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    My wife and I got tickled by college kids

    A special commission. This is part 1 of 2. The next part will have both /f and /m. This part of the story is just /f.

    Please PM if you'd like a commission. And don't forget to check out my Deviantart.


    Hope you enjoy!

    My wife and I got tickled by college kids

    Chapter 1- My wife, me, and our kids

    This is a story about my wife and me. It was on a hot summer day. The sun was high in the sky. My wife, who I called EJ, cause her name was Evan Janelle. Yes, her first name is Evan, and her middle name is Janelle. I know Evan sounds like a guy’s name. Though my wife is very feminine. In fact, she is a huge feminist, and she’s not afraid to tell people she is. I wouldn’t say she is an equalist. More like she is someone who wants women to dominate men. Anytime we watched a show, she rooted for a woman to win. She always wants women to team up and beat the boys. She was at every woman’s rally you can think of, including Me too. My wife promoted and encouraged strong women every time she got an opportunity. Even when we got married, my wife didn’t take my last name. She had it hyphenated. So, her full name was Evan Janelle Brooks-Miller. Miller was my last name by the way, which why it was last and not first when it came to her hyphenating it.

    Before I go further. I should tell you more about me and my wife. I guess you should know my name. It’s Carl Miller. Now, you see my wife and I met through mutual friends. We immediately hit it off. I’d never been more attracted to a woman in my life. She was drop dead gorgeous. The kind of woman who gets hit on at any bar she goes. We soon got married. We were really young, just barely 21, but we were in love.

    A few years after we got married, my wife ended up making tons of money. EJ is a writer. The genre she writes is romance. She loved anything to do with romance. One of her books ended up being a best-seller, and Hallmark made it into a movie. So, my wife became super rich overnight. EJ has written over nine romance novels that sold really well. She always tells people how she is the bread winner in our family. Which was true. EJ makes way more money than me.

    At one point, I choose to become a stay-at-home dad, because EJ needed time to write, and someone had to take care of our two kids. Though, eventually as the kids became older, I was able to go back to work. I didn’t need to go back to work. But I felt a bit emasculated by my wife. To my face, she always said how much help I was. Though, when she’d go in the other room to talk with her friends on the phone, she’d changed her tune. I overheard her tell them how useless I was. Which hurt to say the least. So, I went back to work.

    EJ and I have two kids together. They are Crystal our daughter, who is 22. And Noah our son, who is 20. They were both attending a college that was close to our house. So, our house became a place for our kids and their friends to hang out. They loved to use our pool, especially on a hot summer day like this one. Our backyard was large, and in a spot where it was private. A large wooden fence that was over 8 feet high that ran the entire border of our backyard. Our house is the only two story on the block, so there was no fear that anyone could look into our backyard. Which was a relief, as my wife loves to sun bathe.

    Both my son and daughter had enjoyed doing college stuff. My daughter joined a sorority, and my son a fraternity. I didn’t mind, and was happy that they were happy. But my wife tended to take sides. She always supported our daughter’s sorority, and told our daughter to have them come over anytime. My wife didn’t mind if they threw parties at our house, drank, and did what college girls do, even when my wife and I were away.

    On the other hand, she really went out of her way to spurn my son’s fraternity. She rarely gave any support. And she was very adamant about my son not having any parties, especially when we weren’t around. My wife seemed to dislike all of his friends, no matter how nice they were. I didn’t believe the niceties either, but I wasn’t an ass. When my wife and I got into bed at the end of the day, she loved to complain about how horrible Fraternities were. How disgusting frat boys were. How they were misogynistic men, who just wanted to screw women over. So, I never would have guessed what was coming.

    Chapter 2- My wife loves to tease

    No matter how much my wife complained about my son’s fraternity friends. It didn’t stop her from acting as a tease when they did come over. You see, any time my son’s fraternity, or any male friends came over. My wife always found some excuse to wear something revealing in front of them. If they came over to use the pool, my wife would pick the skimpiest swimsuit she had, and go out to sun bathe. This didn’t sit well with me.

    This was on that hot summer day, and my son’s Fraternity brothers were over using our pool. It’d taken my son months of begging to get it happen. I watched my wife come downstairs and into the kitchen in her tiny bikini that barely covered her voluptuous frame. I was a bit fed up with this behavior. The conversation went like this.

    “Honey, are you really doing this?” I asked.

    My wife looked at me as if she didn’t know what I was talking about. “What? I’m just going out to get a tan. You love when I have a tan. You always say it looks sexy on me. What’s wrong with me getting a tan?”

    I raised an eyebrow. “It’s not the tanning part I’m concerned with.”

    “Then what is it?” She said putting her hands on her hips.

    “It’s just what you’re wearing. I mean you realize that Noah’s friends are outside?”

    She squinted her eyes at me. “Oh, it’s about what I’m wearing. Carl, you know women should be allowed to wear what they want. It’s horrible when a man tells a woman what she can and can’t wear, or what she can’t do. It is my body. My choice.”

    I would’ve thought that my wife would be for women not being seen as sexy objects. Though, in this conversation I did the only thing I could do. I raised my hands in defense. “I’m not saying it isn’t your choice. I’m not telling you what not to wear it. I’m just pointing out that you’ll have a bunch of horny teenagers staring at you. I would think you’d feel-”

    “Men shouldn’t gawk at women. Women have the right to dress as they please. It is just a bathing suit. I’m sure those boys can keep it in their pants.” She crossed her arms. “I’m not wearing this for them. I’m wearing it so that I can get some a tan.”

