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    May 2019
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    Jaylene Cherie ("Femme Forth")

    Hey, everyone ...

    So, today I found something about Jaylene Cherie. She's a sexuality activist and has a YouTube channel. She did a video about tickling in the end of 2021:


    Also, she did a video on her Instagram and said something about her ticklishness. Two times between 01:10 and 01:45: instagram.com/p/CYKDMh_pRp_/


    Here's her Instagram page: instagram.com/femmeforth/

    Her official site: femmeforth.com/

    Here's a video in which she shows her feet a lot: instagram.com/p/CRrTrd5DwDe/

    Man, she has the feet of a goddess. Her feet border on perfection ...

    Here's a link to download the video of her Instagram about tickling: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4aebm...Forth.mp4/file

    And here's the video of her feet: https://www.mediafire.com/file/uigz9...+(02).mp4/file
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    Tickling 'til death the ticklish girls since 1999...

    "The best thing in the world: tickle 'til death a beautiful girl.
    The second best thing in the world: be tickled to tears by a beautiful girl. And, after that, have a great revenge tickling her until she pees her pants ..."

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    Great clips! Thanks for the links.
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