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    Exclamation Come On Down:(FootTickling*FF/M*Feathers*LONGStory)

    Game Show.jpg

    With a quick wink to the camera, me and the other girls turn on our heels and exit the stage to a pretty good applause. I can still hear the crowd as I pass through the backstage crew, ignoring them as they try to stop me for notes.

    “Oh! Oh! Jenny! Jenny? Wait up Jenny!”

    Ugh, I’ve never been more sick of my own name. It’s always pointless fussing, never anything meaningful. I pretend not to hear them, instead I head into the show girls dressing room where none of them can follow.

    All the women are rightfully taking it easy after having to preform for so long. Girls of all ages got themselves ready to go home to whatever they had waiting for them. Meanwhile, I pass through the thick cigarette smoke coating the room and meet up with my senior, Diana.

    I’m twenty and’ve only been doing this for nine months. Diana is 30 and has been working at the production for a little over a decade now. Ever since coming from Britain, she joined when she was only a year or two younger than me. Now she’s been happily working here ever since.

    I walk up behind her while she fixes her makeup and fluffs her ginger hair. Dianas been the most beautiful girl on set for as long as she’s been here, and I doubt that’ll change anytime soon. Age in this case only making her more attractive. I’m lucky she took me under her wing. A bad-ass woman, and dangerously intelligent to the point where I’m surprised she didn’t charge me for the pleasure.

    I give the best smile I can muster, but it’s not much. She addresses my flaws with helpful critics, like always. She congratulates me on a great show… like always.

    …Honestly, I can only half pay attention and it shows. It’s no disrespect, but mentally I’m so uncertain about things. Like, I’ve been feeling as if I’m in a rut, and have been for awhile now. The distress on my face is as obvious as a neon sign, so Diana brought me outside to talk in a much quieter place.


    We go to the roof and light up immediately. From there I just can’t stop pouring my heart out. My problems just spill over from my mouth as soon as the door closed behind us.

    “I’m not sure Dian. I mean, working on a gameshow was never really what I planned on doing, you know?” I fumble with my words while only able to keep eye contact with my cigarette.

    “I know you said this job can be exciting, and we get to meet a bunch of interesting people, but all it’s been so-far are ugly old guys trying to pay me for my underwear!”

    Diana lets out a small chuckle as she lets me continue.

    I shoot her an over sensitive glare, before seeing she means nothing by her laughter. For a normally cold and aloof woman, she gives me the softest look and embraces me.

    “Oh Jenny, I’m so sorry you haven’t been feeling as motivated as you thought you would.” She puts her hands on my shoulder and looks me dead in the eyes. “If this is something you don’t feel is for you, then don’t hesitate to move on. Me and the girls can find you enough contacts to get you whatever job you’ll feel content in.”

    My face turns beat red. I honestly can’t believe any of them would do that for me, though, I absolutely can. You become like a family here pretty quickly, with all the love and support that goes with it.

    “As amazing as that sounds, I don’t want to give up just yet. It hasn’t even been a year yet, and I don’t do nearly half of the shows you do. I just need… something. You know?”

    I look at Diana, trying to see if she understands. Thankfully it seems like she does.

    “Well then darling, it sounds like I have the perfect surprise for you!” She chuckles while reaching into her fur coat, pulling out a folded piece of paper.

    “What do you mean?” I ask, taking a drag as I see the sheet. “What’s that there?”

    “Oh, just the contestant list for next week. But I wouldn’t guess a bored little madam like yourself would have interest in anything like that.” She teases, sticking her tongue out at me.

    “Oh ha ha.” I roll my eyes giggling, snatching the paper instantly and looking at who was on it. My eyes scroll lazily until they nearly explode out of their sockets.

    “No way.”

    Diana raises her eyebrows playfully and takes a puff.

    “Read again if you’re uncertain,” she says with the cigarette still between her red lips. “Maybe there was a type-o. You know how illiterate Oliver can be, though, I can’t imagine someone else with that silly of a name.”

    I read it, re-read it, then triple read it. Nope, it’s actually him! M0t0 YuGi!!! I try to hold back my squeal, but I’m pretty sure I just alerted the people down below.

