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Thread: The swingers

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    The swingers

    Hello again!

    Have one more Iíll share today. Itís not really a tickle per se, so I will make it brief. Itís about a declined opportunity and what would you have done in my place?

    This happened about 3 years ago, right before COVID. Thereís a couple we hang out with that we adore. Probably two of our favorite people on the planet. They wonít admit this to us, but itís pretty clear theyíre swingers, and they would love to swing with us.

    Neither I nor my wife are into that, so although the girls have kissed in front of me and my buddy, and theyíve rolled around on the floor (see previous story) it never got beyond that.

    I was at work, and my wife and that couple were at happy hour. I got a text from my buddyís wife (Iíll call her Liz) that my buddy had to leave happy hour and could I come to hang out and drive them home after. I agreed and got to the club around 6pm.

    Both girls were wasted, drinking big pours of tequila. My wife was completely out of it, and Liz was absolutely begging me to take them back to their house for some naked hot-tubbing.

    After some drunken drama, I managed to get both girls in the car and Iím driving back to drop Liz off home. My wife was laying down in the back seat, passed out. I got to their driveway, and Liz was begging me to bring my wife inside with us, and also trying to wake my wife up to get her to go inside.

    I really just wanted to get my wife in home and safe in bed, so I declined. Liz reached into the back seat, grabbed one of my passed-out wifeís feet, pulled off her flip flop, held her ankle on her lap and stared at me, smiling.

    Here I was, in their driveway, Liz waiting for me to tell her what I wanted her to do with my wifeís foot, me knowing that absolutely nothing would be off-limits. My wife is ticklish enough that even in her passed-out state, sheíd still react but would remember nothing. All my wildest dreams could come true. I could instruct Liz how to tickle my wifeís feet. She would lickle if I wanted, no doubt. Then after all this resulting in a raging hard-on, Iím certain that Liz would have taken care of that as well.

    ďIím sorry, Liz, I gotta get her home.Ē

    Liz smiled sadly and dropped my wifeís foot, kissed me goodbye and went inside. The next day both girls were really hungover, and my wife had no memory of leaving the club or anything after.

    I hope I get a special star when I die, cause that would have been something to remember forever.

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    I believe that you did the right thing. Not good to take advantage of somebody who's drunk, even your own spouse.
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    Great story, so question, does Liz know your wife is ticklish, and that you're into tickling? I mean is that why she held your wife's bare foot and offered it to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Creosote View Post
    Great story, so question, does Liz know your wife is ticklish, and that you're into tickling? I mean is that why she held your wife's bare foot and offered it to you?
    Yes and yes. And she didnít offer it to me, she was going to do it herself!

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    Wait, Is Liz the blonde bartender in that dive bar who in a previous story who you told about the inversion bar prank you had planned for your wife?

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    Good catch, but no. Two different Lizs.

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    That's some tough temptation buddy! But glad you took the gentleman's way out thanks for sharing
    tickle prince the name and tickling the game! and what a fun game it is!

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    Jul 2004
    What a great scenario! I would have had Liz give a really good tickling to my Gf's feet.
    39 Male Ler

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    Jul 2005
    GR, Michigan
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    Consent! Consent! And consent! You did the right thing! Liz wasn’t in the right state of mind, and you mentioned your wife “wasn’t into that” in addition to being passed out.

    On a side note: “swingers” is a very specific term. They might be...something else.
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    Kudos on taking the moral high ground, sir! Good man.

    Cheers, everybody,

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