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    Business amd Soicial Meeting, And, Second Evaluation

    Ross and Tim had their lunch meeting at Shun Lee.

    "Okay, first on the agenda, as I know it is of such importance to you. What I meant about knowing someone who might be able to help you with the gas strike. I have clients and customers who are in Canada I can almost guarantee that someone I know, knows someone, who is knowledgeable in Oil and Gas and evaluation like you and your friends need for this strike. I will make some calls, and get back to you. Give me about a week. " Tim said.

    "That is just fine, my friend. I thank you. I have consistently told Fritz and Steve. We know we have to get this done, but we have to get it done right. Now, how can I help you for yourself today?" Ross asked Tim.

    Tim handed Ross some papers. "What else? I'm considering another small to medium sized company buyout. The usual factors exist. I would like your evaluation done in 30 days please. Phone calls, and meetings with lawyers, the company owners, etc. It is almost like a treadmill of the same thing. How is RossShell? Have you given any thought to how you would scale it down?" Tim said.

    Ross laughed. "Uh, no. I honestly dont have time for any of that.; Between your monthly work, the evaluations of the companies you want to buy out, and my time spent in OKC, I have so much to do that I'm not even really seriously thinking about that. My staff seems to be covering it. I know that Teacher is not happy with me. I'm going to have to face it eventually, but now is not the right time, especially with having to evaluate this natural gas strike, and then considering how to involve investors in it once we do" Ross said.

    Ross went back to the office, worked through the rest of the day, and then entered the apartment around 630. "So, how was your date with Tim?" Kayley said jokingly.

    "Tim thinks he might know someone who evaluates oil and gas strikes in Canada. You know there is a lot of oil and gas up there. Another place I was thinking of to evaluate it is Alaska. I need to ask Tim or someone else I know if they could find someone who does evaluations up there" Ross said.

    "I know there is something else. What is it?" Kayley said.

    "It is something I am not supposed to discuss with you, teacher, because it is business /client privilege. However, since I have you in compromised positions quite often, and I know that you are very, very, very ticklish., I figure that I can torture you if you talk, which I know you won't. Anyway to my point, Tim just wants me to evaluate a company he wants to buy, nothing out of the ordinary. I have 30 days to do it, the usual. It will get done" Ross said.

    Just then , Ross's cell phone rang. It was Tim.

    "Ross, good news. I found someone to help you much faster than I thought. Please meet me and a guy George Callahan at Shun Lee at 6 pm on Wednesday night. Explain your situation to him, and he will direct you to the right person. This might get done much more quickly than you think" Tim said.

    "Thanks, buddy. I will be eternally grateful if we can pull this off" Ross said.

    Ross then called Fritz. "Fritz, Tim says he found me a guy, George Callahan, that does oil and gas evaluations,. I am meeting them for dinner Wednesday night at 6 pm my time. If we catch a break, maybe we can pull this off rapidly" Ross said.

    "Excellent, my friend., Keep us posted, and if your meeting goes well, Steve , you and me will hold a conference call with Mister Callahan" Fritz said.

    Ross, Tim, and George met for dinner at Shun Lee on Wednesday night.

    "Ross, I'm George. I think I can help you. Please tell me the situation" George said, shaking Ross's hand.

    "George, its good to meet you. Okay, the situation is this. I own one thrd of an oil and natural gas company in Oklahoma City. Our field crew just found what they tell us is a major natural gas strike. We have groups of investors, and sell pieces of our deals to investors to invest in. We want to get investors to do a deal, but with what we;ve been told about this strike, I want to be extremely careful about the amount we charge for the investment. The evaluation company in Oklahoma has given us their opinion. Yet, this is so important,. I would like a second opinion on it, and then discussion with the first company in regard to the real worth of the strike. I hope that makes sense" Ross said.

    George smiled. "It makes perfect sense. I think I can definitely help you. I will tell you what. Tomorrow morning, please call your partners in OKC. Let;s make a conference call for early next week to discuss this whole thing., Your partners viewpoint, what the first evaluation company told all of you, the whole works. Then, if you agree. All of you please retain me and my firm, we will sign a contract with the details, give me the details of what you have been told about the strike so far, and I will begin to research the magnitude of the strike with both the field crew and the first company's opinion. This is definitely a situation that can be achieved successfully" George said.

    Ross gave a wide grin. "Your words are "music to my ears " so to say. Thank You so much. I think that this will be a mutually beneficial situation for all of us" Ross said.

    When George left, Ross put his arms around Tim in a friendly hug. "Thank You! Oh My God if we can pull this off! Iam over the moon with joy!" Ross said.

    "No thanks needed. If you do pull it off. Well. we will discuss that. In the meantime, please just try to stay calm. What have you found about the company I gave you to look at so far?" Tim said.

    "Well, the "numbers" look solid, but as we know we have to be very careful with that. I figure, give me the rest of this week. I can try to get a more clear picture, and maybe by next week, if its okay with you, tell you what I think, and we will see if I can make a phone call to the other side for a first conversation. Let's just see" Ross said.

