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    Sep 2020

    My wife and the hot neighbor

    This happened pretty recently, and I figured I'd share it here. My wife Keri and I moved into our home a few years ago. When we did, we introduced ourselves to the neighbors. Across the street from us is a couple about our age. We actually met Ally right before we moved in. We had seen her outside her house trying to get her kids in the house, obviously having just returned form the beach. She waved excitedly and we walked over to introduce ourselves and chat. Walking over, I could see Ally was in a bathing suit with a coverup dress thing around her hips. When i got closer, I realized she was gorgeous. She had deep brunette hair tied up in a messy lose bun, deeply tanned skin and a kind "exotic" look. She was wearing big sunglasses and an even bigger smile. She had a bikini top on, and she had unremarkable breasts, but a very nice toned stomach. I'd later find out that Ally was cheerleader for many years and loved to work out. She was very well built--Thick with muscular legs and fantastic ass. Of course, I looked down almost immediately and noticed her feet were beautiful with short toes that were wearing chipped nail polish, pretty high arches and looked very soft. We chatted for a a few and walked back towards our new home, while she wrangled her kids inside hers. I think the first thing my wife said when we were far enough out of ear shot was "..isn't she really pretty?" I said "yeah" and we went about our day.

    As time passed we got to know Ally and her husband Kevin pretty well. They were fun to be around. Ally told us later on that her father was Italian and her mother was Asian, which contributed to her beautiful "exotic" features. We didn't spend a lot of time with them, but they would often be sitting out on their porch with the kids or with friends and invite us over. Ally, aside from being sexy as hell and having a great personality, won me over because she was nearly always barefoot. My wife is like this, and it's one of my favorite things about a sexy woman for some reason. My wife slips whatever shoes she has on off as soon as she gets into a house or even our car. She's not crazy about being barefoot outdoors and would never go barefoot in public, but flip flops are her staple footwear in the spring and summer and they don't last long whenever she takes a seat. Ally was, as far as I could, the same way. She was always wearing flip flops (when the weather was appropriate) and she had the same wonderful habit of kicking them off very often. I loved catching a glimpse of Ally's soles and wondered if she was ticklish. I once saw Kevin and her coming down the street in their truck, and she had her beautiful feet up on the dashboard with her toes pressed agains the windshield. I nearly died seeing it. Another time, she was at my house sitting at my outdoor table having a drink with her feet propped up on the chair next to her. I thought there must be a way I could tickle her quickly, but never had the nerve.

    One day, I came home from work to find my wife with Ally and Kevin swimming in our pool with their kids. This was the first time of many, that summer. Ally and my wife grew closer friends and they started going to pilates together a few times a week. Often, they'd go to class and then go for a swim. One day about half way through the summer, right after Ally had gone home, my wife said in half laughing tone "I saw you checking out Ally's feet today... And last week..." I laughed, but was embarassed. I didn't know what to say really. My wife knows and indulges my foot fetish, but we never really talk about other womens feet. She said with a chuckle ".. its fine! Most women worry about their men checking out their friends--just not their toes!" I laughed again and just kept preparing dinner.. then she said "we're going to go get our nails done tomorrow." I said "oh good.. get a sexy color" which was something I usually said when she was going for a pedicure, and she said "yeah yeah, I will." A half minute went by before she said teasingly "I wonder what color Ally will get?" I, again, not sure what to say, walked out to the grill and we she dropped it.

    Later that week, Ally and Kevin were over for a BBQ we were having. We had some other friends there as well, and people were drinking and having good time. The kids were running around the sun and Kevin and the other guys were in my den watching a game. The girls were outside on the patio swimming and sunning themselves. I was going to start cooking and was outside with the ladies. Ally and Keri were swimming, while the two other girls were sitting with their feet in the pool. I could hear my wife laughing at something Ally was saying but I couldn't catch the story. I walked over to the pool to ask them what they wanted to grill first, and when I did I said what's so funny? Ally blurted out "oh nothing I was just telling the girls that i think the yoga instructor has a crush on Keri... She's always singling her out and helping her with her positions" She said the latter in a joking delibrately breathe-y voice. My wife was positioned a few feet away from Ally and she splashed some water up at her. Ally reached over and dug her fingers into Keri's ribcage on either side of my wife's large breasts saying "it must be these beautiful things!" My wife squealed and all the girls laughed. I chuckled a bit and had to readjust my pants when I turned around seeing my wife get tickled by Ally.

