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    Feb 2008

    The Girls Tickle Edith (FF/F) 06/07/22

    Edith has had her shot at tickling both of these models, so it's only fair that they get a chance to return the favor. Edith is bound to the bed in black lingerie, with Minnie and Harley leaning over her exposed torso. Minnie takes the lead and tests Edith's belly and armpits to find the most ticklish spots, while Harley maintains a slow armpit tickle. The get Edith going a few times, especially with some pointers from Zen. Then the girls move down to Edith's feet while Zen gets the armpits/neck.. Edith goes crazy. Some nice shots of Minnie's manicured nails moving up and down Edith's vulnerable soles. She crunches her toes to try and protect her feet, which obviously does not work.

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    Apr 2005
    looks like so much and so cute and adroable i love to help tickle any of those lady's silly .

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    Sep 2007
    One of my favorite Lees in the business. I'm a foot guy but I love how Edith goes crazy when you get near her neck or ears.

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    Sep 2005
    Metro Detroit
    Wow her feet are sexy! Maybe next, black hose with those red toes.

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    What a great laugh!

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