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    Post Zendaya's New Life Part 2

    For part 1 please go check this out or Follow my DA page @WolfieTKRp



    Taken aback by her sensitivity the manic tickler coos as his chesire grin grows ever wider. ”Oh my Zendaya, you ARE ticklish on your feet."

    He continues gleeful tickling with just a single finger, then introduces more until she feels all ten fingers of his dancing on bottoms of her feet.

    "You lied to me. Maybe I secretly hoped you would. But I digress, and like I said, tickle slaves who lie are punished. I'm going to show you the true meaning of tickle hell. Number of people staying? 1. Sentence? FOR LIFE”

    She bucks wildly and screams in hysterics as all ten fingers ravage her feet!


    She catches one word of her attackers that turns her blood cold, “slave” as well as “hell” she bucks with all her might. Her feet crossing each other just wishing she wasn’t bare!


    As soon as the tickling starts, it comes to an abrupt end. He walks behind her caressing her matted hair, wet stained from the sweat and straining.

    "I know, Zendaya. You're too ticklish. You can't stand it. And that's why you are tickler's dream come true. A perfect tickle slave."

    She's given respite as her captor walks towards a small wheeled tray covered by a thick white sheet. He takes the sheet off the tray and reveals it's contents. Hairbrushes. Makeup and shaving brushes. Electric toothbrushes. Vibrating tools. Wooden and metal back scratchers. A Tool that looks like a pinwheel. Bottles of baby oil. As well as a box, glowing blue, engraved on the box is a skull and cross bones, with warning signs all over it. The sight of this would make anyone melt, Zendaya though, tilts her head quizzically at this box, unaware of what horror truly lays inside.

    "As for your request... I'm afraid all I want from you is your ticklish agony. These wonderful instruments will help me in extracting all of it.”

    Zendaya gazes on row upon row of implements. She immediately pieces the ones that looked the most deadly, the electric toothbrushes looked diabolical, should couldn’t fathom them, the hairbrushes with their soft bristles perfect for gliding over slippery feet, baby oil, used to make them just that. Vibrating tools, she thought it would be some kind of a joke but she dreaded to think which one would tickle the most. And the box…. The ominous glowing box, it seemed to be hooked up to wires no doubt if she survived, she’d never be the same again. She barely made it past his fingers... how could she cope? She tried to say anything to get him to stop and thought she made progress.

    She quivers speaking in stutters and stammers. ”Oh god, n-now you listen here. I am not some thing you c-can just torment. I won’t allow it. I’ll kick as much as I can and get myself free you better watch yourself! Y-You hear me? You can go fuck yourself for all I care you freak!”

    She hopes they don’t come back to bite her, she at least can move her feet, the cuffs keep her feet apart, but only just. She breathes and tries to find any way free.

    Her eyes transfixed on the tools assessing which one he will pick first! A cold shiver encases her spine as the final words of sanity she hears escape her captors mouth.

    “Let’s get the real torture started shall we?”


    The man prepares his tools as his words cut through the room like a hot knife through butter. ”You don't understand your position yet, Zendaya. But I got time. By the end of the night, I will have you submitting as my tickle slave."

    He reaches for something in his pocket, smiling ominously.

    "And of course we can't have you kicking. I want you to just scream."

    He takes a large rubber band from his pocket, and flexes it. It's soft, yet durable. He painstakingly uses it to bind Zendaya's big toes together, clearly enjoying her panicky resistance and continued protests.

    “NOHOOHO RAAHH Can’t move my toes I can’t even move them an inch!

    She tries to fight the toe ties but she can’t move them. She sits back and glares are her now immobile feet. Tensing up she responds hesitantly.

    “I-I’m n-not Y-your t-tickle slave i-I won’t do it. I won’t submit to you! Never! You can’t break me” Her bravado and brave facade wont phase her assailant, only egging him on further. She flexes her toes and prepares herself for what dastardly tool is first.

    Walking around to his new, helpless prey once more speaking to shudder ”I got your body already. It's mine. Your broken mind will be mine too."

