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    The Deputy and The Outlaw: Reunited Part 5 (F/F)

    Hey fans! Thanks again for the great responses to the last part. This series is moving along and we are nearly halfway through. We are now headed into the meat of the series and I hope you have been enjoying everything so far and continue to enjoy. This chapter is the moment when finally, after all the chapters and series that I have written in this new storyline, a reunion finally happens. With that, please enjoy part 5. Let me know what you think!

    PART 5

    Cheyenne realized her most ticklish spot was about to be tickled. Her feet were so ticklish and even though she knew Bessie would not try to torture her, having her feet tickled was torture. But, hearing Priscilla happy at her performance made her want to win this next round. That woman NEVER gave her a shred of positive words and now she had a chance to maybe have Priscilla have mercy on her. She took a deep breath and nodded her head. “Yes, I’m ready. Good luck! So…how do you want me?” she asked.

    Bessie went towards Cheyenne, gave her a hug, then kissed her forehead. “Ok, let’s have some fun. Lay down on your tummy..” she whispered in her ear. She then helped Cheyenne lay down on the bed on her stomach, then she crawled down towards the legs and straddled them. She positioned her body right by the ankles, which forced Cheyenne’s feet into the bed, the soles upturned and no wiggle room. Using her left hand, she held down the ankles and then looked at Gloria. Gloria had a look of determination on her face, so Bessie knew she had to get this win. She then looked down at the helpless soles and loved what she saw. They were so small, and those wrinkles looked wonderful. Bessie smiled as she saw the cute, pudgy toes wiggle a little and she could tell that these feet were probably really ticklish. She then winked at Gloria, then gazed at the soles again and started to wiggle the fingers of her right hand in the air. She planned to really tickle these feet so Cheyenne would quit quickly, making her own foot tickling not too long.

    Cheyenne could feel Bessie’s body weight really pressing down near her ankles and her feet felt really helpless. She could barely move them as she felt Bessie’s hand holding her ankles down. She could already feel the tickle jitters as she knew Bessie’s fingers were close. She then lowered her head into her hands, bracing herself for what was sure to be a tickling onslaught. She continued to tell herself to not quit. To hold out as long as she could so she could win this contest. To have Priscilla happy with her was worth the foot tickling she was about to receive. Cheyenne was determined to no matter what, she was not going to quit.

    Bessie then lowered her fingers and made contact with the top of Cheyenne’s heel. The feeling of that soft skin was very pleasing to her, and a thrill flowed through her. She couldn’t wait until she touched the more tender parts of the feet. What really excited her was the sheer amount of force that the feet were trying to do by moving out of the way. Bessie realized she was dealing with some really ticklish feet! “Come on Cheyenne…..you might as well quit now. If you don’t, then my fingers will have to move down your feet….” Bessie taunted as her fingers now started to slide into the arch of the foot. She heard a very strong cackle coming from behind her and now she started to stroke her fingers in a fast motion right on the arch.

    Cheyenne felt the sheer amount of ticklish electricity flowing through her small body as she felt fingers invading her arch. The sensation was overwhelming, and she already started to laugh with great force. Her arch was very sensitive, and she noticed that Bessie was applying more tickle pressure on her than she did when her belly and knees were tickled. She knew Bessie was definitely trying to get her to quit quickly and she knew she had to hold out as long as she could. The fingers on her right arch were driving her crazy, but she was desperately trying to not beg. Cheyenne thought she would just have to endure the tickling, so she just laughed. Her plan was to laugh. To not use words. Just let the laughter go.

    Priscilla could hear the loud shrieks of laughter coming from Cheyenne and a wave of nervousness flowed through her. She knew just how ticklish Cheyenne’s feet were from watching Helga tickle destroy them. She now started to wonder why she never tickled Cheyenne before. Her mind started going back into time and realizing she never tickled Cheyenne herself until they arrived at this California location. She thought that she might have to explore that before she sells Cheyenne off tomorrow. But right now, she was focused on Cheyenne holding firm. Priscilla was really hoping that Cheyenne could hold out for a long time so all the pressure would end up being on Gloria and Bessie. She could sense victory and knew this was a moment that was destined. She is Priscilla Montenegro, the wife of Julio Montenegro and they always win!

    Gloria watched with great intensity at her maid tickling the feet of Cheyenne. She was no longer relaxed and confident. She needed Bessie to make Cheyenne quit in a very quick time, so it increases her odds of winning. There was no gloating at this point, she was focused on the task at hand. She could hear Cheyenne’s hysterical laughter and she could see Bessie’s fingers wiggling all over the tiny feet, but her only goal was to hear Cheyenne give up. She did not think the little woman would be able to make her Bessie quit fast! She looked down at the stopwatch and saw the seconds passing by. “How come she hasn’t given up yet? Her laughs are so loud, people in New York can hear her!” she thought to herself. Now, she was sitting on the edge of her chair, elbows resting on her knees, and she was focused on this activity.

    Bessie was starting to admire Cheyenne as the young woman did not give up yet. Bessie’s fingers moved very quickly over these tiny soles, heard really loud laughter and could feel Cheyenne wiggling underneath her. She loved the feeling of the skin as it was quite soft. This was a fun moment for Bessie. She never really gotten to tickle feet this long before. The closest she came was when she was tickling Darby’s feet. She loved how a woman would react when their feet were tickled. She loved how soft a woman’s feet were, and Darby’s feet were amazingly soft. Cheyenne’s feet were really soft and ticklish and she was enjoying tickling those sweet feet. Bessie focused her fingers on the arch of the right foot, now it was time to go after the ball of the foot. She decided to use the tip of her nail and slowly circled it around the ball of the foot. Her nail easily sank into the tender flesh, and it delighted her. What made her really happy was the hysterical laughter coming from Cheyenne and she felt the body starting to thrash around.

    Cheyenne felt that nail on the ball of her foot and it sent very intense sensations in her body. She was laughing hard, and her body was writhing like a snake on the bed. She tried to pull her feet away, but Bessie’s weight was on her ankles, and she couldn’t get free. Her feet were always sensitive and memories of her torture from Helga came back to her mind. That moment was absolutely horrendous, and it was the worst tickling she ever received in her young life. Now she had this beautiful woman tickling her feet and she couldn’t even beg. Cheyenne could feel the words hanging in her throat, but she just had to hold out as long as she could. Her fists started to bang on the mattress in ticklish agony, but her laughter went to another level as she now felt fingers tickling the arch of her left foot!

    Bessie went after the left foot and loved watching it tremble under her touch. She traced her fingers quickly across the wrinkles, as though she was tracing each and every one of them. This moment was getting to be a lot of fun and she then went after the instep. She couldn’t help but chuckle to herself as she heard the high pitched laughter Cheyenne was producing. She then decided to use both hands and tickled each respective arches at the same time. This seemed to have a great effect as her naked young friend was really starting to thrash. “Someone has really ticklish feet! I could tickle these feet all day! If I were you, I would be giving up right now. If not, I will just keep tickling and…….tickling……and……tickling……and…….tickling……and …….tickling…….forever!” she teased. She now used her nails to scrape along the sensitive soles and she knew it was a matter of time before she made Cheyenne snap. She also had to make her snap soon because the longer Cheyenne took, then the longer her own feet were going to be tickled! With a silly grin, she now stared at a certain spot on Cheyenne’s feet. It was time to finish her!

    Cheyenne kept pounding her fists on the mattress and she even somehow picked her body up off the mattress and was in a kneeling position, as though she was on all fours. She still couldn’t get her feet free, so she then started to fall back to the bed. Her laughter got worse, and she then laid down on the bed. She covered her face with her hands, and she really started to wonder how long could she hold out. Bessie was not going easy on her feet, and she felt herself getting weaker. Then her eyes suddenly popped out of her head and her mouth was wide open! She took a deep breath then let out a horrific scream as a major surge of ticklish agony ripped through her body. Bessie had invaded her very sensitive toes. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO!!! NOT THERE!! HAHAHAHAHA NOT THERE!!!!” she screamed.

    Bessie’s fingers tickled the undersides of the toes, making sure she touched the very delicate skin on the undersides of those cute toes. “Tickle tickle toes!!!” Bessie teased as her fingers now invaded the crevices of the toes. She used each hand to tickle the crevices on each foot. She then went into shock as she felt Cheyenne’s ass bumping into her back. Apparently, Cheyenne was back on all fours and rocking wildly as her precious toes were being tickled. Bessie now wriggled her fingers deeper into the crevices trying to make Cheyenne quit. “You better give up Cheyenne! Or I will tickle your toes for the rest of the day!” she threatened.

    The sheer amount of ticklish feelings Cheyenne was feeling right now overwhelmed her. She was on all fours and her butt kept slamming into Bessie’s back. Then she felt the fingers in her crevices wiggle even more and she collapsed right back onto the bed and her laughter got louder. She really wanted to hold on, she really did, but the tickling was too much as her toes were her weakness. “STOP!!! HAHAHAHAHAH STOP TICKLING MY TOES!!!! IT TICKLES!!!! IT TICKLES!!!!” she screamed to the top of her lungs.

    Bessie heard Cheyenne quitting and she pulled her fingers from Cheyenne’s toes. She pumped her fists a little as she did get her friend to quit, but she also thought that her own feet were next. She shook her head and then slowly got off of Cheyenne’s ankles. She then crawled over towards Cheyenne’s upper body and laid down next to her on the left hand side. She could hear her breathing heavy and she placed her right hand on the soft back and started to rub it. “You did so good Cheyenne! I am proud of you!” she whispered in her ear.

    Gloria formed a smile on her face, and she looked at the watch. It took a lot longer than she liked, it was about 5 minutes and 46 seconds, but she had to hope Bessie could survive nearly 6 minutes of foot tickling. She then looked over at Priscilla who had a look of confidence on her face. “This is where you lose Priscilla. Bessie will win this for me!”

    Priscilla could only smile because her partner was no longer speaking with that cockiness she had earlier. “I don’t think so! That miserable idiot Cheyenne held out a LOT longer than anyone expected. I highly doubt your maid will last that long. You’re going down!” she boasted. She then turned her head towards the bed and she was tantalizing close to winning this first contest. “Ok Cheyenne! Bring it home! Tickle the living hell out of Bessie’s feet!”

    Cheyenne could feel the hand caressing her back and it felt really nice, especially after having her feet tickled. She turned her head and saw Bessie looking at her with that smile. “T-thank you…you got my toes really good…” she wheezed. She then slowly got up as the tickling made her exhausted. Now she had to tickle Bessie’s feet so she could win. She looked over at Bessie and felt a little sorry. “I have to tickle your feet now. I’m sorry I will have to try and torture you…” she whispered.

    “It’s ok Cheyenne. You have to do your best. I mean, I am not looking forward to having my feet tickled, but this has been fun. This is the last round of this game and well, I hope we do see each other again in the future. Maybe we can have fun together and we are not naked. Hahaha” Bessie responded. She truly did enjoy being around Cheyenne and felt a little sad that they would soon be separated. She did hope that somehow, she could see her again. Maybe she and Darby could hang out with her. She then took a deep breath and prepared herself to have her feet tickled.

    “COME ON BESSIE!!!! DON’T GIVE UP!!!” Gloria shouted. This was the moment of truth. She had to hope Bessie could hold out and beat Cheyenne’s time. Her nerves were building, and she was getting really anxious. Her leg started to shake and then she looked at Priscilla one last time. She started to hate that smug look on her partner’s beautiful face.

    “Nervous Gloria? You should be! I was meant to win. So, I am truly going to enjoy listening to Bessie scream. Let the games begin!” Priscilla laughed with great confidence.

    Cheyenne looked at Bessie and smiled. “Um, ok. Lay down on your stomach. I will have you in the same position I was in. That way I can tickle the bottoms of your feet better. Hehe” she instructed. She then watched Bessie lay down on her stomach and she then positioned her body onto the strong legs and sat down just above the ankles. She looked down at the upturned soles and really liked what she saw. The soles were quite meaty, and she adored the paleness of the skin. The skin looked smooth, and the toes were very thick. She then settled in on her spot and then reached her fingers down and lightly fluttered them across each foot. She was delighted when the feet jerked from her touch. “You must have some really ticklish feet!” Cheyenne said with a big smile.

