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    Best tickle tools for not so ticklish feet

    I need some help on what i should use to being out the giggles in this girl. I tried finger, pen, hairbrush and a feather and she said the feather out of all of them tickled her the most. Which still wasnt much. So please help. I guess with lighter foot tickling tools

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    Her feet might simply not be ticklish. It's extremely rare, but it happens.

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    Sep 2001
    Vibration. Try something like an electric toothbrush with the brush removed, and tickle her with the buzzy mounting post.

    Lots of sex toys focus vibration in a wand tip, but they're generally a bit more expensive.
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    Jan 2003
    Get a rechargeable beard trimmer and remove the head. Run the round spinning head on her bare feet and see how that works. Using lotion, etc too. Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FFT32 View Post
    Get a rechargeable beard trimmer and remove the head. Run the round spinning head on her bare feet and see how that works. Using lotion, etc too. Good Luck!
    100%! Always the go-to for hard to get laughs, especially in the toes. Otherwise...maybe it's mental? I've seen folks (including myself) go from slightly giggly to "immune" to hysterical depending on their mood, physical state or time of day.

    This one girl I knew wasn't ticklish on her feet at all unless you licked them. After that, it was like you flipped a switch and her whole body was a writhing, thrashing ticklish mess.
    Sometimes exploiting somewhere else where you know she's ticklish might get her other nerves to "open up" (i.e. TEETH/TONGUE can unlock otherwise stoic feet)

    Then again, sometimes less is more. Try teasing her and keying up her sensitivity before "going in for the kill" so to speak

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    Those back scratchers lightly ran up and down sporadically

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    Her mood. Sometimes a person can be more, or less ticklish based on mood. Another thing to consider is instead of a particular tool, is to increase her sensitivity. One way of doing this is with heat, or cold. Sometimes people like to use ice to make the person feel more sensitive, and I've also seen people use heat on the foot to make the person more ticklish. Have you tried tickling her with her socks on? Believe it or not having socks or pantyhose can increase how ticklish the feet are. Arousal play is another way. If she's being teased sexually, this could increase her ticklishness.

    The fact that the feather was most effective makes me believe that if she were in pantyhose, and you used your finger nails to lightly tickle all over, it could be pretty effective.

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    Jun 2017
    Recently bought a wartenberg wheel, and my wife who is probably a 4 or 5 when it comes to being ticklish said several times over the past week, that is the worse toy ever. I asked her this morning how would she rate it's affectiveness, and she said a strong 7! Tried it on the feet as well as legs and underarms and it's deffinitly a keeper!

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    Apr 2001
    Arlington, TX
    For those who like it a little spicy, bastinado and roasting have been mighty helpful for me.

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    Nov 2005
    What is a wartenberg wheel, exactly? I’ve never heard of one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by solarcharger View Post
    What is a wartenberg wheel, exactly? I’ve never heard of one.
    It's a medical device that looks like a little wheel with tiny spikes on it and a handle. Kind of like what a cowboy uses on their boots.

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    TickleSparkles Guest
    maybe tickle other stops to find a comparision and build up to her feet, if she is already giggly then might help her state of mind. or her feet might not simply be that ticklish.

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    Jul 2004
    39 Male Ler

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    Dec 2014
    new york
    I mean, is there a reason the feet are so important? There's so many more areas that are obviously more ticklish that you could be having fun with. Just my 2 cents

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