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    A Demon's Toy Part 2 (F/M)

    Chapter 2- Just a heads up, my next piece will be the Resident Evil story due to my mind wondering there pretty much daily. I’ll also try to do a more quality vs quantity thing. Making Chapters longer and uploading one because I always feel I don’t involve a lot of tickling or enjoyable sexual acts and stuff.

    She just kept caressing her fingers on his head. Occasionally, she would feel a faint thrust as her hand had snaked its way into his silk garments. So desperate and needy. He’s just so adorable like this, she almost wanted to let the poor boy toy rest. But nope. She just couldn’t resist. She would trace her finger across his “poor” filled balls. So sensitive that even this made him leak a bit more, but she did play with his hair while he rested on here.

    When Kyle slowly woke up, she tried her best to keep asleep. Holding still, turning the volume down till it was mute, even stopped teasing his balls. This wasn’t enough though. His eyes slowly opened and once he saw his Countess, he gave her a smile.
    Vanessa asked, “Did you sleep well my boy toy?”

    He wrapped his arms around her waist and nestled against her breast. He said, “Yes my Countess.”

    She couldn’t help but smile at her little toy. She may be a little cruel to her poor human, but she just loves how he looks when he’s cuddling up to her. Part of the reason why she tickles him so hard. Just to be an exhausted little pet snuggling up to her.

    She patted his head and said, “Good. We’ll relax like this for the rest of the day. Then before bed, we’ll do the conditioning along with some extra fun.”

    His hold tightened a bit and he said, “Can’t wait my Countess.”

    She played with his hair and said, “You say that now sweetie, but I’ll make you into a drooling, giggling mess that’s so desperate to cum.” She gave him kiss on the head and said, “I have another deal for you. Along with the conditioning, I want to have a nice, long and sweet session. If you agree to this, I’ll take two whole weeks off your sentence and let you be a wonderful cuddly bear tomorrow. What do you say?”

    “I agree. Thank you Countess.”
    He nestled his head on her breast and watched tv with her. Even though she makes his desires into a temporary nightmares, she knows what to do to make him feel loved. The show was relaxing, and her body was warm as always. Her nails were sharp enough to push through the hair on the back of his and give gentle scratches. Though he was her boy toy, he felt more like a kitten.
    Sleeping as his owner scratches that right spot made any troubles fade.

    For the whole day, they rested on the futon. As they watched tv, their positions changed. Vanessa would lower herself down a bit and share a large pillow with James while remained bound to her. She rested her head on his shoulder and out of reflex, Kyle turned his head a bit closer to her so he could have her sweet scent. Then she would tank off her pants and sit up. James would cling to her soft thigh and use them as a pillow while her fingertips traced over the side of his head. In this spot he would plant soft kisses on her inner thigh.

    Once it was 8:00, she stretched and ordered, “Go wait in the bedroom for me.”

    “Yes Countess,” Kyle replied as he got up.

    As she cleaned up the futon, he went to the bedroom. Instead of sitting on the bed, he removed his underwear and sat on the soft carpet the foot of it. That’s where he would go for their weekly conditioning. She did buy a carpet that wouldn’t hurt to be kneeling on.

    As he waited, he couldn’t help but feel his cage grow tighter. Though his lust floods his sense during these times, the anticipation still excites him. It’s difficult for him not to touch his cage, but he’ll get punished then. Luckily she quickly came in the bedroom before his hands started to move on their own.

    She stood over him and as she petted him, she asked, “Is my toy ready for some fun?”

    Her little touch alone was intoxicating to him. “Yes my lovely Countess.”

    “Good,” she whispered.

    She then pulled a small chest out form under of the bed. She flipped the latches on it and opened it. Inside was a special belt. This devious device was made up from a certain blonde Roo who enjoys seeing their subs so close and desperate. The sub’s hands would remain cuffed to there sides and just out of reach from their nether regions. In this belt’s case, it can also edge or milk the person.

