Rain had started dripping from the treetops in a forest in the Mushroom Kingdom. Underneath, a pair of red high heels was splashing over the damp ground.
Princess Peach was regretting going on such a long walk on her own. She could tell the rain was going to get heavier before she could find shelter. Noticing a light ahead, she saw an old house in the distance and took off toward it. It became harder and harder to run in her heels but she eventually made it through the front doors.
“Hello?” she called, looking around the gloomy place. Looking down at her mud-caked shoes, Peach slipped them off and left them by the door.
“It’ll be nice to let my feet out for a break anyway,” she said, scrunching her toes into the carpet. The carpet tickled Peach’s soles slightly as she walked, but she didn’t mind. Peach opened a door and stepped through into the bathroom. She looked down at her feet again and got an idea. They were still pretty sore and a bit cold from running though the rain, so she tested the hot water and filled the bottom of the bathtub. Then she sat on the side, hitched up her dress and lowered her feet in.
“Ooh – aaah…” she sighed as she soaked in her feet in the steaming water. Peach was so relaxed she didn’t feel the thing touch her foot at first, but she gave a gasp as she felt something brush over her sole. She looked down into the tub in shock but there was nothing in the clear water. She was wondering if she’d imagined it when she felt it again on her other foot. Then it started on both feet, traveling up her soles and going between her toes as she started to flex them.
“S-s-s-what-the-?” Peach started to titter, and tried to pull her feet away. But the water seemed to hold her feet in place. She could flail them around and wiggle her toes, but not lift her feet above the surface of the water.
“No… stop… please… help!” Peach giggled, throwing her head from side to side and pulling futilely at her feet. The ticklish assault hit every part of her soft feet simultaneously, flowing over her soles to her toes to her insteps to around her ankles and then down over her heels to start the process all over again. Little smaller currents flowed over Peach’s feet from random directions as well, so she could never even prepare for the next little tickling sensation. She gave up trying to escape and just gripped the bathtub and let her laughter ring out in full force. It filled the small room as she tried to endure the assault on her poor feet.
Peach was eventually freed just because the water let her feet go all of a sudden, causing her to flip over onto the floor. She didn’t stop to question it, instead scrambling out the door as fast as she could with her slippery feet.
“What was that?!” she panted as she climbed to her feet. She quickly walked away from the bathroom, leaving a trail of wet footprints on the floor. Her feet had become sensitized by the bath, making her toes twitch even more as she walked on the carpet – and she didn’t think it felt fun anymore. She immediately decided to leave, rain or not. Except, where was the front door? She was sure she hadn’t gone far from it.
“This is getting weirder and weirder,” she said. “I need to watch my step…” at that moment her bare heel pressed a switch hidden in the floor and a piece of wall span around, trapping her on the other side. She was now in a dark stone corridor and she could find no way to spin the portal again. Peach shivered as she stepped into the cold, hard floor… but at least it didn’t tickle to walk on. She made her way down the corridor with only the pit-pat of her bare feet for company. Peach made out a shape up ahead and it suddenly became clear who was responsible for all this. The Boo let out its signature cackle and lunged at Peach, who ducked out of the way at last minute. A second Boo floated though the wall and they began chasing Peach down the corridor until her foot went through a false floor. She screamed as she nearly fell into a black pit, but her foot got caught on the ledge and she was able to hook her other foot on to mostly stabilize herself. She watched her crown fall into the darkness. The two Boos looked at Peach’s exposed, upturned soles and grinned at each other. The floated down to her feet and began to poke at them with their little arms.
“He-hey!” Peach giggled. “S-stop! P-please! I… I’m gonna… faaaall!” Peach plummeted downwards, but the Boos swooped down and grabbed her ankles. As they lifted her back up, two more Boos appeared and took hold of her arms. They flipped her over and began carrying her spread-eagled through the air. They took her to a large room where a fifth Boo appeared: King Boo. He drifted over to Peach with an even nastier grin than the others… and popped her crown back on her head.
“Oh,” said Peach, “…thanks?” The other Boos spun her around so that her feet were in front of the king, who eyed them as his tongue slid out of his mouth.
“Oh no,” Peach said, scrunching her toes in panic. “You’re not really going to – EEK!” King Boo started licking her soles, dragging his huge tongue up her heels, pressing it into her arches, sliding it around the balls of her feet and then playing with her toes, pushing it between them as she frantically wiggled them.
“Oh no! No-ho-ho!” Peach screamed as tears rolled down her cheeks. She was subjected to the same process again and again, King Boo seeming to take longer each time, until he apparently got bore with licking and began to nibble on Peach’s feet with his fangs. Peach nearly exploded, fresh laughter whooping out of her mouth. She threw her head back and laughed harder and more hysterically than she ever had in her life. Until…
“Princess?” All eyes turned to the door, where the Mario Brothers were standing in confusion. King Boo turned red, looking around awkwardly, and vanished. Then the whole house began to disappear. Peach dropped down onto the ground, mud splattering her dress, gloves and course, her bare feet.
“Can we go now?” she smiled weakly as Mario and Luigi helped her up. “By the way… have either of you seen my shoes?”
In some other, unknown location, King Boo chuckled as he held up Peach’s high heels like a trophy.