    “Why don’t you sun bathe when they aren’t here then?”

    My wife looked at me with an open mouth. “It is my house. I paid for it. If I want to sun bathe in my backyard, I will.” She got closer to me. “Carl, you are acting like a misogynist. It’s not a good look on you. I thought you were better than this. I mean, what kind of man tells his wife to go change. I’m a grown woman. I can do as I please.” She poked me in the chest. “Or are you just jealous? You know being jealous and a misogynist isn’t very attractive. Now, I’m going to go outside. I’m going to sun bathe and get my tan. It’s MY house. MY backyard. I WILL do as I please.”

    I knew when she got like this that I couldn’t stop her. Also, what was the harm if she went outside and teased our sons’ friends. I knew how they’d react. I knew that right now I wanted to pick my wife up, take her to the bedroom, and do plenty of things to her. I’ve imagined doing a lot of stuff to her in that bikini, but that’s beside the point. My son’s friends would have similar thoughts. It was something I had to deal with. My wife and I had a similar conversation every time she did this. And I mean she did it every time our son’s friends came over.

    I used the word people use when they aren’t okay with the situation. “Fine.”

    “Those boys need to know what a good woman looks like,” my wife said. She turned, and walked towards the door.

    I crept up behind her. I raised my hands and pinched my wife’s sides. “Go be a tease then.”
    “Eeeeek,” my wife squeaked. She did a little dance before her hands slapped mine away. She glared at me. “Carl, you know how I feel about tickling. You better keep your hands to yourself. I’ll divorce you if you ever do that again. I mean it. Especially if you touch my feet.”

    “Yes, ma’am,” I replied.

    “Good.” With that she turned. She stopped as she saw one our son’s friends standing in the door way.

    He stood there a bit dumbfounded for a moment, before saying, “Uh… which was is the bathroom?”

    My wife pointed. “On your left.”

    The young man nodded and headed off.

    I didn’t think much of that moment. I mean, my wife threated to divorce me if I tickled her all the time, but she never did it. This might be a good time to tell you about my fetish. I’m really into feet. And I love tickling. I’ve always liked it. When I was a kid, my babysitter and use to have tickle fights. When I misbehaved, she would hold me down, and tickled me as punishment. As I grew, I became more and more obsessed with it. Though, as you saw, my wife hates to be tickled. She is extra ticklish, and thinks she is the most ticklish woman in the world. She despises everything tickling. She feels it is an invasion of someone’s person space, and that it is abuse. Even after I told her about my fetish, she didn’t care. She never allowed me to ever tickle her. My wife hated it so much, she couldn’t stand if she caught me looking at tickling porn. I mean, she already hated porn in general. She felt I was cheating on her if I watched it. That distain only got worse when she found that tickling and porn could be mixed together. My wife believed that she was all I’d ever need to satisfy my sexual needs. I mean yes, when it came to real physical contact with another, she was right. I’ve never cheated on my wife. Though, a man has needs. So, I had no choice but to sneak my tickling porn obsession on the side. I didn’t like it, but what was I to do.

    Anyway, on with the story. On the same day as my son’s friend, Aaron who caught me tickling my wife. My son was getting food inside. And I happened to be in ear shot of Aaron when he told the three other guys about what happened. The other three guys, Drake, Edward, and Steve looked at him a bit shocked. Though, what Steve said next was very interesting to me.
    “Remember a month ago when we were playing GTA?”

    The other two nodded.

    “Well, I went to go get some water. And Noah’s mom was sitting in the living room watching tv. She had just finished painting her toenails. I looked at her feet for a second. Suddenly, I saw one twitch. She scrunched her foot like mad. Then she placed her foot on her lap. Noah’s mom used a single finger to scratch along her arch. She had a giant smile on her face. And soon, she was laughing like mad. Eventually she stopped and put her foot back on the coffee table. She then looked over and noticed me. Do you know what she said?”

    I saw the other two boys lean in. Hell, I leaned in. I was completely interested in what he was about to say.

    “She goes, ‘Oh, hey there. I hate having an inch on my feet since I’m extremely ticklish there.’”

    “What did you say?” Drake asked.

    Steve shrugged. “I didn’t know what to say. I just nodded, went and got my glass of water.”
    Drake rolled his eyes. “Come on man. A hot ass milf like that tells you she’s ticklish, and you don’t playfully tickle her feet. What a wuss.”

    Aaron nodded. “You gotta go for it, man. I’m hoping we get a chance when Noah, and her husband aren’t around.”

    Drake blew a raspberry. “Pffft. I’ll tickle her even with her husband or Noah around.”
    Both Aaron and Steve looked at Drake with suspicion.

    “Sure, Drake. You talk a big game, but you’ve had multiple chances. I mean, she has asked us to rub sunscreen on her back. And your ass never volunteers. You are always too chicken shit,” Aaron said.

    “Well… I…” Drake stuttered.

    “Right. He talks a lot of shit to us, but he is way more scared than us,” Steve said.

    “You’ll see,” Drake said. “You’ll see.”

    Edward scoffed. “You wish. I’m the only one who has a chance.”

    Now, I didn’t think much of the conversation at the time. I mean, who cares what these testosterone fueled boys said. It didn’t mean anything. Yes, my wife teased them, but she wouldn’t ever do anything. She just loved to be someone who made others wish they could have something they can’t. I never imagined anything would ever happen. But I was wrong.