    She latched the device onto his waist and united his hands and quickly locked them to his sides. Vanessa then unlocked his cage and his member had already pushed the tube piece away. She giggled and remarked, “So needy already. Oh, this will be fun.”
    She undid the chastity’s ring and Kyle found some sort of relief. She would then place a ring around his balls and placed his shaft in a similar tube. The soft and tiny bristles inside made him shudder in pleaser and he felt he was about to cum just from his head being touched. Next she placed a small bowl under him to make sure he doesn’t make a mess on the soft carpet. Finally she placed a gag in his mouth.

    Vanessa sat on the bed and allowed her soft feet to dangle a bit off of the bed. She then removed her underwear and tank top. Showing him that again, she didn’t have a bra on. She then showed a remote in her hand and said, “Ready to fall even more in love with my beautiful feet?”

    Already staring at the soft grey soles, he gave her an eager nod.

    “Good. But first things first,” she said as she went over to the nightstand. She pulled out a vibrator and said, “Now remember. When the bristles stop, that’s when you bury your face in my soles.”

    She flipped the vibrator on and hit a button on the remote. Has she placed the pleasure tool between her legs, Kyle felt a band tighten around his shaft. This would delay his orgasm, but the bristle will always stop before they could cum. The bristle soon started to vibrate and softly tickled just below his head.

    Vanessa bit her pale moon kissed lips as Kyle bite down on the purple rubber ball in his mouth. The soft bristles made his mind go blank in an instant while he could only stare at Vanessa’s feet. The slim toes that scrunched as she pleasured herself. Little wrinkles were made on her soles while her heels remained as smooth as ever.

    As the pressure in his cock was rising, his breathing became rapid and harder. He tried to move his hand over to his cock, but the shackles remained fixed and ensured that his fingertips could barely graze the ring.

    Just as he felt like he was about to blow, the bristles stopped. His muscles relaxed and out of reflex, he placed his face right on Vanessa’s wiggling feet. He inhaled the aromatic scent. As his cock eagerly twitched for stimulation, Vanessa moaned out, “Keep your face there.”

    Her head flipped back, and her legs tensed up. As her toes were trying to grab at Kyle’s face, she was releasing moans of pleasure. With her free hand, she started to grope one of her breasts. Her body started to shudder as she was cumming while Kyle could only watch.

    Once she was finished, she gave a sigh of relief and pushed Kyle back a bit. The belt activated again and stimulating his head. As he grunted into the gag, she stroked the side of his head with her foot and said, “Such a good boy for sitting their and putting your face in my feet while I had a pleasant orgasm. Now let’s continue with your conditioning.”

    The brushes stopped and placed his face in her feet again. After a dozen more edges, the brushes remained on this time. Slowly spinning around and polishing his head. Though the stimulation was constant, it was still not enough to push him over. He could barely see Vanessa’s pleased face through her toes. His lust was overflowing, but it was also keeping him from getting up. His hands squirmed in the restraints but never came close to touching his throbbing member. He wanted to cum so badly, but he didn’t want to remove his face from the aromatic scented feet. So soft that he was in both pleasure heaven and denial hell.

    His pre quickly made a small puddle, the brushes stopped, and he began panting. Drool dripped from his lip and Vanessa scooted to the edge of the bed. She stroked his hair back with one hand and caressed his cheek with the other. She cooed, “Such a good boy. Even now you can barely last a minute with me smothering you.”

    He gave a quiet grunt.

    Vanessa planted a kiss on his forehead then removed the gag. As he sucked in air, she asked, “How are you feeling?”

    “Please let me cum,” he pleaded.

    “Not yet sweetie,” she responded. She pulled his head and had him rest on her thighs. “Still got at least six months left in your sentence. Now it’s time for a little more fun.”

    She then spread her legs and pulled his head in between her legs. She hit the button on the remote and the device had started to edge him again. Despite his face being buried, he was still able to breath.

    She ordered, “You can start licking now.”

    Before he could even process the order, his tongue had already started lapping. She gripped the back of his head and stroked the top of his head. She hooked her legs around Kyle and pulled him deeper in.

    As he gave into his primal urges, Vanessa praised, “That’s it boy. Keep going.”

