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    The Governor (F/f foot tickling/ sexual)

    This is based on a character in the show "Wentworth". An amazingly done story with her. Very worth checking out. Top 5 shows I've ever seen.

    Also just posted the audio to my Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1UIRv6ztMA

    Anyway, on with the story! Hope you like it!

    Dear Jake,

    When I was brought to the prison I thought I might be killed, hurt, maimed. Who knew? But not tortured. Not like how I was by the Governor of the prison, Joan Ferguson. These days and nights have been the most torturous, craziest and yet sexiest time of my life. Why did I steal? I should have never gone into the basement with her. And yet I crave it now from her. I want to go back again and again.

    She was dressed in a uniform. Black, and shiny metal pins and lapels. Hair tied back in a tight bun. And those heels she wore… I was immediately attracted to her. Those eyes… that voice…I loved watching her talk to the guards and prisoners. And yet I was terrified. She was no joke. A woman not to be fucked with. And here I was, fucked up by my own existence. I was pretty, 27, long blonde hair… I knew for some time I could be a target. But never from a woman before. Especially like her.

    The Governor began by enticing me with a special favor… talking to you on the phone. But I didn’t accept it. I knew there was a catch. After I knew it hadn’t mattered one way or the other. The first night I was forced to go to the basement she told me to get into something called the stocks. “I order you to get in before my guards put you there”. Her dark voice was illicitly charming. I got into the contraption with little hesitation. She pulled down the wooden frame over my ankles. I had never been more scared.

    “Take off her shoes and socks,” She commanded. A male guard hurriedly walked over and did as told. “Bring over the chair.” Again he did as he was told and lifted it over. He set it right in front of the stocks. My bare feet now standing in holes far away from each other, completely helpless. My toes were then restrained one by one back to the wooden board by another guard. And my arms lifted and chained to the ceiling. Suddenly they vanished. Gone with a hurry, suddenly it was just me and her.

    “Well Julia it’s time we get to know one another. And the way I’m going to do that is through torture if you don’t tell me what I want to know.”

    I stammered in terror. “W-whatever y-you want Governor. Please just let me go and I’ll tell you anything you want to know!!”

    “Good… VERY good. Tell me then… are you ticklish?”

    It took me a minute but I realized what she meant soon enough. I can’t tell her THAT!! Oh no…
    I thought to myself in horror.

    “NO!” I exclaimed a little too loudly.

    “I think you’re lying to me. I told you to tell me EVERYTHING I wanted to know.” In a darker voice she whispered “Liar… Well.. tonight you belong to me.” Suddenly she put on leather gloves, one by one on her hands slowly. Then brought out a long, black feather from her inside pocket. She lowered it down slowly and towards my right sole. I braced myself hard, but felt so vulnerable. I am insanely ticklish. But I’ve never had a feather tickle me. “Maybe it won’t be that bad.” I thought to myself. After all, it’s a feather!

    All of a sudden the feather stroked up my arch. All the way to my toes. It was a lightning touch that made me jump and let out a giggle. She grinned wickedly. Her gloved hand guided the feather back down my bare sole and wiggled it all the way back up. The shock of having something move like that made me fully laugh. I WAS TICKLISH TO A FEATHER AFTER ALL NOW OH NO!!!

    “No no please no more!!” I begged with all of my might. PLEASE GOVERNOR ALRIGHT I'M TICKLISH!!”

    “Good girl.” Her voice, amused and sadistic all at once. She pulled the feather back and just stared at me for a while. It felt like forever having her cold eyes on me. And then looking back at my feet she began again wiggling the feather up my arch. This time on my left foot. I jumped again and immediately fell to pieces giggling. As she stroked each toe my laughter grew in volume. Then all the way down to heel and back up again wiggling that damn feather! But then I saw another horrific sight. She pulled out another feather from her uniform. This time she quickly placed her feather across the plushy part underneath my toes. Oh god did it tickle!! I lost it then and just started to laugh so loud. I even began to scream louder for help. She only laughed and continued on her torture of my soles. My laughter bouncing off the cold walls.

    But then out of the blue she stood up. From the top of a boiler she grabbed some scissors and cut away my prison uniform. I shook with fear the more clothes I lost to the floor.

    When I was completely naked, she leaned over me, eyeing my tanned body. My hands had been previously chained to the ceiling as well. And I had little movement on my upper body. I had been stretched tight.

    It was then she used one of her feathers to begin tickling me between my legs. I laughed maniacally!! And yet it began to feel so good. Her gloved hand moved the feather over the lips up and down. Then settled on my clit. I started to shake as I laughed on and on. Her tickling of my pussy was unreal. Then she called on her female guards who apparently were waiting on the other side of the door. “Take one of my feathers and tickle her feet. No matter how loud she gets, don’t stop.” She handed her the feather and immediately she sat down on the chair and began to feather my feet. The Governor continued tickling at my clit. I couldn’t believe it but I started getting very wet. This was turning me on! Worse than pain the tickle torture drove me crazy. Before I knew it I was getting closer and closer to cumming. I couldn’t let that happen. I didn’t want her to know I was enjoying this. And yet I was. I was afraid if I showed her I wanted to cum to her tickling feather she could possibly do this to me over and over again. Or worse. But the feather tickling my feet and pussy was beyond anything I could have imagined.

    “P-please hahahaha don’t make me cum to thissss HAHAHAHAH!! Oh NO PLEASE!! NOT THAT HAHAHAHA!!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!! I WON”T GIVE IN!!”

    The Governor then took off one of her gloves. And with one finger she began to rub and tickle my clit with it. Oh she was wicked. And the feathers were so vicious across my soles. I was sweating as I got closer and closer. She continued to smile at me as I came hard against my will. And it was the best orgasm of my life. I flowed cum all over the seat I was on.

    I was then taken off the chair and sent back to my cell after a shower. But not before she told me “Remember who I am to you now. I’m not only your Governor, I’m your reason for living. Or continuing to live. I wouldn’t say anything to your Boyfriend. Or else it will be tough in here for you… I can assure you. See you tomorrow night Julia…” She touched my face with her still gloved left hand and ran it down with a grin.” She walked away, heels clicking across the basement forever back to wherever she was going.

    Back in my cell I thought all night about what happened. Into the next morning not having slept I was practically giddy. I had never felt so good. Or been so afraid. And then I saw her again in the cafeteria. She didn’t look at me the entire time until I caught a glance from her and a smile only through her eyes. They glinted. I knew then I was in more trouble than I wanted. Except my body was betraying me. I was horny for her.

    I knew there was nothing I could do. I was doing time for 2 years. And now I was in the crosshairs of a Sadist. When I was in my cell it was only later I realized a camera had been installed to watch me. I knew then I was in VERY BIG TROUBLE.

    And then night fell again. And I was woken rudely by the guard on duty to be told I was wanted by the Governor. I followed the guard with absolute terror and desire in my heart. What could she have planned for me this time?

    Jake… don’t wait for me. I will write when I can. You were good to me, but now I am a slave to her. I’m trapped. And there’s no way out. Not for 2, long years. Good luck to you.


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    Just discovered this! Absolutely wonderful.

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