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    The Deputy and The Outlaw: Justice Part 12 (F/F) The Finale!!

    Ok fans, here we are. The final chapter of this particular storyline of my Deputy’s Universe. Hard to believe that after 4 “lead up series”, a large series in Reunited and finally in Justice, we are at the end. We started with Cheynne and her best friend learning a reflexology technique, to this moment. I seriously cannot thank all of you enough for following this series and these characters. I truly enjoyed writing this tale as I wanted to do something different on this forum. I wanted to bring a “movie like” story where you would fall in love with the characters and the story and the best thing is that tickling is involved in this world. Rather than a tickle scene and trying to write a scenario for it, this is a large story with unique personalities and situations and tickling is part of it. Like MCU movies that I reference as my motivation. You love the characters and the movies and for us, the “action scenes” are the tickling scenes. I hope this formula worked for you. Now, before I present the final chapter, I wanted to ask you to vote in the poll I included. Who are your favorite characters? You can vote for more than one! I have included the “Main” characters, but also the “smaller role” characters such as Svetlana, Melissa, etc. I want to see what people think. For this final chapter, I brought someone back that a good portion of you wanted to see again. Like I mentioned before, I had a plan for everything and I appreciate your patience. Now, please enjoy the final chapter of The Deputy & The Outlaw: Justice

    PART 12

    Helga sat back on the cot in her cell, her back against the wall and took a deep breath. She had been in this cell for a few days, and she was not happy. The cell she was in was reinforced with steel as she was a very strong human being. This cell was made for the most dangerous criminals, and even the mentally insane. It was a padded room and was also outfitted as a soundproof room. She wasn’t at the Sheriff’s station; she was in this special cell at a building next to the Santa Selena hospital. This separate building was normally for any mental patients who were a danger to themselves, but because she was a high value prisoner and dangerous, she was moved to this cell so she could recover from her “injuries”. She didn’t care, she was feeling grateful as she survived that cream being rubbed on her toes and on her private area. That feeling she endured was the most horrific thing she ever had in her entire life. That itching was horrific and now she understood how her victims felt. She was angry that she was defeated by Darby and La Diabla, but she accepted it. She was beaten and now she was going to be inside an American prison for a very long time. Helga’s mind remembered the moment the deputies that came into the room where she was tied down, and near naked as she was screaming for help when that cream was it its peak. The confused look on their eyes horrified her and through her screams, she managed to tell them to get her some aloe cream. They looked at her like she was crazy and when they got a doctor there to figure out what happened, she told him to get an aloe cream to help her. It took 5 hours for them to finally figure out what she was talking about and once that salve was applied to her toes and to her pussy, that sense of relief was the greatest feeling in the world. Now, she was trying to recover as her pussy was still somewhat sore from the assault. It was her worst defeat, but she was still happy she got the cream off of her. Helga then heard a noise and looked towards the cell door. It was too early for dinner, she just had lunch an hour ago, so she wondered why the deputy opened the door of her cell. She looked at her shackled wrists and her shackled ankles and wished she was free. She would break out of here and escape back to Russia.

    “Looks like you have a visitor, Helga. She will be here in a few minutes, and she says she has something to ask you. Behave yourself…” the deputy instructed, then left.

    Helga looked at the door close and she rolled her eyes. She had no idea who wanted to visit her and had no idea what this person wanted. She was curious that it was a woman that was visiting her. She knew it wouldn’t be Priscilla, or Gloria since she learned they were captured, along with Svetlana, the shopkeeper Melissa and even Anika the caretaker. Minutes passed by and then she heard the door open again. She turned her head and then saw who entered the room. It was Darby!! “You? What are you doing here?” she asked.

    Darby entered this special cell and saw the monstrous Helga sitting on the cot. She felt a little nervous approaching this woman as she remembered the confrontations she did have. She was grateful she was told that Helga was going to remain shackled on her wrists and ankles, so that she would not be able to escape. When she went over the plan with La Diabla, she hoped it worked. She felt her nerves getting worked up as she recalled how Helga tickled her so viciously and effectively. She was tied up in that closet and even though Gloria tickled her, she feared Helga’s touch more. She also remembered how much she was tortured when she was strapped into that unique chair in the cavern and felt Helga’s ticklish touch on her feet. There was a moment of confidence as she was able to get some ticklish revenge on Helga. She and La Diabla managed to subdue the Russian and tickled her into submission. It was one of Darby’s greatest triumphs. She got to tickle torture Helga and even helped her submit. Darby learned later that La Diabla came back after she left and applied that horrific cream on the bounty hunter. With that knowledge, she was very confident in this new plan. She made it to the front of Helga and looked down. She saw the look of defiance in her face, a look she hoped to change. “Good to see you again Helga….” she grinned.

    “So, you come to tease Helga, da? You’re cute. You did manage to put me in this cell, but we both know you are very lucky to be standing there. Where is your little friend? The one who made me suffer.” Helga smiled.

    “Oh, she talked about you. She told me what happened to you after I left. Are you feeling better on your private spot? Hehe” Darby taunted.

    Helga nodded her head and chuckled a little. “Da, I feel much better. Thank you for caring. You come to mock me? Just remember this. I know your weakness too. You talk brave because I am shackled and stuck in this cell. We both know if I was free, I would be taking off those boots of yours and playing with those big, pink feet of yours. Tell me, are they still sensitive?” Helga glared back.

    Darby felt her toes curl in her boots as she heard Helga talk about her feet. Flashbacks of the Russian tickling her there made her pause for a moment as it was a brutal tickle torture. “Don’t you worry about muh feet. They are safe inside muh boots…” she responded.

    “For now…hehehe It would be a pity if I find you again one day. I will never stop touching….your feet. Maybe I put cream on them? Listen to you howl and beg Helga for mercy. Maybe I will get you and your friend and play with both of your feet at the same time. I know your weakness girlie. You are very lucky I am in this cell. But maybe one day, I get free, and I come find you…” Helga threatened. She knew her words had an effect on Darby as she could see her feet moving around.

    Darby felt nervous about this situation even though Helga was trapped. She wondered what would happen if this bounty hunter ever did get free. “Well, I don’t have to worry about that now do I? Because I know your weakness as well. You got some big, sensitive feet yourself. I enjoyed tormenting you…” she quipped.

    Helga let out a laugh. In a way, she was happy Darby appeared to be so brave and was not intimidated. She could have respect for her, even though she wanted to completely dominate and torment those wonderful pink feet of hers again. “So, why you come visit Helga? You must want something…”

    “As a matter of fact, I do. You see, your entire gang is in jail right now. Priscilla. Gloria. Svetlana. Even those caretakers. It is such a great honor to ruin your entire operation. But, I heard that you have some valuable information for me, so that we can make sure more folks stop participating in this trafficking ring you had.” Darby told her, feeling more confident about herself.

    Helga cocked her head to the side and looked at the Deputy. “What are you talking about? You captured all of us. I have no information to tell you.” she responded.

    “Oh, you do. You see, I learned that you are the one who actually set up the buys. You are the one who is the first point of contact for potential buyers. I want to know who the buyer was for this particular time. Tell me Helga, who was coming to purchase some women in that cavern?” Darby asked.

    Helga’s eyes lit up when she heard the question. “Oh, so you want to know who the buyer is, huh? Haha so cute. That’s why you visit Helga. Well, I got some bad news for you. I don’t know who it is. Even if I did, why should I tell you? I am going to prison for a long time. No incentive for me. It is a shame though. I think the buyer would have loved a red head such as yourself. You are pink in all the right places…hehe from the soles of your feet to your nipples and that delicious looking pussy of yours…” she sneered.

    Darby shook her head and knew Helga may do this. “Oh Helga….I gave you a chance to tell me. We both know you have some information to tell me. How about we make our lives simpler and just tell me who it is. If you don’t care about going to prison, why not give up the name? This is your last chance…” she warned.

    Helga was taken aback by Darby’s ultimatum. Her last chance? “Oh please… I told you I don’t know, and I won’t tell you anyway. What are you going to do Deputy? Put me in jail? Look around, I am already there. How about you shut your mouth, take off those boots of yours and show me your feet. You will always be my bitch…” she said with a cocky tone. She was not going to let Darby threaten her.

    “Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn ya….one moment please.” Darby said then walked back over to the door. She then opened it up and motioned her hand. She then walked back in the cell and a figure followed her.

    Helga’s eyes popped wide open as she saw the figure that came into the room. It was her worst enemy. A woman she loved destroying, only to have that same woman return and break her. “La Diabla??? You’re here??” she said in shock. She also noticed something in the outlaw’s right hand.

    La Diabla walked into this cell and closed the door behind her. She felt very confident in this moment as she was going to be able to have a little more fun on the woman who physically dominated her before. Gloria presented her an opportunity to torture her again. As she got closer to Helga, her eyes caught the shackles on the wrists and ankles. She noticed that there was no slack, and the wrists and ankles were bound together. This would prevent her from being able to use her arms from being loose, and her legs from walking. In her right hand, she had some rope. She wanted to ask Helga a few questions. If she refused, then she would be able to have some more fun. La Diabla knew Helga was weakened after recovering from that horrible cream. Plus, she had Darby with her. She was surprised Darby even went along with this idea. It amazed her that her lover was reaching deep inside her own soul to do some of the things she would have never done a year ago. She arrived at Helga and smiled. “So good to see you again Helga? How’s your pussy? Hehehe” she taunted.

    Helga’s eyes turned to slits as she heard La Diabla’s words. Her anger started to rise as she saw the woman who embarrassed her like no one has ever done before. She remembered submitting to her, just to avoid having that horrific cream being placed on her body, and it still happened. She suffered greatly and now this woman was back for more. “Get away from me you evil bitch….” she sneered.

    “Evil? How can you say that about me? I thought the last time we were together, we got closer. I mean, you saw my naked body and I got to see yours. Well for the most part. I still don’t know what your entire legs look like. But I do know what your tits and pussy look like. It was very special, da?” La Diabla joked.

    “What the hell do you two want? I already told big foot deputy there, I have nothing to say. I don’t know who the buyer is…” Helga spat. She was not in the mood to deal with both of these women.

    “Look, we both know you’re lying. Why do you make things sooooooo difficult? Gloria told us about how you are the first contact to everything. You KNOW who the buyer is. Tell us who it is, and we will go on our way. But if you don’t……..” La Diabla grinned.

    Helga could feel her adrenaline flowing as she was being threatened. She knew who the buyer was and when she thought about that person, she realized that these two women had no idea what they were dealing with. She figured she would hold out that information, so one day they could find out for themselves. Now, she just had to figure out what they had in store for her. A quick thought came into her mind and the feelings of fear started to appear. She thought about what if La Diabla had that cream? She wasn’t fully recovered from that ordeal and was still very tender between her legs. Still, she struck a defiant tone. “If I don’t what? What will you do? I remembered that you tortured me after the good deputy left us. She is here now. You can’t hurt me….” she smiled.

    Darby smiled and took off her hat. “Well, what we will do to you has muh approval…You see, you made me go to a place I have never been before and if it means saving more people, then I will do what I have to do…” she told her.

    Helga’s face then had a look of concern. These women were serious! She knew La Diabla was capable of doing very cruel things, but to have Darby go along with it would not bode well for her. She still had to present a strong front. “Well, it would be futile, and I will let your superiors know you want to torture me. You will lose your job.” she threatened. She hoped that would at least make Darby pause.

    “I don’t think they will ever know…I am an upstanding deputy, and you are a bounty hunter who helped set up a trafficking ring and kidnapped young women. You are already in hot water when I testify what you did to me as well. I got a feeling that what we will do to you, the proper people will simply shrug their shoulders and may even give me a medal. So, you want to tell us who this buyer is, or do we have to…….get it out of ya?” Darby threatened. She felt her adrenaline flowing as she was prepared to inflict an interrogation method on her. When La Diabla first told her about Helga having the information, she knew she had to retrieve it. Just because the buyer missed this opportunity to purchase some innocent young women, it didn’t mean that they wouldn’t try to buy from somewhere else.

    La Diabla felt extremely proud at this moment as she listened to Darby. It still surprised her that she was willing to engage in something like this, but this ordeal has made every woman involved change a little. Even though Darby was willing to do what was necessary, she didn’t tell her she still had something in her vest that she knew would make Helga squeal. She didn’t know how Darby would react to that, but she figured she would cross that bridge when they got there. She looked at Darby and winked. “Ready?”

    Darby nodded her head and then they both faced Helga. They slowly parted from each other, and Darby went down towards the head and La Diabla towards the feet. Her heart started to beat faster because even though Helga was weakened from the earlier confrontation, she was still very strong. This would have to be timed perfectly, so they could avoid getting hurt themselves.

    Helga watched as she saw the two women moving towards her body and she knew she had to defend herself. Unlike the deputies or doctor who would come to check on her, these two women did not draw guns on her. This gave her the opportunity to at least defend herself. She knew the shackles would restrict her, but at least she could probably get some damage on them too. She then saw La Diabla towards her feet and before she could move her legs, Darby went high and tackled her torso and managed to get her on her back on the cot. She instantly struggled and tried to buck her off. What didn’t help her, was that her arms were pressed against her sides and Darby was laying on top of her. She couldn’t get the leverage. Helga was still able to buck a little and almost got Darby off of her. “GET OFF ME!!! YOU BITCHES!!” she screamed in anger.

    “Whoa!!! She is *oomph* STRONG!” Darby yelled out as she felt Helga’s body thrashing around, and she almost fell off of her. She laid down on top of Helga to use her body weight to help pin the Russian down and was still struggling. She then felt Helga’s hands under her body and then she felt a sharp pain. During Helga’s struggling, she was also trying to move her hands, and her shackle hit Darby on her wound. That caused her to yelp in pain as she was still very tender there and then she felt Helga’s head butt her own head. This made Darby wince in pain, and she fell off of Helga and onto the floor.

    Helga used her headbutt to get Darby off of her when she noticed the deputy reacted in pain. She didn’t know what happened, but she didn’t care. It gave her the opening and she took advantage. She sat up and then she tried to kick her legs as the outlaw was trying to get her massive legs onto the cot. “Let go of me you pathetic bitch!” she grunted.

    La Diabla was holding onto those powerful legs for dear life and then heard a yelp from Darby and looked up. She saw Darby fall to the floor in pain and that gave her pause as she was concerned. Then she felt herself drawn closer to Helga’s body because she bent her legs, then with great force, she felt herself flying backwards and off of Helga’s legs until she landed on her ass on the cell floor. Helga did a leg press and managed to flick her off like a flea. She saw Darby slowly getting up and could see her holding her right side, the area where the wound was. Her eyes grew big as she saw Helga lifting her arms and prepared to slam them down on Darby’s back and head area, which would probably knock her out.

    Helga felt good as she managed to get both women off of her. She was restricted in her body’s movements, but she could still move her arms and legs. She saw Darby on the ground, getting on her hands and knees and she was prepared to strike a blow with her fists clamped together to the back of her head. That would knock her out, then she could focus on La Diabla. She always felt she was a much better fighter than the outlaw and defeating her with her wrists and ankles shackled would be the ultimate victory. “Night night bitch….” she said to herself as she started to swing her arms down. Right before she made contact, she felt something slam really hard into her left jaw. That blow knocked her off balance and she fell to her right and onto the cot. Then she felt another blow to her face, followed by another. Her brain realized she was getting punched repeatedly.