    Despite having an orgasm already, his tongue work was more than enough for another to start building. Even with brushes mercilessly edging him, he still but so much effort into pleasing her.

    Such a good boy toy.

    She quickly climaxed and as she did, her grip had started to pull on his short hair. Her body slightly shuddered while her legs shifted up her back. Once she was finished, her muscles relaxed, and she fell back onto the bed with another smile on her face.
    As she relaxed, Kyle had managed to contain his lust and switch to kissing her inner thighs while still being edged. His urges though tempted him to bite her. Not in painful ways of course. He just wanted to do something more than kissing and those bristles weren’t helping.

    After a bit, the bristles stopped, and Vanessa sat back up. She grabbed Kyle and order, “Lie down.”

    She had him lie down in the center of the bed. One at a time she uncuffed his arms from his waist and secured them to the headboard above so his arms were sticking straight up. She then tied his ankles together and secured them under the bed. She tied his big toes together and anchored them to the ankle binds. Once his body was nice and taut, Vanessa started to remove the belt.

    When it was fully off, she grazed her finger though the tube. As she felt the bristles, she said, “Still so soft. Totally worth the purchase.”

    She lied next to him and rested the belt on his chest. She asked, “Right boy toy?”

    “Yes Countess. Though the bristles can be…torturous.”

    She got up with the belt and said, “That’s the point. You suffer while I watch.”

    She put the belt back in it’s box and slid it under the bed. She then took the bowl of pre and dipped her finger in it. She pulled it out quickly and sampled the pre. After sucking on her finger, she said. “Rich as always. Glad to see that my teasing is doing well on you.”

    She left the room with the bowl and quickly returned. Then she went over to the right nightstand and took out the whole drawer. Inside were two stiff and long feathers. Different types of brushes. Thin and wide ones used for painting and small round ones used for makeup along with two colorful electric toothbrushes. Then thin vibrators with round metallic tips that sat next to a series of pens. Some out of ink other still full. Even a small handheld drill with a feathery end.

    She placed the drawer next to Kyle’s midsection and sat with her feet close to his head. As she peered over the different tools, she said, “So many options. I think we should use them all tonight. How’s that sound my boy toy?”

    Though he was a bit hesitant, he answered, “Whatever my Countess wants. Her toy will serve her.”

    She caressed her toes over his arm and complimented, “Such a good toy.”

    She then took a roll of black wrapping. With it, she rolled it around the lower portion of Kyle’s head. Covering his mouth and sealing his jaw shut with the thick fabric. Once done, she planted a kiss where his mouth was. She then looked him in his eyes, grinned and warned, “I’m going to break you.”

    She went back to his mid-section and planted her heels on the tops of his torso. Showing him her pale feet, but not close enough to either touch them or smell them. Just have the creamy pair teasing him. She then pulled out a metal ring and clicked it around the base of his shaft. It was tight but did little to restrict his blood flow.

    She the took out the small feathery drill and said, “We’ll start off with your favorite combo. The Denier and Miss Fluff and oh boy they she missed you.”

    She gently gripped his shaft and held his erection still. She held down the trigger of the drill and the feathers became a colorful blur. Though he couldn’t look away from the approaching device, Vanessa lifted her feet up a bit to block his view. Even though he couldn’t see her expression, he could tell she was excited. All by the way her toes gleefully wiggled as the whirling sound filled the silence.

    Despite her grip, the demon’s first target were the two jewels. After months of denial and near constant teasing, they were tight and exposed much. Her tongue popped out and as she angled the feathers.

    She held the drill just far enough that only the tip of the feathers made contact. Kyle stiffened up and bit and his breathing picked up. If he could, he would be biting his lip in pleasure. She traced the middle section between his two balls and the method was so teasing. Though he knew it would change, the tickly sensation felt so good. He wished she would pressed the feather in more so he can get more stimulation. Instead, she just kept tracing his balls while her feet wiggled near his face.

    As he writhed in growing pleasure, Vanessa started giggling. She said, “It seems like someone missed Miss Fluff. Maybe she can help when it comes to your…eventual release.”

