forced smile on his face and the uncontrollable laughing.

    He then felt his shoes being tugged off. He tried to curl his toes to prevent this, but it did no good. He heard Donna say, I used to go barefoot a lot as a kid, it toughened my feet up so they weren’t to ticklish, but you haven’t got a callous on yours sugar. This is probably going to be awful. He felt her long nails begin raking his soles. And his mind completely lost any ability to do anything but register the three sets of hands driving him insane. He didn’t register how many groups came by just endless tickling.
    After an eternity he heard the radio squawk to life on the table. A voice said, “Hey Johnnie we are closing up can you let Joe out?”

    Rachel snatched up the phone and quickly said “don’t worry, I’ll do it.”

    The voice on the other end said “Connie, you are here tonight? Oh, I thought you were off.”

    “Nope I made it in” Rachel said.

    Joe tried to scream in protest, but of course, nobody heard him.

    “Ok, can you close up when you leave, I need to get home.”

    “Absolutely can do!” Rachel said.

    “Ok, remember we are closed for the next two days for the festival next door so I’ll see you after.”

    “See you then.” Rachel said.

    After everyone else was gone Rachel went back up the trap door and said, “me and the girls are going to give you a treat to go with your tricks. Trick or treat smell my feet!” and put her feet on his face. Cupping her toes over his nose.

    “I know they are worse than before baby. I put my friends stinky boots back on, you are smelling both our feet combined.”

    He then felt the tickling on his feet start again, he groaned in frustration.

    “Here’s your treat though.”

    At that, he felt his pants being unbuttoned and his penis brought out. He felt it engulfed between two warm wet objects.

    “That’s Shirley’s sweaty stinky feet baby. You are going to cum while smelling my feet, getting your tickled, and made to cum by hers.”

    It would have only took a couple of minutes despite the forced foot smelling and maddening foot tickling, but she stopped just short over and over while the tickling and foot smelling never stopped even for an instant.

    An hour later Shirley finally finished him off, but kept pumping long after he went subjecting him to ten minutes of post orgasm torture.

    Joe felt this was the natural conclusion to this awful torture and would be released now. But his heart sank when he heard Rachel grab her phone and say, “Yea bring all the girls over. No straight from practice is fine, they don’t need to shower first.”
    She leaned over and said to him “by the end of this you will love feet and never be able to cum without thinking of them.”

    She was right.

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    Great story!!! Nice work....Why can' I find a job like that?

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    Fine story! I envy him!
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    Awesome story, keep going please.

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    enjoyed the story.

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    Jun 2013
    Such a good story! Had to leave a comment because I silently enjoyed the 'Dream Succubus' series haha. Tickling and foot smelling is always a great combo, hope to see more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duck12345 View Post
    Such a good story! Had to leave a comment because I silently enjoyed the 'Dream Succubus' series haha. Tickling and foot smelling is always a great combo, hope to see more.
    I appreciate it! If you like foot smelling I also posted the Dream Succubus series at the Den of Smelly feet with additional foot smelling. I can’t remember if I updated all of them with that but I did with at least one or two of them.

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    This is great! I was a “victim” of a mad scientist in a haunted house in college and got tickled several times-this brought back memories

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    Awesome. Would love for more like this or even a part 2 XD
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    Working on it now

    Quote Originally Posted by amkes View Post
    Awesome. Would love for more like this or even a part 2 XD
    Hopefully in a day or two.

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