    Chapter 3- The beginning of the weirdest thing ever (m/f)

    Two months had passed since that hot day. It was Wednesday, the middle of the week. My company wanted me to go to a special conference. I worked on semi-conductors. I make a good amount of money. Though, it can be very hectic at times. What I mostly do is build the housing for the semi-conductors. I’m not someone who knows all the technical aspects of such things. But I do enough to do what I need to do. Now, I was supposed to be gone until Sunday night. Though, I had finished doing my job when it came to my company’s booth at the conference. I remembered EJ had complained to me about how lonely she would be with me being gone. Our kids were both going on vacation. They had worked while going to school for two years in order to save up money. Now they would be backpacking in Europe for the next three weeks. My wife was going to have the house all to herself. As I said before, she was complaining to me about how she’d be lonely. Though, I knew it was a good opportunity for her to get her next book done. I trusted my wife completely. This situation had happened before, and I never once questioned me wife. So, I decided to head home early because I was no longer needed, and I could surprise my wife. As stated before, my wife is a romance novelist. She loves romance. So, I decided to be the amazing husband. I made my way over to a florist, and picked up some flowers. The guy there joked and asked me if I was apologizing to my wife again. I laughed, and told him that I was getting them, because I wanted to surprise her. The florist then joked about how I was trying to get laid. I pointed at him, and said bingo. My hope was that I could show the bouquet to my wife, we would kiss, and make love. I was hoping to be the surprise romantic man that she normally wrote and read about. I would soon be the one surprised.

    I pulled on our street a block away from our house. This way my wife wouldn’t see me as I came up. As I approached my house, I saw a car pull into our drive way. It was one that looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. That’s when I saw five guys get out of the car. It was my son’s Fraternity brothers. I watched as Drake, Aaron, Steve, Edward, and another guy, whose name I didn’t know walked up to my house. I raised an eyebrow. Why were they here? My son was in Europe, he wouldn’t be back for a whole week. Something in me felt strange. I decided to hide in the bushes of a house, so they wouldn’t see me when they looked around. To my surprise, one of them reached down, lifted up our welcome mat. They held up a key, opened the front door, and walked in to my house. My mind was racing. What the hell was going on? I knew we didn’t hide any keys under the welcome mat. That would be stupid. Yet, someone had. Had it been Noah?

    I quickly made my way forward. I decided to not go into the house. Inside, I’d go around to our neighbor’s yard. They were older folks who had gone to stay at their vacation house. So, I knew they wouldn’t be home. From there, I could hear music being played. It wasn’t very loud. I knew EJ must be in the back sun bathing. She always listened to music when she was sun bathing. I made my way over to part of the wooden fence. I knew it was broken, cause I had yet to repair it along with a few other spots that needed fixing. I easily moved it. This gave me a view into my backyard. There I saw EJ stretched out on one of the chaise lounges. She was lying face down. I had a great view of her long sexy legs, and beautiful booty. My wife was wearing a bikini with the top untied, so she didn’t get tan lines. Her gorgeous feet hung off the edge of the pool furniture. I had imagined finding her like this quite a number of times. I stared at her soles. The urge to go over there and tickle them was very tempting. That’s when the boys walked into the backyard. My wife didn’t stir. She must’ve been so relaxed that she’d fallen asleep. They all stopped. Their eyes examining my wife’s curvy body. As I said before, she was the kind of woman that got hit on at bars. She had enough curves to make the switch back and bends of Azure hills jealous. The boys whispered to each other. I heard them snicker with joy at the scene before them. My mind wondered what they were planning. I knew it couldn’t be anything good. I moved to better spot, so I could hear and see what they were doing.

    “Dan, turn off the music,” Edward whispered.

    I could barely hear him over the music. I watched as Dan, a skinny guy with long curly hair went over to the boom box and shut it off. Still my wife laid there.

    “Are you sure about this?” Drake asked.

    Edward smiled. “Yes. We planned this for months.”

    My mind wondered. Had these boys really been planning to sneak into my house for months? What did they plan on doing with my wife?

    “The key was under the mat, like she promised,” Steve said.

    Who was she? Did my daughter plan this with them? Or someone else?

    Ed nodded. “Dan and I make the same deal with all our clients.”

    Clients? What the hell did he mean clients?

    “I still can’t believe you do this,” Aaron said.

    With a smug look Edward said, “What can I say, the ladies are attracted to me. I don’t even advertise. They all want to live out their fantasies with me. I’ve done plenty of abduction or intruder fantasies like this. I made one video with this woman named Karen. Every chick who sees it asks me to do it them.”

    Did he mean Karen, my wife’s best friend? Wasn’t she married? What the hell was going on? What did Karen get my wife into? No. Karen must’ve done this without my wife knowing. She’d done plenty of stupid stuff like that before. She sent a male stripper to our hotel room once. So, maybe it was something like that again. It had to be. My wife would never do anything like this, she was a feminist.

    “But she’s always been such a feminist. Are you sure?” Drake asked.

    Edward looked at him. “Bro. Feminist women always want to be dominated. They lie when it comes to their real life. They don’t want others to know. She made a deal. Now, let’s do this.”
    I was taken aback by his words. What did he mean by she made a deal? This had to be a mistake. He couldn’t be talking about my wife. They had to be at the wrong house. That had to be it. When they go over to EJ, she’ll scream and tell them to go away. That’s when I thought, it’ll make me look like the hero if I jump in after that happens. Besides, to be honest, I was curious to see what these boys had planned.