    He tried to break free of his restraints. Grinding the restraints around his ankles and trying to rip his arms free. The teasing was light, but fueling his desires. He wanted to be touched. Stimulated. He didn’t care if she was going to torment him, he wanted more so badly.

    Vanessa noticed this and teased, “Are you loving Miss Fluff’s kisses? Are they making my boy toy needy for his Countess?”
    He tried to inch closer to the tool, but the restraints would allow only faint wiggling. Enough to satisfy Vanessa while also making Kyle think he can maybe just get a bit more.

    With her other hand, she lifted his sac up a bit. She then took the drill and targeted the underside of his balls. With simple bending of her wrist, she had the feather lightly sweep across the bottom. He wanted to close his legs and protect the spot, but his body wasn’t listening. His legs remain spread as much as they could and were essentially begging for more.

    She then held the drill over his taint and made Kyle loose his mind. His back arched up while the muscles in his legs and arms tightened. His eyes widened and remained fixed on the teasing feet. Toes wiggling without a care. Soles stretching out occasionally faint and deep wrinkles while the plush arches and heels kept their smooth pale look.

    Though the overwhelming sensation dulled a bit after a couple minutes, it was still stimulating for him. He couldn’t relax as her felt an orgasm slowly rising. But before he even felt like he was going to burst, he stopped the drill.

    His muffle whines could barely be registered as she was putting the drill away. She then positioned herself on his legs and her head by his erection. She traced her soft index finger up the shaft and over the leaky head.

    As he released muffled moans and clenched his hands, she remarked, “I bet I can make you cum with just this finger. Gently going up your shaft, my fingertips grazing over your head and nail tracing over your ticklish gland. Well, that is if it wasn’t for that special ring on you.”

    Kyle moaned at the thought of her teasing him this way.

    “Oh, don’t worry boy toy,” she responded. She gave his head a kiss and got up and sat on his waist. As his erection was just barely touching her round butt, she said, “I want to move onto the true tickling.”

    She then grabbed the two stiff feather and twirled them in the air. She smiled and said, “I’m going to tickle you from that handsome head of yours to those cute toes.”

    She then started to slowly drag the feathers over his cheeks. The light sensation didn’t tickle until she brought dragged them over his jaw and across his neck. He chuckled into the wrapping and tried to protect his neck by covering it with his jaw. Instead of trying that spot though, she quickly swiped the feathers over his exposed pit.

    This sudden changed made him yelp as he tried to lower his arms. He struggled against the rapid swipes. Trying to either toss her off of him or trying to get away from the stiff tips going at him.

    “Cootchie, Cootchie, Coo boy toy.”

    She used just her wrists and managed to flick the feather across his armpits at a faster rate. His dark gag bulged as it caught his laughter and his eyes slammed shut. Instead of twisting in the binds, he was simply shaking his head like he was trying to wake up.

    She brought her head closer to his and asked, “Are these feathers tickling my boy toy?”

    He didn’t really hear the question. All he could process was the tantalizing breath of the demon and her teasing tone. She then gripped the feather and like a saw, rapidly dragged them over his pits.

    His muffle screams made Vanessa giggle. She asked, “Want me to stop using the feathers?”

    This time he desperately nodded his head.

    She picked up the pace again and asked, “Your sure? Cause I think you’re loving this. At least your cock seems to be.”
    She could feel his erection slightly hitting her soft cheeks. With each twitch, a small trail of pre would be made from his needy head and her supple butt. It didn’t matter if he felt like this was torture, if it was Vanessa doing it, his body would respond with glee and lust.

    She dipped her head down again. This time near his arm. While tickling, she planted soft kisses from his bicep down to his pec, across his chest and to the other bicep. Once done, she dropped the feathers, rested her head on him and did a spider motion with her nails over his pits.

    While he cried out into his gag, she said, “God I love your body. So soft. So delicate. So ticklish.”

    He tried to beg again, but she didn’t even try to understand. Instead, she started to rake her nails over his pits. His muffle howls filled the silence. This didn’t bother her though. This was actually music to her ears. How his chest moved while he laughed. How his arms struggled to get away. And how split he was form his body and mind. Begging for it to stop while also pleading for it to go harder.

