Again hello!

A tickler's point-of-view version of the same theme I told about in the previous post at

Claudia continues to exercise the side chest pose. This time the camera records the video from the point of view of the tickler. Changing between the tickled body part and the facial reactions of Claudia, this video takes a very near close up of our body builder. The tickler goes from upper body to the feet, tickling them causes a very loud laughter you can hear.

The tickler starts with some tickling behind her, feet, knees and butt cheeks. Next he goes to the front, again tickling her feet. After that, he goes up along her body, getting to her tummy and her hips; every time the camera shows the laughing face of Claudia too. There are also some interesting close up of her breast! At the end she said “Sopravvissuta!” (italian for “I survived!”). Enjoy!

Check also if you want choose only one version (or nothing ^_^)

Also this video is short; next videos (when I'll be able to play again) will be longer.

See you!