    La Diabla was in a fit of rage as she saw Helga about to hit Darby with her fists, which would have really hurt the deputy and even knock her out. Her instinct to protect fueled the adrenaline surge and she quickly got off the floor and lunged towards the Russian bounty hunter with great speed. She managed to hit her with full force with her fist and now she was on top of the woman and pounding away at her face. “YOU BITCH!!!” she screamed as she pounded away. She could still feel Helga’s body trying to struggle, but without the full use of her arms, she couldn’t protect herself.

    Darby managed to get back to her feet and saw La Diabla punching away. She was still feeling the effects of that shot to her wound and the headbutt, but she was ready to continue. She then saw the rope that La Diabla was carrying into the room and quickly wrapped one end of the rope around the shackle chain on the ankles. There was just enough room between the two shackles to tie a rope around it and then she managed to get the ankles tied down to the end of the cot. She wrapped the rope around the cot frame, then quickly tossed it under the cot towards the head. She stood up and ran over to the other end of the cot and took the rope that was under the frame, wrapped some of it around the frame and then held the end of the rope. Darby saw La Diabla still punching away and knew she had to stop her. “Hey! You can stop now. We kind of need her conscious….” she told her.

    La Diabla heard Darby’s words and looked up. She was about to punch her one more time, but she knew Darby was right. She needed to make sure Helga was still conscious in order for them to get the information. Seeing that Darby was ok calmed her down and she looked down at Helga. The bounty hunter was now on her back and was moaning in pain. She nodded her head when she looked at Darby. “You’re right…you’re right. Sorry. I got a little carried away…are you ok?” she asked.

    “Yeah, I am ok. She hit me on muh wound. Nothing too hard, but I am still a bit sore there. Wow, this woman is like a bear. She is so powerful. Now, let me get her wrists tied down…” Darby said as she tried to calm her own body down. She then saw La Diabla grab the shackled wrists and then lifted the arms over Helga’s head. She then tied the end of the rope around that chain that held the shackles and then tied down Helga’s arms over her head. This rendered the bounty hunter helpless. She took a deep breath as they managed to finally subdue this powerful woman. “That should do it. Ready to get started?” she winked.

    Helga started to clear her mind after getting punched in the jaw a few times. The strikes were hard, but not too hard to truly knock her out, it just stunned her. She felt her arms over her head and when she tried to move them, she realized that they were not moving! They were tied down. She tried to move her ankles and realized they were also tied down. Anger started to fill her body, and a little fear because these two women planned to torture her for some information. She still couldn’t believe she saw these two women again. She thought after she had submitted herself to them back at the Wellington home, and was subsequently arrested, she would never see them again. That agony of the cream on her pussy really broke her down and it was the most horrible thing to ever happen to her body. Helga’s eyes looked up and she could see Darby’s upside down image above her head and then she looked towards her feet and saw La Diabla there. She already knew what they were planning to do. “You miserable whores…let me go. I am a prisoner!” she demanded.

    “We know you are. You know you can easily avoid what we are about to do if ya simply tell us what we want to know…” Darby grinned. She could feel this surge of power in her body. After punishing Helga originally, then Anika, then Priscilla and Gloria, she felt she could accomplish anything. She could break anyone. She was bending her own personal values, but the ends justified the means. Finding out who the buyer would be extraordinarily helpful. She then reached her hands forward and placed her fingertips in the armpits. “Come on Helga, make this easy.” she teased.

    “I can’t believe you bitches want to torture me some more! In a way, I respect that. I tortured both of you beyond your own limits in that place, da? I had you both giggling and laughing and losing your minds. Like you deputy. Listening to your tortured laughs as me and Gloria played with your sexy body fills my memories with happiness. I remember you begging, pleading, and finally surrendering yourself. Especially when we tickled those big feet of yours. Look at you know, feeling in control. I thought you were an honorable woman, but you are no better than that worthless bitch down by my feet…” Helga said in defiance.

    “You have no one to thank but yourself. When you both tortured me, you awakened something in me. You made me who I am today. Oh, I won’t do what you did to me, but I will still……make you……beg.” Darby said coolly. She even surprised herself about how she felt right now. She didn’t feel bad for wanting to torture this woman. This was probably the last time she would feel this way, but after all she has been through, including getting shot, this was going to be really satisfying.

    “You sure talk a lot you big bitch. Even after we kicked your ass, you still have some defiance in you. That will change. What is funny to me is that you told Darby there she has big feet. But here I am, down here by your ankles and my goodness woman. Your feet are bigger than a boat! You could literally transport the entire population of the Western Hemisphere to the other side of the world and there would still be room for all the horses. Hehe” La Diabla teased. She enjoyed listening to Darby talk the way she was. There was something a little ruthless about it and it thrilled her. She remembered when Darby tickled her. It was all about sex and pleasure, but that dominating side came out of the deputy. This moment started to really turn her on. La Diabla’s eyes then looked at Helga’s shoes. These were men’s shoes and she understood why. She had taken Helga’s boots earlier as trophies. “Wow, looks like you have to wear men’s shoes. Your feet are too damn big! What happened to your boots? Oh, I know! They are trophies now…hehehe” she taunted.

    Helga’s eyes then looked towards her feet, and she could see La Diabla’s face, just above the toe section of her shoes. It really angered her knowing her footwear was now in La Diabla’s custody. That was another reminder that she did submit to the outlaw. “And you…you really are fortunate. When I broke you with Priscilla, seeing your soul leave you was one of my greatest pleasures. You are no longer the feared La Diabla. I know you are nothing but a broken little girl, hiding behind the tough exterior. Tell me, are your feet still tender? I loved listening to your screams as I owned them….” she retorted. She figured if she was going to suffer, she might as well get some insults and reminders in.

    La Diabla simply did a small chuckle to herself. It was true. Helga and Priscilla broke her will and she was a submissive woman who knew she was going to be a sex slave. This was a satisfying moment. This was another opportunity to drive home the torture to this woman and she was truly going to enjoy it. She figured she would let Darby do the questioning and she could focus on the torture. What was great about what she was about to do was that she was going to break Helga one more time. She reached her hands forward and started to unlace the right shoe. She slowly pulled the laces free from the holes and she felt the ankles and feet squirming. La Diabla started to whistle as she plucked each lace from the shoe and when she got to the bottom of the lace path and pulling the lace all the way out of the shoe, she then focused on unlacing the left shoe. She heard Helga grunting and she could see her trying to pull her legs free from the rope tie and shackles, but there was nothing the Russian could do to protect her feet. Once that shoe was unlaced, she took each of her hands and placed them on the heels of the respective shoes. “Now, let’s take a look at these boats of yours..” she taunted, then tugged. The shoes easily came off because the laces were removed completely and soon, she held up both shoes in the air like trophies.

    Helga’s eyes widened as she saw the shoes in the air, and she looked at her barefeet. She wasn’t wearing any socks as the local law enforcement didn’t have any for her. She was lucky to even get shoes. She asked for socks, her socks, but because she was rushed out of the house to get medical treatment to stop that maddening itching on her toes and between her legs, no one was looking for her boots or socks. She maintained an angry face, but that fear started to grow. Both Darby and La Diabla broke through her will and tickled her feet back at the house. She was already weakened and knew she was not at full strength. The itching cream was wiped away from her toes, but she still felt the aftereffects to some degree. Her feet felt sensitive and now a woman who hated her was right by them. Helga decided to try and appeal to Darby one last time. “Deputy.. I know you have a moral code. Please, do not torture an unarmed prisoner who did not attack you this time. Surely, you don’t want to torture an innocent woman..” she said and stared at Darby’s face.

    Darby heard the pleas and Helga was right. She technically was an unarmed prisoner who did not attack her, so it was not self defense. This normally would go against her code, but at this point, she did not care. This would be her final act here in Santa Selena to wrap up this mission and more importantly, this would be the last time she and La Diabla would be teamed up for something like this. She was leaving a little later tonight and knew it may be a very long time before she saw her again. To double team a woman and tickle her was a bonding moment and she wanted to savor this moment. It was time to finish her mission with a bang. “True, but let’s be honest with each other. You tortured me. You tortured muh feet. Your tortured muh body and muh mind. I will enjoy this. But, to be fair to you, I am giving you one last chance to tell me the name of the buyer. I would take this offer if I were you….” she told her.

    Helga’s eyes turned to slits as she realized that she was going to be tortured one more time. She wondered if even she told them the information, what was to stop them from tormenting her anyway. Again, she found a little admiration for Darby for the simple fact that she was willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Even if she had to “bend the rules”. She looked at Darby and simply told her, “Go to hell bitch….”

    Darby was not surprised by that response and deep down, happy she got that kind of a response. Now, she would feel a little better for what she and her lover were about to do. “Ok, have it your way…” she smiled then looked up at La Diabla and nodded her head. She then started to scrabble her fingers on the armpits, tickling the skin through the fabric of the prisoner’s shirt Helga had on. She felt the body jerk and now she felt that excitement. That same excitement she had when she tickled these pits back at the house. This was going to be fun!

    La Diabla looked at the soles of the massive feet and smiled. She loved how massive they were, and they were quite meaty. She remembered the size of them being a woman’s 13. The ball of the foot was expansive and prominent. The toes were long and very thick. The big toe itself was very large, and her index, middle and ring toes were the same length of the big toe, and the baby toe was shorter. The skin on the soles were pale with slight pink on the ball of the foot and the heel. Her mind went back to when she tickled these feet, and it was going to be a true pleasure to tickle them again. She felt like a kid who couldn’t decide what to do. Should she tickle the left foot first, or the right? Should she tickle the arch, or the toes? She then decided to reach her left hand forward and simply stroked the outside edge of the right foot and the body part flinched. She caught herself giggling a little as she had a new toy to play with! La Diabla then stroked her finger on the inside edge of the foot and again, it started to flinch. The way the shackles were placed, the feet were close to each other, but there was a separation so she could always get to the instep area. “Time for you to laugh bitch..hehehe” she chuckled to herself.

    Helga felt the fingers stroking the inside edges of her foot and armpits and she was surprised how much it tickled. Memories of her body being tortured in the house flooded her mind and she had great concern. These two women managed to break through her resolve before and now that she was not physically 100%, she knew her responses now would be more intense. She knew what they wanted, so she still had to resist. What really bothered her was that she was going to be tortured a second time by these two and feared she was going to have to beg them again. That would be the ultimate humiliation. Submitting a second time. “S-stop hehe touching me you whores!” she shouted as a slight giggle came out.

    Darby laughed when she heard that shout. Helga was already giggling, so this was going to be a little easier than before. She knew that more tickling would have to take place before they started to ask for the information. She also understood that Helga would soon feel that humiliation and by her own experiences, it really breaks down your resolve. She now took the tips of her middle fingers and pressed them by themselves in the center of the armpits and started to rotate them in a circular motion. She felt Helga’s body starting to twist around a little. She was much more responsive this time around! “Well, what do we have here? You seem a little tense. Have you gotten……more ticklish? Is the dangerous bounty hunter a ticklish little girl in reality?” she teased.

    La Diabla heard Darby’s teasing and she felt arousal growing in her body. She loved hearing her do those kinds of verbal teases. She enjoyed it when they were making love. As her own fingers started to work on the massive feet, she started to think about what she might have “awakened” in Darby. She may have created a monster and it was a great sight to see. She knew Darby was right. Helga seemed a lot more responsive. After hearing Darby’s words, her eyes went to the feet. She then moved her fingers to the arch of the right foot. She moved the tips of her fingers moved on that inside edge of the arch and then stroked right underneath the ball of the foot and when it got to the outside edge of the arch, she quickly stroked her fingers down through the arch and the foot jerked into the air, as far as it could. Her eyes turned to slits and she was going to really torment her. She used her right hand to grab those massive toes to hold the foot still, then formed her fingers on the left hand into a “claw” and used the tips of her nails to scurry into the helpless arch.

    Helga felt the fingers pressing into her armpits and that really tickled her. The skin wasn’t even bare, but the way they pressed into the pit sent a large amount of ticklish shockwaves through her body. Then, when she felt the fingers on her right foot, into her arch really started to get to her. Her eyes popped open as she felt the strong urge to explode in laughter. She gritted her teeth and started to grunt as the sensations increased. She lifted her head and looked towards her foot. She could see the look of pure joy on La Diabla’s face and knew she was in trouble. Her hatred for these women was intense, but her body did not like the sensations she was feeling.

    La Diabla continued to claw away at the arch and loved how much the foot was trembling. She knew what she was doing was effective as she heard the loud grunts, but she wanted to hear laughter. That tortured laughter. She and Darby forced Helga to laugh hysterically before, and she knew it was a matter of time before it happened again. Her eyes looked up and saw Helga staring back at her. She recognized that look. It was the look of someone who was in shock and knew they were in deep trouble. La Diabla gave her a wink and then looked back at the foot. Her fingers moved towards the inner edge of the arch, right on the spot below the ball of the foot and she could feel the toes trying to curl in her hand. She attacked that spot and heard those grunts get louder. Her eyes looked up again and she saw Helga’s head was back on the cot and her teeth were still grinding together. “Come on Helga….it is ok to laugh. You can let it all out….” she teased.

    Darby heard the teasing words and wanted to join in. She then placed her fingers near Helga’s chest and left her thumbs in the respective armpits. Form there she started rotating her thumbs very fast in those spots and she could see Helga’s face turning bright red. “Come on Helga! You can let it out. You look like you are going to burst! Your face is about to explode. You can laugh. It is ok. It is just us girls here. I know if this was happening to me, I would be laughing uncontrollably. Can you picture that? Me laughing my head off because your thumbs would just be…….tickling me.” she said in a teasing tone.

    Helga’s mind was spinning as she could imagine having Darby trapped and torturing those sweet armpits. She could also imagine tormenting those big pink feet of hers too. She felt her body on edge as the sensation were really starting to take over. She started to hate herself as she felt her grip on her own mind starting to unravel. She growled loudly as she did everything she could to not burst into hysterical laughter. If she let it out, there was no way she would be able to stop it. Her eyes were shut tight, and she tried of focus on something. She thought about a naked Darby. She tried thinking about a naked La Diabla. She even thought about them naked together and she is tickling them at the same time. A slight giggle started to come out from her lips, and she was hanging on by a thread. Helga’s back started to arch a little as the tickling continued to get worse.

    “That’s it.. be a good Russian bitch… just let it……out. Just let yourself……go..” La Diabla said in a soothing voice. It was like watching a stick of dynamite that was about to blow. She and Darby were the fuses that were lit as she continued to scurry and claw her fingers in that large arch and Darby was rotating her thumbs on the pits. She then thought of a good idea. As her fingers continued to tickle that right arch, her eyes looked at the toes on the left foot. They were quivering and straining, so she leaned her head over and gave the pad of the big toe a soft lick with her tongue.