    “Oooooh my gosh. Oh my GOSH! WHAT?!” I look at Dian slack jawed, and she only gestures at the paper again. Encouraging me to check one last time if I’m still not sure.

    “So I take it that’s enough ‘excitement’ to keep you motivated, love? I know that’s that streamer-boy you find so cute.”

    She not wrong. I’ve been a fan of M0t0’s ever since I was a flat-chested high schooler! I found a stream of his one late night, while pretending to be sick to stay home from school. He was just a cute, soft spoken, good-boi, playing one of my favorite childhood games. I binged his entire catalog, there wasn’t much at the time, and he became my new man crush.

    He’s 23 now, and still has those boyish good looks that make me bite my lower lip. The kind of boy you find shyly clinging to the wall at a party, who’s just so fun to flirt with and make blush. Hehe, his “red faced compilations” are so cute.

    When CastleDawn got popular, he was one of the first people to stream it, and has really been able to ride that wave ever since. While not being a famous as other more-toxic influences, he does pretty well for himself. Clearly, if he was actually going to be on our show!! And best of all, he’s still that same humble sweetheart, who I just wanted to smooch until he’s panting with my lip marks all over his face.

    “This,” I pause, looking up from the paper in full realization. “This is exactly what I needed. I can’t believe this!”

    “Well, catch up with the crew for their notes and MAYBE I’ll make sure you’re on that show all day.” Diana winks, knowing there was no way I’d believe she’ll let me miss this.

    I roll my eyes and hug her tight for what seems like the billionth time tonight, but I don’t care. I breath out another thanks into her ear and she just pats my back.

    “Now go get some rest. You’ve earned it after tonight.” She advises, her compliment coming off like a demand rather then a suggestion as she spins me around. “And remember love, you’re never a quitter if you want to explore other options.”

    I smile, my eyes welling up as I hold the door open for slightly longer then I feel I should. I feel as though I should follow with something, but I just turn and nod.


    I get In bed late that night and I couldn’t sleep at all. I’m just so hyped about meeting M0t0 next week. It’s almost 2 AM now, and I’m still tossing and turning. The thought of it all got me excited… really excited.

    I start biting my nail, contemplating if I should just give up and try to “tire myself out”. At this point I couldn’t do much worse as far as bed time. I see to my laptop cross the room and just go for it.

    With the computer on my bed, I fire it up and think about what I want to watch, but I already know. Diving into my bookmarks I scroll all the way down for that one link to a site no one fully knows the name of. That one clip from M0t0’s stream two years ago that was cut long after he got “famous”.

    I press play as a small smile curls from the corners of my mouth. I’ve had to have watched this clip a thousand times since it happened live. Secretly, I think this is where my crush for him really started to bloom.

    The video starts with YuGi sitting at his desk with his socked feet popped up on the side, in full view of the camera. The joke was that the game was so easy he could literally kick his feet up and relax. As he talks a couple of bangs can be heard in the background, annoying the chat.

    I could care less at the time, I was preoccupied.

    As a teen who was just discovering their foot fetish, M0t0 sitting like that already had my attention. But it was the next part that will always live rent free in my mind. In terms of impact, this was my “April O’Neil/Don Turtelli.”

    Suddenly a loud bang happens in the video while M0t0 reacts as if a gun had just gone off. He’s visibly annoyed, with honestly good reason. I had to admit, it scared the crap out of 18 year old me. Now after watching it so many times, I could cue it with a finger point.

    “Urgh, for fucks sake…,” he grunts and fixes his headphones, banging on the wall next to him several times. “IF YOU DON’T KEEP IT DOWN OVER THERE I’M GOING TO CLOBBER YOU BOTH! I SWEAR TO GOD!!”

    It doesn’t take long for there to be a response. Seconds later M0t0 turns to what must be his bedroom door.

    “What?! Guys I’m streaming, c’mon!” He explained, doing a much better job at controlling his temper.

    “You’re gonna clobber us huh?” On the of the voices mocked.

    “Oh yea? Get him!”

    Before M0t0 can get another word out the two guys are on top of him. The size difference is always insane to me. I think this is when all us fans figured out just how small he really was. By the time the guys had him, they were able to keep his ankles down to the desk with a free hand each.

    “GUYS!!! NO! NOT WHILE IM ON CAMERA!” He sounds panicked, only able to be seen over the two’s shoulders. The only thing we were able to see of these two were their chins and mouths.

