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    Nov 2001
    Southern california

    Coming soon!! The Deputy & the Outlaw: Reunited preview trailer (with pictures!!!)

    Hey fans!!! The time is near for me to start releasing the chapters of my long awaited, much anticipated series, The Deputy and the Outlaw: Reunited series. At the beginning of the summer, you heard me talk about a culmination story featuring characters from my Deputy series (that began with the Deputy's Peril series). I released 4 separate series to bring the characters out and create a massive, MCU style universe where those 4 series:

    (Deputy's Universe) Character Intro: Cheyenne
    (Deputy's Universe) Character Intro: Bessie
    The Return of the Outlaw: La Diabla
    Undercover Deputy

    would all interconnect and lead into an Avengers style series, The Deputy and the Outlaw: Reunited. It has taken me months to prepare for this series as I wanted to flesh out this world and make it an enjoyable story to read with some great tickling scenes. I did a hiatus between the Undercover Deputy series and this culmination one because I wanted to come out with a surprise. I hired a NON-FETISH artist to draw the major characters of this series! So now, you get a look of what these characters look like so they become more "real" to you. I am treating this saga like a MCU style movie so here is the preview trailer!! I included links to what I consider the "soundtrack" of the series as these songs I would listen to when writing this story. So, enjoy this preview trailer!!!

    The Deputy and the Outlaw: Reunited Preview trailer

    The year is 1888 and it has never been better for the good citizens of Plotsville. The city was growing in size, many families were moving in, and the town economy was growing at a rapid pace. One of the best things the citizens felt comfortable about moving to Plotsville was the town’s dedication to law and order in the Wild West of the Southwestern United States. The town Sheriff, Bob Dickerson presided over law enforcement and the citizens of Plotsville had confidence in his ability due to the actions the sheriff’s department has taken. A large gun smuggling ring ran by Madam Olivia Swanson was taken down which made the area safer. This was due in large parts because of the actions of one particular Sheriff’s deputy. The heroic actions of this noble officer helped pave the way for the growth of Plotsville. This deputy was none other than Chief Deputy Darby Reeves!!


    Deputy Darby managed to bring down the gun smuggling ring and helped keep Plotsville safe. She was kindhearted, noble, intelligent and tough! When she walked through town, any criminals knew they were in trouble. Darby was proud of the work she did for a living and it pleased her to no end that the town was safe and new families were moving in and making the town grow.

    https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=z9BL59uiAz8 (fix the space) Hans Zimmer "A Beautiful Lie"

    However, a new threat was on the horizon. Many young women started to vanish all over the Southwest and no one knew where to find them. Many feared these missing women were in deep trouble and maybe sold as sex slaves. The Federal government enlisted the US Department of Justice to investigate to bring down a potential sex trafficking ring. The DOJ came to Plotsville because they knew that Deputy Darby Reeves could help find these women and bring them back home to their families! She could not only locate the missing women, but also bring down who was responsible.

    Lurking behind the scenes was the leader of the sex trafficking ring, Gloria Wellington:


    Gloria owned the largest cattle ranching farm in the great State of Texas and was very well known amongst high society and was greatly admired. Little did people know; she was highly motivated by power and control and set up a sex trafficking ring so she could gain more of both! She managed to keep her dirty little secret away from law enforcement and acted with impunity. Gloria was definitely a strong willed woman and really enjoyed her secret desires. She absolutely loved to engage in sexual games with women, most often her maids. She loved tickling and teasing them, enjoying their sweet laughter before she got her orgasmic relief.

    Gloria was suspected as the leader of the sex trafficking ring and the good deputy was given an undercover assignment to infiltrate the Wellington house as a maid and see if she could crack the case. Darby took her assignment seriously and disguised herself as a maid. She enjoyed the hard work and even made a new friend in a fellow maid, Bessie Johnson.


    Bessie Johnson was a very beautiful woman who worked hard, very intelligent and enjoyed being a maid at the Wellington mansion. Her friendly disposition made her get along very well with her boss and she even eventually got involved in Gloria’s secret sexual encounters. She did enjoy those moments and as long as her boss was happy, she would be happy. She loved being around Darby and thought very highly of her. Bessie truly hoped that Darby would stay in the mansion for many years to come.