    Helga felt that tongue licking her big toe and it shocked her. She did not expect that sensation and her head shot up. “w—w-what are you heehehehehehehe d-doing?” she mumbled under her breath, still trying to avoid laughing. She felt her will slipping and as the fingers on her right arch went faster, she was on the brink of hysteria. She watched in horror as she saw La Diabla staring right back at her and she was about to lick her toe again! Helga watched that pink tongue come out and as it got closer to her toe, she tightened her body up. Then she felt that wet tongue licking her toe again, and at the same time, Darby’s thumbs moved up and down the pits and that did it! The giggles started to slip out and then they got stronger, she felt herself falling apart and now she was in trouble. “N-nooooohhehe please hehehe pleasehhehehehehe” she said, struggling to hold it back.

    “There you go! Helga is such a giggle girl! Heehehe” Darby teased as she thumbs pressed further into the armpits and now the Russian started to laugh harder. Darby felt extremely happy at this moment. They were making Helga break again! When they broke her back at the house, that was a major accomplishment. Now, doing it again felt amazing. She still surprised herself that she was tickling Helga again, but it was satisfactory. She started to truly enjoy tickling someone now. For the last year, she was always a victim, now she was the aggressor. She wanted to see how far she can push Helga. Defeating Gloria and Priscilla were fun, but making Helga give up valuable information to a buyer would be the feather in her cap. She removed her thumbs from the pits and decided to unbutton the shirt. It was time to embarrass Helga. Once the top button came undone, she noticed the bounty hunter was staring at her. “Oh, I’m just making you comfortable…” she smiled.

    Helga continued to giggle as those fingers on her foot was driving her crazy. Now, her shirt was coming undone, and more fear grew within her. Was the deputy trying to strip her? Then she shot her head up and looked at La Diabla. The outlaw found a really sensitive spot on her arch and now the laughter started to flow freely. “NOOOOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP BITCH HAHAHAAHA STOP!!!” she cackled.

    La Diabla couldn’t help but laugh as she heard the laughter coming from Helga. Her fingers right on the instep, heading into the arch and discovered that was a very sensitive spot. Now, the laughter got more powerful, and she saw the Russian starting to writhe her body. As she stared at the body, she saw Darby unbuttoning the shirt. Was Darby going to expose Helga’s chest? She licked her lips in anticipation as the black and white striped shirt was losing one button after another. She then saw the shirt opened and Helga’s bra was exposed. La Diabla’s eyes looked up at Darby and she saw a wicked gleam. She felt an enormous thrill seeing Darby in a “tickle craze” and she was also happy that it wasn’t her. She then stopped her finger scurrying and paid attention to what Darby was about to do.

    Helga started to breathe heavy as she felt the fingers stop tickling her arch. She took in huge breaths, but her mind was still racing. Her shirt was undone and now her bra was exposed. Her anticipation grew as she did not know what was about to happen next. “W-what are y-you doing you dumb woman?” she groaned.

    “I want to get a look at ya again. I feel so shy right now, but I have to admit to you Helga, I want to see your breasts again. When were in the house and La Diabla exposed your breasts, I am not going to lie, I liked what I saw. I remembered what she did with them too. I don’t know why you are afraid of us? We want to pleasure you…” Darby teased.

    “Pleasure? Pleasure? You call this pleasure?? This is humiliation and torture! You better not touch my breasts Darby! You better hehehehehehehe” Helga tried to say but was interrupted when she felt fingers softly stroking that right sole again.

    “I better what? Oh, I think I know. You want me to play with your breasts. I think you wanted to say, You better play with my breasts if you’re going to see them….” Darby teased. She was surprised right now. She couldn’t believe she was actually doing this. This was not something she even dreamed of doing before and now she was really teasing a woman sexually. A woman that was not her lover. She really enjoyed teasing La Diabla when they were making love, but this was different. Her mind started to remember how she saw La Diabla sexually tease the evil Priscilla Montenegro and now, she was about to do the same thing. She placed her palm on the cup of the bra covering the right breast and gave it a squeeze.

    Helga stopped giggling as the fingers stopped stroking her feet and felt Darby’s hand squeezing her breast. She never expected this behavior from Darby, and it frightened her. When she was in the house, it was both Darby and La Diabla tickling her breasts, but it was the outlaw who was instructing it. This time, Darby took the initiative. She had no idea what the deputy was going to do to her. She then felt fingers stroking her sole again and she winced and giggled. The outlaw kept touching her foot and it was driving her crazy. “hehehe get your hands hehehehe off my tit!” she barked and giggled. She kept feeling Darby’s hand squeeze her breast as though she was squeezing a melon.

    Darby felt a rush flowing through her body. She remembered when she saw Helga’s chest in the house and how much fun she had playing with one of them. Her eyes then went over to the left breast, and this time, she reached her hand under the cup and found the nipple with the tips of her fingers. Helga’s chest was massive. The breasts were a size C, bordering on a D. When she felt that nipple, she wiggled her fingers a little and stimulated the nubbin. She couldn’t put her entire hand on the nipple as the bra was there, but she wanted to give Helga something to think about.

    La Diabla started to feel some arousal in her own body as she watched Darby playing with the breasts. She couldn’t take it anymore and looked at her lover. She reached into her vest pocket and took out the small pocketknife she had. “Hey Darby, cut the bra open already! I want to see her tits…” she grinned as she tossed the knife towards Darby.

    Darby caught the knife and pressed the button, and the tiny blade came out. She marveled how well armed La Diabla was. She had a larger knife, a pocket knife and a gun and those were the weapons she was aware of. She then placed the blade on the front part of the bra, where the cups were joined together and started to saw that fabric. She could see the threads breaking and soon, the attachment was cut and the cups covering the massive mounds were loose. With her right hand, she softly grabbed the inside part of the cup. “Ooooh!! I wonder what we have under here?” she teased.

    Helga’s body went stiff as she felt the bra get cut and now it was loose. She felt some humiliation as Darby was about to expose her chest. Her foot wasn’t being tickled, so she could focus on what was happening to her chest. She wanted to thrash her body, but that would shake the cups off. Anger started to build because she was about to be embarrassed. “You better not….YOU BETTER NOT!” she hissed. Then she gasped as the cup came off her right breast and now, it was exposed. She closed her eyes in shame and she wished she could be free, so she could destroy these two women.

    La Diabla’s jaw dropped as she saw Darby reveal the right breast of Helga, and now she saw the left one get exposed. She began to think about how this could all play out. When she told Darby what she planned to do on their way to this location, she didn’t think Darby would go “the extra mile”. She was rather impressed at her lover and now her plan was going to be better than she thought. Her eyes widened as she saw Darby’s hands covering both breasts and they started to massage them. Her own mind started to remember how Darby handled her own chest. In a way, she wished it was the two of them alone again and feeling that passion. La Diabla started to feel herself getting really aroused, but she also had to focus on the task at hand. Her eyes then went back to Helga’s monstrous barefeet and she stared at the toes of the left foot. She started to think about what she had planned, but first it was time to inflict more torture. Her fingers started to stroke the ball of the right foot and she felt the feet trembling and even the legs started to quiver. Their plan was working. Helga was getting more responsive to their touches, and it wouldn’t be long before this massive woman was howling again.

    Helga was still in a state of shock as Darby’s hands were massaging her breasts. The way the hands were softly squeezing and rubbing them started to make her body respond. It was just like in the house when they had her tied down. These two women had gotten her aroused and they were able to inflict more tickle torture to her body. She even remembered when La Diabla went too far and even made her wet. She feared what was about to happen next. She started to wonder just how far they would go. Helga realized she was in an isolated cell, and there was no one coming to help her, just like back at the house. She then started to flinch as she felt fingers tickling the ball of her foot. The laughter started to build and soon, giggles came back out of her mouth. She felt a finger zip very quickly from the outside edge of her foot, all the way across the ball of the foot to the inside edge. That made her squeal a little and now the finger started to slowly make tiny circles on that part of her foot. “Nyet!!!! Stop hehehehe tickling meeeeeehehehehehehehehehe” she laughed.

    La Diabla couldn’t help but smile as her tickle attack on the ball of the foot was working. She was thrilled to be doing this to the Russian one last time. As her finger started to tickle across the ball of the foot, she let go of the toes of the right foot, so she could watch them wiggle. She used her right hand to hold the toes of the left foot, so she could watch the right foot quiver and shake freely. The massive right foot started to really react to her attack, and she centered her finger in the middle of the ball and she heard a delightful squeal. “Ooooh!!! Someone is REALLY ticklish on her feet!” she taunted.

    “HHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP!!! YOU EVIL BITCH!! STOP HAHAHAHAHA TICKLING MEEEEEHAHAHAHAHA!” Helga screamed out as the laughter finally broke through. La Diabla was finding the sensitive spots on her feet, and she couldn’t resist. She felt some shame as it was happening again. She was going to be helpless and start begging. Her pride was getting to her again. She already surrendered to these women and now she would have to do it again. Then her eyes almost popped out of her head when she felt fingers lightly tickling the undersides of her breasts! That very light touch really got her laughing, and she couldn’t hold back.

    Darby smiled as she listened to the hysterical sounds coming from this bounty hunter. She could tell La Diabla was finding those tender spots on Helga’s foot and now it was her turn. She loved the reaction she got when she lightly ran the tips of her index and middle fingers together underneath the large mammaries. It was quite enjoyable to see the breasts wobbling and even the sound of Helga’s laughter was sweet. It still amazed her that a woman as powerful as Helga could also be rendered helpless by simply tickling her. In a way, it made her feel better as she always fell apart herself when tickled. Her eyes then saw the nipples wobbling and she noticed something. The nipples were getting hard. This was an important discovery because the plan was to get Helga aroused. Once she was feeling lust in her body, she would be a lot more susceptible to their touches. “Someone has some really ticklish breasts!! Are you ticklish here? Or is it……..here? Oooh…so many ticklish spots underneath these very large tits of yours..” she teased as her fingers moved from the inside edges of the mounds, to the outer edges.

    Helga continued laugh and now she shut her eyes tight as the sensations only increased. Those fingers underneath her breasts and on her feet were slowly breaking her down. When she felt Darby’s fingers on the outside edges of her breasts, a large amount of lust and ticklish feelings rocked her body. Then she had to deal with the teasing of her foot. Her right foot twitched away, and she couldn’t get away from La Diabla. Now, her mouth was wide open, and she just let the laughter pour out. What got to her was that her nipples were indeed stiff. Helga hoped they weren’t going to be touched because if they were, she was going to lose control. It bothered her that she couldn’t hold out longer, but knew it was because of that horrible cream on her body from a few days ago. She was not at full strength, and now she felt that horrible feeling of being defeated. As she laughed, she figured her last hope was to not beg. To leave some kind of dignity for herself. They may break her down, but she would never beg for mercy. Her pride was the last thing she had remaining.

    La Diabla let go of the toes of the left foot and used her right hand to hold the right foot still. It was time to go after those massive, meaty toes. She remembered when she got to tickle them in the house and knew they were very sensitive. Helga was already laughing heartily and now it was time to make her beg. Once she did that, then it would be easier to get the information they desired. She took the tip of her left index finger and slowly stroked it right at the pad of the big toe and she saw the toes curl in response. She giggled to herself and loved going after these toes. No matter how often she tickled another woman’s feet, it was always a thrill to her. She absolutely loved breaking them down this way because they might be strong, but a little foot tickling always broke them. She remembered what she did to Svetlana back at the General Store and how she broke that woman. She thought about the ticklish feet of shopkeeper Melissa as well and how much that woman howled and begged her. La Diabla smiled when she thought about how Darby tortured Priscilla’s feet, something she got to do herself back in Mexico. Her eyes went back to the toes, and she saw them now flexing apart. This made her happy because she could now play with the crevices. A wonderful thought filled her mind as she remembered the technique Darby used the last time on this woman. As the toes flexed, she then placed the fingers of her left hand between each toe and then started to squeeze her hand.

    Helga felt fingers between her toes and when the squeezing happened, the intensity of the ticklish feelings tore right through her, and she let out a loud scream of ticklish laughter. “NYET!!! NOT THERE!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” she screamed. Her body went stiff as the sensations overwhelmed her nervous system. She absolutely hated this feeling, and it took a lot out of her. She could feel her body started to get more tired and now she feared she would indeed become submissive to them again.

    Darby looked up and saw what La Diabla was doing. That made her happy because she actually taught La Diabla that toe tickling technique. She couldn’t take full credit for it because she learned it from Gertrude Billington when they were tickling Mandy the barmaid. Nonetheless, it was good to see Helga laughing and losing her mind. She looked down at the Russian’s face and saw that look of ticklish agony. She could see the look of fear in those eyes and saw those white teeth. It was surreal to see a woman this powerful scream helplessly as her body was tickled. Flashbacks of the bounty hunter tormenting her body filled her mind and she felt pride. Pride that she was going to be the winner of the confrontation. Pride that at the end, she and her lover would emerge victorious. This second victory over Helga would be most joyful because she will learn who was trying to buy some women and hopefully bring them down too. Darby then decided she needed to up the ante against Helga. She had a fun thought in her mind. Between her and La Diabla, who would make Helga scream the most. She saw those large pink nipples and how stiff they were. It was time to really drive Helga crazy.

    Helga continued to shriek in ticklish laughter as that toe tickling drove her absolutely wild. Then she started to freak down when she felt Darby’s hands on her nipples. She could feel the warm palms on each one and she noticed just how responsive her nipples were. Just the skin of Darby’s hand touching her buds sent all kinds of sensations through her body. Then she felt those hands slowly sliding across them and that drove her insane! “NYET!!! DON’T HAHAHAHA TOUCH MEHEHEHEHEHEH THERE!!!” she screamed.

    Darby continued to slowly rub her palms over the nipples, and they made her own hands jump. The nipples were so stiff, they resembled large pencil erasers. As she continued to slide her palms and feel those rock hard nubbins, it made her giggle a little. “Your nipples are so hard! Hehehe I can feel them, and they tickle muh hands! I don’t know who will be tortured more. Your nipples or muh hands…hehehehe” she giggled.

    Helga heard those words and she felt like exploding. The sounds of Darby’s cute giggles always drove her wild as she tormented the beautiful red head a few times. Thoughts of a naked Darby filled her mind and all the places she would like to tickle her. Those thoughts only increased her lust and made her body a lot more responsive. She felt herself going towards silent laughter as her body was on fire. The toe tickling was definitely breaking her down and Darby’s giggles drove her wild.

    La Diabla could hear Darby’s words and even that got her excited. She started to crave the deputy and thought about that special night. How they both teased and tickled each other before finishing each other off with an intense moment of sex. She brought her mind back to the task at hand and looked at Helga’s toes sticking out from her fingers. These toes were massive and yet, they were a definite weakness on this woman. She then leaned her head forward and gave that big toe a soft kiss. It was almost time to reveal the rest of her plan and the way Darby was teasing Helga, it was definitely going to work. She then removed her hand from the toes and gave a few quick strokes on the sole. Her attention then turned towards the left foot and now it was time to torture that foot.