    Bessie felt those dainty fingers lightly caressing her soles and the ticklish feelings were already ripping through her. Her feet were definitely her weakness and now she had to hold out from begging for it to stop so she could win this contest. The fingers were now dancing on her heels, and she felt her body tense up. She then clamped her hands over her mouth and closed her eyes so she could focus on not screaming for mercy. Then the fingers started to slowly trickle down into her arches and it drove her absolutely crazy! She started to snicker as she was still trying not to laugh but that ticklish feeling was breaking her will already. “ttttttiiiiicccklleessss it tickles….” she giggled to herself. Bessie then started to twist her body as the tickling was getting worse. Holding her breath only seemed to make the tickling worse and she took another deep breath to avoid from laughing hysterically. She then felt the fingers making slow circles on her arches and now she started banging her left fist on the bed and her right hand started to grip the blankets. This was getting to be agonizing for her, but she had to fight the feelings.

    Cheyenne was in disbelief this was happening. Tickling feet this long was never something she did much, but it felt amazing! She loved how her fingers would slowly slide into the arch and when it made the circles, she could feel Bessie’s legs trembling. She couldn’t help but giggle as well as this was really a lot of fun for her. The skin of the soles were nice, not overly soft, but not very calloused either. They were indeed very responsive to her touch and now she wondered if she should use her fingernails. “I like your ticklish feet Bessie!” she said with excitement.

    Gloria stood up from her chair and started to pace. She could see Bessie writhing in ticklish agony and could hear muffled laughter. From her own experiences of tickling Bessie’s feet, she knew how sensitive they were and how often Bessie would beg her to stop tickling her feet. She still could not believe she was in this position. She was in firm control. Bessie was tickle obliterating Cheyenne and now she was in danger of losing this contest. She looked at the stopwatch and there was still a little ways to go. She continued her pacing, hoping Bessie could hold out.

    Priscilla watched her friend and partner pacing around and now she felt totally in control. It was truly amazing how the tables were turned, and she had all the confidence. She looked back towards the bed and saw Cheyenne tickling those feet and wondered when she would apply more tickle pressure. Soft touches were nice, but she had to force Bessie to quit. She started to think that Cheyenne was playing mind games where she would tickle soft to drive Bessie crazy, then hit her with a flurry of hard tickles to make her quit. She could feel her excitement building as victory was near.

    Bessie was truly in ticklish agony as the fingers continued to lightly trace those circles in her arches and now, they were on the balls of her feet. She then tried to pull her feet free and even managed to lift Cheyenne a little. Her eyes opened slowly as she felt Cheyenne readjust her position so more of her body weight could clamp down on the ankles. Bessie now placed her face directly into the blanket and then started to laugh harder. Those fingers were now moving past the balls of her feet and headed towards the base of her toes. She scrunched her toes tight, trying to protect that ultra sensitive skin on the undersides. She knew that if Cheyenne tickled the toes, she was definitely not going to make it.

    Cheyenne was having some fun and she was shaking her head with joy as her fingers continued to tickle the balls of the feet and were now at the base of the toes. She then slid her fingers back up the soles, where they went across the balls of the feet, across the arches and then off the heels. Then she pitter pattered her fingers down the feet again and decided she wanted to see how ticklish those thick toes were. After all, her own weakness were her toes, so maybe Bessie had ticklish toes too. “Are your toes ticklish?” she asked.

    Bessie heard Cheyenne’s question and started to panic! Her precious toes were next! “n-nooooooo they’re not……” she fibbed. She had a feeling that Cheyenne would not believe her, so she scrunched her toes even tighter.

    “hehehe I think you are fibbing…I think your toes might be really ticklish. I think I will find out!” Cheyenne laughed. She then used her left hand to pull the toes open on the right foot and using whatever strength she had, held them open so her right index finger could stroke the delicate toe stem of the index toe. She heard giggles coming out more freely and they were also getting stronger. Her finger continued to flicker across the skin and even scraped along the middle toe stem as well. “tickle tickle!” she teased.

    “HAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOO!!!! MY TOES!!!!!!” Bessie screamed as she felt fingers tickling her toes. This feeling was very strong, and it was driving her crazy. She once again tried pulling her foot free, but Cheyenne had a pretty good grip on her digits. The finger continued to poke, tease and stimulate the nerve endings in her toes and then she freaked out when she felt the finger stroking right along the crease of her big toe, where it was connected to the ball of the foot. This was all it took! “HAHAHAHAHA NOT THERE!!! DON’T TICKLE ME THERE!!! STOP!!! STOP PLEASE!!!!!” she screamed as her fists pounded on the bed. That spot felt extraordinarily ticklish at the moment, and it completely surprised her. Her desperate pleas were a subconscious reaction as her toes were just too sensitive.

    Priscilla heard Bessie screaming for Cheyenne to stop tickling her feet and she felt a rush of excitement! She wasn’t tracking the time, but it seemed as though Bessie quit faster than Cheyenne. She then looked over at Gloria who was staring down at the stopwatch, her eyes fixated on the time. “Well???!!! What is the time??!!”

    Gloria was speechless. She just kept staring at the watch, looking at the time in complete disbelief. She slowly shook her head and then looked over at Priscilla. She could see the excitement in her eyes and could tell her business partner was ready to celebrate. Gloria then felt a very powerful feeling building up in her body. Her eyes then looked at Priscilla’s and then a small smile started to form on her lips. The smile started to grow larger and her eyes were aflame as she then held up the watch to show Priscilla the time. 5 minutes and 59 seconds. She beat Cheyenne’s team by just 13 seconds!

    Priscilla’s jaw hit the floor when she saw the time. She lost!!!! Bessie managed to hold out longer than Cheyenne to win the contest. “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! I DON’T FUCKING BELIEVE IT!!!!!” she screamed, with her fists balled up. “IT CAN’T BE!!! AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!”.

    Cheyenne looked over and saw Priscilla screaming. This did not bode well as it must have meant she lost! She slowly got off of Bessie’s legs and then crawled over to Bessie’s head to see if she was ok. She lowered her head towards Bessie and whispered into her ear. “I think you won…A-Are you ok?”

    “Yeah…I’m ok….you tickled me really good…” Bessie panted. She then turned her head and look over at Gloria and Priscilla. She could see Gloria standing up with a huge smile on her face and Priscilla looked quite upset. She realized she did win after all! A sense of pride flowed through her body and then she turned towards Cheyenne who had a look of shock on her face. Bessie realized that her new friend lost so she might get in trouble. Priscilla didn’t seem like the type who was a good loser. She then sat up and reached over to hug Cheyenne. “Hey, you did really good. I hope you are not sad. I had a lot of fun with you…”

    Cheyenne felt Bessie’s hug and it did feel good. She then made eye contact with Bessie and saw that comforting smile. She did like hearing Bessie’s soothing words, but now she was afraid of Priscilla’s reaction. “Thank you..You are very kind to me. Congratulations on winning. Even if I get in trouble, I want you to know I still had fun…” she smiled.

    “Yeah, it was fun. I think you will be ok…” Bessie said as she started to caress Cheyenne’s cheek. She did feel an attraction to this Native American woman and this play time was a lot of fun. She then leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on Cheyenne’s lips. “You are amazing, you really are.”

    Cheyenne started to blush after receiving that kiss. The kiss felt nice, and she felt a thrill flow through her. But she could still hear Priscilla groaning about losing and Gloria gloating. Her eyes then went back to Bessie and she smiled. “You are amazing too. You are so sweet with me, and it means a lot. Thank you.” she said sweetly and then hugged Bessie.

    “HAHAHAHAHA YES!!! I TOLD YOU I WOULD WIN!!!” Gloria gloated. She then reached out her hand for a post contest handshake.

    Priscilla started to calm down and looked at Gloria’s hand. This was a friendly contest and even though she hated losing, she wanted to make sure her partnership remained. She then shook Gloria’s hand. “You know you got lucky. I was SO close! I had a loser in the contest, but I still almost won! But I bet I win this next round….” she said with a cocky smile.

    “Oh yes, the final contest. Let’s go have some fun, shall we? I think Bessie will get the job done AGAIN!” Gloria sneered. She then started to walk towards the bed with Priscilla and could see the two naked women having a moment. She smiled and then she cleared her throat. “Are we interrupting something?” she said with a grin.

    Bessie turned towards Gloria and broke the hug with Cheyenne. “No Ms. Wellington, I was just congratulating Cheyenne on such a fun contest.” she responded.

    “Yes, and CONGRATULATIONS BESSIE!!! You brought me sweet, sweet victory! I am so proud of you. You showed why the House of Wellington is so great and…” Gloria started to say.

    “Ok ok ok! We get it. You won, now stop rubbing it in…” Priscilla interjected. She then looked at Cheyenne. “I guess you tried your best, even though you still failed me. You do have another chance. There is one more contest and you better do well in this one!” she said with a tough tone.

    “A-another contest?” Cheyenne asked with great surprise. She thought everything was over. She looked at Bessie who also had a surprised look.

    “Yes, another contest. Since you two seem to have some kind of bond and you are both naked, you should REALLY like this next contest.” Gloria said and then a huge grin formed on her face as she saw the look of surprise on both Cheyenne’s and Bessie’s faces. “This contest is all about who can make the other do something first. This contest is…you will try to make the other have an orgasm first. You can only use your mouths to do it too…”

    Cheyenne’s mouth dropped to the bed as she heard what the next contest was going to be. She had to put her mouth on Bessie and make her have an orgasm?? She then looked over at Bessie, who had a look of surprise but also had a look of happiness. “I-I have to make her…..orgasm? W-with my mouth?” she asked, still in shock.

    “Yes, you will be eating her pussy Cheyenne! Oh, and to make it more fun, myself and Gloria will be tickling your feet while you do it. I will tickle Bessie’s feet and Gloria will tickle yours….” Priscilla explained. She then folded her arms and stared at Cheyenne. It started to dawn on her that Cheyenne has probably never given oral sex to a woman before. That was not going to help her cause as she figured Cheyenne was a lesbian anyway. “Don’t FAIL me….” she warned.

    Bessie was still in shock as she heard the rules of the contest. There was a mixture of surprise and lust flowing through her as Cheyenne was a sexy woman and she was going to have her own vagina tasted. Her nipples got really hard, and she looked at Cheyenne. She could tell the young woman was in total shock. She reached out and grabbed Cheyenne’s hand. “This will be fun! I was hoping we could do something like this..” she said sweetly.

    Cheyenne felt Bessie’s hand and she blushed. “Um…I…well…I never did that to a woman before. I don’t know how….” she whispered. She lowered her head and felt extremely shy at this moment. Not only was her own pussy about to get tasted, but she had to perform oral sex for the very first time in her life, with a woman she just literally met today. “I had it done to me before, but I-I never gave it.”

    Bessie then hugged Cheyenne and rubbed her back. She then leaned in and whispered into her ear. “Just try to be natural. Just place your tongue out and lick all around. I think you will find out what to do. Just do your best, ok? I will do my best to make this special for you ok?”

    Gloria sat down on the bed and patted the mattress. In order for them both to eat each other out, they would have to be in the 69 position. She was looking forward to watching this very erotic event and she will have her chance to tickle Cheyenne’s feet! She was curious about those tiny feet and now they would be hers to play with. The object of tickling the feet was to distract the woman from making the other cum. She had to make sure Cheyenne kept laughing instead of licking and she would win this contest too! Plus, with the added advantage that Cheyenne never performed oral sex before, her odds of winning increased a lot. “Let’s go ladies….let the game begin!” she said with excitement.

    Cheyenne then listened to Bessie instructing her on how to lay down and she laid on her back, her feet pointed towards Gloria. Then she looked up and saw that stern look of Priscilla looking right back at her. She then saw Bessie climbing on top of her facing towards her feet. She looked up and saw the naked pussy just above her head and it mesmerized her. She could see the dark lips and the pubic hair just above the slit. She started to get really nervous as she wanted to do a good job, not just to try to win and make Priscilla happy, but to make Bessie really enjoy this as well. Cheyenne was worried she wouldn’t do a good job and really wanted to at least make Bessie feel good. Her heart started to beat faster, and she could feel her body trembling because she was nervous. Her mind then focused on what Helga did as that was the only woman who used her mouth on her most private spot. Her experience with Aleshanee was different as her best friend used her hand, not her mouth to rub her mound. Now the dark, sexy pussy was right there in front of her, and she felt Bessie’s weight pressing down on her own body. She had to focus and hoped she could do this.