    During Darby’s tenure at the Wellington mansion, she continued her investigation. She found some hints and some clues that Gloria was indeed in fact part of a sex trafficking ring. One day, while going through some papers, she discovered a name. A name of Gloria’s business partner that she would remember forever. That name was Priscilla Montenegro!


    Priscilla Montenegro is the wife of Mexican crime lord, Julio Montenegro who wanted to expand their criminal empire in Mexico and eventually into the United States. It was hard for people to determine who was more feared. Julio, or his wife Priscilla. Priscilla is a ruthless woman, who absolutely loved power and money. She enjoyed tormenting people, breaking them down and destroying them. She loved giving fear to people. The more her crime business grew, the more excited she became. Priscilla felt it was her destiny to become the most powerful woman in the world and would stop at nothing to reach that pinnacle.

    Priscilla enjoyed her partnership with Gloria as they started to run a very large sex trafficking ring and made a fortune doing so. She employed a Russian bounty hunter tandem led by a monstrous woman named Helga, and her partner, Svetlana!

    07.-HELGA-LOW-RES[8267].png 08.-SVETLANA-LOW-RES[8266].png

    Helga was an intimidating woman who absolutely loved kidnapping jobs. She loved kidnapping these young women and tormenting them to break their will to become more docile for prospective buyers. She would play sexual games with the victims, and her favorite method of breaking their will was the use of…tickle torture. She loved listening to their agonizing screams and when they did break, it gave her a strong sense of sexual satisfaction. Her partner Svetlana was a sharpshooter so if someone escaped, she would simply take them out. Svetlana would sometimes engage in tickling fun, but she largely watched her partner Helga dominate. The bounty hunter business was booming, and she loved that thrill.

    Since Priscilla operated with such ruthlessness, she loved watching captured young women break before her. She loved domination of the most innocent types as it gave her a thrill watching their sweet innocence get destroyed. During her time in this era, she encountered one such woman. A woman she loved to torment every chance she got. The beautiful young Native American princess, Cheyenne.

    https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=DFDAWasYOfo (fix the space) Carlos Santana "Maria Maria" instrumental


    Cheyenne was the daughter of Chief Wanbli and his wife Isi of the Elu tribe. She is a remarkable young woman who is very intelligent and had a heart of gold. She absolutely loved to help others and her sweet disposition was admired by everyone in her tribe and even the good folks at a nearby Mission. She is a curious learner and she strived to learn more about the world so she could help the people of her tribe. Cheyenne had such an inner strength that it unfortunately attracted the likes of Priscilla who kidnapped the young woman to bring her to Mexico and serve her. Even though Cheyenne did her best to please Priscilla, she would constantly get humiliated with verbal abuse by Ms. Montenegro. Priscilla truly enjoyed trying to break Cheyenne’s will!

    Cheyenne hoped for a way to escape, and little did she know, that help would come from the unlikeliest of people. A hero came to her and helped give her hope. This hero was never seen as a hero in her life as she was very well known throughout Mexico and the Southwest United States. This woman is Salem Veracruz, but she is more widely known as the notorious outlaw, La Diabla.


    La Diabla is a notorious outlaw, second of command of an outlaw gang led by the vile El Guapo! She is very cunning, and very intelligent. Standing 5”5” tall, with a very beautiful face, she was skilled in fighting and was so strong willed, so ruthless, even the criminals across the Southwest United States feared her. She also had an encounter with Deputy Darby and was sent to prison. She eventually escaped and got revenge on Darby by overpowering her and using a very fun method of torture to humiliate the deputy. Tickle torture. Eventually, due to a common enemy, she teamed up with Darby and they brought down Madam Olivia together. During that adventure, she and Darby started to connect on a personal level, which brought the start of feelings for one another. Unfortunately, she had to leave back to Mexico so she couldn’t explore those feelings. It would be the last time they saw each other for the time being.

    https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=_WcWHZc8s2I (fix the space) Sade "No Ordinary Love"

    (from Deputy’s Peril series, part 10)

    ………La Diabla walked closer to Darby, reached up with her hand and held Darby’s chin. “Who knows what the future holds Darby. I got a feeling we will see each other again. When we do, maybe it can be a special encounter if you know what I mean…” she cooed. She then pulled Darby’s face close to hers and gave her a soft, passionate kiss on the lips. The impact of that kiss rocked her own body as it was very sensual. La Diabla finally broke the kiss and stared at Darby’s face, a face she was now adoring. She then gave her a tight hug, feeling Darby’s body against hers. She then broke the hug, then went over to her horse. “See you around…tenderfoot. Haha” she laughed, then mounted her horse. She blew Darby a kiss, then prompted her horse to start riding away, leaving Darby behind…………….With a gleam in her eye, she realized that she was going to miss Darby. She made a vow that she would one day see her again.