    “Awwww what’s wrong ‘M0t0’,” the guy on the left asks. “I thought you said you were going to clobber us!”

    “Pfff, Nah. Let’s get these socks off. We got something for your ass.~”

    Hearing him say that instantly brings me back, and it’s like I’m eighteen years old again with goosebumps breaking out all over my body. My jaw goes lower as they pull his socks higher. They’re so agonizingly slow with the reveal that it feels like years.

    Before I know it, I’m confronted with the cutest pair of feet I think I’ve ever seen on a guy to this day. Like, oh my god I can feel my face getting hot and my heart racing just from seeing them on my screen again.

    M0t0 has to be a size seven, with the highest arches I think I’ve seen. And god, those toes! Slender and surprisingly long. I swear, when he scrunches them it make wrinkles that you could count for days~.

    “Y-YOU BETTER NOT PULL THIS CRAP ON MY STREAM! I-I’M GONNA- AH!~” YuGi stuttered, being cut off from the two of them lightly tracing their index fingers along the bottoms of his soles

    “Awwww, what are you gonna do? Huh?”

    “Yea! Hey chat, bet you didn’t know ‘M0t0’ here is super fucking ticklish!” The one on the right mocks as he skitters his fingers up his skyscraper of an arch. Meanwhile the other is just running his finger in a spiral over and over again.

    YuGis completely beside himself behind them. Giggling, squealing, and pounding his firsts on their shoulders. But nothing he does stops the two from running wild all over his poor soles.

    For what has to be the hundredth time now, I put my hand over my mouth as I watch. These two strong guys are just tickling the shit out of this little cutie. God, I remember having to throw out the pj bottoms I was wearing the next morning, and tonight I’m just as soaked.

    Absentmindedly, my hand starts to roam further up my thigh. My eyes hypnotized to the screen as the two’s fingers worked over his adorable soles for all their worth. It’s like each heave gave my breath another ten pounds as my own fingers get closer to my pussy.


    M0t0 cackles in his gamer chair, trying his best to get free. No matter how hard he tugs though, he’s never able to pull his soles away. All he’s able to do is laugh as his cheeks got even more red.

    Am I some kind of sadist?

    It’s like his feet aren’t his anymore, they’re theirs. Almost like they their toys to tickle and tease until he’s completely out of his mind. Like they could just come home after a long day at work and unwind by tickling him.<3

    Yea, I’m definitely some kind of sadist…

    I push the laptop off me and lay on my stomach. Biting down onto my blanket, I make sure my moans don’t get too loud. My toes curling every time I tease around my clit.

    I watch wide eyed as the two of them keep fucking going at his feet. Scratching up and down them without a care in the world, they’re trails leaving light marks on his pads. The faster they go, the quicker my finger flicks against my clit, until I finally plunge them deep into my pussy.


    My teeth sink deeper into the cloth as my whole body shutters around my fingers. F-fuck, I can’t believe I’m this wet. I must look like some kinda zombie. Just mindlessly going at myself while I watch this guy get completely demolished.

    “Tickle tickle tickle tickle! Ah c’mon, tell the chat where your favorite spots are! I’m sure they’d love to know.” The one on the right bullies as he pinches each toe individually. Every single one made YuGi’s voice go up an octave.

    “Yea tell you what, you can beat the crap out of us all you want.. the second you can walk bare-foot on grass without squealing!” the two of them laugh while I moan at their verbal abuse.

    At the same time the chat begins to explode with questions about his feet and ticklishness. It had to be so horribly embarrassing, a fact that only made me even hotter.

    My hair mats to my forehead as I bite down harder. I was close, so fucking close. I imagine me tickling M0t0, his friends tickling me, FUCK, whatever would get me boiling.

    Then came the part that always gets me to explode.

    M0t0’s laughter gets more hectic and unhinged. He begs for the tickling to stop and his friends promise to relent on one condition. He has to say he’s a ticklish little boy.

    At first he declines, but that just means the tickling continues. His poor feet becoming the best persuasive tool in the world now. Eventually, the poor guy breaks.

    “Come on, who’s our little tickle boy!? Say it on stream for everyone!”