    Bessie felt her body pressing into Cheyenne’s, her breasts into the ribcage area and now she stared at Cheyenne’s pussy. She gently parted Cheyenne’s legs so she could have better access and she was thrilled by what she saw. Cheyenne had no pubic hair, well, stubble, but it was a very nude pussy. It was the first time she ever saw a pussy that was this naked. She could see the sweet lips and she could smell some arousal. Bessie really wanted to make Cheyenne cum to win this contest, but to also let Cheyenne have an incredible sexual moment. She remembered when she had her pussy eaten for the first time. It was with her friend Bertha by the creek and that experience blew her mind. She also remembered when she had oral sex performed on her with Phoebe Wellington in that barn at St. Mary’s school for girls and that was mind blowing. Then of course the many times with Phoebe’s mother, Gloria, and that mature woman definitely knew how to make a woman cum very hard. She wanted to give that kind of pleasure to Cheyenne, and this was going to be a great moment. There was only one problem that she could think of. Trying to taste this delicious looking pussy while having her feet tickled!

    Priscilla looked at Bessie and Cheyenne in position and she had to admit, it looked really erotic. She started to feel her own lust growing as she could see Bessie naked pussy and ass right near Cheyenne’s head. A thought of her eating Bessie’s peach filled her mind and maybe she could ask Gloria if she could have that peach later on. She then looked at the firm, bubble butt of an ass and down her legs. Her eyes continued to follow the legs until she got to Bessie’s upturned soles. She nodded her head with approval as she stared at the pale, meaty soles. She knew how ticklish they were too. If Cheyenne was going to win this somehow, she had to do a better job of foot tickling Bessie than Gloria tickling Cheyenne. So, winning this particular contest would include her. Priscilla cracked her knuckles and got ready to tickle ravage those sweet thick soles.

    “Ok ladies, you may begin!” Gloria said as she saw the two women in the 69 position. She could see the top of Bessie’s head and was definitely looking forward to watching this unfold before her. She then reached her left hand forward and grabbed the right ankle of Cheyenne. She lifted it up and now stared at the bottom of Cheyenne’s foot. The foot looked so adorable to her. She loved the pudgy toes and the wrinkled skin. Tickling this foot was going to be fun. Her plan was to go after Cheyenne’s foot viciously which would prevent her from eating Bessie out. The ability to win this contest was within her own control as well.

    Bessie then lowered her head and gave a small kiss directly on Cheyenne’s mound. She smiled as she felt the body tremble beneath her. She then did another small kiss, then another. The innocent body beneath her kept shuddering and she now could smell the arousal of Cheyenne. Now she got turned on and she stuck out her thick pink tongue and slid it slowly across the lips and she could hear Cheyenne starting to gasp in pleasure. Bessie was also excited that since Cheyenne was shaved, her tongue would have complete access to the mound and lips of the pussy.

    Cheyenne felt Bessie’s tongue licking her and it felt absolutely incredible. She could feel very intense sensations flowing through her and she really liked it. This was different from what Helga did as during that time, she was tickled tortured and completely worn out. This time, there was a woman who showed her compassion and empathy, so she was far more comfortable, just like she was with Aleshanee. She felt the licks happening over and over and she felt her body feeling the pleasure. She then looked at Bessie’s pussy and she figured it was her turn. Her mind focused and then she closed her eyes. She stuck out her small, pink tongue and then let the tip of it lick across the dark folds. The taste of those lips sent a feeling of strong arousal through her as it tasted…….nice. She then tried it again and that tasted wonderful as well. When she tried it a third time, she heard Bessie moan and paused on her own pussy. In her mind, she thought “this isn’t so bad. In fact, it is kind of fun”. Then her eyes popped open as she felt a sharp fingernail slowly dragging down the sole of her right foot. Cheyenne tried to wiggle her foot, but her ankle was held tight. A giggle escaped her lips and she tried to lick the pussy again, only to find herself laughing again. Gloria was tickling her foot!

    Priscilla looked up and saw Gloria stroking a finger down Cheyenne’s foot and she knew she had to get going herself. She then reached forward with her left hand and grabbed Bessie’s left ankle. She then quickly spider walked the fingers on her right hand down that pale sole and she felt it flinch. Stroking that foot brought her some excitement. She loved how the sole felt on her fingers. Now, she decided to press the issue because she knew Cheyenne was not experienced at all with oral sex and Bessie was. Her fingers started to dance around the arch and used the tip of her nail to circle in that part of the foot. Now, she heard some giggling from Bessie which meant she wasn’t licking Cheyenne.

    Bessie felt the fingernail in her left arch, and she tried to pull her foot free. Her ankle was held tightly and she now started to laugh harder. She knew the only way she was going to escape out of this was to make Cheyenne cum. She looked at the pussy again, which was now starting to glisten with her saliva and lowered her head again. She couldn’t help but giggle into the lips and she stuck out her tongue and did a lick. It wasn’t as strong as she liked, but she had to steel herself to try. Bessie also realized that Cheyenne wasn’t licking her either.

    Gloria stared at that poor helpless sole as her finger continued its cruel path directly into the arch. She loved how her finger would sink into the soft flesh and now she did upward stroking motions with her nail, with it flickering off the bottom of the ball of the foot, then she went after the ball. The foot was trying to pull itself free, but she held firm. She then focused on the spot right in the middle on the ball of the foot and her nail continued to scratch that area.

    Cheyenne couldn’t concentrate as she felt that evil fingernail tickling her foot. Her squeals were getting stronger, and her body was shaking. It also didn’t help that she could still feel that warm tongue on her pussy as Bessie was somehow able to keep licking her. She tried to extend her tongue out so she could lick Bessie, but the nail on her foot traveled once again back into her arch. “Hehehehehehe it tickles!!!” she squealed in ticklish delight.

    Priscilla watched Cheyenne trying to lick the sweet pussy, but Gloria was completely distracting her by tickling the foot. Priscilla was tickling Bessie’s foot, but somehow the young woman was able to still get a few licks in. It seemed as though she was “winning” at this point. Priscilla had to think of something. She then lowered her head closer to Bessie’s left foot and then started to nibble on the ball of the foot. Her teeth gently nibbled and now she was now scraping her two front teeth across the meaty flesh.

    Bessie’s head lifted up as she felt those teeth nibbling on the ball of her foot and she broke out in hysterical laughter! The intensity of the nibbling definitely got her attention and it tickled. It tickled really bad! She looked at Gloria as though she was looking for help. “HAHAHAHAHA SHE’S NIBBLING HAHAHAHAHAHAHA MY F-F-F-FOOOOOOOTTTT!!! HAHAHAHAHA STOP!!! PLEASE STOP!!!” she begged.

    Gloria watched her maid screaming in hysterical laughter. She then looked over Bessie’s body and sure enough, Priscilla was nibbling on Bessie’s foot. She decided to enact her own torment for Cheyenne and now she popped Cheyenne’s big toe on the right foot into her mouth and she slithered her tongue in that toe crevice. She could feel the foot quivering wildly as she knew she hit a very ticklish spot!

    Cheyenne’s eyes went into a panic as she felt her toe inside Gloria’s mouth and that tongue was slithering in her toe crevice. She couldn’t even describe the sheer intensity of that ticklish feeling and she was laughing like crazy. Because Bessie was laughing as well, her body was pressed on top of Cheyenne’s, so her pussy was mere millimeters away from Cheyenne’s mouth. Cheyenne’s laughter was now flowing directly into Bessie pussy, and she could smell that lust. Her eyes started to focus on where the clit was and she was now trying to reach her tongue for it, but then she felt another swirl of Gloria’s tongue on her toe, and she just went right back into hysterical laughter.

    Bessie continued to laugh freely as the ball of her foot was being nibbled on. She then lowered her head so she could just laugh, and she could see Cheyenne’s pussy. That womanhood did look tasty, so she tried to reach her tongue to that sweet mound and wanted to lick it. The foot tickling was driving her wild, but so was her desire to make Cheyenne have an orgasm. She saw the clit and knew she couldn’t spend too much time giving foreplay, she had to go right for the clit to make this contest end quicker. That sensation on her foot was horrific so she had to get Cheyenne to cum. Her tongue found the clit and it swirled all around the button. She must have been effective because she felt the hips grinding and the laughter of Cheyenne into her own pussy was turning more into moans. Bessie then felt her left foot get freed and she now focused on getting her friend off. Her licks got stronger and faster and now she could hear moans coming from Cheyenne!

    Priscilla looked over at Bessie’s right foot and could hear Cheyenne starting to moan. This wasn’t what she wanted to hear so now she started to trace her fingers all over Bessie’s meaty toes. Her nails slid in and out of the crevices, making sure she would flicker her nail right at the base of the crevice. “Come on Cheyenne! Lick her pussy! Come on!” she said as she watched Cheyenne just lay there and cackle.

    Gloria could hear Priscilla trying to urge Cheyenne to make Bessie cum and she had an idea. If she wanted Cheyenne to cum, she planned to stop tickling Cheyenne and instead, make love to her feet so that she would want to cum. Gloria looked at the right sole and now started to plant kisses on it, kissing the base of the toes, on the ball of the foot, through the arch and on the heel. Each kiss lingered on the spots and after each kiss, she would lightly flicker her tongue on the skin. Her plan started to work because Cheyenne wasn’t laughing, she was moaning!

    Cheyenne felt those kisses on the bottom of her foot, and it felt amazing! After being tickled for so long, having her foot kissed was much needed relief. She closed her eyes and really started to enjoy that kind of touch on her foot. A moan came out of her mouth, and she could feel Bessie’s tongue licking and noshing on her clit. “Mmmmmm that feels…*Oh!*…..good….” she moaned. Feelings of lust was now getting stronger, and she felt her nipples throbbing.

    Priscilla stopped tickling Bessie’s toes and noticed Cheyenne was not laughing anymore. She was moaning! She looked at Gloria and saw her kissing Cheyenne’s foot. She then realized what Gloria’s plan was. It was to turn Cheyenne on with sweet foreplay moves so she would be more susceptible to having an orgasm. Now she had to do the same to Bessie! She picked up the right foot and she started to kiss the base of the toes and softly ran her tongue along the bottom of that foot. It has been a while since she worshipped the foot of a woman, but she hoped that it would distract Bessie!

    Bessie felt that tongue licking the bottom of her foot and it felt amazing! She loved how the tongue would slide along her foot and she let out a strong moan. This was getting very erotic to her as she was tasting Cheyenne and now her own foot was feeling pleasure. She then resumed her tongue lashing on Cheyenne’s clit. Her own nipples were throbbing, and she started to grind her hips. Then she gasped in surprise as she felt a tongue now licking between her legs!

    Cheyenne managed to get her tongue on Bessie’s wet lips and she tried to lick that spot. The sensations on her pussy and on the bottom of her foot was so pleasurable, she had a hard time trying to lick Bessie. She then stopped her licking as she felt Bessie’s tongue pressing and licking her clit and it felt amazing. Her eyes were shut tight as she started to feel the pangs of orgasm building within her. She knew she couldn’t cum, or she would lose but that tongue on her pussy felt way too incredible. Then she felt Gloria’s tongue slowly gliding up and down her foot, touching every single nerve there. It tickled a little, but it felt more pleasurable than horrible. She tried her best to lick Bessie, but she just couldn’t focus on doing it because of the sheer amount of joy she felt in her body. After being tormented and ridiculed, this was a much needed break. She really started to think that Bessie was very good at this because the amount of pleasure she felt now was definitely greater than what Helga did. Her body started to shake and then tightened up. Her moans got louder and louder. Now she heard Bessie slurping between her legs and now the tidal wave of pleasure was very close. “yes….yes…yes…..YES….YES….YES!!!” she screamed and then it hit! The orgasm exploded in her body, and she felt an incredible amount of sheer ecstasy ripping through her. Her toes curled on both feet, and she was wrapping her arms around Bessie’s body tightly as though she was holding on for the ride! Cheyenne couldn’t believe just how incredible this felt as she really started to mewl and moaned in sheer pleasure. It was an incredible orgasm, and her body was on fire!