    After a couple of minutes, she leaned back up and stopped.. She then took out two small makeup brushes. She held them over his nipples and said, “Get ready.”

    She held them with two fingers and gave them light jerks. Once the brushes touched his nipples his breathing picked up again. This tickling sensation felt better than the feathers. If he could, he would be begging her to keep going. She must’ve known this cause she kept the brush just a bot away so they would barely graze his nipples.

    “Such sensitive little nips,” she teased. “Maybe you could cum just from this.”

    She was right. Though he had no friction whatsoever, he felt like an orgasm and crawling it’s way up. However, she quickly stopped and grabbed his sides. He burst with suppressed laughter while giggled with joy.

    She asked, “You didn’t think I was going to let you have all the fun did you?”

    She started to jiggle her grip and made the tickly shocks worse. He tried to push his torso as deep in the bed as he could, but this didn’t even help in the slightest. Her nails slightly dug into his sides while her fingers remained latched on.

    “Laugh for me boy toy. Laugh!”

    She moved her fingers up and started to go at his stomach now. He bounced his torso, hoping it would held dull her tickling, bet this actually helped her. Making her fingertips graze further in and having her return them from where they came from.

    “Such a soft belly. Maybe I should use it as a pillow tonight.”

    When she stopped, Kyle was already a mess. His breathing was hard, and his hair was a mess. He couldn’t even move this. No attempts to get free. He could barley remember he was in the bedroom.

    Vanessa tried to fix his hair and said, “We’ll stop soon sweetie. I just want to go at one more spot.”

    She grabbed the drawer and dragged it down towards the foot of the bed. She knelt on the soft carpet and examined his feet. With a quick swipe of her finger, Kyle yelped in the gag and made his feet jump in surprise. She giggled and said, “So sensitive. I love it.”

    She took the two feathers and rested them on his arches. He scrunched up his toes in response and tried to prepare for the coming assault. She slowly dragged them down and made Kyle whine. It didn’t tickle that much, but certainly made him more anxious.
    He went to take a deep breathe, but just as he inhaled, Vanessa quickly swiped the feathers up his soles and back down the arches. He laughed into the gag and struggled in vain, but the restraints made sure he couldn’t get away. The toe binds kept him form scratching his feet while the ankle binds made it so he could only roll them a bit. None of it was enough though.

    Her excitement made her smile as she stared at the twitching feet. She teased, “Tickle, tickle, tickle. Are these feathers getting to you?”

    She started to switch up her technique. She would saw one feather through his wiggling toes while the other traced over the bottom of the others and around the balls. He tried to bounce free of the tickling, but the movement dulled past his knees and showed little to no effect past his ankles.

    “No point in struggling sweetie. You and these sensitive feet are all mine.”

    She then gripped both feathers and sawed them at the base of his toes. As she kept going, tears started to leak from his eyes while the gag started to feel warm and moist. Though she must’ve had her fill after a bit, cause she slowly stopped. No longer sawing the feather but using them to tease him. Making his feet twitch as the tips traced around his trapped feet.

    “Just a few more toys.”

    Despite not being stimulated anymore, his erection still kept twitching. The need of release only growing as she kept teasing his trapped feet with the feathers.

    Finally she put the feathers away and took out the paint brushes. She took a small bottle of oil and made a small puddle in the drawers corner. Like an artist, she swirled the bristles in the clear liquid. Once they were soaked, she placed them on the tips of his toes. Like trying to fill in a space with color, she dragged the brushes down his feet. His muffled laughter was like music to her ears. She painted over the soles, down the heels then shot up the arches and covered the balls of his feet.

    Though they were more than covered with the oil, she dipped the brushes again and repeated this. His feet started to shin in the light, and this only served to fill her lust, but more was need still. She took the bottle and trickle the liquid down his soles for an added measure. She then further brushed it in, and Kyle’s laughter slowly picked up. Tears from the previous tools ran down his temples as he shook his head.