    They made their way over to my wife, who still hadn’t moved. She was just laying there, fast asleep.

    Ed pointed to Drake and Steve. He whispered something to them. He then directed Aaron and Dan towards her feet. I watched as the four men looked to Edward, who held up three fingers. He counted down. His last finger came down, and the four boys jumped. Drake and Steve grabbed my wife’s wrists, while Dan and Aaron grabbed her ankles.

    My wife’s head jolted up. She looked around.

    “What’s going on? What are you doing?” my wife asked.

    This gave me a huge sense of relief. I knew my wife wouldn’t make a deal with Edward. She was going to start screaming and telling them to let go. Then Edward would realize this was a mistake. I’d go around, and enter the house from the front. There I’d make a grand entrance which would make my wife swoon as I went to rescue her. I got up from my crouched position. I was about to run over to the front door when I heard Edward say.

    “Wait, wait.”

    I got back into my spot.

    Edward bent down. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Brooks-Miller. Before we get into character. I need to make sure you’re ready for this?”

    My wife looked up at him. “We’ve planned this for months. You said you’d get some guys and would do this. By the way, in the beginning I want you to call me Mrs. Brooks. Later, you can just call me, EJ.”

    Jeez, my wife was telling some young guy to call her by her last name without adding my last name to it. It was like she took off her wedding ring and went to a bar. What was worse is she then requested he called her by the nickname that I called her. That stung.

    “I know. I just need to know this is what you want before we start.”

    “A deal is a deal.”

    “The boys wanted me to ask. They were sure that you could never want to this.”

    My wife shook her head. “Why wouldn’t I? After I saw the video with what you did to Karen. I mean the bondage. How you had her tied up on her bed naked. What you did with those tools. It just looked like so much fun. That’s why I approached you to do this.”

    “And you want me to fulfil your special request still, correct?” Edward asked.

    My wife nodded. “Yes. Make sure you do that.”

    “Now, if you agree to this. You’ll have to submit to whatever I want until Sunday morning. That means we can do whatever we want to do you until then. There will be no backing out. No safe word. That’s my deal with all my clients.”

    “I understand,” my wife agreed.

    Edward looked at her in the eyes. “I’m only going to ask one more time, Evan- excuse me, EJ.” He took a deep breathe. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

    My wife’s reply was somewhat mad. “I’ve been ready for the last fifteen minutes. I even laid out here waiting for you. All you’ve done is have your boys hold me down, and asked me if I’m ready. I already know everything, because we talked about this for months. Now, you promised me that we’d act this out from the beginning. I specifically wanted to be grabbed as if I was asleep. Granted I wasn’t really sleeping, but still. So, I’ll ask you. Are you ready to do this, or not?”

    “Oh, we are ready. Aren’t we boys?” Edward said with an evil grin.

    The other four boys nodded enthusiastically.

    My mind was spinning. What the fuck was happening? Why the fuck was my wife doing this? How could she agree to this? How could she be so calm about this? I just stood there dumbfounded. I wasn’t sure how to react. Should I just leave? Should I pop out and say something? What was the right course of action?

    I saw my wife smile. She took a deep breath and laid her head down. I heard her pretend to snore. She then popped her up as if being startled. “What’s going on? What are you doing?”
    She looked from one of the boys to the another. “Let me go! Let-me-go!”

    Edward leaned down. “Hello, Ms. Brooks.”

    My wife raised an eyebrow. “Edward? What the hell are you doing? Why are you and my son’s other friends here? What’s going on? Is this some sort of prank? Did my son put you up to this?”

    Edward shook his head. “No, this isn’t a prank. You see…” he gestured to each of the guys. “Every time we come over to hang out with Noah. You always end up finding some skimpy piece of clothing to wear in front of us.”

    “What are you talking about?” My wife struggled. “I do not. I’m sorry if you misogynistic little boys can’t deal with a woman dressing the way she does.”

    Edward pointed his finger at my wife. “Yes, you do. In fact, I think you like being a cock tease.”
    My wife gasped. She seemed appalled by the statement. “I am not. How dare you say that. You are going to let me go right now. You will leave my house. This is my house. My husband and my son will be home any minute. You better let me go, or else.”

    All of the boys chuckled at her comment.

    “What’s so funny?” my wife asked.

    “We all know your son is in Europe, and your husband is away at a work convention,” Ed said.
    “Just let me go now. We don’t have to get the police involved.”

    Ed crouched down to look her in the eyes. “You won’t be going to the police when we are done with you.” He gave her a wicked smile.

    “W-w-what are you planning to do to me?” my wife asked nervously.

    “Since you’ve been such a cock tease. The boys and I got together, and we decided you needed to be taught a lesson. Now that we have you all alone. You are completely at our mercy.”

    With a hint of terror in her voice, my wife said, “Whatever you are thinking, I don’t deserve this.”

    Ed nodded. “Oh, yes, you do.”

    “No, I don’t,” my wife spat. She apparently was switching to a more aggressive nature in order to look like she had power. “Get your hands off me. I’m the adult here. You will listen to me. Let me go!”

    “You aren’t in control anymore, Mrs. Brooks. But you’ll find that out soon enough.” Ed walked around to the left. I saw him take a knee next to my wife’s side.

    “I am in control! You will do as I say right now. Whatever you are thinking of doing, you will stop and-” My wife’s eyes got wide. Her body jerked. “Eeeeeeeeee!” She let out a squeak.
    Ed looked at the other guys with a look that said, ‘this is going to be fun.’ He held his finger in position. “Are you ticklish, Mrs. Brooks?”