    Priscilla stopped licking Bessie’s foot as she heard Cheyenne screaming in pleasure. Her eyes popped open as she realized what just happened. “NO YOU DIDN’T!!! NO, YOU DID NOT JUST CUM!!!! TELL ME YOU DIDN’T CUM CHEYENNE!!!” she screamed. She then stood up and walked away from the bed.

    Cheyenne’s eyes opened and she looked upside down and saw Priscilla’s angry look. She felt a wave of shame as she just realized that her greatest orgasm in her life was now going to be a major problem! All she could do was moan. “mmmmmmm…mmmm…” she moaned. The residual feeling of the orgasm was still flowing through her.

    Bessie stopped tasting Cheyenne’s pussy and then wiped her mouth. She knew Cheyenne just had an orgasm as she got to taste that liquid lust. She then looked up at Gloria who was putting Cheyenne’s foot back on the bed. She could see the huge smile on Gloria’s face, and she realized that she won both contests for her! “I won?” she asked.

    “Yes you did!!! You made her cum HARD!!! It was so beautiful! You did a great job!” Gloria said with excitement.

    Bessie then got off of Cheyenne and then turned around to face her. She felt the sweat on her belly coming from her and Cheyenne. She looked at her beautiful new friend and she wanted to hug her. When she got close, she could see the look of satisfaction in her eyes. She then placed her body on top of Cheyenne’s and hugged her. She then also gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. “You are so amazing Cheyenne…I hope you enjoyed that…” she cooed.

    Cheyenne had a mixed feelings about what just happened. She absolutely loved the orgasm she just received because it was given to her from someone who truly wanted her to feel good. The issue was, she lost the contest and knew Priscilla was going to punish her somehow. She then looked at Bessie in her eyes after receiving a kiss from her. She could see the joy in Bessie’s face and that was a nice thing. “Thank you….I did…It felt really….good” she said shyly. She did feel embarrassment from this moment.

    “I am glad! This was a lot of fun! You did a nice job too! Your tongue was really getting me going. I wonder if they will let you finish me because I am really horny right now. Hehehe” Bessie giggled. She then looked over at Priscilla who was now walking back towards the bed. She had a look of disappointment in her eyes and Bessie had a feeling she was not going to be able to play with Cheyenne again right now.

    Priscilla walked over to Gloria and extended her hand. “I guess you win again…congratulations” she said with a half hearted smile.

    “Good match Priscilla. This was fun! We really should do this again!” Gloria responded as she shook Priscilla’s hand. She then went over to Bessie. “Bessie dear, you can put your clothes back on and we can go to my chambers. I think we both deserve a reward for our victories…” she said with a sly smile. After tormenting Darby earlier and now this entire contest, she was incredibly turned on and she needed relief!

    Bessie nodded her head eagerly and then started to get off the bed. But before she did, she looked at Cheyenne one more time. “You’re beautiful Cheyenne…always remember that. I will always remember you…” she said then blew her a kiss. She then got off the bed and walked towards where her clothes were on the floor. She started to put her maid’s uniform back on and she saw Gloria looking at her. Judging by the look on Gloria’s face, she was going to have a massive orgasm herself very soon. She then looked back towards the bed and saw Priscilla sitting next to Cheyenne on the bed and saw her wagging her finger. She started to feel bad for Cheyenne as she knew that she was going to be in trouble for losing both contests. Her opinion of Priscilla was definitely changing after how she was treating her servant. She wished she could do something, but to her, it was a matter between employee and employer. She hoped Cheyenne would be ok. Bessie then turned towards Gloria who had her arm extended. She then locked her arm with Gloria’s and the two women started to leave the room. Bessie gave one last look at Cheyenne and hoped she would see her again, then left the room. As she walked through the hallway, she thought she heard something. She turned her head and she saw the wall “closing”. She could have sworn she saw a person closing the wall behind them. Bessie shook her head and thought it was all her imagination.

    Cheyenne now sat on the edge of the bed, and she wanted to go over and put on her haysack. She was about to stand up when she was stopped. Priscilla approached her and pushed her back down onto the bed. She looked up at the much taller woman and saw a look of anger. “I’m sorry…” she whimpered.

    Priscilla was staring at Cheyenne, and she felt a large amount of anger. Even walking around the room right after the orgasm contest happened, it didn’t calm her down. She lost both contests to Gloria all because Cheyenne could not complete the task. Now she wanted to punish this young lady for having her lose. She wasn’t mad at Gloria as the contests were just for entertainment. Even with that, she absolutely hated to lose. “Do you realize you embarrassed me…..TWICE????” she scolded.

    “I’m sorry…I really am…I tried my best…” Cheyenne whimpered and lowered her head.

    “Your best? THAT was your best? I should have known…..” Priscilla retorted. She then walked over to where the haysack was on the floor, kneeled down to pick it up and then walked back over to Cheyenne. She then threw the sack at her with force. “Put that on, you miserable little bitch…”

    Cheyenne winced at the harsh words, and she started to try to put the sack back on her. She felt shame as she was getting scolded like a 5 year old kid. She really hoped this would end quickly as she didn’t want to get yelled at. Even though she lost the contests, they were still fun and Bessie was a very nice person. She even got to experience an orgasm which felt really nice. The sack went over her head and then down onto her body. It was embarrassing her to even be wearing this sack. Once she got it on, she then tried to stand so she could get her slippers.

    “SIT DOWN!!!! I am not done with you…” Priscilla shouted as she then placed her hands on Cheyenne’s shoulders and pushed her back onto the bed. She then leaned down and put her finger in Cheyenne’s face. “You have no idea how pissed off I am with you. Why? Why are you such a failure??? I gave you an opportunity to prove me wrong and as expected, you FAILED. Tell me Cheyenne, tell me why you are such a pathetic human being??? TELL ME!” she shouted, wagging her finger.

    Cheyenne looked up at her with sadness in her eyes as the harsh words were bothering her. “I really tried my best…” she said demurely.

    “Well, your best is absolutely pathetic! Even when you worked in my bar in Mexico, when you worked inside my home, you have been a total failure. I gave you chances to do things right and you keep messing up! What the hell is wrong with you? You have got to be one of the most PATHETIC and STUPID human beings I have ever encountered!!! You know what? I am really going to enjoy selling you to the buyer tomorrow. In fact, I will sell you for cheap! You know why? Because you ARE WORTHLESS!!! I will probably throw you in as a 2 for 1 deal with another woman because your life has zero value to it!” Priscilla scolded. Her rage started to grow more intense, and she really wanted to berate this young woman.

    Cheyenne couldn’t even look at Priscilla. She listened to every word she was saying, and it started to hurt. She had no idea why this woman was being really mean to her. She did in fact try her best with whatever Priscilla wanted her to do. She was kidnapped from her own home a year ago and she still tried to do her best to please this angry woman. She never worked a day in her life, and she was expected to be a perfect worker in a bar in a foreign land. Even today, as a sex slave of sorts, she was forced into a game with an unsuspecting woman, and she still tried her best. There was no pleasing Priscilla, no matter how hard she tried. “I’m sorry…” was all she could say.

    “Oh yes, you better be sorry! There is good news though. After tomorrow, I will never have to see your face ever again. Oh yes, it will bring me great joy to sell you off and become someone’s fuck toy. That’s all what you are meant for. To be fucked. That’s it. You will never see your family again. You will never see your friends again. I am sure you will have your body holes filled on a daily basis! It is your destiny. When your stupid parents had you, it was already preordained for you to be a sex toy. You’re SO pathetic…” Priscilla continued with venom in her voice. She really wanted to destroy any spirit left in Cheyenne’s mind and body.

    Cheyenne really started to hurt as she listened to all these words. She looked up at Priscilla and her eyes were now filling with tears. “Stop…please stop saying those things to me..” she whimpered, as a tear streaked out of her left eye and down her cheek.

    “Awww…you want to cry?! Well CRY bitch, because I mean every single word!” Priscilla hissed. She then bent down so she was now eye level with Cheyenne. “Listen to me because I mean every single word. You are a pathetic, miserable, stupid, and worthless human being. I wish the absolute worst on you! I remember when you actually believed me when I told you that you would be going to a school. Hahaha that was funny actually. Why would I really take you to a school? You are too fucking STUPID to go to a school. You will always be STUPID. Your life means absolutely nothing to society. I wish you nothing but misery you STUPID. LITTLE. BITCH!!!” Priscilla said with malice. She then stood up and walked over to the door. She then left the room to go knock on the door where Svetlana was so she could retrieve Cheyenne and take her back to her cage.

    Cheyenne dropped her head and closed her eyes. Every single word that was said to her cut her like a knife. Her mind was filled with emotions as she really thought about how much this woman hated her. Tears continued to fall from her eyes as she just could not believe another human being would be this cruel to another. Her heart was aching, and she just wanted to go away. She could hear another person walk into the room and she looked up. It was Priscilla and Svetlana. Svetlana approached her and then put that leash on her neck again.

    “Get up! Put your slippers on and let’s go….” Svetlana commanded.

    Cheyenne got up and walked over to her where her slippers were. She slipped both of them on and she felt the tug of the leash on her neck. She then was pulled by the leash and walked out of the room. Right before she left the room, she looked at Priscilla one last time.

    “Stupid bitch…” Priscilla smiled back.

    Cheyenne then dropped her head and left the room. She was led back to the hidden door and when it opened, she walked down the staircase then made the left. She was then led to her cage and when the door was opened, she walked in. The leash was removed from her neck, and she looked at Svetlana who had a sinister smile on her face.

    “You’re so pathetic….” Svetlana laughed as she then shut the cage door and walked away.

    Cheyenne sat down on her cot and thought about what happened. Her emotions were overwhelming her as she realized she was never going to see her friends and family ever again. She was going to probably be physically and sexually assaulted every day. There was no way to escape from this place. What really hurt were the cruel words Priscilla said towards her. She felt so helpless at this moment and the tears really flowed out. She couldn’t stop them anymore and she cried. “Why does she hate me so much? I never did anything to her. Why? *sob* why?” she said to herself as she just let all her tears flow. Her heart was breaking and there was nothing she could do. Cheyenne realized her life was essentially over. Her hands covered her face and she sobbed alone in her cell.


    Darby looked through the cage she was in, and she heard a noise. She looked up and saw the monstrous Helga entering the cavern and dragging what appeared to be a woman into the open area. She looked closer and saw that it was a small Asian woman and Helga was dragging the woman by the hair. She lifted her head and saw the young woman getting strapped down in what appeared to be stocks. What chilled her to her bones was the panicked sounds coming from the woman who must have known what was about to happen.

    “NO PLEASE NO!!!!” the young woman screamed.

    Darby looked over there and then saw the woman’s slippers get removed from her feet and tossed over Helga’s shoulders. She stared at the small pale soles with the cute medium length toes, and she had a feeling she knew what was about to happen. Her head turned towards the wall of the cavern, and she watched Svetlana pulling on a rope and she heard a noise. She stood up from her cot to get a closer look and she saw curtains opening up and down the wall, exposing multiple cages. In those cages were women, all wearing haysacks and all had a look of fear in their eyes. These women must have been the sex slaves to be sold. Darby felt shame washing over her as it was her mission to help free these women and she failed. Now, she was going to join them and there was nothing she could do. Then her eyes popped open as she heard hysterical laughter. Her eyes turned to where Helga was standing, and she could see her fingers stroking up and down that woman’s soles. She was getting tickled tortured! She felt tingles in her own feet as she knew what that poor woman was going through.

    “That’s right sweetie…laugh. Laugh for Helga! Hahaha” Helga said as her fingers continued to run up and down the sweet feet. She just adored tickle torturing these women and this was a great way to entertain herself. She got to torment an actual law enforcement officer and now she was having fun with this young slave.

    Darby couldn’t help but feel for that woman. Her poor feet were getting tickle tortured and she couldn’t do anything. Her failure continued to weigh down on her and she felt extremely guilty. She now realized that Helga was tickling these women in front of all the others to humiliate them and to show the rest of them they are under their control. Darby couldn’t watch anymore, and she went back to her cot. She sat down, put her head in her hands and just cringed as she heard the horrific laughter echoing in the cavern. Her failure was really weighing her down as these women were going to suffer because of it.

