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  1. #1
    Join Date
    Aug 2021

    Cool If you're reading this, I want to tickle you.

    27M Black, Acequeer Tickler.
    I have a PhD in tickling cis dudebros- yíall know where to find me.
    Hoping to match that degree with Womxn, BIPOC & gender-spectral folx.
    Ages 50+ more than welcome, trust me 😈

    Iím the king of brief chats- so, whether we play or not, letís connect.
    Fetlife/Recon/Reddit/Instagram/Twitter/Kik :: knismoe.

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    Join Date
    Mar 2020
    boca raton
    Hello, I like to chat about tickling. Virtual sessions are free. Inbox me I will send you a link. Thank you. (Female lee)

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