    “No. I am not ticklish,” my wife replied.

    “Then why did you react?”

    “I-I was just caught off guard. You surprised me is all. I am not tick- Eeeeeeee!” my wife squealed again as Edward jabbed his finger into her side.

    “Are you sure, Ms. Brooks?” Ed asked. “It sounds like you might be ticklish.”

    My wife shook her head. “I am sure. I am not. I am-”

    “Then this wouldn’t bother you right, Ms. Brooks? It doesn’t bother you at all?”

    I saw my wife push her lips together. Ed was lightly poking her side. He tapped her side every so often with his finger. Then he started to touch her with a flurry of multiple prods from his finger. My wife closed her eyes. She put her head down into the chaise lounge chair trying to hide the giant smile forming on her face.

    “It looks like it is bothering you, Mrs. Brooks? Are you sure it doesn’t tickle? What if I did this?” Ed’s hand tweaked my wife’s ribs.

    My wife’s head shot up. She let out a surprised yelp. But she hadn’t opened her mouth.

    Ed saw the cracks forming. His hand pinched at her side like a lobster claw. “Come on. Laugh for me, Mrs. Brooks. It’s not good to hold it in.”

    My wife shook her head. She stubbornly refused to give her into his demands. Her body shuddered a bit as Ed grabbed at her side. But no matter how much he tried. She kept her mouth shut.

    The sad part was how she was acting strong, but was merely playing his game. That’s what every stubborn person does. Act strong when they are weak. They are being manipulated by the other person. Ed was leading my wife down the road. And she was doing exactly what he wanted.

    Ed brought his other hand up to her side. With both of his hands he gave a firm squeeze.
    My wife looked up. Her mouth opened. And out poured giggles. “Aaaaaaaaah! Hehehehehe! Oh, no! Hehehehehehehehe! Edward! Hehehehe! Don’t tickle me there!”

    “I thought you weren’t ticklish?” Ed asked. “Isn’t that what you said Mrs. Brooks?”
    Twitters of laughter continued to come from my wife. She tugged at the boys holding her, but couldn’t get free. She squirmed more and more.

    Edward dug both of his hands into her. He ran his fingers along her side. “Admit it Mrs. Brooks.”

    “Okay! Okay! Hehehehehe! I’m ticklish! I’m ticklish! Hehehehehehe! I admit it! Hehehehehe! Now please, stop!”

    “I don’t think so. This is your punishment.” Ed poked each of her ribs. He wiggled his fingers up and down her sides.

    “Nooooohohohoo! Hahahahahaha! Stop it! Hahahahaha! Stop it! Please! Hehehehehe! It’s torture!” my wife squealed in ticklish delight.

    The sound of EJ laughing was music to my ears. I loved listening to her plead for it to end. The whole situation made me feel mixed emotions. Why, oh why did it have to be tickling? If it was something else, I could’ve come to my senses and ended it. Though instead, I watched with arousal as the scene played out before me. My wife begging and laughing caused me to get pretty hard. My member had swollen up, and was raging inside my pants.

    My wife wriggled under the young man’s fingers as they danced along her sides.

    “Ohhhhh no! Aaaahhhhhhh! Hahahahahaha huhuhuhuhuhuhuuuu hehehehehehe! Please, stop! Hahahahahahaha! Please! Hehehehehehe! No, no! No!”

    I couldn’t take my eyes away from the sight before me. The way my wife’s body twitched and trembled under the touch of this young man. It hurt to see another man do such things to my wife. But it was so hot. To be honest, it may have been the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. My mind was being wrenched with the emotion conflict. I’d never imagined anything like this. Questions filled my mind. Did I really just sit here and watch as another man tickled my wife? Did I dare to allow this event to continue to unfold? Shouldn’t I stop it? Or do I touch myself?
    “This is for teasing us every time we came over, you little cock tease. It’s time for revenge. Tickle, tickle. Cootchie cootchie coo. Who’s a ticklish mommy? Who’s a ticklish mommy?”
    My wife wormed about as Edward continued to knead both of her sides. I saw her body bounce a bit from the sensations she was receiving. This only made the boys giggle as they watched her react.

    I looked over at Ed’s face. He had a sadistic smile on his face. He was reveling in what was going on. While I on the other hand stood there unsure of what to do. Most men would’ve done something. They would’ve run inside and stopped it. But I didn’t. I felt the urge to touch myself become stronger. I was enjoying watching another man tickle my wife. I couldn’t believe it. My stomach sank. But my hand got closer to my fully erect cock. I gave it a quick stroke. A spark of pleasure shot through me. I did it again, and again. Soon I was jerking myself off. The whole thing was such a turn on. Seeing these young boys hold my wife down, and tickling her. Most tickling porn wished it was this good.

    Ed’s fingers scribbled along my wife’s sides. “You know boys. I think Mrs. Brooks here wants to show us her tits. She is always flaunting them, and teasing us with her body. I think its time we see them.” The other four boys nodded rapidly.

    “What do you think about that Mrs. Brooks?” Ed asked.

    “No, no! Please! I can’t! I’m a m-married woman!” my wife said through her laughter.

    “I guess I’ll just have to tickle you harder.” Ed dug his fingers into my wife’s ribs. He moved his fingers faster and faster.

    My wife pulled at the boys holding her. “Mercy! Oh, please show me mercy! You need to stop! Someone will hear me! They’ll call the cops! Please, I can’t stand it!” she yelled between bouts of laughter.