    Bessie was lying next to Gloria in Gloria’s bed, and she was feeling really relaxed at this moment. Her employer made her have a tremendous orgasm and it rocked her entire body with pure pleasure. This was right after she made Gloria have a massive orgasm. She noticed her boss was extremely turned on so making her cum didn’t take long at all. She did wonder why she seemed extra horny, even though she was sure watching Cheyenne and herself get tickled probably did it. Bessie then looked over at Gloria who had a satisfied smile.

    Gloria was still breathing heavy as she was recovering from an intense sexual moment with her maid, Bessie. After tormenting Darby, then watching those two contests, her lust was at an all time high. The orgasm she got was definitely one she was going to remember for a very long time. It also gave her great pleasure when she made Bessie cum. She absolutely loved how Bessie tasted and knew her maid was also very turned on. Gloria then turned on her right side and saw Bessie laying there. “That was amazing….” she said with lust still in her voice.

    Bessie turned on her left side and could see the look of bliss in those eyes. “Yes, it was. Wow, I don’t think I have ever cum that hard before…hehehe” she giggled.

    “Yeah, you came very hard my dear. You must have been really turned on a lot. You tasted really delicious too….” Gloria winked.

    Bessie felt embarrassed by the compliment. She then saw Gloria turn back around and then got out of the bed. She stared at Gloria’s nude body and saw her starting to put on her robe. “I guess I should get up now. I got my chores to do.” she said.

    “Yes, you have a busy day today. You have extra work to do today. Since you will be by yourself, your workload doubled.“ Gloria said while finishing putting on her robe. She then turned around and saw the shocked look on Bessie’s face. She then realized she hasn’t told Bessie about what happened with Darby.

    Bessie was in complete shock when she heard that she would be by herself. Now her mind started to spin, and she now really started to wonder about Darby. “Um, why will I be by myself? Where is Dorothy? I haven’t seen her since this morning, before your meeting.” she asked.

    “I am glad you are still laying down. I have some news for you about your former co-worker….” Gloria said as she looked at the concern in Bessie’s eyes. “Dorothy will no longer be working for me. In fact, Dorothy no longer exists. Turns out, she LIED to us….” Gloria announced.

    “W-what? What do you mean she doesn’t exist? I saw her this morning!” Bessie responded in shock. She was trying to wrap her mind around what she was being told. “What do you mean she lied to us?”

    “Because her name is not really Dorothy Watkins. Her name is actually Darby Reeves! She is an actual deputy from the town of Plotsville. She wasn’t a real maid. She was undercover and was trying to spy on us!” Gloria told her. She was definitely going to make Darby look bad from all this. “I caught her, which is the reason why I had a meeting with her this morning. I fired her and sent her away. She is on her way back to Plotsville right now. I hope I never see her again. I HATE liars….” Gloria explained, realizing the irony in that last statement.

    “What? So, this Darby is actually an undercover officer, and she was spying on us? I-I don’t know what to say..” Bessie stammered as she felt her heart racing. This was disappointing news as she really liked Darby. She felt they were getting close and now this was a lot of troubling information. “Why was she spying on us? What did we do?” she asked.

    “I don’t know. She wouldn’t tell me. Maybe some of my competitors in the cattle business lied about me and she was investigating that. She refused to tell me. I caught her and confronted her this morning. Here, take a look at this…” Gloria said as she then reached into a drawer and pulled out a newspaper. She opened that paper and handed it over to Bessie for her to look. “See that picture? There she is….” Gloria said.

    Bessie was looking at the picture in the newspaper and she was floored. She could see Darby in the picture, right next to Sheriff Dickerson. Bessie had to blink her eyes a few times as what Gloria told her was true. Darby was in fact a Deputy and this picture proved it. She felt a huge wave of disappointment wash over her as someone who she liked as a friend lied to her. “I don’t believe it…She did lie to us. I mean, she was such a hard worker too. I still can’t believe it. Can I talk to her? I have to talk to her!” Bessie asked.

    “NO!!! I mean, no. She is gone now. Like I said, she is on her way back home with her tail tucked between her legs. Now, you have some chores to do my dear and I have business to attend to. So, forget about that lying bitch and let’s move on. We had a really good morning together, let’s not ruin it by talking about that deputy…” Gloria said as she then started to head towards the door. She looked at Bessie one more time, then left the room. The thought of Darby being sold as a sex slave made her excited and she loved the fact she destroyed her mission.

    Bessie slowly got out of the bed and started to put her maid’s uniform back on. As she put the uniform back on, she kept staring at the picture in the paper. There was no doubt, Darby was definitely a deputy. She felt so hurt at the moment, but things just didn’t make sense. Why would law enforcement send her undercover about possible cattle business dealings? “They wouldn’t do that unless they thought Ms. Wellington was a criminal.” Bessie thought to herself. She was also disappointed that she didn’t get to say goodbye to Darby. She missed her already. Then she started to think about how the business partner, Priscilla Montenegro has showed up and now an undercover deputy is involved. Bessie now started to think that there was a lot more that was happening than what was told to her. She thought about Cheyenne and Priscilla. There was something not right about that relationship. In what way were Gloria and Priscilla business partners? What was their business partnership about? With her curiosity now piqued, Bessie finished dressing and went about her business. Sooner or later, she was going to find out what was really going on.


    La Diabla made it to the edge of the bluffs and looked around. She was being very careful not to get spotted as she wanted to make her way to the house that was on top of the bluff. After tickle torturing the shopkeeper Melissa, she was told there is a cove beneath the bluff. La Diabla figured if she could find the cove, then she definitely knew what house it was. There were several homes along the bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, so she wanted to locate this cove. She made it down the bluff’s side and could see the shore. As she made it to the beach, she looked out and saw the Pacific Ocean. Even though she has been to many places in the Southwest United States, her travels never made it all the way to this ocean. She has seen the Gulf of Mexico plenty of times, but this was her first visit to a true large ocean. La Diabla did enjoy the view and saw the waves crashing onto the shore. She wished she could just vacation here as everything was so peaceful. There was no one on this shore and she wished she could just sit back and watch the waves. But she had a mission. She had to find her friend Cheyenne. She walked along the shore, her boots sinking into the sand and finally she made it to this wall of rock. She gingerly stepped onto the rocks on the shore as the waves gently splashed against them and she looked around the wall. She had found the cove! She could see a strip of land on the other side of the wall, high enough to not be underneath the water. “This must be the cove she was talking about..” she thought to herself.

    La Diabla carefully got around the edge of the wall and managed to get her feet onto that strip of sand. The water continued to splash around, and she walked gingerly on that strip. When she looked ahead, she saw what appeared to be a dock of some sort and the path of sand started to elevate. She figured if there was a dock here, then that meant it would have to lead to some sort of cave or room that would be connected to underneath the house. This would be great as she could then infiltrate the home without having to try and sneak through a window or door. This cove was the best thing that could have happened for her to sneak into the house. She finally made it to the dock and climbed on top, as the path was ending into a cave wall. She looked around the dock area and saw a boat that was docked on the side. The boat was semi large and seemed to have cages on it. She figured it was a cargo ship, then headed towards a set of steps that seemed to lead up to another level. She started to ascend those steps as she could see lights in the room above.

    Darby watched as Helga was removing her latest victim from the stocks and carried her over her shoulder. Darby turned her back to the scene and headed back to her cot. For a long time, that poor woman had her feet tickled, and her toes sucked on by Helga. Darby could feel that woman’s torture. She felt so bad for her and now she wondered if she would end up trapped like that. “That poor girl…I hope she will be ok..” she said to herself. She sat on her cot and looked out into the cavern once again. She took a deep breath and then sighed as she saw Helga disappear up the stairs.

    La Diabla made it to the top of the stairs and was surprised by what she saw. This wasn’t a room; it was a large cavern. She looked around and didn’t see anyone around and she carefully step into the cavern. She saw a bunch of contraptions on the floor such as a set of stocks, a devious looking chair, a bar structure and saw lots of chains hanging from the ceiling. As she walked further inside, she then noticed how high the cavern went. She was in total awe but what really caught her attention were the cages that were embedded in the cavern walls. “What the hell is this?” she muttered to herself as she was fully into the cavern. She felt her breath get taken away as she saw what appeared to be women in those cages! They were all looking down at her. There were so many of them. The cages seemed to be on a “second” and “third” story. She never seen anything like this before. It then dawned on her. These women were probably going to be trafficked somewhere! She just stumbled upon a major human trafficking ring, most likely a sex ring. Thoughts of her friend Cheyenne being sex trafficked started to enrage her and she now started to look inside the cages. Her eyes darted from cage to cage, seeing the look of fear in those women’s eyes. Then she looked into a cage on the second level and her heart stopped! “Cheyenne? Is that you???” she called out.

    Cheyenne wiped her eyes and looked down towards the cavern ground. She was about to head back to her cot after watching some poor woman get her feet tickled tortured and now, she heard a familiar voice. She looked at this figure on the ground and her heart stopped! It was La Diabla!! A rush of excitement flowed through her as her friend, the woman who rescued her from Priscilla before, was now inside this cavern! “La Diabla?? Is that you??? It’s me! It’s me Cheyenne!!” she cried out as she poked her hand outside the cage and waved it around.

    La Diabla felt a wave of happiness flow through her as she found Cheyenne! She noticed she was wearing some kind of sack over her body, just like the others inside those cages. She felt herself get emotional, but she had to calm herself. She had to get Cheyenne out of the cage. “Are you okay??!! Are you hurt?” she asked.

    “I’m ok! Please, get me out of here….” Cheyenne responded back, reaching her hand forward out of the cage. She finally had hope again as her friend was there to save her.

    “Ok, give me a moment. I will get you out of there!” La Diabla told her. She then started to look for a way to get up to that cage. Her head turned left hoping to see some stairs, rope, a ladder anything. As she scanned the cavern, her eyes caught a ground floor cage. She saw a woman inside that cage who was also wearing a sack on her body. She then noticed the woman had red hair. She then started to walk towards the cage as the face started to come into view.

    Darby heard the commotion inside the cavern and then got up off her cot and walked towards the cage door. She saw there was a woman standing in the cavern and headed towards her. This woman was not Helga or even the others she saw. This woman had long black hair, a black cowboy hat, and had a familiar look. When the woman got closer, Darby’s eyes popped wide opened as she recognized the face. “La Diabla???!!! Is that….. YOU????!!!” she called out.

    La Diabla got close to the cage and could now see the red haired woman’s face. Then she heard the voice. It was Darby!! She felt her heart flutter as she gazed upon the woman she had an experience with a year ago bringing down Madam Olivia. She has not seen her in a year and she still looked beautiful. “Darby?? Is that really you?” she said in shock as she now made it to the cage. She was finally face to face with Darby after such a long time. The two women were finally reunited.

    “I-I can’t believe it….It is really you?? What are you doing here?” Darby asked. She was still in a state of shock seeing this outlaw in this place. She could tell La Diabla was in shock as well as neither ever anticipated seeing each other again in a far away place like California.

    “I-I can’t believe it. Yeah, it’s me. What the hell are you doing here? How did you end up in this cage? What is this place???!!” La Diabla said, firing off multiple questions as she was still trying to make sense of this place. She had found her friend Cheyenne, now she found her old friend Darby!

    “Long story…But I got to get out of here! This place is holding a sex trafficking ring and all these women are up for sale tomorrow. Help me get out of here so we can rescue them!” Darby pleaded. She then looked at La Diabla and had to wonder. “Um, why are you here? How did you get here?” she asked.

    “I was trying to find a friend of mine. I tracked her here to this place. I got to save her and bring her back to her tribe. I didn’t expect to see these women and especially YOU here!” La Diabla responded. This moment was completely surreal to her. She then started to look at the cage door. “Let me see if I can get you out of here! You can help me get my friend Cheyenne free!” she said.

    Darby heard the name and remembered meeting a woman with that name. “Cheyenne? Small sized Native America woman? Real pretty face with long black hair?” she asked.

    La Diabla looked at Darby in surprise. “Yeah, that’s her. She is trapped in a cage on the second level. I got to get her free.” she said as she tried to figure out how to pick the lock to the cage door.

    “Wait, how do you know her? This is one crazy small world….” Darby quipped.

    “Yeah, tell me about it. I helped bring her back from Mexico to her tribe and then she got kidnapped. I went looking for her. Now, how do we get you out of this cage?” La Diabla mused as she studied the lock.