    “Yea! I’m sure EVERYONES dying to hear it.” I absentmindedly nod my head, knowing I want to hear it more than anything. “Come on! Say it! Say it!”


    YuGi shrieks, and I’m right along with him. My orgasm overwhelms me as I shiver on the bed. I poud myself furiously while he keeps saying it, over and over again. I imagine he’s saying it to me and it makes me gush harder, my eyes rolling to the back of my skull.

    “Mmmmmppphhh!!” I bite down on the blanket so hard that I think I might have to pluck it from between my teeth later. Minutes go by as wave after wave of pleasure crashes down on me. Finally, my body eases in relief and I pass out instantly.


    The next thing I know, it’s morning and I wake up to the video paused and M0t0’s feet directly in my face. Whipping the dried drool from the corner of my lips, I shut the laptop and get ready for another day.

    While showering, I can’t help but notice how refreshed I feel after last night. Not bad for five hours of sleep to be honest. No matter what, I need to be on my game. Other wise Dian is going to hold meeting M0t0 over me until I die.

    Dian… God, if she had seen me last night she’d probably not let me meet him at all. She’d probably be afraid I’ll steal his shoe’s or something…. Oh fuck, would I actually do that?

    Who would’ve thought? Her little Jenny, some kind of foot tickling pervert.

    I’ll come clean. When it comes to my fetish, I’m more pent up then I’d like to admit. It’s not that I see myself as a freak, it’s just…. Well, how in the world do you approach a topic like this?

    “Hey, your feet are cute. Wanna let me tie you to my bed while I absolutely destroy them? What’s that? Your cock? I mean sure, but I’m kinda good plucking at your toes.”

    That sound enticing to anyone???

    That’s why this job seemed so interesting. A gameshow about distraction, tickling had come up a lot sooner than I thought. It was meant to be perfect... But boy, most of these contestants are just ugly old men, desperate for the “distraction” to be me touching them in anyway they want. And always so misogynistic! Diana would have to bust a few balls from time to time.

    Making them squeal is fun and all, but tickling the feet of old guys who never learned how to respect a young lady? Not my thing, surprisingly! One guy even had to get licked by goats, since none of us actually wanted to touch him.

    Sure, every now and then I find a cute guy who wants to get pretty intimate with *MY* feet, but the minute I touch their’s they squirm and tell me to stop. Then there’re the guys who’ll just pretend to have the same interests as me, but won’t even take their socks off in bed. Like?????

    Urgh, Guys are such hypocrites…


    The closer I get to the big day, the more insatiable I become at night. I don’t think I’ve watched the clip this many times since it first happened live. I even broke down and read some, admittedly good, stories people had made over the years about the event.

    There’s a particularly raunchy one last night that got me. The two guys don’t stop tickling M0t0, and instead tie him to his gamer chair. Then they bring out brushes and edge his dick while still going at his feet. They let the chat decide if we want to see YuGi cum or get teased and the odds never came up in the cute boy’s favor.

    Oh man, did the tickling/feet community eat that stream up. Even years later, people will do some fan art and some nsfw stories. M0t0 himself never really discouraging them. Even when some would buy super chats to ask about his feet. He only ever took that part of the stream down when he started getting more strict sponsors.

    For YuGi’s part, he really didn’t fight it and embraced the community head on. It’s not like he’d have a foot camera, but he never hid or censored anyone who wasn’t being creepy. None of us have ever been able to confirm if he himself has a fetish too. He’d always get red-faced when questions came up, but he’s always such a shy boy so it was hard to tell.

    Hell, we even met the ticklers on a stream later down the line. They were his roommates and apparently it all stemmed from a prank war they were all having off camera. Some actually wanted M0t0 to press charges on them, but he never did and just laughed it off.

    Which only made a lot of us love him more frankly. M0t0, even after being embarrassed in front of everyone, never stopped being a stand up person. He never called any of us foot fans gross or pervs for having this interest or having our awakening from that stream. He never discouraged the community from joining his once people were interested.

    He even once read an entire comment thanking him, saying how it helped them be more open about their interests with their partner.

    Wish that’s how it was with me…


    Finally the day arrived, and thank god for it. I honestly thought I’d develop carpal tunnel before the time came. You’d think the constant fingering would have me relaxed, but I felt more buzzed than ever.