    Edward scoffed. “Too bad for you it’s a weekday. Everyone is at work. And your other neighbors, who would be here, are at their vacation house. You are all alone. All by yourself at home. And at my mercy.”

    Jeez, this was so fuckin’ hot. The way Ed was teasing my wife. They way she was begging them to stop. I loved every second of it. Maybe some other guy would’ve stop this, but I couldn’t. I mean these boys just wanted to see her boobs. It wasn’t that bad. And they weren’t hurting her. They were just tickling her. Which I had to admit was soooo much better. Some men would’ve saw this as cheating. And it was. Though, I excused my wife’s behavior. Maybe this was for some book she was writing. Maybe I just wanted to enjoy the show. I did find it extremely hot. Plus, it wasn’t anything too intense. As long as it didn’t go further, I’m sure I could let it go. I could always stop it later if I had to.

    I watched Edward’s hands go down to my wife’s hips. He tweaked them. That got a strong reaction out of my wife. Ed’s hands travelled back up my wife’s sides. I could see their final destination. Edward was going for her pits.

    Now, I’d tickled my wife a bunch of times. Even with her threatening to divorce me if I didn’t stop. I knew were all her tickle spots were. And EJ’s pits were quite ticklish. One time, I held her arms down, and tickled her there. Afterwards she cursed me out. Though, not her worst spot, they were still high up on the list. They were way more ticklish than her sides.
    Being held down, my wife was defenseless to stop him. Ed’s hands reached up into the smooth-shaven hollows. His fingers wiggled about in them.

    My wife went berserk. She screamed loudly. Her body twisted. I saw the boys hold her limbs a bit tighter as Ed’s hands went into her armpits. My wife’s biceps flexed as her body urged her to pull down her arms and defend from the onslaught of tickles befalling them. Though, there was nothing she could do. The boys were stronger than her. They overpowered her. Ed’s hands raked along her unprotected flesh.

    “Gahahahahahahaha! Oh my god! Hahahahahaha! No, no! Not there! Kehehehehahahahaha! Get your hands out there! Hahahahahahaha! Stop it! Stop it! Hehehehehe! Ohohohoooo huhuhuhuhu hahahahaha! No more! Please, no more! I can’t stand it anymore!”

    “If you show us your tits we will give you a break,” Ed said. “Show us your tits! Show us your tits!” Ed started to chant. The other boys soon followed suit. All of them repeating the same phrase over and over.

    “Hahahahaha! Okay! Okay! Hahahahaha! I’ll do it! Hahahaha! I’ll show you, my tits! Ehehehehehe! Just pleeheheheease stahahahahap it! Hahahaha! Give me a break! Hahahahaha! PLEASE!”

    Ed held up his hands. He backed up from my wife. “Flip her, boys.”

    The two boys at the top pulled my wife’s arms out. The boys holding her feet did the same. She was completely stretched out. The four of them look at each other.

    My wife was panting as she tried to catch her breath. “Flip me. What do you-”

    As if on que, all four of them flipped my wife on to her back. It happened so fast. My wife didn’t see it coming. She let out a yelp. Then to my surprise, she giggled as if she was coming off a roller coaster. But my attention was grabbed by the sight before me. My wife’s bikini top was untied. So, when they flipped her like a pancake, the top didn’t go with her. There was my wife, laying on her back, her arms stretched above her head, and she was topless. My eyes locked in on my wife’s wonderful tits. The boys all gawked at my topless wife who laid before them. I know I’m repeating the word over and over, but I can’t help it. I was staring at my gorgeous wife, who was topless, was incredibly ticklish, and was being held captive by five horny boys. Her lovely breasts fully exposed to all. Her nipples pointing up into the heavens above. It was quite a sight to behold. I almost came in my pants.

    All eyes focused on my wife’s boobs. It took a while before our male brains finally came back to reality. I could see my wife loved the attention of so many men ogling at her magnificent body. She was enjoying the fact that she had five boys drooling over her marvelous rack.
    My wife waited a moment, before breaking the silence. “Oh no. A bunch of boys have got me topless and at their mercy. My breasts are completely exposed to them,” my wife said in a flirty manner, adding the whole woe is me factor.

    “My god. Look at those lovely tiddies,” Aaron said.

    “Daaaaamn, Mrs. Brooks. You are one hell of a milf,” Drake said.

    Steve nodded. “She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

    My wife blushed at the compliments. “Oh boys. You flatter me.”

    I couldn’t quite believe my wife was saying that, or that she liked the compliments. My wife was a hardcore feminist. She complained about frat boys. And here she was eating up their very words. She couldn’t get enough of them ogling her. Was this really my wife? Had she been hiding this all along? Was I now seeing the real her? Was this the woman that I had married?

    “Okay. You’ve all seen my tits. You’ll let me go now, right?”

    Edward shook his head. “No way. You still need to be punished.”

    My wife gasped. “What? You’re still going to punish me?”

    Edward smiled. “Yep, that’s right.”

    “Oh no. Here I am, vulnerable and exposed. My boobs hanging out for all you, horny boys to see. You have me held down. And completely at your mercy.” She gave them all a seductive look. And with a sultry voice she said, “What are you going to do to me? I’ve been such a bad girl. What’s my punishment for teasing you with these-” she shook her chest, and continued by saying, “big boobs of mine?”