    Darby listened to La Diabla’s response, and it made sense. It just amazed her how small the world was. She remembered La Diabla going to Mexico and now, somehow, like it was destiny, they were face to face once again. She then lifted her head up and, in the distance, she saw another familiar figure headed their way. It was Helga!!! “Behind you….” she whispered.

    La Diabla heard what Darby said, then turned her head and saw an imposing woman walking towards them. This woman was massive! She was very tall, her long blond hair tied back in a ponytail, and she was wearing black pants, with a faded light green shirt, with thick leather boots. She could see the muscles on this woman and knew this must be the woman she was looking for, Helga. “You must be Helga….” she said with a sneer. Her eyes were now locked on the woman who kidnapped Cheyenne. Now, she felt anger flowing through her body.

    “Da, I am Helga. What are you doing in my cavern?” Helga asked. She then got closer towards La Diabla, preparing to take care of this unwelcomed intruder.

    “You bitch! YOU took my friend Cheyenne! I have been waiting for this moment to make you pay for doing that!” La Diabla yelled out.

    Cheyenne looked down from her cage and saw Helga approaching her friend. She got nervous because Helga was so strong. She wanted to have hope that La Diabla would take care of Helga so she could finally be free! It did help that La Diabla was a notorious outlaw and very dangerous woman. She swallowed hard as she saw the two women approaching one another.

    “Ah, you must be La Diabla….my employer told me about you. You must be referring to that stupid little bitch Cheyenne, da?” Helga said with a smile.

    La Diabla felt a surge of anger in her body as her friend was just insulted. She had promised Cheyenne’s parents that she would bring their daughter back by any means necessary. Now she was face to face with the woman who kidnapped Cheyenne. She then started to reach for her gun, then heard Helga laugh. She rested her hand on the butt of the gun and glared at Helga. “What’s so damn funny?!! I am about to END you!!”

    “I am laughing because when my employer told me about you, she said you were dangerous. Haha I thought she meant physically. But you grab your gun, you shoot me, that’s not dangerous. That is coward’s way, no?” Helga said while crossing her arms showing zero fear. “Besides, my friend Svetlana already has her gun aimed at you and ready to take you out….” she said, then pointed towards the staircase behind her.

    La Diabla looked beyond Helga and saw another woman aiming a rifle at her. She knew she was in a jam right now because if she pulled her gun out right now, she would be shot at immediately. She had to figure out a way to get past Helga and that shooter. She couldn’t risk getting shot as she still had to get Cheyenne and Darby freed. “I am no coward you big footed bitch. So, how about you let my friends go and I will let both of you live?” she said with a calm voice.

    “hahaha you are a funny lady. Let them go? Of course not. In fact, I think you may have to join them. I will simply beat you down and you become slave too, da?” Helga said with a sadistic grin on her face.

    “Hehe beat me down huh? We will see about that..” La Diabla sneered back. She guessed this woman was going to challenge her to a physical battle. She knew there must have been some sort of trap coming so she had to be really careful. She didn’t fear Helga’s size as she fought men as big as her. She was thinking about how she could take care of that shooter.

    “You will make such a good slave. Lots of fire in you, unlike your little friend Cheyenne. She was really easy to control. I took good care of her. Oh, did you know her pussy tastes really delicious? Definitely one of the best I have ever eaten….” Helga bragged.

    That comment set La Diabla off! Hearing how Cheyenne was sexually violated by this behemoth woman pushed her over the edge. “YOU BITCH!!!!” she screamed out and forgetting her usual way of getting into a fight, she charged towards the massive woman full of rage, her hat falling off. When she got close, she threw a punch with her right hand, but hit nothing but air. She saw Helga dodge her punch and then she fell to the ground as Helga shoved her. This only got her really upset and she stood up quickly, then threw another punch with her right hand, heading towards Helga’s belly.

    Helga simply caught the wild punch with her left hand and with her right hand, she slapped La Diabla hard across the face and then shoved her back to the ground. “You sure are weak. I thought you would put up a better fight. La Diabla huh? More like a weak kitten. Meow….” Helga taunted.

    La Diabla got back to her feet and lunged at Helga, her body full of rage. As soon as she got close, she felt her throat get grabbed which stopped her in her tracks. The she felt pain in her left shoulder as Helga punched that area with her fist. There as an incredible amount of pain as this woman was extremely strong.

    Helga held onto La Diabla’s throat and started to crush the windpipe. She felt La Diabla trying to punch away at her arm, and it amused her. She then let go of the throat, then placed her left hand behind La Diabla’s back and forced her to hunch over, then she lifted her right knee and drilled it into the belly of La Diabla. The sound of the air leaving the body delighted her and she then grabbed La Diabla’s long black hair and forced her back up in an upright position. She saw the look of a face trying to breathe, then she cocked her right fist and just drilled it into the jaw of her opponent. The hit was so hard, it made La Diabla spin around 180 degrees and fall to the floor in a heap, completely knocked out.

    Darby’s jaw just dropped as she just witnessed La Diabla get knocked out cold onto the ground. She had never seen her ever get dominated like that before. Even when she fought her herself, it was a major back and forth battle. The only reason why she won that physical confrontation was because La Diabla made an error as she missed a punch, which allowed her to best her. She looked down at her friend laying on the ground completely motionless. “Oh muh Gawd!!!!” she said as she then placed her hands over her mouth in pure shock.

    Cheyenne’s heart sank as she just saw Helga knock out La Diabla! She just saw her friend and rescuer just get dominated in a fight and now she was out cold. Fear ripped through Cheyenne’s body and her heart ached. She hoped La Diabla was not hurt too bad. Her last hope of being rescued was now unconscious on the cavern floor.

    Helga did a small chuckle as she looked down at her knocked out opponent. There was a huge sense of satisfaction that flowed through her as she just beat a woman with a huge reputation of being dangerous. She then looked over at Svetlana who had a smile, so she winked. Now it was play time!!! This was going to be such a memorable moment. She nodded to Svetlana, who then left and walked back up the stairs. Helga then looked at the sleeping form and it was time to get her ready for a lot of fun! She flipped the woman onto her back and gazed at the sleeping face. She did have to admit that La Diabla was exceptionally beautiful. She then knelt down and lifted her up a little, so she was sitting on the floor. Helga then grabbed the bottom on the shirt and then pulled it up over her head and off her body, leaving her in a bra. She then reached behind the bra, unclasped it, and then pulled it off. She tossed both the shirt and bra into a nearby pile and then laid La Diabla back to the ground on her back. She then looked at the naked breasts. She had a lustful smile on her face as she stared at those beautiful rounded breasts that were a size B and the small brown nipples look so good. She nodded and then went towards her opponent’s booted feet. She reached down and grabbed the right ankle and lifted it into the air. She stared at the sole of the boot, then with a quick motion, pulled that boot off and exposed the black socked foot of La Diabla. Helga then looked at the boot and saw it was a size 7, then tossed it over her shoulder and near the pile where the shirt and bra was. She then took her fingers and reached inside the cuff of the jeans and managed to get a hold of the edge of the sock and she started to slowly peel it off. The sock then came off the ankle, then the heel, then the arch was exposed and finally she whisked the sock off the foot, exposing the toes. Helga smiled as she looked at the tender narrow foot, with the long toes, high arch, and slightly tanned skin that had some pink to them.

    Cheyenne looked down in total shock. Not only was her friend knocked out, now she was getting stripped naked! She could see the naked breasts from her vantage point and now she saw the foot getting exposed. She couldn’t even speak at the moment as she was still in complete shock. She really started to feel sorry for La Diabla. She wished she could go help her, but she was trapped. Cheyenne hated the fact that La Diabla was going to be completely humiliated.

    Helga then lowered the right leg back to the ground and now she picked up the left ankle. She carefully slid that boot off and took a quick sniff. She was pleased the foot didn’t smell, then tossed that boot over her shoulder into the pile. A grin formed on her face as she then started to peel off the sock. Once again, she was delighted when she saw the heel being exposed, then the high arch, the ball of the foot and finally the toes. Now, La Diabla was barefoot and Helga was looking forward to having some fun with those feet. She then lowered the left leg back down and now she went towards the waist. She knelt down on one knee and her fingers started to unbuckle the gun belt. Once it was undone, she carefully slipped the belt off and tossed it to the pile. Now, it was time for the belt that held up the jeans! She then unbuckled that belt and slowly pulled it from the jean loops until finally it was off. She held up the belt like a trophy, then tossed it over to the pile. Now, she reached down with both hands, grabbed the edges of the jeans at the waist and started to tug them down. She got them off the hips and slid them down the legs and when she got to the ankles, she lifted La Diabla’s ankles and placed them on her raised right knee and then slid the jeans off the feet that were in the air. She also took a moment to stare at the natural nails on La Diabla’s feet. She was really looking forward to enjoying those toes. Helga then turned her attention towards the underwear and she smiled. The final article of clothing on La Diabla’s body was in her reach. She then grabbed the edges of the underwear and tugged them down off the hips and now the underwear was on the legs. She smiled as she saw the trimmed pubic hair and hourglass hips of the knocked out outlaw. She then pulled the underwear down the legs and finally off the feet. La Diabla was now completely naked! Helga then tossed the underwear to the pile and placed La Diabla’s ankles on the ground again. She stood up and felt a huge amount of pride as now, La Diabla was completely naked!!!

    Darby was still in complete shock. Not only did she see La Diabla lose a fight really badly and get knocked out, now she saw her get stripped completely naked! Even though La Diabla has seen her naked, she has never seen La Diabla naked. For the first time, she got to see what La Diabla looked like under her clothes. Her mind felt some lust as she thought that naked body looked absolutely amazing. From the hips, to the stomach, the nice shaped breasts, and even her feet, La Diabla was such a gorgeous woman. She could even see the trimmed pubic hair and lips of the pussy from her vantage point. Darby didn’t know what to say or feel. She wanted to help her former rival, but she was in this cage with no chance of escape. She truly felt embarrassed for La Diabla because she knew once she woke up, this was going to completely humiliate her.

    Helga then reached down and grabbed La Diabla’s wrists and started to drag her across the dusty ground towards the middle of the cavern, the barefeet creating lines in the dust. She looked up towards the cages and all the women inside were watching this moment. She felt tremendous pride as she was truly going to enjoy torturing this woman. Her employer told her all about La Diabla and how dangerous she was. She was even told that her employer was physically tortured by this same outlaw, so a measure of revenge was about to happen. Helga finally made it to the center of the cavern and then let go of the wrists. She then rolled La Diabla over onto her stomach and then spread her arms and legs. She then reached up towards a chain hanging from the ceiling that had a bar at the end of it. The bar then had two chains attached that hung downwards and had shackles at the end of the chains. She pulled the chain down and then cuffed the right wrist to it. Helga then reached for another chain and cuffed the left wrist. She then brought down another chain that had a bar attached to it with two chains hanging down and managed to cuff both ankles. She now reached up to one more chain and started to pull on it. Slowly, the chains linked to La Diabla’s limbs started to pull towards the ceiling and soon, her feet were getting high into the air and so were her wrists. Helga continued to pull the chain until her victim was high enough, which was the hands and feet were about where her stomach was. She then looked at her victim in the perfect position. La Diabla was bent close to a “U” shape, with her belly being at the bottom and her back was arched. When looking at the top view, the limbs were still spread apart, and this wasn’t the most comfortable position. It also prevented La Diabla from being able to struggle much, unless she wanted to really hurt her back.

    Cheyenne looked down and her hands were covering her mouth. She saw her friend completely trapped in the chains and she knew what was about to happen. She felt really bad for La Diabla as she was about to be subjected to the same tortures every single woman in this evil place had endured. She started to feel guilty because it was her that got them both in this position. Had she been stronger and got away from Helga, neither one of them would be in this position. Cheyenne felt her eyes getting wet because she didn’t want to see La Diabla suffer.

    Helga admired her work and then walked over towards a table that was in the cavern and reached for something. She picked up a thin stick made of bamboo and gently caressed it. It was time to torture La Diabla and she had a great idea to make it all the more worse. She then walked back over to the trapped, hanging body and stood by the hanging feet. She stared at the soles and a sadistic grin formed on her face. Holding the bamboo stick in her right hand, she gently tapped the sole of the right foot with the stick. The stick landed on the arch, and it caused the foot to jerk. This delighted Helga because it meant the feet were very sensitive. Now, it was time to introduce the outlaw to the technique known as bastinado. She once again tapped the bottom of the foot with the stick, and it jerked a little harder.