    After a couple of minutes of painting his glistening feet, she finally ditched the paint brushes. She was tempted to take the dental tools but decided to wait. Instead, she wiggled her nails and inched them closer. Though he couldn’t see them, she could. Her slow approach filled her with excitement as he mouth made a sadistic grin. Finally, enough was enough for her. She plunged her nails on the upper section of his feet.

    His laughter grew loud and for once the gag did little to hide it as her nails dug at his toes. Her sharp nails grazed over the soft flesh with the help of the oil. Out of reflex, his unbound toes tried to scrunch up, but this only help the demon. Slowing her nails and making her give little vibrations instead.

    “Such ticklish feet,” she remarked. “It’s almost like they were made for tickling.”

    She started to spider her nails up and down his shinning soles. At this point, tears started to flood his eyes again as he tried to beg through the gag. It didn’t matter though. If he even could speak, she wouldn’t listen. Her focus was completely locked on his struggling feet.

    She then started to rake her nails on his arches. His feet tried to wiggle free, but he could only sway his feet into one tickling hand or the other now. She lightened her contact on the, but also picked up the pace. As she kept tickling, she said, “God this feels so good. Does it feel good for you?”

    Though he was trying to plead, his lust was saying otherwise. His erection was slightly leaking as it flailed about. She moved her hands and started to spider them over his heels. Despite the pace returning to normal, this wasn’t as bad for him. Still, he kept laughing, but he was able to catch an occasional breath.

    She finally stopped and dried her hands on the sheets. She then took the two toothbrushes and said, “Time for the final stretch.”
    The two tools buzzed to life and fear struck Kyle. He tried to pull his feet away, but Vanessa was quick. She placed the spinning bristles between the balls of his feet. At first, he could only gasp at the sudden sensation, but soon howls of laughter smacked into the wrapping.

    He shook his head in a frenzy and his tears would either go across his face or be thrown off. He couldn’t even form thought at this point. His legs bucked as much as they could while he tried to pull his arms free again. The restraints dug a bit into him, btu the slight pain was even registering to him. All he could feel was the overwhelming brushes and his laughter trying to burst free.

    As he struggled, Vanessa started to shift the brushes up and down his feet. She said, “These feet deserve to be tickled like crazy. And by me too. You love this idea don’t you? Love it when you Countess tickles you crazy.”

    She then moved the brushes up and slowly dragged them at the base of his toes. Though he was able to trap her fingers before, the oil was making this impossible for the brushes. They were able to glide across while his toes tried to grab at the plastic tops. After another couple of minutes of tickling, he could only faintly bang his head against the pillows while his laughter hollowed out.
    Even his attempt of freedom were dying down.

    Vanessa snapped out of her lust and saw how Kyle was weakening. She turned the brushes off and placed them back in the drawer. Then she undid the restraints at his feet then his arms. He shriveled up as his faint echoes of laughter seeped out of his mouth.
    She removed the Denier ring and placed the drawer back in the nightstand and lied next to Kyle. She placed her arm around him and started to caress his head as he grabbed her and nestled his face into her side. She felt the heat from his face and the moisture of his tears.

    Even if she enjoyed tickling him crazy, part of her always felt bad afterwards. She worried that he was getting afraid of her. She ran her fingers through his hair and said, “I’m sorry sweetie. I’ll make it up to you. Only coddling tomorrow and even the day after.”
    He softly said, “alright.”

    She pulled the blankets free from under them and covered Kyle and her legs. She rested against the cushioned head rest and said, “You’re such a beautiful boy you know.”

    “Thank you Countess.”

    As she gazed at her human, she said, “I Love you Kyle.”

    “I love you too Vanessa,” he responded. She enjoyed when he used her name like this. Reassured her about him and how he sees her.

    A small smile formed on her soft lips. She said, “Go ahead and get some much-deserved rest honey. I’ll make you something in the morning.”

    “Thank you,” he responded.

    He quickly fell asleep while Vanessa held him close and eased the tension with simple arm caressing and head stroking. She may have to fall asleep like this, but she doesn’t mind that. Him cuddling up to her was more than good enough to make her comfortable.

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    Fine story! I envy him!
    This is a fine series.
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    Impressive story, keep up the good work BP.

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