    Hot damn! The boys in front of her had to feel a spark of lust after seeing her stated that. I felt my erect as it got painfully hard. I had no idea where this damsel in distress routine was coming from. My wife hated when women were placed into that category. She did love it when men were in distress and seen as weaker. But she appalled any notion of women being at the mercy of men. Yet, here she was. She was acting so differently than how I knew her to be. It made no sense. My mind couldn’t comprehend it. But my dick loved it.

    Chapter 4- Gang tickling (mmmmm/f)

    Ed looked at the boys with an evil smirk. “You know, Noah told me that he over heard you tell one of your girlfriends that you really liked to be tickled.”

    My wife looked at them shocked. “I-I did not.”

    “Oh, yes you did. Noah said that your favorite spot was your feet. And he heard you say that you lie to your husband. You even threaten to divorce him if he tickles your feet. I bet you get turned on by tickling. Especially if you get tickled on your feet.”

    My wife was dumbfounded. She wasn’t sure what to say. Ed had caught her off guard with that comment. To tell the truth, he caught me off guard as well. If what Ed said was true. Well, that meant my wife had been afraid to let me tickle her, cause it turned her on so much. Now that I thought about it. We did have intense sex on the days when I tickled her on her feet. Could it be true?

    “I think we all should tickle this sexy milf. For her punishment, we are all going to tickle her.”

    My wife’s eyes opened wide. “W-what? I thought you were giving me a break.” She pouted her lip. “You got me to reveal my breasts to you. Aren’t you going to touch them?” She bounced her tits.

    “Oh, we are. After we tickle the shit out of you.” Ed held up three fingers.

    “No, wait. Haven’t you tickled me enough,” my wife said.

    Ed lowered one finger.

    “Please. Don’t tickle me. I’m sooooo ticklish. Please, not my feet. Anywhere but my feet,” my wife begged.

    Another finger came down. Ed held one finger up.

    “Ooooh no! Don’t do this. Please. I can’t stand it. Play with my boobs. Just don’t tickle me.”

    The fact that my wife was hoping, and even offering these horny boys to touch her breasts, because she didn’t want to be tickled. Well, it was both hot and awkward at the same time. I had expected the boys to go after her boobs once revealed, but I didn’t think my wife would flat out offer them.

    Ed’s last finger lowered. All together the five boys went after my wife’s hot body. Their fingers descended onto her vulnerable flesh. At once, three of her worst ticklish spots were being hit. They went after her pits, her belly, and her feet. The two at the top held her wrist with one hand, and used the other to go for her pits. Ed used both his hands to wiggle his fingers along my wife’s tummy. And the two at the bottom, they shifted their grip. One arm held my wife’s ankle in a headlock hold, while they used their other hand to scribble along her sensitive soles.

    My wife went ballistic. She thrashed about. Her laughter rose to a new height, I had not expected or heard before. She pulled and pulled as she tried to get away. She turned from one side to the other. My wife lifted her body up, before it came crashing back down onto the lounge chair. Her head shook like crazy. Her eyes were shut trying to block out the sensation. But her mouth was open wide. Laughter exploded from her. Her feminine throaty laughter must’ve been heard for at least a mile if not further. She went bananas.

    Drake and Steve raked their fingers along my wife’s pits. The two enjoyed quite a show from my wife. As she turned, her boobs jiggled from side to side. Her tits would touch their arms every so often. Drake was focused on her armpit. He used all five of his fingers to scratch inside of her hollow. Steve would switch every so often and surprise my wife by grabbing her side. Ed in the middle was going to town on her belly. He poked it. He swirled his finger around it. And he wriggled his finger in her belly button. Every time he did this my wife would scream. At the bottom, Aaron and Dan scribbled their fingers down my wife’s soles. They play with her arches. They teased the ball of her foot. Both held her feet tightly. My wife tried to kick her legs, but could barely move. Her feet flex. They rotated in an effort to get away from the tickling. But Aaron and Dan’s fingers didn’t let up. They raced their fingers up and down my wife’s feet.

    “Aaaaahhhhhh! Hahahahahaha! No! No! No! Hahahahahahahahaha! Not my defenseless feet! Hahahahahaha! Please don’t tickle me! Hahahahahahahaha! It’s pure torture! Hahahahahaha! It tickles so bad! Hahahahahahahaha!”

    I watched as my wife squirmed under the cruel touch of the five boys. Her body danced as if led on by music. It hypnotized me. I loved seeing her boobs moving from one side to the other. Her amazing laughter was icing on the cake though. Even when I told EJ a joke, I enjoyed her laughter. I always had. Now, I was hearing her as she fell deeper and deeper into hysterical laughter. I could see the boys were driving her insane. I don’t know how long she could hold out. She barely held out against Edward by himself. Now it was five on one. And they were really going to town on my wife. Their fingers invaded every ticklish spot on her body.

    “Come on, EJ. Tell us how much you like it. We know this is turning you on,” Ed said.

    Aaron and Dan pulled her legs a bit further apart. I could see her bikini bottom riding up into her crotch. The more she thrashed about the further up they went. But my wife was too far gone in her own madness and hysteria to notice it. Even the boys were focused on their specific areas as they tried to tickle her more and more. Only I could see her bikini bottom as it crept further in between her legs. I could now see the lips of her pussy. My hand furiously stroked my cock. I couldn’t believe my wife was topless, held down, being tickled by five boys, and now her pussy was being exposed.

    My wife bounced around as the boy’s fingers flicked up and down her defenseless body. She bucked her hips like crazy. I saw her nipple were now stiff. She howled with loud, intense laughter. She squirmed as the boys played with her body.