    La Diabla started to come to as she felt something striking the bottom of her foot. Her eyes started to flutter open as she started to regain consciousness. A slight pain started to come to her consciousness as something continued to strike against her sole. Her eyes then fully opened, and she stared at what looked like a cage in front of her vision. She blinked her eyes a few times and saw a woman standing at the cage door, her hands griping the bars and she had long red hair. La Diabla also let out a grunt as that sensation on her foot continued to happen. When she felt it strike her toes, she let out a yelp. Now she was fully awake and was starting to understand her surroundings. She tried to move her arms and legs and even though there was movement she couldn’t move them completely. “W-where am I?” she moaned.

    Helga realized La Diabla was now awake and stopped striking that precious sole. She looked at the foot and could see the skin starting to turn a light pink. Holding the stick, she then made her way to where La Diabla’s head was and then stood right in front of her. She leaned down and put her face in her victim’s view. “Ah, so you are awake! Welcome back to the world of the conscious…hehe” she teased.

    “What the hell?! Where am I? Why can’t I move???” La Diabla shouted as she now kept trying to move her limbs. She realized she was hanging off the floor and she recognized her bonds. What really hit her like a ton of bricks was she now realized she was completely naked! “Why am I naked?? Get me down you bitch!” she hissed. She felt a wave of embarrassment as her nude body was available for all to see. She started to look around and notice that in the cages, all the women inside were staring at her. She felt completely humiliated.

    “You are naked because I want you naked. It really is that simple…hahaha” Helga taunted. She then reached her right hand forward and grabbed La Diabla’s cheeks and squeezed them together, so the lips formed a “fish mouth”. “You see, I plan to inflict a lot of torture on you. You will suffer like you never have before in your life. When I am done, you will submit to me. I will break you. I will break your body. I will break your mind. You will become sex slave, and be very, very obedient….” she warned.

    La Diabla felt pain in her cheeks as the strong Russian had a tight grip on her. She heard the words and anger filled her body. There was absolutely no way she was ever going to submit to this woman! Not after she kidnapped Cheyenne and sexually teased her, and now beat her down and stripped her naked. Then she felt the hand let go and after the pain subsided, she stared at Helga with fire in her eyes. “Do your worst bitch! I suggest you let me go or you will pay a huge price….” she warned.

    “hahahahaha, you are quite the funny one. You have nowhere to go. You are trapped in Helga’s world. Yes, breaking you will be a great accomplishment. The best part is my employer wants to see you broken. In fact, here she comes now….” Helga smiled.

    La Diabla’s emotions started to kick into high gear with anger and wanting revenge. Whoever this employer was, she was going to kill with great pleasure. Whoever this woman was, she was the one responsible for the kidnapping of Cheyenne. She now heard some footsteps in the distance, and they started to get louder. She tried to turn her head to the right, to see who was coming, but Helga then held her chin in place, forcing her to stare at the big Russian woman. Then the footsteps stopped near her. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a figure next to her and could tell it was a woman. The woman then stepped into view and La Diabla went white as a ghost! She could not believe it! Her eyes went wide in shock and her heart started to race. “YOU???!!!!! It was YOU?????!!!!!” she shouted as in her view was now, Priscilla Montenegro.

    “We meet again La Diabla!” Priscilla sneered as she made eye contact with the outlaw. A surge of excitement flowed through her as this was the biggest capture of her entire criminal career. She had captured many women before, and it was a sweet moment when she captured Cheyenne. But this current capture meant a lot to her. Not only was it a woman who was greatly feared throughout Mexico and in the Southwestern United States, but this same woman tormented her a short time ago. Memories of her being tied up herself and tortured by La Diabla was now going through her mind, so seeing that same woman tied up and completely naked brought her an immeasurable amount of joy. “So, this is where you were hiding huh?”

    La Diabla could sense the amount of joy in Priscilla’s voice, and it made her angry. She absolutely hated being captured and worst yet, it had to be THIS specific person. She determined she was NOT going to give this woman what she wanted, which was to break her. “I really suggest you let me go. You do not want to face my wrath. Let me go and let my friends go and you will live. If not, then you will pay a severe price…..” she said with a cool tone.

    “Hehehehe you are SO funny! Let you go? Are you kidding me? No my dear, it is YOU that is about to pay a severe price! I remember the last time we were together. You had ME tied up and completely helpless remember? You even got me naked in my own bedroom! You didn’t seem to care about releasing me, did you? In fact, you enjoyed having me completely trapped and helpless. You ate an apple in my face. You slapped me. You humiliated me and…..you tortured me.” Priscilla said, her voice and tone rising in anger. “Now, how did you torture me? Do you remember?”

    La Diabla’s mind went back to that fateful day, and she did in fact remember what she did. Now, her mind was already preparing for what Priscilla was going to do to her! She did not like the idea of her own body being touched by her. She started to try and pull and twist in her bonds and she snarled at Priscilla. “Don’t you dare touch me! I swear if you touch me I will…” she tried to say.

    “YOU WILL DO WHAT???!!!!” Priscilla yelled, interrupting the outlaw. She then got closer to La Diabla’s face, and she saw the defiance in it. “You will do NOTHING you bitch! Yeah, you do remember what you did to me. You remember because you know what I am about to do to you! Remember that day, when you had me tied up and helpless, what did I tell you? I told you that one day I was going to get you back. I was going to get you tied up. I was going to make you completely helpless. I was going to BREAK you. It was a promise, remember? I am going to break you in front of ALL THESE WOMEN!!” Priscilla shouted so that every single person in this cavern could hear.

    La Diabla looked around and could see that all women in the cages were in fact looking at this moment, including Cheyenne. She could see the look of concern in Cheyenne’s eyes, and it affected her. She felt some shame because she was supposed to rescue her and now, she was trapped and was going to be subjected to torture in front of her. She knew Darby was looking at her and was going to be tortured in front of her. This angered her, but also made her feel some humiliation. She was always strong in front of both women, now they were going to watch her suffer. Her eyes then went back to Priscilla and hatred grew. This was one woman that was going to pay the ultimate price if she gets free. She determined that no matter how bad her torture was going to be, she was not going to give that bitch the satisfaction of breaking her. “Your last chance. Release me, or you will pay the ultimate price….”

    Priscilla could only smile. “You stupid bitch….This is why I am going to enjoy breaking you. You are strong now, but when me and Helga are done with you, you will be a crying little girl. Now, what did you do to me that we are about to do to you? I think you….tickled….me? So let me ask you….La Diabla, are you ticklish? I know you are…hehehehe” she giggled then nodded towards Helga.

    Helga walked back to the La Diabla’s feet and started to lightly smack the sole of the right foot once again with her bamboo stick. The wood would smack across the heel, then into the arch, then the ball of the foot, then the bottom of the toes, only to repeat on the heel, then into the arch, then the ball of the foot, then the bottom of the toes. She smiled as she could hear La Diabla started to grunt in pain. She then started to increase the strokes by smacking the foot with a little firmer pressure and smiled when she saw the foot wiggling and the toes scrunching and opening again.

    La Diabla continued to grunt as she felt her foot getting smacked and it sent shocks of light pain through her body. She gritted her teeth after each strike and her foot was getting really sensitive. She did keep her eyes focused on a smiling Priscilla as she saw the blond woman enjoying her plight. Then a yelp of pain came out her mouth when the stick hit the bottom of her big toe.

    “Did that hurt? It sure sounded like it did. Haha Helga is VERY good at bastinado don’t you think? You know the bottoms of the feet are very sensitive on a woman’s body. You always act so tough, but you are still a woman. You will still respond to stimuli on your body. Oh, by the way, you sure do have one sexy body! Who would have thought that a dangerous outlaw would look amazing under her clothes? So sexy. You take care of your body. Now, I will exploit every single nerve in your body….” Priscilla smiled as she was savoring this moment. She then reached her hands forward and used her fingertips to slowly stroke down from the shackled wrists, down the forearms, into the elbow areas and across the biceps of La Diabla’s trapped arms. She saw the arms twitched and this amused her. “Looks like someone is going to be VERY ticklish…..”

    La Diabla grunted as she could feel that light touch on her arms. The sensation was not horrible, but she felt a chill going through her body, goosebumps formed and the small hairs on her arms were stiffened. That sensation was then replaced with the still repeated smacking on her right foot and with each strike, her foot felt more tender and more sensitive. Then the striking paused as she then felt the fingers get closer to her exposed armpits. She looked up at Priscilla and saw a wicked grin. The fingers were getting dangerously close to her armpits, and she could already feel the ticklish tremors growing inside her. “S-stop t-touching me bitch…” she stuttered out of her mouth as the fingers were now on the “outskirts” of her armpits.

    “Something wrong? Why La Diabla, you have goosebumps?? So the big, bad, mean, La Diabla has a responsive body to my touch! I hope you remember what I told you when you had me strapped up. I told you that I was going to…..TICKLE…you…” she laughed then moved the tips of her nails into the armpits and slowly dragged them across the delicate skin.

    La Diabla’s eyes popped wide open in ticklish fear as she felt those nails scraping across her very delicate skin. The sensation was very intense, and she shut her mouth immediately and tried to hold in the laughter. She just could not laugh because it would already put her in a bad position and didn’t want Priscilla to get her vulnerable already. She could feel those nails slowly getting towards the center of her pits and she was worried about what she would do if and when they got there. She knew she was very ticklish, but she just could not let Priscilla win.

    “Come on, let it out. I know you want to laugh. It is ok to admit you’re ticklish…” Priscilla teased as her nails were now on the center points in the armpits. She could see La Diabla’s body shaking in ticklish terror, and she knew the outlaw was doing her best not to laugh. She smiled as she saw La Diabla’s shut her eyes and clench her lips, but she could see the heaving chest and the body trembling. “Your skin is so soft! I know this must feel so terrible right now. My nails right there in the center of your armpits. I know it would drive me insane, so I know how you feel right now. But you can let out your laugh now. You know why? Because you are…………TICKLISH!!!!” Priscilla shouted with glee, then scraped her nails very rapidly over that armpit skin and she finally got the reaction she had been waiting for.

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOOOOOOOPPPPPPP!!!! STOP!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” La Diabla roared in laughter. The nails finally made her laugh as the sensations going through her body was way too much to hold in. Her armpits were always a weak spot for her as she discovered when Madam Olivia had her tied up. Back then, it was a feather that tickled her, but these nails were so much worse. Both armpits were being tickle assaulted and she just let out the laughter. Even though she was laughing hard, she was also very angry that this was happening to her.

    Priscilla was enjoying the laughter of La Diabla. This moment felt amazing to her. She never forgot how much she was tortured and since that moment, she dreamed of having La Diabla completely vulnerable where she could have her way with her. She would think about what it would be like to tickle torture this outlaw all over her naked body. Now, that dream has come true. Her moment to touch, tease and tickle this body was all hers. It was a surreal feeling. Priscilla planned to take her time torturing La Diabla and wanted to make sure she touched every inch of this woman’s body. What she had in store for La Diabla excited her and she had to calm herself and just enjoy the moment. “This really tickles doesn’t it? You want me to stop?” she teased.

    La Diabla continued to laugh as she felt those fingernails stroking the center of her armpits. She was frustrated because she could not close her arms to protect that sensitive skin. She was really getting upset as she was totally helpless. She couldn’t defend herself and that look of happiness on Priscilla’s face really got her upset. She wanted to tear that smile right off her face, then shove it down her throat. La Diabla absolutely hated being embarrassed and the fact she was laughing uncontrollably really got to her. “HAHAHAHAHA STOP TICKLING ME YOU HAHAHAHAHAHA BITCH!!!!!” she screamed out.

    Priscilla laughed as she heard the insult and then stopped her tickling. She clasped her hands together and placed her hands under her chin. “Aww……someone doesn’t like to be tickled! Well, I do understand that feeling. After all, that’s what you did to me remember? I do remember what you told me. You said that you love to tickle helpless women. You even lied and said you weren’t ticklish. But you are, you really are quite ticklish. But, I am going to be nice right now and stop tickling you. However, my associate Helga wants to beat your feet. So enjoy that. Maybe you will change your mind and beg me to tickle you….” she smiled. She then looked up at Helga and nodded her head. “Go ahead, work her feet over….”