    Helga felt a little relief as she felt La Diabla’s hand leave her toes. She could still feel the tremors of the tickle assault but at least that horrible squeezing stopped. Now, she had to deal with Darby playing with her nipples. She looked up at the deputy and using what strength she had remaining, she had to say something. “Stop hehehehehe touching my nipples you BITCH!”.

    Darby chuckled at the venom that was directed at her. She shook her head slowly side to side and pursed her lips. “tsk tsk tsk..someone wants me to stop touching her nipples. I can’t do that because I just LOVE touching them. They may be tickling muh hands, but I know you like it. I am surprised you never used your nipples to tickle muh body. Can you imagine what would have happened if you put these…..rock……hard……nipples…on the bottoms of muh feet? Oooh!! Just the thought of that makes me shiver…” she teased.

    Helga gasped as she heard Darby’s teasing words. She did start to imagine what would have happened if she used her own nipples to tickle Darby’s sweet body. She never thought of that before and really started to think about how effective it would have been. Then, a large wave of lust filled her mind as she thought about Darby’s really soft, tender barefeet getting tickled by her own nipples. She thought about how that skin would feel on her breasts and lust grew within her. “hehehehe Da…hehehehe Da!” she cried out as she thought about that possibility.

    “I mean, I would be laughing and laughing and laughing. Muh feet would suffer so much. I mean, you would break me faster by doing that. The thought of that makes muh feet tingle right now. I am lucky muh boots are on muh feet right now, or I would be doomed!” Darby teased. She noticed this teasing was having an effect on Helga as the nipples felt like they were now pulsating.

    Helga almost lost it as she heard Darby’s teases. The thought of those feet on her nipples were now fueling her desire. When she heard Darby talking about her boots, it made her crazy. “DA!! Take them off!! Hehehehe take your boots off and rub your feet on me!!! Please!!!” she begged.

    La Diabla had to pause her attempt to tickle the left foot as she heard that exchange between Darby and Helga. It absolutely impressed her to hear Darby use that line of teasing. Because she desired those same feet as well and she even remembered that in the future, she was going to tickle them because she did win their fun contest during their lovemaking. She smiled because Darby was starting to sound like her. La Diabla loved using threats of her own body against her victims to get them going. “I taught her well..hehehe” she thought to herself.

    Darby grinned as she heard Helga’s begging for her feet. She knew she had the Russian bounty hunter right where she wanted. “You really want to me to take off muh boots and have your nipples tickle muh feet? That sounds fun….but, I think tickling YOUR feet would be better…” she taunted, then looked up and winked at La Diabla.

    Helga heard that response and a large wave of fear hit her along with disappointment. She was really hoping she could tickle Darby’s feet one last time, but now her own feet were in danger. She looked up and saw La Diabla at her left foot and fear gripped her body as she saw that look of evil on the outlaw’s face. “NYET!!!! DON’T YOU DARE!!!” she screamed.

    La Diabla then started to stroke her index finger up and down the massive left sole. She would go from the base of the toes, down through the ball of the foot, into that arch and off the heel, only to return back up over the heel, through the arch, over the ball of the foot and when it got to the base of the toes, it slid over a little to the next toe and then stroked right back down. The reaction she got from Helga was exciting to her because it meant this woman’s resistance was now gone. This was the moment she was waiting for, and now it was time to push Helga to a ticklish hell and the final part of the plan would come into play. “Tickle tickle tickle!!! Big Helga has some really ticklish tootsies!! I am gonna tickle tickle tickle this foot until she explodes! Scream Helga……SCREAM!” she taunted as her finger continued its ticklish path.

    Helga screamed in laughter as she felt that dastardly finger moving up and down her foot, driving her wild. Then she grunted and laughed when she felt the finger now spinning away in her arch. She yelled as loud as she could as it really tickled her. She could feel her face being hot, sweat dripping and her throat was getting dry. Her left foot felt so sensitive, and she knew why. The sensual teasing got her so aroused, she was going to feel everything. She tried to kick her leg, but the shackles and rope bond kept her legs still. She could only wiggle her feet, but there was no escape. Helga could feel the urge to beg, but she resisted that. These two women would only get the satisfaction of her laughing, not begging. She also was not going to reveal the information they were seeking. That would be her final act of defiance. This was now about winning against them. She suffered and was going to feel horrible ticklish sensations, but she was going to win!

    Darby looked at Helga laughing and thought it was such a beautiful sight. She continued to rub her palms over the nipples, and it still stimulated her. She giggled to herself and then she started to squeeze the mounds again. Now she really started to massage the breasts and she rotated them in a circular fashion. For such a brute of a woman, Helga’s breasts were very nice to feel. She still couldn’t believe this was the second time she played with Helga like that. As she listened to her laugh hysterically, she wanted to keep teasing her. “Just hearing you laugh like that, it makes me wonder how I sounded when you tickled me. I must have sounded so helpless. Just thinking about makes muh toes curl in muh boots. It makes me wonder what would happen if you had me again, and I could feel muh boot being pulled off. I would be begging you to not take it off. ‘Please Helga…not muh boots…please don’t take off muh boots.’ I know you know how desperate I would be…” she teased.

    Helga moaned in between her laughs as she heard Darby’s teasing. She really did wish she was in control again and have Darby trapped. Her mind started to imagine pulling off that boot. She would toss it over her shoulder and then go to peel that sock off. Then, that tender barefoot would be hers! “HAHAHAHAHA TAKE OFF YOUR BOOT!!! HAHAHAHA TAKE IT OFF!!” she laughed.

    Darby smiled when she heard Helga thinking about her feet. She cocked her head a little to the right, and figured, “Why not tease her?” she thought. She then let go of the breasts and reached down towards her right boot. She started to pull it off and continued her teasing. “Oh no! Muh boot is coming off!! No, not muh boot!! Please Helga, please don’t take it off…”

    La Diabla heard Helga screaming about taking a boot off and she looked up. She could see Darby teasing the monstrous woman and figured she should start to punish this foot more. She started to use her right hand to skitter her fingers down the outside edge of the foot. Her fingers went from the base of the baby toe and all along that outside edge until she got to the heel. Once she got to the heel, she moved her fingers on the bottom inside edge of the heel and now her fingers started to move up the inside edge of the foot and attacked that inside edge of the arch and the instep. This made the foot twitch a lot more and she knew she was inflicting a lot of torment to the Russian. “For such a strong, tough bounty hunter, you sure have some really ticklish feet. I think I will tell everyone that the great Helga from Russia is actually a weak big bitch. Just tickle her feet and she will be laughing like a baby…” she taunted.

    Helga heard those words from the outlaw, and it drove her crazy. She could feel those fingers really finding the sweet spots on her foot and it only made her laugh harder. It also didn’t help Darby kept teasing her about her boot. She wanted to rip that boot off herself and kick La Diabla in the head, but she just could not move. She squealed when she now felt those fingers invading the middle of her arch again. “HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU HAHAHAHA BITCH!!! HAHAHAHAHA” she laughed in frustration.

    Darby smiled and then she felt a rush of excitement and nervousness as she managed to pull the boot off her foot. She looked down and saw her sock. She felt nervous because if Helga were to break free, she would definitely go after her foot. She then took a deep breath and then held up her boot in the air. She hovered it over Helga’s face and was going to really tease her. “Oh no!!! Muh boot is off!! You took it off Helga!! What are you gonna do to muh foot? Please…you got to put muh boot back on…” she said in a teasing tone.

    Helga saw that empty cowboy boot in front of her face, and she was in awe. Darby was taking off her boots! She might actually get that foot after all. Even though she continued to laugh hysterically from the foot tickling she was receiving, the mere sight of that boot got her lust boiling. She loved tormenting what was inside that boot, and it seemed like she was getting closer to doing so. She saw the sole of the boot, and then the sides and just when she thought she saw everything, she now could see the inside of the empty boot. Helga imagined that Darby’s big size 11 foot was inside there just moments ago. “HAHAHAHAHA TAKE HAHAHAHAHA OFF HAHAHAHAHA YOUR SOCK!!!” she demanded.

    “Oh no!! Not that!! Not muh sock!!! You can’t take off muh sock!!! Please Helga....please don’t take off muh sock!” Darby teased. She started to wonder how far she should go. It was fun making Helga go crazy over her feet, just like she did back at the house. It really seemed to mesmerize the bounty hunter and that was when she and La Diabla were able to finally break her. Her mind started to race, and she felt nervous. Darby took a deep breath, then reached down to pull off her sock. “Oh no!! No!!! Muhh sock!! It’s coming off! Helga….please don’t do that to me!!” she continued to tease.

    La Diabla was enjoying listening to Darby tease Helga like crazy. Hearing Darby’s teasing words about her boot and sock, and even holding up her empty boot go her own arousal building. She knew how much she adored Darby’s big, pink feet herself. She also knew how much Helga loved them and she knew that Helga was going to fall apart any moment now. She slowed down her fingers on the arch and now looked at those meaty toes. She couldn’t believe what she was about to do, but she also knew it would send this brute of a woman into pure sexual madness. La Diabla put her head closer to the large toes and she stuck out her tongue. She placed the tip of her tongue at the base of the left big toe and slowly licked up the digit.

    Helga felt something very warm and moist on her big toe and it made her gasp. She lifted her head a little and saw La Diabla’s face at her toes. She could see flashes of that pink tongue licking away at her big toe and that sent waves of pleasure throughout her body. She did not expect that to happen. In all of her sexual escapades throughout her life, she never had anyone lick her toes. She would do it to other women, but it was never done to her. One time she had a victim kiss her foot, but that was on top of her foot and even her arch, but never her toes. Helga felt a tingle between her legs as the licking continued. It felt absolute incredible. Then, she heard another voice and her eyes looked up. What she saw made her heart nearly stop!

    Darby removed her right sock and now held it above Helga’s head. She quickly looked down and saw her barefoot and then she went back to looking at her sock. “Oh gawd!!! Muh sock is off!! Helga!! Please, you got to put muh sock back on!!! Muh foot is exposed! Please don’t to this to me! W-what are you going to do to muh foot?? No!!! Not that! Anything but that!!! You’re gonna……..tickle muh foot??” she teased.

    Helga let out a large groan when she heard Darby’s teasing words. She really wished she could tickle that exposed foot. She stared at Darby’s sock, and it absolutely mesmerized her. She saw that boot and the sock and that definitely meant that Darby had a bare foot exposed! She felt a large surge of lust course through her body, and she gasped as she felt La Diabla’s tongue now licking the meaty underside of her index toe. She felt her body trembling, her nipples were throbbing and the wetness between her legs grew exponentially. This teasing had a greater effect on her than she thought possible. That pleasure on her toes really made her horny and now listening to Darby doing teasing tickle talk about her foot only made her desire her more.

    La Diabla continued to lick the underside of the index toe and it surprised her that she was actually starting to enjoy it. She had no idea how the Russian’s foot would taste to her and was surprised just how tender the skin was. This woman was a dangerous brute, yet her feet were taken care of. She then started to lick the middle toe and when her eyes saw Darby’s sock in the air, she started to imagine she was about to lick Darby’s sweet toes. She felt her nipples were rock hard and throbbing and this was really getting her horny. She then started to flicker her tongue underneath those thick toes, and she heard some giggles coming from Helga. La Diabla was thrilled to find out that Helga was very sexually responsive to her feet being played with. It was time to really push this woman to the edge. She stopped her toe licking and then wrapped her lips around that massive big toe and started to suck hard! The toe itself filled most of her mouth due to its size, so her lips got a real good grip around it.

    Helga moaned very loudly when she felt those lips around her big toe. The pleasure that flowed through her was a new and exciting feeling. She absolutely loved it. This was something she rarely had happen to her because she was always the dominant. She would have women sexually please her, but this was a different experience. She continued to feel that suction on her big toe and her eyes still stared at Darby’s empty sock. Now, she started to crave an orgasm as her juices really started to flow. Her body started to writhe in pleasure and the wetness in her groin was growing more and more. Her mouth started to open wide, and she started to beg. “Please…..please let me see…*moan* your ticklish foot…please..”

    Darby was thrilled to hear Helga now starting to beg. It meant that the pleasure now overwhelmed the Russian and the plan was working. She continued to dangle her sock above Helga’s face, and she saw her eyes following the sock when she moved it. As she let the sock dangle, she looked down towards Helga’s feet and saw La Diabla sucking on that big toe. It looked so erotic to her at the moment. She knew what it felt like to get her toes sucked by the outlaw and her nipples got hard. She knew that one day again, she would make love to that beautiful woman, and she couldn’t wait for that to happen. Darby then looked down and remembered she had to tease Helga a little more. “No Helga!! Not muh foot!! You’re gonna tickle it!!! I will lose muh mind!”

    La Diabla finished sucking the big toe and when she removed her lips from that fat digit, she let a popping sound happen. She looked at the saliva coated toe and knew it was time to keep this up. She then wrapped her lips around the index toe and middle toe and started to suckle those toes as well. She made moaning sounds as though she was enjoying a delicious treat. She slid her tongue in between the crevices and heard a cute giggle come out. She let those two toes pop out of her mouth and licked her lips. “You have some delicious toes Helga…I can suck on them all day…” she teased.

    Helga moaned again after hearing Darby’s pleas to not get tickled and La Diabla talking about how good her toes tasted. She started to get excited and wanted to have sex. She forgot all about being their prisoner, she just wanted a release of the pressure being built up in her body. That toe sucking felt amazing, even if it did tickle her slightly when she felt that wet, slippery tongue, sliding up and down between her toes. Her back arched up a little and her hips started to grind. “Please….let me….let me see your foot…I want to tickle it so I can cum” she asked Darby. She wanted to see that pink foot as she came, to really drive her into sexual bliss.

    La Diabla heard Helga’s words and she smiled. The Russian was now at their sexual mercy and now it was time. She looked at the foot and then gave one long, slow lick, up the sole and could hear Helga moaning very loudly. She then stood up from her position and climbed on top of Helga’s legs. She got on all fours and seductively crawled up the body. “You know Helga, I think you deserve a reward….” she cooed.

    Helga lifted her head as she saw La Diabla crawling towards her like a lion stalking its prey. She held her breath when she saw the outlaw now sitting upright just above her knees and wondered what was about to happen to her. Her nipples felt like they were going to explode, and she was so aroused at the moment. Her eyes then popped wide open when she saw La Diabla reaching towards her hips. Her black and white striped pants did not have a belt, to prevent a prisoner from trying to commit suicide. She gasped as she felt the outlaw tugging down on her pants and felt it sliding over her hips. She was going to be exposed!!! Her heart started to race, but her arousal did not dissipate, it only increased. Helga heard La Diabla say she deserved a reward and after the outlaw was licking and sucking her toes, maybe the reward was for that pink tongue to lick her somewhere else….

    La Diabla pulled down the prisoner pants and saw the gray underwear beneath it. This moment took her back to the house when she had Helga helpless like this. Darby was already on her way to the Sheriff’s office, and she remained behind to really torture Helga. She could see the look of lust in Helga’s eyes, and she winked at her. With a smile on her face, she reached her hands forward and grabbed the edges of the underwear and started to tug them down. As the garment slid down, she could see some small pubic hair growing which meant Helga hasn’t shaved herself in a while. She remembered how smooth that love muscle was the first time and now, the hairs were growing back. La Diabla then pulled the underwear down far enough and revealed Helga’s pussy. She raised her right eyebrow as she was impressed by the sight. She did see that pale skin of Helga, but it was also very pink around the lips and groin area. Those weren’t there before. The pussy lips were a deep pink but not as much as above them and around the groin. That must have been where she applied the cream the first time. “Wow…someone looks very…..juicy…” she teased.