    He begins new chapter of Zendaya's torture with a wooden back scratcher. He keeps raking her soles with it, tickling inner edges of her both feet that can't wiggle away from it.
    She screeches a new octave as the back scratcher reaches her feet her mind whirls slowly breaking down inch by inch, stroke by stroke she roars her head back


    Zendaya is helpless, her stern will slowly ebbing away, she would give him anything, tell him how to tickle the worst spot on her foot she thought this might work. Surely this lunatic wouldn’t take her mind. Her body was trapped. At least she had her darting eyes looking left and right agonisingly taking it. She thought the scratches would tickle the least of the tools... but what if she was in fact right

    She screamed again hoping to be wrong!!!

    "As you wish, slave. Let's try brushing then." Still, he doesn't stop until he's tickled her both soles this way too, raking the scratching tickles from balls of her feet to heels repeatedly. He begins with the shaving brushes, which he keeps spinning against Zendaya's arches, and occasionally her toes.

    Zendaya shrieks profanities.

    “DOHONNNT FUHUUUCKING CALLL MEEEE THATHAHAHAHA ILL NEHEEEEVR BEEE EEEEEEK AAA SLASASSVVE”. It then hits her... the spinning. The spirals almost hypnotising her.


    Then something hits her, a feeling inside her stomach, a warm feeling. A slight moan comes out of her mouth as it hits her toes. She twitches forward trying to reach her big toes and move the rest of her feet but she lays limply as her feet are bright red!

    What games will he play with her? Games she surely can’t win it would be sick and twisted but her mind began to fray.

    The man’s interest peaked, hearing he moan gave him more dastardly ideas. ”What was that when I tickled your toes? Sensitive in a special way are we?”. He focuses on tickling Zendaya's toes, covering them in ticklish sensations as shaving brushes sweep over them, and focus on tickling them one by one.

    "I wonder how many of your boyfriends have licked and sucked them. Did you ever let them?”
    Zendayas toes were sensitive. They were always her sensual spot! She never let anyone touch them, not ever her most intimate of boyfriends.

    Her eyes began to roll in the back of her head, she hoped he hadn’t noticed through he constantly wailing.


    She was breaking. Slowly. She could feel a dam of pleasure starting to build up. She couldn’t let him get that release.

    Her eyes darted across the room, she wanted to close them. She looked over to the wall, she saw gags, blindfolds, earmuffs, oils galore, she thought at least she hoped she’d never make it that far. For that would be hell incarnate!

    Smirking and laughing he almost mocked her. ”I guess they just need more attention. As do rest of your feet."

    He stops, and opens a bottle of baby oil. He starts applying it on Zendaya's feet.

    "I'm warning you, I love you but won't take badmouthing from my slaves. You will scream, you will laugh and cry, you will beg, but you won't insult me anymore. Is that understood, tickle slave?”

    Zendaya gasps at the bottles contents it’s cold and a slight moan comes over her. She asks hestitantly yet somewhat defiantly, still having an edge about her.

    “w-w- what if heheeh I doohoo AHHH THATS COLD! What is that? Pppplease it’s sooo slippery!”

    Zendaya continues to plead asking him not to do this and go somewhere else, “I- I can help you! Please just tickle somewhere else! Just not my feet please “

    She scrunches her remaining glistening toes as her soles shine under lights

    “Ahhhhh, That's better, my dear Zendaya... But you need to do better."

    He gets up and walks to a shelf. He takes a red ball gag and black silk blindfold. Returning to protesting Zendaya, he forces the gag in her mouth, and puts the blindfold on her eyes. He then whispers softly in her ear.

    "Your old life is over. Your time singing, acting, modelling, it all was meant to lead in me discovering you and then taking you. Now you're admired and listened only by me, because I alone know that you are MEANT to be a tickle slave. You will learn it too. And you will have no say in it."

    He then walks back to the tray, and Zendaya can only listen as he browses through the torture tools.

    Blind, speechless and immobile. Zendaya strained against the toe ties at her big toes, glistening her feet were. She was beginning to accept her role as a tickle slave. But what would that incur? Would she have to be tickled at his every whim? Tied up in different ways to take advantage of her feet? She tensed as she heard him rummage she tried to speak

    “MMMPHPHHH LEHHEP MEEEE GMMMMM MMMY CANNNP SEEEEEE PWEAAASE NO MOWWWWW” drool leaving her mouth as it encased the ballgag lodged into her pearly whites.