    After we ate, everything was getting looser and people were having more and more drinks. Ally was sitting on Kevin's lap with Keri positioned directly across from them in the lounge chairs. I walked over to Keri and gave her tap on the arm, to let her know I wanted to sit. She got up and them plopped back down on my lap. We sat there for 20 minutes or saw bullshitting when Ally made a snarky comment to Kevin about not pulling his weight with the kids lately. Kevin started impersonating a whining Ally wrapped both his hands around her waist and started tickling her. She squealed and laughed but Kevin didn't let up. I watched his fingers dig into her belly just above her bikini bottom. He moved them up to her sides and back down again. Ally laugh hysterically and tried to yell out "Keviiiiinn Stahahahap!" but he just kept tickling her. I'm nearly certain my wife felt my erection grow. If she did or didn't something prompted her to jump to her feet and grab one of Ally's thrashing legs! I almost knew it was coming. It was like time slowed down. My wife had Ally's left foot in her grasp and Kevin said excitedly "yeah get her feet!" Keri began spider tickling Ally's sexy, soft bare sole. Ally came undone. her laughter increased and she protested "NO! Keri don't" before breaking down into hysterics. My wife reached down and grabbed her other foot, she now had both of Ally's feet locked between her elbow and her side with Ally's soles facing directly at me. I had a perfect view. MY wife started tickling both her feet, digging into the base of her toes and down her arches. Ally squealed more and laughed with a sexy exhausted tone. My wife dropped her feet and Kevin stopped tickling her midsection. Ally threw her arms backward and leaned her head down on Kevin's shoulder exhausted. She said "Jesus christ! I'm so ticklish". My wife sat back down on my lap and looked at me directly in my eyes with a coy smile--the equivalent of a wink confirming to me that she kind of did that for me.

    The night went on and everyone left. Later, my wife crawled into bed after a shower. She laid down at foot of the bed and propped her bare feet on my chest. I started rubbing her feet and she said ".. did you have fun today?" I answered yeah it was a good day and she said reach over grabbed my hardening dick and said "... yeah and was it fun watching me tickle Ally's feet?" I was, again, embarrassed. I nodded yes and she put the tip of her big toe on my lip and started to jerk me off.

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    Nov 2001
    NC, SC, and VA
    Awesome story and wonderful wife...:-).

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    Oct 2001
    lakes region, New Hampshire
    Awesome story! I hope you have more tales to tell!

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    Apr 2004
    Phoenix, AZ (temporarily)
    I’m not usually into stories but this was excellent.

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    Sep 2003
    Fantastic story . Told well

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    Nov 2002
    Oh well, any more incidents with Ally? Keri sounds like an amazing wife.

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    Apr 2005
    New York City(the best city in the world)
    Your wife is great, she just gets you. Great story

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    It’s always nice when the wife tickles a girlfriend “for you”!

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Blog Entries
    Great story! It's wonderful that your wife cooperates in indulging your fetish. Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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    Apr 2005
    This is one of the best stores I've ever read

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    Jun 2004
    Fun stuff. I hope you have more tickles ahead.
    Any stories about you wife being tickled?

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    Jan 2016
    Twin Cities
    You are a lucky man to have a wife who gets what you are into, and indulges you out of love. Please post more about you with Keri or with your neighbor Ally. Well done!

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    Aug 2014
    Baltimore MD
    Great great story!!! Thanks for sharing.

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    Feb 2004
    That was a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    Aug 2007
    Who is more ticklish on her feet, Keri or Ally?
    Any feet pics?

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