    That morning was hectic, with everyone being all hands on deck. it was honestly really confusing. We’ve had special guests before.

    I couldn’t find Diana anywhere, so I figure I’d get myself ready in the meantime. I wave to a few of the crew on my way pass and walk into the showgirl’s dressing room.

    I pay extra attention to every bit of my appearance. I had called dibs on the red bunny suit before any of the other girls. With M0t0’s well documented love of Harley Quinn, I thought I’d get as close to her aesthetic as possible. I painted my nails black and red respectively and, let’s be real, didn’t leave that room until I was an absolute fucking knock out.

    By the time I strut out of the there, show time is only 3 hours away. In the meantime, I finally find Diana instructing some of the crew. With Oliver not able to be everywhere at once, she was an excellent right hand woman. She shoos them away as soon as we make eye contact, calling me over.

    “Jenny, you look absolutely delectable!” She purrs and turns me over, making sure there’s nothing out of place. “Excellent! Ready for the big day darling?”

    “Uh, yea!” I stammer, knowing how clear the nerves were on my feet… I mean face!

    “Jenny? Are you alright?”

    I snap back to reality, realizing I’ve just been staring into space.

    “Oh! Yep! S-sorry. Everything’s just so hectic right now. It’s hard to think ha ha!” I smile, playing it off as best I can.

    I change the subject quickly.

    “What’s happening anyway?? Why is everything so crazy?”

    “Stage crew is setting up for today’s big prop. It’s too big for the doors, so they had to reassembled inside.” Dian advises while gesturing behind her, and I nearly pass out.

    Holy shit, this can’t be real.

    Behind Diana, the crew are putting together the vertical stocks we use for the tickling challenge. That… that can’t be for M0t0 tonight… it CAN’T be!

    I can feel my knees wobbling as the mere thought of having him in these makes me want to run to the bathroom and fuck myself blind. Somehow, I’m able to keep it cool and continue the conversation.

    “A-are we… doing the tickling challenge for M0t0?” I ask, trying to keep all hope out of my tone.

    “Silly little thing chose it himself. Though, I heard he’ll be given a cheat sheet before going out. Though, that’s between him, his manager, and Oliver at this point.” Diana explains.

    Just then she was pulled away by a makeup artist wanting to give her a few touch ups. They leave me behind to marvel, standing in the same spot like a weirdo and just…

    I-I have to go somewhere private.


    After an hour or so I exit the ladies room, making sure I didn’t break my nails in the process of my latest horny attack on myself.

    “I swear, I’m going to need a finger brace after today.” I grumble, not watching where I walk. All too soon I crash into a poor woman and we both end up on the floor. Her papers scattering everywhere.

    “Ow!” The woman whines while rubbing her shoulder. She looks as if she a business PNG brought to life.

    “Ah crap, sorry!” I cry out, scrambling to pick her up, along with all of her papers.

    “No no, it’s fine. Sorry, I’m in a rush.”

    “It’s kinda the theme back here I guess, haha!” I joke as we both laugh. “It was completely my fault.”

    “Shush,” the woman silenced me. “I wasn’t looking where I’m going. Actually, I’m still kinda in a rush. I got an emergency call and have to head out of here ASAP, but there’s still so much to do. Actually, you work here right?”

    I look down at my outfit, thinking I’m either a showgirl or the best dressed I.T woman in existence.

    “Silly question,” she remarks, not waiting for me to joke at her expense. ”Either way, could you be a doll and take this sheet and run it to the guest room? Tell security Rachel gave the ok. I’m sorry, I just really have to get going.”

    Before I can even process all that’s happening I’m given a sheet of paper and “Rachel” power walks down the hall and out the exit doors

    “Thank you! Sorry again!!!”

    I just stand there slack jawed as her echo dies down. I’m replaying everything in my head as if I just fantasized it. Suddenly, everything began to click. Guest room, security, my mouth goes bone dry as it all comes together. Shakily, I hold the paper up to read and see ten questions and ten answers.

    “O-oh my actual fuck.”

    I couldn’t tell you how long I was in that hallway. I pace back and forth while just looking at the paper, it now becoming the most important thing in my world.