    Ross went home to Kayley with a positive feeling. "Tim's and my meeting with George Callahan for a second evaluation of the gas strike seems to have gone well. I will get on the phone with Fritz and Steve in the morning, and hopefully we can come to an agreement to sign George. He does major oil and natural gas evaluations in Canada and Alaska, so he would be our second opinion. Tim seems to think very highly of George. I have a feeling that George is the guy to sign to do this" Ross said.

    Kayley smiled. "I'm glad that you thnk so highly of George,. Hopefully Fritz and Steve will as well, and you can sigh him. I always criticize you, but this time I have to praise you for stepping so carefully in regard to dealing with this strike. I hope and pray that it all works out for the best for all of you" Kayley said.

    The next morning, Ross called Fritz and Steve "Guys, Tim introduced me to a guy named George Callahan who is very knowledgeable about major oil and natural gas strikes in both Alaska and Canada. I told George about the strike and George really thinks he can help us. If I can, why dont we set up a conference call with him for . say tomorrow if we can, all three of us discuss it with him, and then give him the numbers and details of the strike from the field crew . Hopefully if we can work this out, we hire him, and he can help us with the second opinion we need of the strike" Ross said.

    "Sounds excellent, partner. Call George right now, and see if he can talk to us today or tomorrow" Fritz said.

    "We will do" Ross said, hanging up the phone.

    Ross called George, and luckily, George answered his phone. "George, this is Ross. I just talked to my partners. Could you set up a conference call with us for.. anytime tomorrow, so we can discuss this situation all four of us. If we agree to this, we will then get you the numbers for the gas strike, and have them sent to you. After that, please do what you are best at, and give us your best and honest opinion" Ross said,.

    "Conference call at noon tomorrow, if everyone agrees" George said.

    "Right" Ross said, clicking George off.

    Ross called Fritz. "Okay, George says he can do a conference call with us all at noon tomorrow. If we can get this agreed to before the weekend, we can then get the field people's numbers, have them FEDEX up here, and hopefully by Monday or Tuesday he can get to work. After that , I know that we just have to be patient while George does his work. This is too important to all of us to do otherwise" Ross said.

    "Done, noon tomorrow. Let;'s hope this works out" Fritz said.

    Ross then texted George and told him it had been agreed to for the four men to talk at noon the next day.

    The next day, at noon, the four men got on a conference call.

    "Gentlemen , nice to talk to you both. I'm George. Ross told me your situation. As Ross no doubt told you, I specialize in oil and natural gas evaluations. Most of my work is done in Canada and Alaska. As you probably both have heard, there are major oil and gas finds and companies in those places. If we all agree on this call, please contact your field people, and put together the details of the strike, and send them to me. I will then begin evaluating, and when I have a good idea, I will contact the other company that Ross retained, and give them my opinion. Between the two companies, I am certain we can give you an exact idea of what this strike is worth, and what you can sell pieces of it for" George said.

    "Sounds good to me, George. Thank You very much, sir. From what I hear, I am ready to sign. Fritz said. Then Fritz said. "Ross, Steve, do we agree?"

    "Agreed" Ross said.

    "Agreed" Steve said.

    "Okay, so we all agree. I thank you for taking me on to deal with this important situation for all of you. I will send contracts to all you. Sign them, and then get the field people to give us the details" George said.

    "I think we can do that by early next week. They have the details. They just have to get them together" Fritz said.

    On Friday, Ross, Steve and Fritz all received the detailed contracts from George. Ross and his attorney looked them over, as did Fritz, Steve, and their attorneys . All was agreed to, signed, and sent back to George.

    By Monday, Fritz and Steve contacted the forepeople about the numbers. Those numbers were sent to Fritz, Steve, and Ross by that Wednesday, and were all forwarded to George.

    George then called Ross. "Okay, I have everything, and again I thank you all for the chance. Now, you guys just let me do my work, I will be in close touch, and then once I get the numbers, we will discuss details, and it';s away we go!" George said.

    "Fantastic, and thanks again for taking this on" Ross said, clicking off George.

    Ross and his partners were being very careful and prudent with this situation. Ross had hired two different evaluators to give them two opinions of the strike. Ross and his partners had hired a man who might have been the top evaluating specialist who had been recommended by Ross's top business contact, Tim Patrick.

    How would Ross's careful attitude work out? Would it pay off with a solid, rich evaluation of the gas strike, or would bumps in the road develop?

    That would be seen.
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    My Beloved Mom: January 19, 1938 -April 4, 2012.

    Rest In Peace. I Love You Forever. You Were The Greatest Gift That God Has Ever Given Me.

    Jim Gardner, and WPVI-TV-Philadelphia.

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    Getting the second opinion from an expert is an excellent idea.
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    Yes it is.

    Ross is finally thinking with his head, and not his reactive gut.

    More to come before the end of today.
    My Beloved Mom: January 19, 1938 -April 4, 2012.

    Rest In Peace. I Love You Forever. You Were The Greatest Gift That God Has Ever Given Me.

    Jim Gardner, and WPVI-TV-Philadelphia.

    I Love Your Newscast. Thanks To Jeff, I Still Watch Online.

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