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    HELL WEEK YEARBOOK #2 (Tarr2k & Churin) New Release! 5/05/22

    HELL WEEK YEARBOOK #2 (Novella)
    Story by Tarr2k
    Cover Illustration by Churin

    I saw you there... tightly bound on that bed in the midst of hellish tickling... and all I could think, on a loop, was the same thing. 'Why can't that be me?"

    The tale of hot sorority girls being tickled to hysteria continues! Twenty sexy Sigma girls were sold into tickle slavery they couldn't endure, and all thanks to Roxi! But her victory over the Sigmas doesn't end her involuntary career as a tickle model, and after custom elaborate fantasies push her past her limits, Roxi will resort to anything to escape her contract!

    Also the events of the auction make Diane realize that she never stopped being in love with her best friend. How will she cope as she watches a parade of beautiful Sigmas going to him for hot sex and even hotter tickles? Will she be tempted to submit to sexy tickles herself?


    -Roxi faces her greatest fear as she is forced to endure her worst foot tickling since Hell Week!

    -See FOUR Sigma girls each have a glorious session of erotic tickles

    -See slave Lauren tickled beyond her limits thanks to Roxi's Halloween prank!

    -Discover what happened to Star the night she was sold as a tickle slave for a quarter million dollars!

    -Margot punishes Eva for her Hell Week prank with a night of unendurable tickling torture. So Eva gathers five of Margot's victims to finally even the score!

    -And secrets are revealed as we discover the father of one of our girls works for the White-Suited Man, the mysterious criminal mastermind not above unleashing horrible foot-tickling on the soles of his gorgeous minions.


    Over 106,000 words!
    Written by Tarr2k
    Cover Illustration by Churin!
    Armpits, bellybutton, breasts, ribs, and barefoot tickling!
    Bondage tickling!
    Gang tickling!
    Highly erotic tickling!
    F/F and M/F tickling!
    Direct Digital Download (PDF format)

    Product and Ordering Information

    Save $ off of the following publications!

    HELL WEEK #1
    HELL WEEK #2
    HELL WEEK #3


    This offer is good until 05/31/22
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