    Helga felt a wave of embarrassment as she was exposed. She remembered when La Diabla humiliated her back at that house, but she felt differently this time. This did not seem to be a move toward embarrassing her, this seemed like she was going to get some sexual satisfaction. Maybe both Darby and La Diabla wanted her to feel pleasure this time. Maybe they were attracted to her and wanted one final opportunity to make love to her. “Da! I am very wet…W-what will you do to me?” she smiled.

    “I am going to make you feel……..REAL……..good.” La Diabla whispered as she stared into Helga’s eyes. She could tell the woman was on that orgasmic edge and that’s where she wanted her. She then reached inside her vest pocket and pulled out the small paintbrush. This was becoming a favorite tool of hers to use on helpless, ticklish women since she did not have her owl feather with her. She twirled the brush between her fingers and slowly started to move the brush towards that sweet pussy. She loved the way the pussy looked with the very pouty pink lips, and she could also see the clit coming out of its hood. Just like the last time she played with Helga, the pussy was getting to be very aroused.

    Helga started to breathe heavily as she saw that brush descending towards her private area. She did not know how it would feel and was trying to prepare herself for that contact. She saw the bristles coming down and they were so close. Then…….contact!!! The brush did a swipe across her lips, and it felt absolutely intense. “OOOOOOOOHHH!!!” she groaned as she felt the brush now stroking up and down her lips. The waves of pleasure rocked her body, but she also felt a little tickling sensation. This made her hips writhe a little and when the brush got close to the inside of her lips, she made a pleasurable hissing sound.

    La Diabla enjoyed that sound of pleasure coming from Helga, and she continued her stroking. She could see the hips writhing and trying to buck a little. This let her know Helga really enjoyed the feeling of the brush. She also heard some very small giggles and that gave her a thrill. “Someone likes my brush, doesn’t she? I think you have a…..ticklish pussy too….Want me to tickle this drenched pussy of yours?” she teased.

    Helga groaned in pleasure and closed her eyes. She was enjoying this feeling and her body wanted to let go. It did tickle her a little, but the pleasure felt great. This was no torture she was receiving; this was pure erotic pleasure. She then opened her eyes and saw Darby above her. She saw the deputy stand up and she wondered what was about to happen. Then, she felt her head spinning as she saw Darby starting to lift her right leg. Was she about to….? Helga held her breath in anticipation and her body trembled when the brush started to slowly strike the inside parts of her pink, wet lips.

    Darby tried to maintain her balance on her left leg as she was about to really mess with Helga’s mind. She had put her boot and sock down on the ground and held out her arms to maintain her balance. Then, her right leg was lifted, and she moved her foot to be directly over Helga’s face. She showed her barefoot to the Russian and casually wiggled her toes. “Oh no!!! Helga!! You got muh foot! No!! Don’t touch it!! It’s gonna…..it’s gonna…..TICKLE!!! Please don’t tickle muh foot! I can’t stand that! Anything but that!” she said teasingly as she wiggled her toes again.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Helga groaned as she saw that deep pink sole just inches above her face. She could see that meaty sole and she felt every nerve in her body on fire when she saw the toes wiggle. She remembered tickling that foot viciously and enjoyed every moment of it. Now, it was so close to her again. She remembered Darby’s foot when she was trapped inside the house and wondered if she would be able to touch that skin again. Her breathing got really heavy and her lust was reaching a new height. That brush on her pussy was also driving her insane and she couldn’t hold back anymore. “GIVE ME YOUR FOOT!!! AAARRRGHH MAKE ME CUM DAMMIT!! PLEASE MAKE ME CUM!!!” she screamed out as she was on edge.

    La Diabla looked up and saw Darby holding up her bare foot and knew Helga was going to lose all sense of reality. She had to hand it to Darby, she definitely knew how to reach Helga’s mental weakness. She then looked back down at the pussy and watched the brush do its magic on that area. She then moved the brush to the clit and started to swirl it around that button. It was quite a large clit, so the brush was easily able to circle around it. She saw the clit spread the bristles apart and she made sure she went very slow. “That’s right Helga…you have that delicious pink foot right by your face. I know you want to tickle it…You want to hear Darby laughing her pretty head off, don’t you? I know this sweet pussy of yours wants to cum. It’s so ticklish and you smell nice….I want you to cum. Will you cum for me Helga? If you do, you can tickle that sweet foot. I will even help you…” she teased, then winked at Darby.

    Darby saw that wink and smiled. “Oh no Helga! If you cum, you’re going to tickle me! Muh foot wouldn’t be able to take it. I am giggling hehehehehe already imagining what your gonna do to me…please, don’t cum. I will be tickled if you do…” she said seductively.

    Helga’s body was on the edge of an orgasmic cliff as that brush teased her and she felt all that energy building up in her loins. Then when she heard she would be able to tickle that sweet, pink tenderfoot above her face she felt that wave at its peak. She heard La Diabla tell her that she will help tickle Darby and that sent her over the edge as the brush swirled even faster. “DA…….DA…….DA……DDDAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” she screamed loudly as that brush did one last stroke which sent her over the edge. A massive feeling of pleasure washed over her, and her body shook violently as she felt the orgasm ripping through her. It was unbelievable that she was cumming this hard. Her eyes were shut tight, her mouth was wide open, and she felt her body become very stiff, then it shook as she felt wave after wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. Helga was in pure heaven as she continued to feel those waves. She even started to mewl a little as her body was floating on air.

    Darby put her foot back down and smiled. This was all part of their plan and now that Helga came, it was time to get some valuable information. She looked at La Diabla who had this very sweet smile on her face. She loved that beautiful face, and she blew her a kiss. Their mission was about to be complete. She smiled when she saw La Diabla reaching inside her vest pocket one more time and pulled out a container. She looked at Helga’s face and could see that woman was definitely on another world and must have felt really good. “Oh sweet Helga..wasn’t that amazing?” she teased.

    Helga was still trembling after her massive orgasm and continued to bask in the pleasure. It has been a while since she had an orgasm, and it relieved a lot of her stress. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Darby looking at her. She had a smile because now that she came, she was going to tickle that foot! “That…that felt SO good…..mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmmmm. Now…..give me your foot. I want to tickle it..hehehe” she giggled.

    “I’m afraid that’s not gonna happen dear. You see, you came and that’s what we wanted you to do…” Darby responded with a smile.

    Helga had a look of confusion on her face as she heard what Darby said. She wasn’t going to tickle that sweet foot? “W-what do you mean? I came!! I was told I can tickle you if I had an orgasm!” she said, now feeling frustrated. Her craving for that foot grew and she wanted to touch it.

    “That’s not how it works Helga. You see, we wanted to make you cum. We wanted you to feel absolute pleasure to get your body ready. I am looking at this pussy of yours and wow, it is a messy pussy right now. I see your cream all over the place. Somebody came her brains out..hehehe” La Diabla teased.

    Helga lifted her head and stared at La Diabla. “What do you mean you wanted me to cum? Why give me pleasure?” she asked, now feeling some frustration growing. These two women wanted her to have an orgasm? This was confusing her as to why she would be granted such pleasure.

    “Now, that your pussy is soooooo juicy right now, I will give you ONE opportunity. One chance to avoid your worst nightmare. Tell us who the buyer is, or I just might……..have to put this cream on your pussy again. Hehehe” La Diabla threatened and then held up the small bottle.

    Helga’s eyes nearly came out of her head when she saw that small bottle. It was her bottle from back at the house. It was the same bottle she kept in case the larger jar ran out and in case she had to be mobile. Her breath was taken away as she realized that because she came, that liquid lust of hers would really react with that cream and she would suffer even more than she did the first time. “Nyet…Nyet…. You can’t be serious????” she said in a panic.

    “Oh, I am DEAD SERIOUS. Don’t think for a moment I won’t put the rest of this bottle inside your juicy pussy if I don’t get what I want. You should have seen what it did to Svetlana. Oh, it really made her suffer. Hehehe That was a sweet moment. Now, Darby is going to ask you a question. I really suggest you answer her….” La Diabla threatened, then unscrewed the cap of the bottle.

    Helga’s body grew rigid as the threat of that cream mortified her. It also broke her heart knowing that her comrade Svetlana suffered under that cream as well. She definitely knew how a body’s moisture and that cream interacted and with her sexual fluids being all over her groin area, she would lose her mind. She remembered how she suffered, and it took doctors a few hours to figure out how to get some aloe to treat her. If that cream goes inside her now, she may never recover. She wasn’t even fully recovered from the first meeting. Her mouth went dry and then she looked at Darby who had this huge smile on her face.

    “Now Helga…..what is the name of the buyer? I suggest you tell me because you KNOW La Diabla will not hesitate to put that cream inside you.” Darby said as she looked down at the bounty hunter. This was the moment of truth for Darby. She really hoped that Helga would start talking or she would be taken part in true torture of a criminal. When the plan was first discussed to her, La Diabla assured her that Helga would start talking to avoid this cream. Darby had told the outlaw she couldn’t allow that cream to be put on the prisoner as it would be too cruel and inhumane. She started to get nervous because if Helga called their bluff, she would never learn the name of the buyer.

    Helga’s mind started to spin, and she looked down at La Diabla who had a menacing look on her face. She knew the outlaw would not hesitate to apply that cream to her body because she already did it. She knew she meant business. She closed her eyes and started to feel them having tears form. This was such a humiliating moment for her as she begged to have an orgasm and now, she was going to be forced to give up the name. In her mind, she was defeated by these two women and there was nothing she could do. One tear came down her cheek from her left eye and she opened the eyes back up. “Ok….I will tell you. Please don’t have her put that cream on me. Please…I will die…” she whimpered.

    “I couldn’t hear that from here. Say it louder! In fact, I want you to BEG!!!” La Diabla demanded.

    Helga looked at the outlaw and saw the sadistic, evil look on the face. This was her crushing defeat and shame washed over her. The outlaw had won because she would not live through another application of that cream. She knew La Diabla was going to further humiliate her, but she had no choice. “Please…please don’t put that on me!! You know what you did to me last time! I…I don’t want to suffer….” she started to cry.

    Darby was stunned. For the first time in a very long time, she was completely stunned. The most physically imposing woman she ever met, the same woman who broke her and La Diabla was now crying. This moment was very surreal to her, and it took her a moment to gather her own wits again. “Um…what’s the name of the buyer?” she said with the sound of shock in her voice.

    Helga saw the bottle so close to her pussy, the tears started to fall. She then looked at Darby and saw the look of shock on her face. She knew she had to tell her everything. “The name of the buyer…it is……Christos Andino. He’s…..he’s from Greece…” she admitted.

    Darby cocked her head to the side and was surprised she got the admission. She nodded her head to La Diabla as they got what they wanted. “Christos Andino, huh? Thank you Helga for being such a cooperative prisoner. I knew you could do it…” she taunted.

    La Diabla put the cap back on the bottle and placed it back in her vest. She then reached down and stroked her fingers across the moist pussy and got Helga’s body to jump. She lifted her hand and saw the Russian’s juices on her fingers and gave it a lick. “Mmmm…not bad at all. Good job Helga and I want you to remember this. If I ever see you again, I promise, I will punish this pussy. Understand?” she threatened.

    Helga nodded her head as she felt relief that the cream was not going to be placed inside her pussy. She felt shameful as these women beat her at her own game. She revealed the name of the buyer, which meant they beat her. Then, she remembered something about that particular buyer which made her smile. “Yes..I understand. I want to tell you both something. The buyer is Christos Andino, but he is not who you should worry about. You should fear his chief lieutenant. If you think I was tough, then you will be surprised at her. Remember this name if you decide to go after them. Remember the name……. Thalia Laskaris…” she warned. The thought of that woman made her smile as she knew how dangerous she was. She also started to think that maybe, just maybe Thalia would end these two women after all.

    “Thalia huh? Well, we will see about that…..” Darby said as she started to put her sock back on, followed by her boot. She was very happy that she got the name and now she could go back to the US Department of Justice to investigate these names. She finished putting on her boot and saw La Diabla getting off of Helga. She looked down at Helga one more time and smiled. “Goodbye Helga. Enjoy your time in prison. Look at it this way, at least we made you cum..hehehe” she chuckled.

    La Diabla walked over towards Darby and smiled. She was really proud of the deputy as they managed to break the Russian and left her in shambles. “Good job deputy. You have to admit, that was really fun. Now, shall we go?” she said.

    “Yes, I think it is time to go. Before we do, let’s get her loose. I don’t think she will be able to do anything. She’s done for….” Darby responded. She then knelt down and loosened the ropes from the cot and the wrist shackles. She looked down towards Helga’s feet and saw La Diabla removing the rope from the cot and the ankle shackles. Once she finished taking the rope, she pulled Helga’s pants back up to cover her exposed pussy. They wanted to leave no signs of the torture session. Darby also knew that the Sheriff would never believe Helga if she told them what happened. She headed towards the door with La Diabla and before the exited, she pulled the outlaw closer to her.

    La Diabla felt Darby pulling her closer to her and she felt a little nervous. What was Darby up to? She then felt Darby starting to whisper in her ear. She could hear her tell her that she would have to leave first, so she could leave and not get caught while Darby finishes talking to the deputies. Then, she heard her talking about something else. What she heard surprised her and her eyes grew big. She looked over at Darby’s face and saw that sweet smile. La Diabla felt a warmth in her body as she couldn’t believe what she was told. She felt herself feeling emotional, and then nodded her head. She then exited the room so she could make her escape.

    Darby looked over at Helga one last time as the bounty hunter was laying on the cot. Breaking her was one of her greatest accomplishments and after capturing Anika, Priscilla, Gloria and now knowing Helga, Svetlana and a shopkeeper named Melissa were all in custody, she felt extremely proud. She left the cell, closed the door behind her and tipped her hat. “Mission accomplished…..” she told herself with a smile.

    Cheyenne was walking through the village along with Aleshanee next to her. It felt great for her to be back home amongst her people after that very intense mission. The other members of the Elu tribe including her parents, Chief Wanbli and her mother Isi were thrilled she returned safe and sound. She told them that the mission was complete and that they found La Diabla and even apprehended Priscilla Montenegro. She informed them that Gloria Wellington was also captured, and that horrible sex trafficking ring was now finished. They were all anxious to hear the stories of what happened, and she laughed and told them they had to wait until La Diabla came back, so they could tell everyone their adventure. There was a moment that Cheyenne felt sadness and that was when she gave that knife back to Maiko, their chief warrior. When she handed it over, she remembered how she almost used it and that made her sad. She never knew she had that kind of rage in her and it frightened her. Cheyenne didn’t tell him what happened, she just said that she didn’t have to use it because Darby and La Diabla took care of it. She enjoyed her ride back home with a local carrier from Santa Selena and when she saw her village, she felt tremendous joy in her heart because she no longer had to fear Priscilla. Seeing those happy faces definitely warmed her heart and she felt true joy. Now, she was walking with her best friend and just enjoyed the moment.