    “Please! I need a break! It’s too much!” my wife called out.

    Ed got chuckled. “You aren’t in control EJ. Besides, we want to hear how much you like it. Tell us what a ticklish mommy you are.”

    My wife threw her head back. “Hahahahahahahaha! I love being tickled! Hahahahahaha! Tickle me! Tickle me! Hahahahahahahaha! Tickle this ticklish mommy!”

    “Do you like it when I tickle you here?” Ed said as he traced along the outside of my wife’s belly button.

    “Ahahahahahaha! Yes! Yes!” she replied.

    Drake wriggled his fingers in my wife’s pit. “Does the ticklish milf like it here?”

    “Oh hohohohoooo uuuuuuhuhuhuhuhu! Yes, she does! Hahahahahahahaha! This ticklish milf loves it!”

    “What about here?” Steve said as he tweaked her ribs.

    “Hahahahaha! Yes!”

    Aaron relentlessly tickled the bottom of her sole. “What about your feet? Do you like having your feet tickled?”

    “Hahahahahahahaha! I love it! Hahahahahaha! I love having my feet tickled!”

    Dan smiled. His hands played with the bottom of her toes. “What about these toes? Do you like them to be tickled?”

    “Gahaahahahahahahaha! Oh my god! Hahahahaha! My toes are sooooo ticklish! Hahahahaha! It tickles! It tickles! IT TICKLES! Hahahahahahahahahaha!” My wife shook her head. “Tickle them some more! Tickle them some!”

    The boys ravaged my wife’s body for quite some time. Finally, after a while, they stopped. My wife laid there tired. I could see the sweat on her body.

    “I think it’s time we take EJ into the bedroom. Don’t you boys?” Ed said.

    “Yeah!” came a resounding roar from the others.

    “W-w-what are you going to do to me now?”

    Ed nodded. “Oh, we have lots of plans for you. We have plenty of time,” he said with a wicked tone. “Now, let’s take her to the bedroom.”

    As if the boys had practiced it. All four of the boys hoisted my wife up into the air. She giggled as they picked her up.

    “Oh, no. Don’t take me to the bedroom,” my wife again said with her ‘I’m a damsel in distress voice.’

    I still had a massive hard on, but now I was feeling a bit more like myself. I looked at the scene before me. For me, it’d been a nice surprise to see the sight. Though, I didn’t want it to go any further. I did not want the boys to take my wife into our bedroom. I knew she wanted this to go on. I could see the joy in her face as the boys held her in the air. She was having fun. Though, I was done watching this. It was time for it to end.

    I got up. I went down the way towards the front door. That’s when I stopped. I raised an eyebrow at three women standing at my front door. The three of them waved their hands as I approached. I was about to ask what the hell they were doing there, when I someone shove something into my side. Electricity ran through my body. I fell to the floor. Not unconscious, but unable to move. That’s when two of the women came over to me. I felt my body being picked up. One of the women opened the door. They pulled me inside. Then I felt my hands being tied behind my back, and my ankles being tied together.

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    What an awesome story! Cant wait for part 2. As a F/m lover it would be great for her to get revenge on the boys lol

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    GREAT story !!

    Thanks for sharing - I look forward to more of your writing!

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    I thought this story was smart! I love how you wrote it from the prospection of the husband, really good story bud!
    tickle prince the name and tickling the game! and what a fun game it is!

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    That first part is insane! Can't wait for part 2 but what am I saying? Were not done putting her thru her paces, and I really want to know what they promissed to do to her? OMG this is going to be great.
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    As usual this was a fun story with a great premise. I'm really looking forward to the sequel where the husband gets tickled like crazy!

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    What a beginning! Loved it and can't wait to read the /m part!

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    Excellent. Looking forward to next part!

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    Quote Originally Posted by den99 View Post
    What an awesome story! Cant wait for part 2. As a F/m lover it would be great for her to get revenge on the boys lol
    That would be interesting. Maybe it will happen. Maybe it won’t lol

    Quote Originally Posted by IslandMan View Post
    GREAT story !!

    Thanks for sharing - I look forward to more of your writing!

    Glad you liked it! Hope I live up to the expectations lol

    Quote Originally Posted by tickle_prince View Post
    I thought this story was smart! I love how you wrote it from the prospection of the husband, really good story bud!
    Happy to hear you enjoyed the POV. I have a couple of stories that take place from a similar perspective.

    Quote Originally Posted by purple2306 View Post
    That first part is insane! Can't wait for part 2 but what am I saying? Were not done putting her thru her paces, and I really want to know what they promissed to do to her? OMG this is going to be great.
    It’s been a joy to write. So, I’m glad that you feel similar. She is definitely not done being through her paces yet. She’s got a couple of days of torture coming mwahahahaha!

    Quote Originally Posted by Frostbite View Post
    As usual this was a fun story with a great premise. I'm really looking forward to the sequel where the husband gets tickled like crazy!
    Thank you! Glad to hear. Wasn’t sure if people wanted both /m and /f. Thought I’d start small and work my way up.

    Quote Originally Posted by SteveTicklish View Post
    What a beginning! Loved it and can't wait to read the /m part!
    It’ll be an experience Carl won’t forget!

    Quote Originally Posted by Joker Jack View Post
    Excellent. Looking forward to next part!
    Yep. Tons of /m and /f. Lots of tickles going around lol

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    Nice! Good to finally see another story with more belly tickling!

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    Can’t wait for the next part!! Make them tickle those feet until she goes insane

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