    Which was ironic, considering how I ripped it apart as though it had stood me up. Scraps of paper fall from my hands like snow, not even a trace of legibility being left behind, until I finally stop and realize what I’ve done.

    I’m now standing on the remains of what was suppose to be my idol’s ticket to an easy night. I slap both hands against my mouth, thinking about what could have come over me to do something like this. Except, I knew EXACTLY what I was thinking, and what I wanted.

    I’ve done a bad, bad thing. And I couldn’t tell you why it was making me smile.


    After giving security the ok from Rachel, they let me in with no fuss. I take a deep breath before walking in, making sure I have the sheet in hand.

    I step through and almost cry when I see M0t0 YuGi, just sitting and playing his Switch. He glances up at me for a moment and looks shocked almost.

    “W-wow..,” he marvels, looking at me as if I was an angel. My eyebrows raise so high they almost shoot off my forehead.

    “Ahem, s-sorry,” he looks away while quickly getting up, standing at maybe 5’2. In these heels I had about 2 inches on him.

    “You probably get this a bunch, but you look amazing.” He ends his compliment with a shy smile and a nervous scratch to the back of his head.

    I wonder if security would hear if I fucked him right here? No. No, stay on target. I ignore the blush burning on my cheeks and finally respond.

    “Oh! This old thing~?” I turn and give him a full 360 of my beauty, because I’m living the dream and humility and morality can go wait outside the fucking building as far as I’m concerned.

    “I just threw it on.” I lie, remembering every hour it took to make me this gorgeous.

    “Well then I could probably use a fashion tip or two from you because….” He looks down at his sweat pants and simple shoes. He wore a plain black tee and his signature red bandanna. “Eek. Haha.”

    His laugh almost makes my heart burst out of my chest. Are we flirting? Are me and M0t0 YuGi ACTUALLY flirting?

    “Oh stop!” I giggle, wondering where all this confidence is coming from suddenly. “I’ve always thought you were the cutest thing alive.”

    I laugh, until I hear what just came out of my mouth. I think he could legit here the tiny bits of my soul dying on the inside.

    “What?” He asks, the surprise clear on his face. I fucking blew this. The silence was deafening!

    “Oh, you’re a fan?”

    “I uh…” Yes. Of course you’re a fan, you bimbo! What? You’re gonna act like your too cool to watch him?

    “I-Ive watched a stream or two…” I lie, pretending to sound disinterested.


    “O-oh..” He looks down self-consciously.


    “…. Or you know…. ten or twenty. Y-your charity stream is still something I throw on from time to time when I’m sad.” I say softly, almost comfortingly.

    Crisis averted.

    He looks at me with his big eyes, brightening up like two blue suns. The heat radiating from his cheeks as he blushes.

    “Really? Well thanks a lot. I know this is the part where I’m supposed to sound self assured, but honestly, I never get use to hearing stuff like that. I’m really glad i can do that for you.” He gives me a genuine smile and I feel my heart melt.

    “Oh crap, sorry. I’m probably keeping you. Did you need something? Have you seen Rachel??” He asked worriedly, as if he was afraid of waisting *MY* time.

    I snap myself out of it and get in gear.

    “Rachel got called away with an emergency. It sounded super sudden…. But, she sent me here with your paper!” I handed him the sheet and he looks as though a weight had been lifted.

    I feel as though I’m about to combust as as he looks through it, but on the outside I seem like a totally sweet, normal girl. Im not even sure why I was so scared… I was only doing what was asked… give him a sheet with the answers on it

    Though… I might have added few of my own…. *Versions*… of the right answers.~

    “Oh man, great! I told myself I was going to do it blind… but.” He trails off and looks to the side.

    I must have been possessed by someone else tonight. The person in this room wasn’t me. It couldn’t have been. I never sound like this.

    “Awww, I didn’t know my cute streamer-boy was a cheater!~” I giggle, my voice taking on a sexy, almost bratty tone.

    M0t0’s face turned red instantly. Honestly, I have no clue how mine isn’t as well. I’m just as shocked by the comment as he is. I just called M0t0 YuGi “my little streamer-boy”, and nothing has ever felt more right.

    “N-no… we’ll I mean maybe?.. I guess this is a special case?” He fumbles. Holy crap, he’s actually flustered by me!!!