    “Come on Shikoba!!!! Tell me what happened! I won’t tell anyone else. I’m your best friend!!” Aleshanee playfully whined. She grabbed Cheyenne’s arm and playfully tugged at it.

    “hehehe no!! I told you I can’t do that yet. We are waiting for Qaletaqa! I promise, when she comes back, we will let you know how crazy it was. I can say this…there is a lot of suspense! There is a lot of action!! Everything was hanging in the balance but then……” Cheyenne started to describe with excitement in her voice.

    “Then what???? What happened???” Aleshanee said with excitement. She really wanted to know what happened.

    “Then…….I can’t tell you. Hehehehe” Cheyenne joked. She saw the look on Aleshanee’s face and could tell she got her best friend all riled up, only to pull the rug from her.

    “You are SO mean!!!” Aleshanee laughed. She should have known Cheyenne was going to try and fool her. “You know Shikoba…..I could always just tackle you, pin you down and tickle you. You know I know your weak spots. I will make you sing like a ticklish canary! So…..are you going to tell me, or do I have to tickle it out of you? Hehehehe” she threatened with an evil laugh.

    Cheyenne froze up as she heard the tickle threat, and she knew her best friend did know all of her weak spots. “You wouldn’t!! You would do that to me?” she smiled.

    “Oh yes!! In fact, how about right now?!!” Aleshanee laughed as she reached forward and goosed Cheyenne’s ribs. She saw her friend hunch over and she did a few more squeezes. She heard Cheyenne squeal that ticklish laughter and she loved it. Tickling Cheyenne was always one of her favorite things to do. She thought about tickling her all over and especially on those cute barefeet of hers.

    “Princess Shikoba! Come!” a member of the Elu tribe said as he approached the duo.

    Cheyenne managed to compose herself as she heard the tribal member say. She was grateful they interrupted because she was about to be in a very ticklish situation and was going to laugh hysterically. She looked over at Aleshanee and stuck out her tongue. “hehe you didn’t get me!” she teased.

    “Oh I will…..just you wait Shikoba! Just you wait….” Aleshanee said in a foreboding voice.

    Cheyenne giggled and definitely feared getting tickled by Aleshanee again. She then followed the tribal member as they were making it to the outskirts of the village area. When she got to the location she looked up at the large hill and saw a wagon coming. She wondered who it was, and she turned towards the villager. “Who is that?” she asked.

    “It is Qaletaqa and she brought her friends!” the person answered.

    Cheyenne felt a lot of excitement in her body as her friends were arriving. This was what she was waiting for, and her adrenaline really started to flow. “Yay!! Ok, go tell my mother and father that they have arrived. Hurry!” she told the person.

    Aleshanee stood next to Cheyenne on her left and wrapped her right arm around Cheyenne’s shoulders. “They’re here! I am excited. I want to thank these people for helping you, my friend. They made sure you were safe.” she said with some emotion in her voice. She leaned over and gave Cheyenne a quick kiss on her left cheek.

    Cheyenne beamed when she heard the words, felt the kiss on her cheek and the arm wrapped around her. It was true, these women all helped her make it through a very traumatizing time and she would be eternally grateful. Her parents were once again going to throw a celebration party and she couldn’t wait to tell them. As the wagon got closer, she noticed there were more people than she expected. In the wagon she could see La Diabla and Darby, but also Bessie, Phoebe and even Father Robert! That shocked her as she did not expect to see him.

    La Diabla sat in the wagon, and she saw the Elu tribe village getting closer. She felt an excitement in her body as she loved this place. She was also returning after finally finishing off Priscilla. Now, she could fully relax and enjoy herself. Next to her was Darby as they were the ones who were guiding the horses. She could feel her emotions growing because she knew Darby was going to go back home very soon. She was told by Darby that she had to return with the man from the US Department of Justice and they were leaving back to Plotsville tonight. This was going to really hurt as she did not want Darby to leave. She wanted one more night with her, to have another love making session. Her eyes then located a certain beautiful young woman who was just beaming with joy as they got closer. La Diabla felt a tremendous amount of joy because Cheyenne was finally free from the evil clutches of Priscilla and there was a special gift for her. The wagon then came to a stop, and she got off the wagon and started walking towards the people. She could see Chief Wanbli and Isi arrive and now she saw that bundle of energy running right at her. This time, she prepared herself to receive that hug.

    “YOU MADE IT!!!!!” Cheyenne shouted as she ran towards La Diabla. Once she got to her, she wrapped her arms tightly around her body and squeezed tightly. She absolutely loved giving hugs and this hug was filled with so much love. The last time she saw La Diabla was when they were leaving the docks after defeating Gloria. Now, she was here with her back home. “You made it back!!! I am so happy to see you!!” she said with true joy.

    “Yes little one, I am back. Hehehe” La Diabla said as she hugged her back. She looked around and all the people appeared happy. “You’re squeezing me to death though…” she playfully said.

    “Oh, sorry. Hehehe” Cheyenne giggled as she let go of the hug. She loved giving tight hugs. Her eyes then looked over and she saw Darby walk over, as well as Bessie, Phoebe and Father Robert. “You ALL came!! I am so happy! Father Robert, you are here too?” she said with a large smile.

    “Yes Cheyenne, I am here too. I had to join these lovely people to visit this place. It is so good to see you again, especially after what happened. I want to apologize for my part in what happened. I did not know Priscilla Montenegro could be so cruel to you. It broke my heart when I found out you were kidnapped. Forgive me…” Father Robert said as she hugged Cheyenne.

    Cheyenne felt happy to see the good Father from the mission. She always enjoyed interacting with him and she understood his guilt. He was the one who introduced her to Priscilla, but there was no way he could have known. “There is no need to forgive you Father Robert. You didn’t know she was an evil woman. Thank you for caring about me….” she said. Her eyes then looked over at Bessie and she went to go hug her.

    Bessie saw Cheyenne walking over to her and she reached out her own arms to receive that hug. “Cheyenne!!! Oh, it is SO good to see you!” she said with a large smile. She really connected with Cheyenne and knew she made a life long friend.

    “Yes!!! I am so happy to see you too!! I am glad you can make it. I hope you stay for a while. My parents are having a large celebration, so you have to stay! It will be fun!” Cheyenne said. She then looked over at Phoebe and went to hug her too. “Thank you for coming. I hope you enjoy yourself. Thank you for everything too.” she said.

    “Oh, it is my pleasure. I am happy to see you back home Cheyenne. I am glad this crazy nightmare is over, and we can all return to our lives. I know I have a lot to do as I have to take over my family business, but I will be ok. Besides, Bessie will be my Head assistant, so I know everything will be ok.” Phoebe said with a smile.

    “That’s so nice!! Bessie is an amazing woman, and I am sure she will do a great job for you!” Cheyenne told her with a large smile. Now, her eyes looked over at Darby. That beautiful deputy meant a lot to her as she was the one who comforted her when they confronted Priscilla. She was grateful for what Darby did, to prevent her from making a huge mistake on her part. She slowly walked up to Darby and gave her a loving hug. She felt small next to the much taller Deputy, but she loved her a lot. “Thank you Darby, thank you for everything. I mean it…” she said.

    (soundtrack song: Carlos Santana "Maria Maria" instrumental https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=DFDAWasYOfo )

    “It is my pleasure, Cheyenne. I am glad I was able to help you.” Darby smiled. The hug then broke free, and she looked at the beautiful young lady. She also saw her parents and she felt a little nervous. It was time for her to give Cheyenne her gift that she had planned. “Now…..I want to give you a gift Cheyenne.” she said nervously.

    “A gift? For me?” Cheyenne asked in surprise. She did not expect any kind of a gift. She didn’t do that much in their mission, so she had no idea why she would deserve one. She looked over at the circle of friends and even back at her parents. She had no idea what was about to happen.

    “Yes, a gift that you deserve. I remember when we went to Santa Selena together and you told me about a dream that you had. You told me that you always wanted to go to a school. Priscilla tricked you into thinking you were going to go to one, then she did what she did. So muh gift to you is…..” Darby started. She saw the look on Cheyenne’s face which was in anticipation, and she smiled. “….you’re going to go to a school. You will be going to St. Helena’s emissary school for girls that is near Los Angeles.” she announced.

    Cheyenne heard what Darby said, but it didn’t immediately register in her mind. Did Darby actually tell her that she would be attending a school? “What? I am going to do what?” she asked in shock.

    “You are going to go to a school sweetie. You deserve it. I managed to have muh friend in the US Department of Justice ask the school to admit you based on all the bravery that you showed during this mission. You helped bring down a major trafficking ring and he was happy to do it. Then Phoebe over there offered to pay for your schooling. It won’t cost you anything at all to attend. So Cheyenne, ready to go to school?” Darby asked with a large smile. She was excited to bring this news to Cheyenne.

    Cheyenne’s jaw dropped as she heard Darby just tell her that she was admitted to a school for girls near Los Angeles and that Phoebe was paying for everything. Her body started to tremble, and she raised her hands to her face to cover her mouth. Her emotions started to overwhelm her, and her knees started to buckle. “I-I’m going to…..s-school? Is this real?” she asked as she looked over at La Diabla.

    “Yes Cheyenne, it is true. Your dream is coming true…” La Diabla responded. She started to get emotional because Cheyenne deserved this opportunity. After everything this young woman went through, to all the people she helped, there was no one more deserving of this moment.

    Cheyenne’s eyes started to fill with happy tears as she was in shock after hearing the news. She slowly turned around and looked at her mother and father who also had shocked looks on their faces. “I’m going to school? I am going to school??” she said towards them. Then her joy poured out as she started jumping up and down in place, her arms waving in the air in her excitement. “I’M GOING TO SCHOOL!!!” she shouted.

    Chief Wanbli was absolutely stunned and humbled by the gracious offer. To see his daughter so happy right now, made his eyes well up with tears and his heart full of joy. He looked over at his wife and she had tears in her eyes. He wrapped his arm around her as they both watched their daughter in such happiness.

    Cheyenne then turned around and looked at these women who were her friends. Her emotions got the best of her, and she let the tears of joy fall from her face. She walked shakily over to Darby and then hugged her. “Thank you…..thank you Darby…..you… you are so wonderful…” she cried.

    Darby started to get emotional herself as she felt the emotion in that hug. It did her heart good to give this gift to Cheyenne. “You’re welcome sweet Cheyenne. You deserve it sweetie, you really do.” she whispered back.

    Cheyenne let the tears fall from her eyes as she felt such a joy. After the year she had, this was the absolute best thing she could have heard. A year ago, her dream was taken away and her life was miserable. Now, that dream was going to be a reality. She broke the hug from Darby and then looked over at Father Robert. He had tears in his eyes, and she smiled.

    “You deserve this, Cheyenne. You are going to do great, and I made sure you got into the best school we could find.” Father Robert told her. This was a moment he was truly proud of. To help undo all the evil that Priscilla inflicted on this beautiful young soul.

    Cheyenne continued to let the tears fall as she felt incredibly happy. She then looked over at La Diabla. She felt her heart beating faster as she looked at the woman who meant so much to her over this time. She walked to her with tears falling and when she got to her, she wrapped her arms around her and hugged her tightly. “I’m going to school….” she cried.

    La Diabla couldn’t help but smile as she felt the love in this hug. She knew Cheyenne was happy and to see her light up with so much energy, she felt tremendously proud. “Yes, you are going to school. And, I will personally go with you to drop you off at the school. I want to be there as you take such an important step in your life.” she whispered, then kissed her forehead.

    Cheyenne let all of her emotions come out listening to those words. It all seemed surreal, and she could not describe just how happy she was. The hug slowly broke and she looked at La Diabla’s face. There was so much emotion flowing through her and she wanted to let it all out. “Thank you….thank you….thank you…..” she kept saying.

    La Diabla smiled back as she knew just how happy Cheyenne was. “You deserve this. I am so proud of you…” she whispered.

    Cheyenne hugged La Diabla again and she hugged even tighter. “Thank you for everything you have done for me. I am so grateful to you, and I don’t know how I could ever repay you. You saved my life…if it wasn’t for you, I would not be here right now. You saved me and I will be eternally grateful to you. I love you Qaletaqa. I love you with everything I have. You will always have a special place in my heart. You are my family now. I will love you forever…” she whispered in La Diabla’s ear.

    La Diabla heard those sweet words and that got her. She couldn’t help herself and she started to cry. Listening to the gratitude of Cheyenne filled her heart with love. It was true, they both went through a lot together and to be at this moment, to share in this amazing gift was something she would never forget. To hear that she was part of Cheyenne’s family meant everything to her. “I love you too Shikoba….you deserve this. You truly do…I’m just so proud of you….” she whispered back as her tears continued to fall from her eyes.

    Darby wiped her eyes as she watched La Diabla and Cheyenne hugging each other. It was an emotional moment, and she was so happy to be a part of it. She walked over to Chief Wanbli and Isi. She could see the proud looks on their faces and that made her feel so warm inside. When she got to them, she saw Isi approach her and then give her a hug.

    “Thank you…thank you for doing this for Shikoba. She is so happy right now…” Isi told her.

    “Yes, our daughter is so full of joy right now thanks to you and the others. I don’t know how we could ever repay you for your generosity.” Wanbli told her.

    “You don’t have to repay me. I wanted to do it. Your tribe has been so welcoming to me. Cheyenne, er, Shikoba deserves this. She did so much to help me and Qaletaqa. Without her help, we would not have succeeded. She was so brave, so strong and she showed great signs of leadership. I couldn’t think of a better person to send to this school than her. She will do you and your people proud. I am sure of it.” Darby responded. She saw the parents with joyful tears in their eyes and it warmed her heart.

    “You are so kind. Thank you for helping my daughter. I have great faith in her that one day she will lead our people proudly. I hope all of you stay for our celebration. You should know by now; we like to celebrate. Haha” Wanbli said with a small chuckle.

    “That sounds really nice Chief. Unfortunately, I will have to leave soon. It is time for me to go back to muh home. Someone is taking me back and I leave soon. I want to thank you for everything. I absolutely love it here and your people are very kind, and very wonderful. I hope to visit again one day. I think the others will enjoy your celebration.” Darby told them.

    “We will hate to see you go, but we understand. We wish you very safe travels and thank you for everything you have done. You are a kind woman and anytime you want to visit, you are more than welcome.” Wanbli told her, then gave her a hug.

    Darby basked in the hug and she felt her heart melting. She truly did enjoy being around the Elu tribe and meeting everyone. She wished she could stay, but Mr. Michaels from the DOJ was waiting for her. She broke the hug and then looked over at La Diabla. She was still interacting with a very excited Cheyenne, and she felt really nervous right now. She knew this was the moment she would have to say goodbye to a woman that she grew very close with during this mission. A woman who she made to love to and fell deeply in love with. The two women had been through a lot on this journey, and it broke her heart that it was going to end. She had no idea when she would ever see the outlaw again, and it was going to be really hard to say goodbye. She walked over to the group of ladies and saw how much fun they were having.

