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Hmm, I just don't understand the desire to redefine existing characters. Why not develop her into a different character altogether?
They're damned if they do and damned if they don't.

People will complain no matter what they do. Some want comic accurate characters and simply a film version of the stories they read in the comics. Others want completely new creations that they've never seen before. Disney don't really have many options other than going for the easiest option that will make money. It's too much of a risk in their eyes, to bank on a new IP or something people aren't expecting. Which is sad, because Ironman was a third-rate superhero that few people liked and making him the centre of a movie (and then a cinematic universe) seems like an insane idea. But it made them/Marvel a fortune.

As for the other topic, in Age of Ultron, Tony jokes about raping the women of Asgard. Not much outrage about that. And it'll be interesting what they do with Harry Styles as Star Fox, who's superpower is date rape. There isn't an issue with people ignoring when men are the victim of sexual assault. There's an issue with sexual assault being ignored completely. How many people decided to gloss over the Stan Lee accusations because it would interfere with their love of the comics? People are used to women being abused for cheap jokes and thrills. Claiming hypocrisy because people also don't get outraged when it happens to a man, is missing the mark I feel.