    Zendaya was utterly helpless she thought of endless scenarios of how this would go. But only his nails and scratchers were used and she was already like this? How could this be? The least ticklish was unbearable at best. If only she could speak or plead through a damp gag and blindfold.


    In total silence, she suddenly feels new, terrible sensation on her soles. Two hairbrushes. Relentlessly brushing her oiled feet, from right under her toes to bottoms of her heels. It's cruel, brutal and senseless. Straight up malicious torture. Her torturer could hardly contain his excitement. To hear his celebrity victim screaming into her gag, to see her body shaking in hysteric agony as much as it could... This was truly how Zendaya was destined to be.

    "You will be mine Zendaya, you will break and be completely mine. Your body is fit and strong. It can stand any tickling. But I know your mind can’t."

    She gurgles and splutters into hysterics. A blood curdling muffled scream came from her! She felt how much the oil amplified the tickling! It made her ticklish ten fold! She tried begging through the gag, she would give anything he wanted just to speak, just to be heard just to move her toes and inch.

    Zendaya listened to the words and honestly he was wrong about one thing...her body couldn’t take the tickling! Not like this! Her vision under the blindfold became hazed and blurry.

    She wiggled her toes, that was her only solace right now, she had 8 completely free toes. Her body sweating and straining every fiber of her being! If she had to choose what tool she would be tickled with she would! But she knew that would his game, toy with her and break her.

    Her stomach was starting to come to.... her body suddenly shuddered as the toes were touched. She let out a high pitched moan and bit down onto the gag


    She bucked as hard as she could the brushes were the worst so far but she knew there was a long way to go. As her eyes started to go blurry, this was just the beginning of the rest of her life.

    The brushing keeps going, but for other purpose than just driving her crazy, it's also for weakening her physically for next part of torturer's plan.

    "Those toes of yours still have too much freedom. We'll take care of that soon."

    These ominous words were followed by more brushing as all out torture attack, that would continue without a second's respite until poor Zendaya's laughter turned silent. She was silently laughing now, her body weakening and head thrashed less. Could you die from tickling? She thought this might be a possibility.

    She panted, flexing her still twitching toes. Her ears perked up at his odd observation. She suddenly ceased moving them. Zendaya was in delirium slowly but surely she was being broken. Her bare feet too ticklish. If she admitted it, you knew she was done she would do anything even tell him her worst tickling nightmare just for one solace of a break.


    Weakened Zendaya could feel her straps being undone as tickling ceased. Her tired, almost limp body was carried somewhere else, and she felt the duct tape finally torn off from her ankles. The surface beneath her felt like soft leather, she could lay down on it. Her legs were lifted to something, and locked in place with loud sound. She could not see it but could guess what had happened. She had been locked in sturdy stocks she had previously seen. The gag is removed once again, and her arms are kept free at least for now.

    "Have you learned your new place yet, tickle slave?" the kidnapper asks Zendaya and briefly tickles her bare belly before getting out of her reach. Too tired was not an exaggeration. She takes a little while to compose herself and then she speaks afraid of the repercussions.

    “W-what is this?” She tries to pull her ankles free but she can’t lift her body. She wipes the drool from her mouth on the side of the contraption. A sudden wave of defiance and bravery hits her “N-no I- I mustn’t give in I can’t. Someone will find me. I- I can’t be tickled anymore!!! Those... those hairbrushes were god awful! Please just let me move my feet a little. Just go easy please”

    Her mind was in knots, on the one hand she hated this but on the other hand something was screaming within her to be submissive.She found the fingers on her belly already enough to send her spluttering
    “ENOGHAHAHAHA ENOUGHHSHSUAAH JUST LET ME GOOOO PLEASE I WONT TELL ANYONE AT LEAST LET ME MAKE YOU A DEAL!!! I’ll Tell you anything! How to destroy me how to do anything just please give me a rest! “

    She was already in hell, the next step was getting her to admit it. She was nearly there….

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    Part 3 please

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    Wow great job, good series.

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    Part 3 will be coming soon I finished all of them but the next bit will be tomorrow

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