    “Thank you again Phoebe for everything. You are so nice to pay for my schooling. You didn’t have to do that.” Cheyenne said as she kept smiling.

    “It is my pleasure. La Diabla told me what you went through over the past year, and it broke my heart knowing that my own mother played a part in your suffering. It is the least I can do. It is from my own money that was set aside for me, since my mother’s assets are frozen right now. But, promise me this. You will go to that school, and you do well. I want you to take advantage of this opportunity and become someone great. I know you can do it. I see how talented you are, and I look forward to seeing you again one day.” Phoebe said with a smile. She loved seeing the sheer joy in Cheyenne.

    Darby stood next to La Diabla and gently nudged into her. She saw that beautiful face look at hers and she smiled. With her body trembling a little, it was time for her to say goodbye. “Hey, can I talk to you alone for a moment? I have to leave soon and well…..I want to say goodbye to you.” she whispered.

    La Diabla’s heart stopped for a moment as she heard Darby’s words. She knew this moment was going to happen and now it arrived. It was time to say goodbye to a woman who held her heart. “Ok….” she stammered. She then walked over to Cheyenne and the group. “Hey, I will be right back. Me and Darby have to talk for a moment. I will be right back.” she told Cheyenne.

    (soundtrack song for this scene: PM Dawn "I'd Die without you" https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=p5JPT1mmlUw )

    Darby saw the group smile and she then started to walk with La Diabla up the hill. They wanted a little privacy, so they headed to the other side of the hill, away from everyone’s eyes. Each step she took was very heavy and she felt her body starting to sweat. She felt so nervous at this moment. This was the hardest walk she ever had to do. It reminded her when she said goodbye to the outlaw after they defeated Madam Olivia. That was the beginning of her feelings for the outlaw, and now after everything they went through, they were saying goodbye again. They both made it to the top of the hill, and she looked back towards the Elu tribe. That village from this height look so peaceful and happy. Then, she felt her right hand get grabbed. She looked down and saw La Diabla grabbing her hand with hers.

    “Come on….let’s go.” La Diabla whispered as she led Darby down the other side of the hill. She felt her lungs and heart in her throat as this moment was now here. Once they made it to a safe distance on the side of the hill, they stopped. La Diabla looked at Darby’s face and could see the emotion in it. Her own emotions started to build up and she felt extremely nervous. “So, you’re about to leave, huh?” she mumbled. She did not let go of Darby’s hand.

    “Yeah, I have to leave. Mr. Michaels is waiting for me, and we leave for Plotsville in a few hours…” Darby responded. She looked at that amazing face and butterflies filled her belly. She wanted to tell her so many different things, so she decided to be brave and just say them. “Salem….”

    “Darby…” La Diabla said at the same time when Darby called her name. She laughed as she knew they both had something to say.

    “hehe you first…” Darby grinned.

    “Ok….I just want to say thank you. Thank you for everything. You know it is hard for me to express my feelings, but I want to let you know that I truly appreciate you. You saved me Darby. You really did. Back in that cavern, when we were in a cage, you really helped me get through the most emotional moment of my life. The love you showed me, the empathy, the true concern for my well being, well…..it made me realize how much I love having you in my life…” La Diabla began, her eyes filling with joyful tears.

    “Salem…it was muh pleasure to be there with you. Being trapped in that cavern, we both endured a lot. Those women…well…they really pushed us beyond our limits. I needed you too. You have saved me too. You’re so strong, so powerful, so….beautiful. You have a beautiful heart Salem, you really do…” Darby responded.

    La Diabla wiped a tear from her eye with her right hand and took a deep breath. “No, you don’t realize how much your comfort did for me. I really thought I was done for. You showed me true strength. It was because of you that we are standing here today. You are truly one of a kind. I don’t open my heart very often, but you are in there Darby. You are in my heart, and I adore you so much….”

    Darby felt a tear of joy fall from her right eye as she heard those sweet words. “Well, you showed me your love too. When I got shot, I didn’t know what to do. I was never in that position before. It seems a little silly now, since it wasn’t a major injury, but I was really scared. You are the one who got me to the hospital, and you did it without worrying about anyone recognizing you. You showed your compassion and love for me, and I will never forget that. I will also never forget the night we spent together…”

    La Diabla let another tear fall from her eye as she listened to the nervous tone in Darby’s voice. She then took Darby’s left hand with her other hand and now both hands were held. “Darby, that night we spent together was the most special night of my life. I felt your love and your passion, and it made me realize how much you care about me. No one has shown me that kind of love before. I look forward to the day we can do it again. I want to show you my passion for you…” she said with love in her voice.

    “I look forward to that. Thank you, Salem. You are in muh heart too. You saved muh life and I will always be grateful…” Darby told the beautiful outlaw.

    “When I saw you on the floor hurt, my world nearly ended. I was so scared for you. I haven’t been that scared since I was a little girl. I thought you were going to die and when I found out that you would live, the emotions I felt were intense. I was so happy that I could hold you again, to speak to you, to be around you. Darby, I’d die without you….” La Diabla told her, her voice cracking with emotion.

    Darby’s heart melted when she heard those words and allowed more tears to fall from her face. “Oh Salem….I wish I didn’t have to leave. This is killing me…I just want to say that I….I….I…..” she stammered.

    La Diabla smiled as she knew what Darby was trying to say. It filled her heart with tremendous joy and love to know how Darby felt about her. “Same…” she simply said.

    Darby heard that response and she couldn’t contain herself anymore. She leaned down and kissed La Diabla right on her lips. The emotion of the moment took over and that kiss was the best kiss she ever felt in her life. Her legs shook and she continued to put her passion into it. The kiss went on for a minute and it finally broke. “Salem…..what am I gonna do with you? Hehe” she giggled.

    La Diabla smiled at Darby’s words. They let each other’s hands go and she reached up towards Darby’s face and caressed those tear soaked cheeks. “We will see each other again. I look forward to that day my sweet…” she whispered.

    Darby felt those warm hands on her cheeks, and she swooned. Her feelings were reaching a new level for the outlaw, and she wanted to be with her all the time. “You know, you could always become a deputy and live in Plotsville. I could see you every day…” she smiled.

    La Diabla chuckled at that suggestion. She loved Darby trying to come up with a way for them to see each other more often. “Or, you can give up the deputy life and join me here. I mean, you have a little outlaw in you after what I saw you do to Priscilla and especially Gloria. My sweet Darby has a little bad girl in her!” she teased.

    Darby giggled at the suggestion. She knew she went well beyond what she thought she was capable of. She also did not regret her actions. Seeing that smile on La Diabla’s face really made her heart skip a few beats. This was much harder than she thought. “So, what will you do now? What will you do with yourself?” she asked, trying to find a way to talk to the outlaw.

    “I don’t know. I will spend the next month here with the Elu tribe. I want to take Cheyenne to her school and make sure she gets there safe. Thank you for what you did for her. She deserves that kind of happiness. She went through hell and now, she could start realizing her own dreams. After that, I might go back to Mexico. I have to take care of some unresolved business there.” La Diabla informed.

    “I really like Cheyenne too. That young woman went through so much, but you know, she is such a strong woman in that tiny body. Hehehe” Darby joked. She then reflected on La Diabla’s plans. “You want to go back to Mexico? What do you have to do there?” she asked.

    “I have to find El Guapo. The last time I was there, our villa was destroyed, and I don’t know his whereabouts. I have to find him and see what his fate is…” La Diabla explained.

    “Why? Why go back to find El Guapo? I mean, this is your chance to start a new life. To get away from that gang and to begin a better life for yourself. You are doing so well Salem, why bother with him?” Darby asked. She was worried that if La Diabla found El Guapo, she could return to her criminal ways.

    “I have to know Darby. This may be hard to believe, but our gang, it was like a family of sorts. I have to know if he survived, or if he died. I will come back to the Elu tribe. I love it here. The area is so peaceful, and I love the people. Don’t worry about me, I will be ok. But I have to take care of that business first. Plus, I want to be here again. It also gives you an idea where I am. You could always visit me you know…” La Diabla smiled.

    Darby was still worried, but at least La Diabla told her that she would return to this wonderful tribe. It was a good idea to know where she was, because she did not want that mystery of wondering where she was. She could find her and have a place to be with the outlaw. She knew it was too risky for La Diabla to see her in Plotsville since she was still a wanted criminal. Nonetheless, she was still worried. “Be careful, ok? Like you, I’d die without you…” she smiled.

    “I will…” La Diabla said in a whisper. She truly loved the fact that Darby was concerned about her. “We have to see each other again. After all, I still have to tickle those big, pink feet of yours. You lost the contest, remember? Hehehe” she teased.

    Darby couldn’t help but chuckle at that comment. It was true, she did lose that contest during their love making, which meant she had to subject her feet to La Diabla’s tickling fingers. “Yes, you’re right. You do get to tickle muh feet. I actually am looking forward to that. Don’t take too long or I will have to tickle yours. Hehe Thank you Salem….I am gonna miss you so much…” she said with her voice quivering.

    “Yes, I will miss you too…stay safe Darby…” La Diabla responded. Then she got close to Darby and hugged her.

    This hug was very special for both women. They were together on the hillside holding each other in a loving embrace as the gentle breeze flowed through their hair. They felt each other’s warmth and it soothed their souls. Neither woman knew when they would see each other after this day, but they knew that when they reunite, it would be a very special moment in both of their lives. For now, they just enjoyed this warm embrace, and everything was peaceful at this moment. They both knew their love would only grow from this moment forward.


    Darby was at her desk in the Sheriff’s station in Plotsville, finishing up some last minute paperwork. She arrived back in town earlier in the day and was greeted with a hero’s welcome. Word spread across the town that Darby managed to bring down the large sex trafficking ring, and she was going to receive a major honor the next day. She thought about her adventures the entire train ride back. She thought about everything that took place the last time she was home. She went undercover and met the wonderful Bessie Johnson as she investigated Gloria Wellington. She wound up in California only to have her identity discovered. She was ruthlessly tickle tortured and even reunited with a woman she fell in love with, La Diabla. Both women were tortured and trapped in a cage. She managed to rebuild La Diabla’s confidence and both women managed to escape and free all the victims of the trafficking ring. They got revenge on the massive Russian bounty hunter Helga, and then had a night of passion together. It was a very special night for her as both women expressed their passion for one another in an intense tickle teasing, very sensual love making session. That moment was ruined the next morning when she was shot, and she was in the hospital. Darby was very fortunate that the wound was superficial, but had she remained on the ground, her life could have been in jeopardy. She managed to recover and eventually located the hidden secret location of Priscilla Montenegro and Gloria Wellington. With the help of some very special women, they apprehended both women and now they were on their way to prison. Her journey finally ended with an emotional visit to the Elu tribe and finally with La Diabla. The memory of that final meeting between the two women gave her such joy, but also sadness because she wanted to be with her now.

    On the train ride back, she briefed Mr. Michaels from the Department of Justice with everything she discovered, although she did have to fib a little. She had to leave out the parts where La Diabla was involved, so it seemed like she did everything. She did give a lot of credit to Cheyenne and Bessie to make it seem like they were very instrumental to help to bring this mission to a close. She also avoided the details of her being tickled a lot but mentioned that she did endure some torture as her identity was discovered. She wished she could tell him about La Diabla’s contributions because she deserved to be recognized for her bravery and helping to save all those women from a life of being a sex slave. She didn’t want to risk it because it would mean the manhunt for La Diabla would continue. She also provided the name of the buyer, Christos Andino of Greece, so the DOJ could investigate further. She also mentioned the other name that Helga provided, the mysterious Thalia Laskaris. She hoped that they would be brought to justice as well.

    The train ride itself was peaceful, but when she wasn’t interacting with Mr. Michaels, she thought about La Diabla. Those few days on the train were the longest she experienced because she constantly thought about her. Now, she was finally back and couldn’t wait to get to her actual house. She felt joy seeing Sheriff Dickerson and all her fellow deputies as she missed them. She had to finish her paperwork and it was getting late. Darby looked over and saw Mr. Michaels leaving Sheriff Dickerson’s office. She saw him coming towards her desk with a smile.

    “Deputy Reeves, I just want to thank you again for such an outstanding job with this mission. Even though we just received some bad news, overall, the mission was a huge success. I can assure you that the President of the United States, Grover Cleveland, has been briefed on your success and I am sure you might even hear from him. I will stay the night, so I can be here tomorrow. I hear there is a special ceremony in your honor. You deserve it. You are one of a kind Deputy Reeves. It has been my honor to work with you. Have a good night.” Sam Michaels told her as he shook her hand. After that, he left the Sheriff’s office.

    Darby felt honored to receive such a great compliment and the fact that the President of the United States heard about her made her feel extremely proud. She did enjoy Mr. Michaels’ company on the train. He was a straight laced government man, but he did have some humor within him. She sat back in her chair and thought about her friends. She was going to miss Bessie and Cheyenne and hoped that Elu tribe celebration was a lot of fun for them. She even thought about Phoebe Wellington and how that young woman had to transition to the head of a major cattle company. She did have Bessie with her, so that would help. She sighed and then stood up from her desk. Darby had finished her paperwork and she really wanted to go home. It has been such a long time since she slept in her own bed and enjoy the comforts of home. She walked through the station, and she made it to Sheriff Dickerson’s office. She knocked on the window of the office and waved. It was time to say goodnight to her boss and mentor.

    Sheriff Dickerson looked up as he heard the knock and saw Darby waving. He motioned his hand for her to come in as he wanted to talk to her about the mission and the great job that she did. He saw her enter his office and he smiled. “Go ahead and close the door.” he told her.

    Darby closed the door behind her, and she approached his desk. She saw his hand motion to sit down, and she took a seat. She could see the look of a proud father on his face and that made her feel very nice. She also loved working with Sheriff Dickerson. This was the man who gave her a chance to even become a deputy in this male dominated profession. She owed him a lot and she always took steps to make him proud of her. “I just wanted to say goodnight Sheriff. Muh eyes are getting heavy after a long day. Hehe” she grinned.

    “You deserve some rest, Darby. In fact, take the next three days off so that you can rest. Just show up around 1pm tomorrow as the ceremony is at 2pm and rest all day. I wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. Mr. Michaels was extremely impressed in your abilities to infiltrate a sex trafficking ring and bring it down. Very impressive Darby, very impressive.” Sheriff Dickerson said with pride.

    “Thank you Sheriff. This was a mission that I will never forget. But I can’t say I did it all by muhself. I had help from wonderful people such as Bessie Johnson and Cheyenne of the Elu tribe. Those two women are a big part of the reason this was so successful.” Darby responded with a large smile as she thought about those two women.

    “Yes, yes indeed. In fact, I hear that Ms. Johnson will receive an honor in her hometown of Brusheville. Thanks to you, she is a local hero. That’s what I like about you Darby, always so humble. You just do your job without looking for all the glory. I am so proud of you. I am sorry to know you were shot. Glad that you are ok.” Sheriff Dickerson told her.

