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    Feb 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by milagros317 View Post
    You should post a story about that.
    I have actually been meaning to for years LOL

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    Sep 2001

    The ticklish Alessandra's revenge !

    I've been here since 2003, we have a model of ours, Alessandra, who discovered joking with her husband that his feet were ticklish, she decided to make a revenge video and we put it in our store, it was a success and she's trying to convince the he do another.

    If you want to watch the preview, follow the link:


    If you want to buy the whole video, it's here!


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    This is a tough question! I myself am more of a ler, so my time as a lee is rather limited compared to other folks that might be here. HOWEVER, one time in particular I remember I had just destroyed my female lee and- after she recovered, of course- decided she wanted to experience being a ler back at me. I had just completed a session with her where she was secured on the sturdy massage table with eight leather straps: two on each arm and leg. I tormented her for almost a full hour, teasing/tickling her underarms, tummy, sides and feet. She was wearing a very cute dark green tank top with spaghetti straps that was easy to pull up and tickle her sides/tummy. I very much enjoyed watching her legs and hips squirm in her denim blue jeans as I teased her feet for a solid twenty minutes.

    After she finished and surrendered to her tickle torture, she wanted to get me back. Ohhhh okay…
    Next thing I know she has me on the table, putting my wrists in the tan leather wrist cuffs at each corner on the top of the table. Each thigh gets strapped in and each ankle was secured in the Same tan leather straps that held her just moments ago.

    The instant I am fully strapped down, she wastes no time in pulling both my socks off and hitting my sole with her nails. She’s always barefoot for her sessions and I guess she’s giving me a dose of my own medicine. I honestly don’t think she tickled me anywhere other than my feet for that half hour I was secured on the table… but I swear I lost all ability to think and remember things as soon as I felt her nails. I mean… every tool and trick I use on her feet suddenly came back to bite me. The electric flosser on my toes was enough for me to scream and beg for forgiveness…. A forgiveness that never came. She finished me off with a solid ten minutes of nails on both soles at once, as I was squirming and almost crying strapped down on the table. I remember that!!!!!!!!!

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    Jul 2018
    East Coast USA
    Quote Originally Posted by Goatboy View Post
    My older sister has an incredible tickling touch. She had me laughing like a lunatic.
    Same here. If we are defining "best" as the most skilled or effective tickler (causing me to laugh the most, or squirm, or beg for mercy), then my older sister is easily the best at it. I think she knows she's good at tickling too which makes it even worse.

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    Sep 2012
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    Two people come to mind. MY husband of more than 20 years has obviously tickled me the most. For someone who isn't "into" it the way we are, he's a skilled err and knows how to get into my head. Not to mention our chemistry, the life we have and the family we built together. He's my number 1!

    Buuuuuuut if we're going on technique alone. My college boyfriend. He was amazing and could push my to my limits every single time

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    Jan 2016
    Twin Cities
    Quote Originally Posted by Ticklishwon View Post
    For me it was a masseuse i went to recently. During the massage he noticed my feet were ticklish and he took full advantage of it. Lightly dragging his fingers all over my soles until i was going crazy. He then grabbed my ankle and used his teeth and tongue to tickle me until i came on the table. Sorry if that is too graphic but it was amazing
    This is one of my all-time fantasies. Did you ever go back to him for a repeat? Would love to read more. Very hot!

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    Jul 2005
    The best tickler I ever had is my stepmother.
    Her skill was incredible. She make laugh everybody,
    also people moderately ticklish. She had great passion
    to discover weak spots, and great tickle talk too.

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