    In Mexico, El Guapo’s gang was threatened by the rising threat of the Montenegro criminal gang. This led to an encounter between the two powerful women, La Diabla and Priscilla. La Diabla managed to inflict some fun tickle torture on the ruthless woman but had to escape for her life in that confrontation. She was rescued by the sweet Cheyenne and the two formed a strong bond with one another. La Diabla rescued Cheyenne and even brought her back to her tribe. Later on, Cheyenne was kidnapped again and La Diabla was absolutely determined to find her and bring her back!

    This coming tale describes the interaction of all 8 of these women coming together for an epic showdown! Who will rise? Who will fall? Will the powerful forces of Gloria Wellington and Priscilla Montenegro be too powerful to stop? Now, it is up to Deputy Darby to once again rise to the occasion to stop this threat! Many young women need her at this moment. Would this be her greatest triumph, or her greatest failure? During this mission, would she also cross paths with a woman she secretly adores?

    (Excerpt from a future chapter in the Reunited series)

    …………. Then she heard the voice. It was Darby!! She felt her heart flutter as she gazed upon the woman she had an experience with a year ago bringing down Madam Olivia. She has not seen her in a year and she still looked beautiful. “Darby?? Is that really you?”

    The time has come! Get ready for an intense series featuring all of these women during this saga! The chapters will be filled with intense tickling scenes, ranging from tickle torture, to playful tickling and even…..intimate tickling. It is time for the Deputy and the Outlaw to finally be…………….


    So, what do you think? The first part will come out 10/22/2021 to a screen near you!!!
    "I don't have to hear about that idiotic criticism anymore" - Kobe Bryant FIVE time NBA Champion. 2009 & 2010 Finals MVP. Los Angeles Lakers

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    Nov 2002
    Wow, I have to say that is exactly how I envisioned these characters looked. Looking forward to the continuation.

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    Aug 2006
    Irrelevant, America
    I am SUPER hyped to see Helga get it ��

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    Jul 2014
    I really hope Salem and Darby end up together.

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    Wow! So looking forward to your new stories! :-) Beautiful pictures also!

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    Mar 2010
    Somewhere Distant Solitary Country
    Can't wait to see Priscilla Montenegro
    She's the perfect tickling victim.

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    Apr 2011
    This looks really cool and well thought-out, can't wait to see more!

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    May 2001
    London, UK
    Great stuff! Awesome to finally see the artwork of these characters.

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    Apr 2011
    Oil Country
    This looks amazing, great intro to the Characters.

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    Wow, kudos to your descriptions because this is spot on with how I pictured almost all of them, especially Darby and La Diabla. Can't wait for the first new story

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    Nov 2001
    Southern california
    Thanks everyone! I am glad you like the preview and the drawings! I absolutely love them and it really gives the characters life. The first chapter of the culmination series will be posted soon and I hope you enjoy it. It is a massive work that I have done, the longest and most in depth series I have ever done.

    To those who will read about these characters for the first time, I highly recommend you read all the series that led to this culmination series. You can find them in my archive:

    Deputy's Peril (introduces Darby and La Diabla and their history together)
    (Deputy's Universe) Character Intro: Cheyenne (introduces Cheyenne and how she gets involved)
    (Deputy's Universe) Character Intro: Bessie (introduces Bessie and how she gets involved)
    The Return of the Outlaw: La Diabla (a story where La Diabla meets Priscilla and Cheyenne and what led her to the situation in the culmination series)
    Undercover Deputy (a story where the main character Darby meets Gloria and Bessie and what led her to the situation in the culmination series)

    I am excited fans! I hope you enjoy it too.
    "I don't have to hear about that idiotic criticism anymore" - Kobe Bryant FIVE time NBA Champion. 2009 & 2010 Finals MVP. Los Angeles Lakers

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