    “Maybe? Cause I’m not a fan of cheaters Mr. ‘M0t0 YuGi’. Not even if their cute boys like you.~” I stamp my heel on the floor and put my hands to my hips, giving out little giggles in hopes I wasn’t being taken serious.

    “I-I-I…” He looks like a dear in the head lights as he stares up at me. I feel his hot breath as he stammers.

    Ive officially lost my mind, deciding to push my luck as far as it goes.

    “In-fact,” I strut up to him face to face, nose to nose. “If you ask me, cheaters are the ones who need to be tickled most of all, tickle boy..~”

    I purr it right in his face and watch as his eyes go wide.

    “Good luck!~” I chirp, as if nothing just happened and kiss his adorable nose.

    I skip out of the room and out of site of everyone, so that I can fall to the ground and have a panic attack in peace. What was that? What the fuck did I just do! The flirting, the paper, that stuff at the end. Who in the world had I become this past week?

    “Everyone get yourselves together, we’ll be starting soon. All show girls on hand, now!” A voice on the intercom rang out, cutting short my self-interrogation.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a show. Well to be fair to myself, I don’t think I’ll be walking off stage the same young woman who’s walking on.


    I stand next to Diana on stage while the current contestant tries to fumble out their answer. I’m sure their family at home is really proud, but for me, I’d wish they just fail and leave already. This is the last contestant before M0t0 is up, and I don’t think this rave of butterflies in my stomach is going to wait much longer.

    Diana notices the nervous tapping of my heel and holds my hand to calm me. I appreciate it, but she had no idea of the things swimming in my mind right now. Or the heat radiating in my pussy.

    Finally, the buzzer sounds and the last contestant leaves deflated. I almost crush Dian’s hand as things start to wind up. Oliver cuts too commercial as I hyperventilate.

    “Dear, are you alright?” She whispers as the people around us go about their jobs.

    “I’m just really nervous.” I say, technically not lying.

    I’m too busy watching our host Matty go up to M0t0 and introduce herself. I ignore everything as I watch them for any kind of sign things had gone wrong. Like at any moment they would just turn to me and have me ejected from the building, as delusional as that sounds. YuGi still held the paper, which meant that this little trick of mine is working.

    Finally we got the word to get into position. If there wasn’t any turning back before, there certainly wasn’t going to be any now. Diana’s and my eyes meet one last time, and she gives me that smile as though I can take on the world.

    I’m ready.

    When the camera rolls again, me and Diana are off stage, waiting for our cue to bring in the stocks. I hold it in a death grip as Matty and M0t0 do the contractually obligated banter. I don’t think I’ve ever been this hyper aware in my life. I could feel every second tick down.

    “So M0t0, you fancy yourself a bit of a gamer, but do you think you can win here?” She asks confidently, putting the mic in his face.

    “Well, it’s too late to back out now right haha? No seriously, I checked and it’s too late.” He jokes, earning a round of laughter from the crowd.

    “Haha, the contract was signed.” Matty says in mock-seriousness, joining in on the joke and they both crack up on stage. Finally she gestures to the both of us and we get to work.

    I come out with my girlish, bubbly smile while Diana hits them with her same simmering strut. Her nylons looking absolutely astounding as her thick legs work their magic. Both of us push together to wheel the massive contraption into shot and pose appropriately.

    M0t0 makes eye contact with me for a brief moment and I see his face start to make that cute flustered look. Throwing gasoline on the fire, I give him a wink. His eyes go wide as just then Matty taps his shoulder for his attention.

    “So! M0t0! Think you can answer all ten of my questions while strapped upside-down in this puppy?” She chuckles as the audience laughs at the ridiculousness of it all.

    “I’m not sure I’d be able to answer ten questions while right side up, but I’m feeling lucky.” He smiles, confident he’s mesmerized his cheat sheet enough to get through this.

    “Alright then,” Matty stated, now bringing her attention on the audience alone. “You let our lovely ladies here help you in, while I explain the rules to the nice people.”

    Dian and I came from each side and helped him along. We’re able to chat before he’s mic’d as he steps on the inflatable cushion that’ll be below him.

    “So, Moto was it? Our adorable Jenny here is a big fan of yours. Maybe you could impress her with your trivia skills.” Dian said flirtatiously, shocking the two of us.