    “Thank you, I will enjoy this. She won’t though…..” Helga smiled. She then twirled the bamboo stick in her hand and stared at that same right foot she worked over just moments earlier. She stared at the light pink sole and could tell it was getting tenderized. She wanted to punish this woman and she then did a quick hard strike on the sole, the stick coming into contact across the ball of the foot. She heard a whimper of pain coming out and she saw the foot twitching in pain. An evil grin formed on her face and she rested the stick on the ball of the foot again. Then, she lifted it and then did a quick smack once again.

    La Diabla winced in pain as she felt that stick striking her foot. The pain was getting worse and that strike against the ball of her foot really hurt her. She understood she was about to experience bastinado as she would use the same method a few times, especially to Francine. She had to focus on not giving in to the pain as she did not want to show weakness to Priscilla. Then she let out a small yelp then that stick now started to strike her sole with some soft force repeatedly. La Diabla’s eyes then popped open as she felt her foot getting grabbed by a hand and now her foot was held completely in place. She tried to wiggle her foot, but it did not budge. The strength of Helga’s hand was very apparent, and she braced herself as the stick continued to smack the ball of her foot in rapid strikes. With the same spot on the ball of her foot getting hit, the pain really started to surge. She shut her eyes and began to focus on other things to get away from the pain.

    Cheyenne was looking down from her cage and she could see her friend shackled in a very uncomfortable position and completely naked. She saw Priscilla come into the cavern and she knew that La Diabla was in danger. She remembered the night where she saw Priscilla getting tickled tortured by La Diabla and she did greatly enjoy watching that. To see a woman who was always hurting her emotionally and mentally was suffering under the tickling fingers of an outlaw. She then remembered how later on, she heard La Diabla coming down hard onto the ground, trying to escape from the 2nd floor window of the house as Julio Montenegro came storming into the house. Cheyenne started to remember when she found La Diabla on the ground aching in pain because of her ankle. She helped the woman up and led her to her room that she stayed in. She recalled working on her ankle and foot with her Native American healing technique which did work, but there was a fun side effect. La Diabla was very ticklish and she did enjoy listening and watching her laugh. It actually started to create a bond with her and the outlaw and the next day, she was told that she was going home. Emotions started to flow through Cheyenne as she remembered how La Diabla managed to get her back to her home, back to her friends and family. The outlaw saved her life essentially and now, she was watching that same person get tortured by the women who have tormented her in this cavern. A tear fell from her left eye as she saw the striking of that stick on the bottom of that helpless foot. She heard the grunts of pain coming from her friend. She also heard La Diabla laughing hysterically a little earlier as Priscilla tickled her. She truly felt for her friend. Cheyenne felt so helpless as there was nothing she could do to help her.

    Priscilla sat back and watched La Diabla’s face wincing in pain with each strike on the bottom of the foot. She could tell the pain was getting to her and she felt an excitement coming from her body. She was truly enjoying this moment. She knew that once the bastinado was done, the feet of La Diabla were going to be really responsive to touch. She thought about how much fun it was going to be when she got to touch those same feet. Ever since her own tickle torture happened, she thought about how it would feel to tickle La Diabla’s feet. Priscilla felt her arousal starting to rise as she listened to the small yelps of pain coming from her prisoner. “That is starting to hurt, isn’t it? I mean if the bottoms of my feet were getting smacked with that stick, I would be screaming in pain already! It is ok to cry La Diabla, it really is. You may act tough, but I know you are really this weak woman who experiences pain and torment just like everyone else. I will help you find that weak little girl that is within you. I want to see you cry…..” she taunted.

    La Diabla opened her eyes when she heard Priscilla taunted her and she felt a rage in her body. The pain on her right foot was bothering her, but her rage was now growing. That woman wanted to see her break. That woman wanted to make her bend to her will. “Go *ow* to *ow* HELL *ow ow ow*!!” she cried out.

    Priscilla shook her head and chuckled a little. “You say that now, but I PROMISE you, by the time I am done with you, you will be kissing my feet and becoming my bitch! Helga, you can stop now. Can you show her what your strikes have done?” she requested with a wicked smile.

    “With pleasure….” Helga smiled. She then held the bamboo stick in her left hand and she looked down at that sole. The skin color was now a light pink with a more deep shade of pink on the ball of the foot where she really focused the bastinado on. She knew that this was only the beginning and she planned to turn that foot skin a deep pink. Bastinado was something she truly enjoyed dishing out. She then took her right hand and hovered it above that pink skin and using her fingertips, she stroked that skin with a very feathery type of touch. The foot jerked immediately. She grinned after watching that reaction and then stroked the foot again and once again, same reaction. She would continue the cat and mouse game by chasing after the wiggling foot, touching the sensitive skin and enjoying what she knew was a very ticklish reaction.

    La Diabla started to grunt as she felt the fingers touching her foot. What now started to frighten her was that the foot was very sensitive. Her feet were always responsive to touch as she was quite ticklish, but now the feelings felt 5 times worse! Her eyes were bugged out as she was trying her best to not laugh even though it tickled her immensely. The look on Priscilla’s face really started to piss her off as she had this huge grin on her face. She did not want to give Priscilla the satisfaction. No matter how much it tickled, she had to stay strong. But a giggle slipped out as the fingers just kept touching her foot.

    “I bet it tickles right? The way your body is trembling and….” Priscilla started then looked up to get a better view of the foot touching happening. “……the way your foot is wiggling like crazy, it must REALLY tickle. I know it would tickle me. I know you know that because when you tickled my foot, it was absolute torture. You see La Diabla, I am truly going to enjoy making you my tickle bitch! Now it is my turn to have some fun….” she grinned.

    La Diabla saw Priscilla get near her body and on slightly to her right side. She could see Priscilla staring at her right armpit and she just knew this was not going to be good. She saw Priscilla lift her right hand and crooked her right index finger and wriggled it. She started to reflexively hold her breath as she saw the finger headed towards her armpit. She tried to move her arm but being in this position, she really couldn’t protect herself. The finger got closer and closer to her skin, and she started to grit her teeth. “Don’t…….you……..dare……touch….mmmeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” she exploded in laughter as the finger started to scratch along her armpit. The sensation was intense as the fingernail was being used to scrape along the skin.

    Priscilla chuckled as she heard the explosive laughter and she continued to scratch her finger in the armpit. She took her finger and then made a circle around the outside edge of the pit in a clockwise manner, and she truly enjoyed listening to the laughter coming from her victim. Her eyes focused on the path of her finger where it started at the top of the pit which connected to arm, then went down the outside edge and got closer to the face then stroked downwards towards where the side of the body was, then started to go back up towards the outside edge of the pit and then finally circled back to the top of the pit and made its path once again. “This must really tickle you…..” she teased.

    La Diabla continued to feel the sensation in your armpit area, and it was driving her crazy. She couldn’t hold in the laughter as her armpit was definitely one of the most sensitive spots on her body. It also didn’t help that Helga was still softly stroking her foot. Her anger was still there as she did not like being made to feel helpless. This is what she did to women, not for her to endure it. Her eyes shut tight, and she tried to focus on something else and ignore the tickling on her armpit. She even tried to close her mouth so she wouldn’t laugh but that blasted nail kept tickling her sensitive skin. She opened her eyes and saw Priscilla staring right back at her. La Diabla felt the anger burning in her as Priscilla had a smug look on her face. She really wished she could get Priscilla back in this position so she could finish the job. Her torture session was interrupted by her husband, and it nearly cost her own life. She did get to meet Cheyenne, but right now she wanted to inflict torture on Priscilla. Her laughter came out despite her anger, as the nail continued its cruel circle around the edges of her armpit.

    “Wow, who would have ever thought that the dangerous La Diabla is such a ticklish little girl! Hahaha I am so proud of myself. I just KNEW you were so ticklish. I like your armpit by the way. So soft, so delicate. I bet this is just driving you absolutely crazy! Remember when you tormented me? I sure do. I think….I think I am going to keep tickling you until you die…hehehehe” Priscilla laughed. She was truly enjoying her position of power at this moment. Her nail then started to come a little closer and now was making a circle within the outer edges of the armpit. Just like the rings in a tree trunk, she intended to make sure she covers every single square inch of that ticklish armpit. “What I really like about tickling this armpit, is that for such an evil bitch, you sure do have soft skin! You are such a delicate woman after all. I can’t wait to explore your creamy center..” she teased.

    La Diabla continued to laugh, then she tried to close her mouth to stop laughing, only to let giggles slip out. She could feel that nail still tracing and stroking along her skin, and it was absolutely maddening to her. She started to shake her head, and even tried to move her head to her armpit area to try and block the nail, but she couldn’t reach. She let out a loud groan as the nail started further into the hollow of her pit. The skin was very sensitive there and she would let out a laugh, then she once again tried to muffle her laughter. This was wearing her out, but she had to keep fighting it. Then she let out a scream, “WHAT THE HELL????!!!” when she felt something touching her naked ass.

    Helga made her way to La Diabla’s right hand side and reached her right hand down and placed it on La Diabla naked ass. She loved the shape of the ass and this was her way of making La Diabla aware just how vulnerable she truly was. She then started to squeeze the right cheek and admired how firm it was. “She has a very nice ass. Very soft, yet very firm…” Helga told Priscilla.

    “Oh yeah? Yeah, she is full of surprises. Her outside is definitely better than her inside. I will admit she has a tremendous looking body, but the inside of her? Such a rude bitch…hahaha” Priscilla laughed as she still kept her nail on the armpit. She then reached her left hand forward and grabbed La Diabla’s chin and turned her head to the right to face her. “Isn’t that right? You’re such a rude bitch…” Priscilla taunted with a smile on her face.

    La Diabla kept laughing as her armpit was being tickled, but her eyes were that of pure rage. Seeing that woman smiling at her and insulting her only fueled her fire. Then she felt Helga’s hand squeezing her ass again and she absolutely hated it. These two women were taking advantage of her and there was nothing she could do. Then the tickling stopped in her armpit and her rear end wasn’t being touched. She took this moment to catch her breath and then once again she heard Priscilla’s voice.

    “I am really loving the fact I am tickling you. I mean, listening to you laugh just warms my heart. But, I have to apologize. I have been taking it way too easy on you! You expected a more horrific torture, and I am just lightly tickling your armpit. You will have to excuse my lack of intensity because I am savoring the moment. But I am going to make up for that. Now, let’s REALLY tickle you!” Priscilla exclaimed as she took her four fingers of her right hand and let her nails “claw” down from the top of the armpit and slowly traced right through the hollow all the way to the bottom of the pit and a smile formed on her face.

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA STOP!!! STOP FUCKING HAHAHAHAHAHAHA TICKLING MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” La Diabla shrieked as those nails pressed into her skin and really made the ticklish feelings a lot more intense. Her body started to writhe in the bonds, and she felt more helpless as the clawing kept going. She really wanted to fight it, but this was a brutal assault on her armpit, and it just overwhelmed her. Those evil nails kept titillating her skin and she just laughed very hard.

    Darby could hear La Diabla screaming in maniacal laughter, and she was completely stunned. Throughout her history with La Diabla, she never saw her vulnerable. She never knew how ticklish she was. She remembered when Bobbi Jo told her that La Diabla was indeed ticklish, but she never knew just how bad. This was completely surreal to her as she watched a woman known for being so deadly, being so dangerous, now screaming in hysterical laughter. Darby remembered her own tickle torture from that woman, and she could feel the ticklishness in her body. Her eyes stared at La Diabla and seeing the ticklish agony on her face was completely new to her. She started to feel bad for her as the screams were getting louder. She could see Priscilla’s hands tickling away in the armpit and knew La Diabla must be going through hell. “Come on Salem….hang in there…” she thought to herself

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    UP NEXT: La Diabla continues to endure her torture!

    So, how did you like this part? Did you enjoy the reunion? La Diabla is about to go through a severe torture. The question is, will she break? Or will she prevail to save her friends? Stay tuned for part 6!!
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    Awesome! Was rooting for La Diabla to win that fight lol but I hope Helga has something coming

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    Just wondering how they all are going to escape now! Hehe

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    Thanks for the comments fellas! This is just the beginning of La Diabla's plight. Makes you wonder if she will escape. You know she has revenge in mind....
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