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    Jun 2021

    Tickle Torture Stories/scenarios

    Hello. Looking for anyone interested in writing tickling torture scenarios or stories about my desired lees. Anyone interested pm me.


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    Oct 2002
    Left hogtied on living room sofa front door left unlocked and negligibly open to a feasible curious about what causes the frequently, heard hysteria from the inside of the modest home at the end of the block.
    Hello my name is Deedra I am a mature ebony woman with large umm sensitive feet. I'm getting the giggles as I write. I was looking for tickli= stories and found this I'm interested in writing stories I have some experience and don't mind sharing

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    Mar 2020
    Hello there, Im interested too. Please write me pm

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    Hello, I write and you can follow my celeb stories on my page including “the taking of zendaya” as one of my most viewed stories, nearly 25k viewed but message me if interested can write a story for free

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