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    Oct 2019

    Hubby didn't set this one up!

    It was a Friday afternoon, I has just got off work and was supposed to meet hubby at our neighborhood bar for a couple of drinks and supper. Of course at 5pm the bar was full, so I went to my go to booth way at the back. I was wearing my black blazer, white sleeveless blouse, mid thigh black skirt and black heels, no nylons as it was a warm day.
    I got a text from hubby that they got a late fire call, several halls responded, and he would be late as when they returned to his hall they had to clean up the equipment, shower and change. He told me to wait and have a couple of drinks in the meantime. So I ordered a martini and waited.
    About ten minutes after his text, the hostess approached with two men, they appeared in their mid 20's and asked if they could share my booth as the room was full. They were clean cut, dressed well so I said sure, but my husband would be coming in a while. They said fine, they only wanted a couple of drinks. They introduced themselves as Kevin and Greg, Kevin was a junior in a law firm, Greg was a salesman for an auto dealership. Because I work for a law firm, Kevin and I had that in common. We all chatted for about 20 minutes, I was warm and wanted to remove my blazer. Kevin helped me and in doing so brushed my side with his fingers. I wiggled and giggled, and said "sorry, I'm very ticklish!" "Oh she's ticklish" he said and they started poking my sides."HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA aw com'on guys, I'm really ticklish!" "coochie coochie coo" Greg teased as they were now wiggling their fingers up and down my sides. AHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA " no no please" I begged as I was laughing and squirming around. They tickled my ribs for about five minutes as I writhed and squirmed and laughed hysterically. Then Greg grabbed my knee, I jumped and started laughing again. "NO NO not my knees HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". They tickled the knees for about two minutes as I was going crazy. "Boy your really ticklish" Kevin said. "OMG, you have no idea" I said. "How about the feet?" Greg asked. "Terribly ticklish" I blurted out, then thought "ohoh!" "Get her feet" Kevin said, and they each grabbed my ankles, slipped off my heels an ran their fingers up and down my soles. "WAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHSHAHAHAHAHAH stop stop I can't stand it!" They kept tickling my feet for another ten minutes or so, slowing enough to catch my breath. "Aw com'on guys, please, I'm so ticklish, your killing me here".
    They stopped, smiled and finished their drinks. "Thanks for the entertainment" Kevin said. It was great meeting you. They got up and left.
    About five minutes later, hubby showed up. "I know what you did I accused him". "What?" he asked. "You had those guys tickle me to death!" "What the hell are you talking about?" "Two guys were sitting with me and tickling me, didn't you send them?" He assured me he didn't, and I believed it. He had no idea what I was talking about. "I hope they had fun with you" he said. No doubt there!

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    Great story! Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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    Wow. It seems even when Hubby doesn't set it up. People have a habit of testing your ticklishness.
    Must be something in your town lol.

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    Jul 2003
    Why couldn't you were be in a bar I went into. Great story as always Mrs.

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    Feb 2002
    Awesome. lol

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    Mar 2003
    North west florida, pensacola area
    Always great Mrs.

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    Mar 2003
    North West, United Kingdom
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    Now that's.. entertainment! Thanks for sharing!
    tickle prince the name and tickling the game! and what a fun game it is!

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