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    Solletico Tickling: double version of a new tickle posing theme

    Dear all,

    I recorded two new videos about the same theme, a tickle posing theme in which the tickleee (again the italian bodybuilder Claudia Partenza) has to stay in an official contest pose while she is being tickled.
    In the first version camera is static (I haven't yet some other one as a cameraman) and, unlucklily, because the shortage of room a bed is covering her feet (so I did't tickle them).
    In the second version I keep the camera in one hand and use the other hand to tickle Claudia (the so called tickler point-of-view): so I'm able to move around Claudia and tickle in more spots, including feet; moreover, the shots are very close to Claudia and change between the tickled body part and the facial reactions of Claudia.
    I wanted to let you know that because only the static video is already dowloadable and maybe, between who is interested in purchasing a video with that theme, someone would like to choose only one version, then wait for the POV version to be able to choose.

    The first version is already available at https://genuinetickling.com/produit/...ng-side-chest/

    The second version will be available to download within some days.

    As soon as possible, after the uploading of the second version, I will post in this forum some preview (unluckily, I have other job engagements during these days, so I don't have much time); anyway, previews are always available at https://genuinetickling.com/categori...tico-tickling/ after each uploading.

    Thanks to all of you
    Have a nice day

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    Apr 2005
    i love see big tough lady get tickled silly .

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