    “Thank you Sheriff. I am doing just fine. I was very lucky and avoided real damage. I will just have this nasty scar. I am very happy that Gloria Wellington and Priscilla Montenegro can no longer hurt another person. That is the best thing about this mission.” Darby smiled.

    “Oh….about that. I got some news Darby about Priscilla. During her transport to a more secure prison in California, it appears that members of her cartel in Mexico attacked the escort and managed to free her from her bonds. Several deputies were injured, and she managed to escape back in Mexico. We just got that news alert about an hour ago. Needless to say, myself and Mr. Michaels were not happy about that. It will be hard to extradite her back to the United States to face her crimes, but if she ever steps foot back in this country, we will find her, and she will be punished. That woman is simply evil.” Sheriff Dickerson announced.

    “What??? Priscilla escaped??? She went back to Mexico?? Oh, I am so sorry to hear about those poor deputies that were hurt. This just makes me mad knowing she is not getting punished! Argh!” Darby grumbled as she thought about what happened. After finally bringing down the most evil woman she knew, to hear her escape was disappointing. She also had a brief thought about La Diabla who was also heading to Mexico. She hoped that the two women never crossed paths again.

    “Yes, it is rather unfortunate. Gloria Wellington on the other hand is on her way back to Texas to stand trial. It won’t be a long trial as I hear she is pleading guilty. She mentioned something about not wanting to hurt her daughter anymore. That is remarkable that her daughter never knew about all of that.” Sheriff Dickerson said.

    “Yeah, she was completely oblivious to it all. Just from muh undercover work and interacting with her in California, I could tell she was shocked and hurt by her mother’s actions. She is a good person, Sheriff. I think she will restore the Wellington name.” Darby said with confidence. She did like Phoebe and figured she could go visit her and Bessie sometime in the near future.

    “Yes…Oh, speaking of Gloria and Priscilla, something weird was told to authorities by both women and I noticed it is in the briefing papers from the Sheriff in Santa Selena. But I noticed it is not in your briefing papers. Both women mentioned someone in particular…..” Sheriff Dickerson said as he looked at his deputy suddenly looking nervous.

    Darby felt her body go cold as she heard what Sheriff Dickerson was saying. She had a feeling where this was headed, and her mouth went dry, and her body started to quiver a little. “W-who did they mention?” she asked.

    “Both women said that not only were you, Bessie and Cheyenne were responsible for their capture, but they also mentioned…….La Diabla. I laughed it off at first because why would that outlaw be in Santa Selena? Then, it dawned on me. When Madam Olivia was captured and being taken into custody, she also mentioned La Diabla was responsible for her capture. What are the odds that these criminals in two different states, different times and situations both blame the same woman? Do you know anything about that?” Sheriff Dickerson asked as she looked at Darby.

    “Um..hehehe..they did? That is very weird…..La Diabla? The wanted criminal, La Diabla? I-I don’t know why they mentioned her…Because if she was there, then I would have to arrest her too, right?” Darby responded. Her heart was racing a thousand miles a second.

    Sheriff Dickerson saw the look in Darby’s face, and he smiled. “Yes, she is wanted and needs to be apprehended. It is just kind of funny how she was mentioned again. Her name is not in your briefs. You know, let me tell you a story. Did I ever tell you about an outlaw named Rufus Rockford?” he asked.

    Darby felt herself sweating as La Diabla’s name was brought up. This was the moment of truth. She never lied directly to the Sheriff before, and she loved this man and the honor he stood for. She figured she could play it off as long as possible. “Um, no you haven’t. Who is Rufus Rockford?” she asked.

    “Well, when I was a young deputy, Rufus was an outlaw that did so many crimes. He would rob bars and rob people all over town. One day, he robbed a bank, and I was on his tail. Well, I managed to corner him at an old sawmill, and we had a gun fight. We were on the second floor firing away at each other and then we both saw a young boy appear. The little boy was frightened, and he ran off. Unfortunately, he fell through the entrance way in the floor and was hanging on for dear life. Below him were some sharp metal tools and if he let go, he was going to die. I ran over to try and grab the boy and right when I got there, his hand slipped, and he started to fall. I barely got a hold of his arm, but my leverage wasn’t there, and I started to slide down into that hole. We were both going to fall and die that day. Then, I felt someone grab my legs and pull me back up. Then, when my body was safely in position, ol’ Rufus actually came over and pulled the boy up himself! He saved the boy’s life. I was so stunned by that as I figured Rufus was a horrific human being as he did shoot people before. He simply told me that the little boy was worth saving and he couldn’t watch him die, so he had to save me in order to save the boy. Rufus ran off at that point, and I didn’t chase after him. He saved that boy’s life and he saved mine. He eventually was apprehended months later, but I will always have respect for him. I actually hoped he would turn his life around. He was not an evil man; he just did bad things. The point of this story is to tell you that even someone bad, can still do good things….” Sheriff Dickerson said, then sat back in his chair and looked at Darby’s reaction.

    That story hit home for Darby as it was similar to La Diabla’s story. She did bad things, but she was not an evil woman. She had a heart that had love and compassion. She swallowed hard but elected to not tell the Sheriff about her. “Wow, that is a great story. I guess it is possible….Say Sheriff, for fun and giggles, let me give you a hypothetical scenario. Again, this is purely hypothetical. What if La Diabla did help bring down the gun smuggling ring with Madam Olivia, and let’s say she helped bring down the sex trafficking ring in Santa Selena. What happens to her? Does her doing those things help her at all?”

    Sheriff Dickerson smiled when he heard that scenario. “Well, hypothetically speaking, if La Diabla, the notorious outlaw that is wanted for many crimes, including escaping from prison, did help bring down that gun smuggling ring and the sex trafficking ring, I could see that helping her a lot. Those two rings are something the United States government was happy to put an end to, so I could see her contributions perhaps either reducing her sentence, or maybe even a pardon. After all, if she was involved in bringing down the sex ring that President Cleveland will be happy about, I could see her being rewarded. It shows she has some rehabilitation in her life. If she was to continue that kind of stuff, I can see a pardon happening. But…..this is all hypothetical, right?” he asked with a wink.

    “Hehe yes, it is all hypothetical. Well Sheriff, I think I will head out now. Do you need me for anything else?” Darby said feeling a little energized as she heard that possibility.

    “That is all for now deputy. Go home and get your rest. I will see you tomorrow around 1pm, so I can have the honor of escorting you to the ceremony….” Sheriff Dickerson told her with a smile.

    Darby stood up and headed towards the door. “Thank you Sheriff, thank you for everything. I hope you have a good night.” she told him.

    “Oh and Darby, one more thing…” Sheriff Dickerson said as he started to read the papers on his desk.

    “Yes, Sheriff?” Darby responded.

    Sheriff Dickerson looked up from his papers and had a sly smile on his face. “When you get the chance, tell her I said thank you. Have a good night…” he said, then resumed looking at the papers.

    Darby simply nodded her head and felt her entire body nearly collapse. Did the Sheriff know she lied about knowing La Diabla? She walked out of the office and headed out of the station. She felt some excitement as there was a possibility that Salem Veracruz could actually end up being a free woman. She knew it was a longshot, but the thrill of it really pleased her. She sighed as she saw her horse and was so happy to see it. She hugged the horse and gave him a kiss, telling him how much she missed him over this past month. Darby then mounted the horse and started to head back home. It was sunset and she was so excited to get home. She earned this rest. On her way, she passed by Gertrude Billington’s home and smiled. She heard the door open, and it was like it was fate. She saw Gertrude coming onto her porch with this huge smile. She just knew this was going to happen.

    “Deputy Darby!! You’re back! So good to see you again! I heard your mission was a great success!! You must come in and unwind! Mandy is here too!” Gertrude said with excitement.

    Darby couldn’t help but smile. She knew what would happen if she did go inside that house. She was going to lose her boots. She was going to lose her socks. Her barefeet were going to be played with and she was sure Mandy wanted ticklish revenge. After all she has been through, she figured it would be good to be in some good company and have a few laughs. She thought about Salem and felt her heart fill with love. A fun thought entered her head and wondered what would happen if she could be here and enter Gertrude’s home. The thought of Gertrude getting her hands on Salem’s feet made her smile and she hoped one day it would happen. “Sure, I will come in for a little while. Oh, I hope one day soon, muh friend from my mission will join us….hehehe” she laughed as she dismounted her horse. Darby walked towards the door knowing her adventure was over and finally she was home.


    Characters featured in this part:

    01.-DARBY--LOW-RES[8260].png 02.-LA-DIABLA-LOW-RES[8264].png 07.-HELGA-LOW-RES[8267].png 03.-CHEYENNE-LOW-RES[8262].png 04.-BESSIE-LOW-RES[8261].png PHOEBE-WEB FRIENDLY[8425].png


    Gloria Wellington slowly walked through the long corridor of a facility. Dressed in a black and white prison clothing, she shuffled her feet, and her head was lowered. She felt tremendous shame as she walked to her future residence for quite the length of time. She still could not believe she was in this situation. She lived a life of luxury as she was the owner of the largest cattle farm in all of Texas. Now, her empire was taken from her, and she was going to spend a lot of time here in this prison for women. Gloria wanted to avoid a trial. She did not want to be a spectacle for all to see. She also did not want to put her daughter Phoebe through a trial and have her testify against her. The only regret she had was that she hurt her daughter. She may have been operating sex trafficking rings and committed other crimes, she kept her daughter out of that life. She still felt a little guilty about abandoning her daughter, so she figured she would just take a plea deal and plead guilty to the very strong charges. Had she gone to trial, she may have been giving a life sentence. Her plea deal gave her 25 years in prison, so she still had an opportunity to one day reunite with Phoebe and still have some freedom. She would near 70 years old when she would be released, but that was better than spending the rest of her life behind bars.

    As she continued to walk through the corridor, she could see the prison cells to her left and to her right. The place was filthy, and the smell was strong. She wondered if these women ever bathed, and that also bothered her. She was no longer going to be able to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle with the baths and the food and the very comfortable accommodations. She will be treated just like everyone else. Gloria thought about how she got here and her fall from grace was complete. She even still felt the sting of humiliation when she was forced to have an orgasm that was pulled out of her by Deputy Darby Reeves. That shame was going to remain with her for a very long time.

    Gloria felt the deputy escorting her stop and then turned her to her right. Her eyes looked at the empty cell that she was going to call home for 25 years. It was small and dingy, even the blankets on the cot looked like they haven’t been washed in years. The cell door opened, and she slowly shuffled her feet to walk in. She hated the walk of shame through this corridor and now, she was in her cell, ready to begin the next phase of her life. The cell door slammed shut behind her and she closed her eyes and felt her heart sank. The reality was beginning.

    “hahaha…..hahahaha……hahahahaHAHAHA…HHAHAHAHAH AHAHA HA……HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” a voice laughed from another location in the cell corridor.

    Gloria heard that laugh and it bothered her. Who would dare be laughing in a hellhole like this? She turned around slowly and wanted to find the source of the laughter. She hoped they weren’t laughing at her. In her mind, she was going to rule over these women in due time, because she was always a leader. When she turned around and walked to the cell door, the laughing got even louder. Her eyes noticed it wasn’t the cell in front of hers, but it was just off to the side next to that opposite facing cell, and towards her right. She saw a woman laughing and then her heart stopped!!! She recognized who that was.

    “Well, well, well. Look who is in here! The fancy Gloria Wellington is NOW in prison!! Oh, this is the best day I have had in a LONG time! You thought you were so smart and untouchable. I know you laughed at MY plight, but now, you are the newest bitch in here. Oh Gloria, this is the sweetest moment ever! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” the woman laughed.

    Gloria fumed as she heard the woman’s words and her eyes turned to slits. This was her final humiliation as she looked at the other prisoner. “Damn you Olivia Swanson!!! I can’t believe I will be here with you!!” she growled in anger as her hands wrapped around the cell door bars and squeezed tightly.

    “Oh yes!! It is me!!! Welcome to my world you crazy bitch! Hehehehehe oh, we are going to spend LOTS of time together. Seeing you here warms my heart. I heard about your capture and your fall from grace. Let me guess how it happened. It was the Deputy and the Outlaw, wasn’t it? Hehehehehehe” Madam Olivia mocked.

    Gloria fumed at those words and deep down, she knew Madam Olivia was right. She was bested by a combination of women that were just too much for her. Deputy Darby Reeves and the outlaw, La Diabla! She watched Madam Olivia laugh at her and she knew, this was going to be a long sentence……

    Ok fans, what did you think? The saga is finally over and all is well. I hope all the fans who enjoyed this saga can put a comment. I am really interested to see how you all felt after reading all these series. I would love to know your thoughts on the following series that made up this saga as well as the “trailers” I created:

    Cheyenne’s introduction series
    Bessie’s introduction series
    Return of the Outlaw
    Undercover Deputy
    The Deputy & the Outlaw: Reunited
    The Deputy & the Outlaw: Justice

    Did this entire saga have a “movie like” feel? What stood out to you? Was I able to excite you, arouse you, tug at your emotions throughout this entire saga? Did you like the pictures (the artist would like to know)? Did you like the soundtrack?

    You fans mean a lot to me. There is no way I would have bothered with writing all these chapters if it was not for your enthusiasm and passion for the series. I do want to tell you I have future stories in mind as well in this Universe. Here are 5 series I have planned before we get to the next “big” adventure of The Deputy & The Outlaw series. These are all working titles for now

    School Days (Cheyenne’s individual story. Apprx 4-6 parts)
    The Heiress (Phoebe Wellington & Bessie’s individual series. Apprx 4-6 parts)
    Character introduction series: Becky Lockhart (apprx 2 parts. She will later appear in Darby’s series)
    Outlaw for Hire (La Diabla’s individual series. Apprx 4-6 parts)
    The Deputy’s Apprentice (Darby’s individual series. Apprx 4-6 parts)

    I also considered maybe having two other stories, but not decided. Let me know if it would be a good idea:

    The Bounty Hunters (Helga and Svetlana prequel story). This would feature the Russians before the events of this saga. It would not be a happy ending of course, and I could develop Svetlana more. It would be 2-3 parts.
    Gertrude's adventures Gertrude Billington's tickle adventures (apprx 2 parts)

    These series will lead up to the larger Deputy & The Outlaw series, but in a different way. The events that take place in them do not necessarily bring them in terms of the plot for that large series. For example, the “villains” will not be the main villain in the larger series. Think Iron Man 2 and 3. The villains in those movies are not Thanos. These will begin sometime in Summer 2022. I look forward to writing them and then bringing them to you in the future!

    Thank you all! Your comments will be greatly appreciated

    Oh! As a special treat, since I designed this as a movie type story, a big fan of the series and I will have a "interview session" with the characters. Haha Just like actors do when movies premiere and stuff. I hope you enjoy it as it will be a lot of fun to read.
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    If Gertrude were in the poll, I would've voted for her as well, lol

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    haha Thank you for your support of the saga! Yeah, I ran out of room to include Gerturde, but I am really thinking about giving Gertrude her own story for fans of hers to enjoy! Be on the lookout for it!
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    That would be awesome! Ever since you introduced her, I've found her devious nature so relatable. Whatever you have in store for her and the other characters, I'm definitely looking forward to.

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