    “O-oh! Jenny!” He looks at me, the idiot who forgot to introduce themselves while meeting their idol. He smiles, then turns back to Dian.

    “Well, thanks to her I think I’ll be getting a perfect ten out of ten here.” He scratches the back of his head again as he takes off his shoes. I sneak glances at his socked feet as my heart pounds.

    I look at Diana, my eyes bugged out. What in the world was she doing. She only gives me that sly wink that she does. The code for “follow her lead.” I steel myself and pray my luck doesn’t fail me yet.

    A few other crew members came in order to strap him in and attach the mic. As the ordinary precautions, his wrists were cuffed behind his back. So he didn’t flail TOO much and break the machine. If they only knew how far I planned to test that tonight.

    While this happens I sneak up behind M0t0 and smile sweetly at them.

    “Good luck!~” I sing, looking down at personally, the cutest guy I’ve ever seen in my life.

    “T-thanks, though I guess I won’t need it. B-but I’m… hey. After this-“

    “Thirty seconds, Mr. YuGi..” a producer interrupted. They egged him to cooperate and put his angles in the right place.

    “Sorry, one sec! Ok, like I was saying…. Since I owe you one, how about you and I-“

    “Fifteen seconds, Mr. YuGi” the producer interrupts again as I was hanging off of every single word falling from that boy’s beautiful mouth.

    “Sorry! One sec, please!” He turned to me again frantically. “Ok! After! Would you like to-“

    “Five seconds, Mr-“

    “HE SAID JUST A SECOND, KYLE!!!” I explode, scaring him off and anyone else who wanted to ruin my moment. Diana meanwhile just stood back and laughed at the scene.

    The machine started to go, slowly lifting M0t0 into the air feet first. He starts to hang a little bit off the ground, now eye to eye with me.

    “S-sorry…” He looked disappointed. “Maybe we can talk after?” He says hopefully, slowly moving past me and into his potion.

    “I hope so…” I whisper under my breath as I go with Diana up the stairs and too the balcony of the stage, where we would be the the perfect level to get them.


    One we get up there, the camera cuts to focus on us, high above them with his feet. We exaggeratedly gestured to his trapped tootsies as they wiggle and shake. As much as I want to watch him squirm, I limit myself to only looking when Dian does. The last thing I want is to appear as unbearably horny as I feel right now.

    Even after watching that clip all these years, I’m still shocked by the size of those feet. They’re huge!! He’s got to be at least an 8 1/2, the camera not doing them any kinda justice. Those “skyscraper-arches” must really live up to the name.

    Down below, Matty positions herself where she could comfortably hold the mic up for him to answer.

    “Ok M0t0, good luck! First question,” She looks at her first card. “We may know this symbol as a hashtag today, but it’s also known as…-“

    M0t0 bit his lip and looked to the side, trying to remember the answers on the paper I gave him.

    “An octothorpe!” YuGi stated confidently, even though it sounded as if he’d just had a stroke.

    The buzzer sounds and I have to try hard not to cackle like an evil witch. His big, blue eyes shoot open in unsuspecting horror as he realizes his error. His confused floundering making him look like an adorable fish out of water.

    “A what???” Matty asks amusedly. “Maybe? The correct answer is a pound key.”

    The crowd laughed along in amusement as M0t0 looks completely shaken. I mean~, technically he’s not wrong if you ask Merriam-Webster dictionary. But of-fucking-course they weren’t, who would?

    Diana meanwhile only squints her eyes down at the poor boy, looking just as confused as he was. Crap, did she know he asked for the answers? What am I thinking, of course she knew.

    “That’s curious..” She says allowed as I pretend I don’t hear her. Instead I stare transfixed on the scene below.

    “Not a great start to the night there. Looks like you’ll be losing those socks of yours. Ladies! ” Maddy looks up and gives us the go-ahead via two little claps. “Why not help our friend here feel a bit more comfortable.”

    As she talks, the cameras already rolling on us with the signal to proceed. I feel my heart skip a beat as I slowly reach for his right sock. Delicately, I pinch at the empty space at the top and ever so slowly drag it up.

    Diana instead rips-off his right sock as if it were just another day. While he was still squirming from me running the cotton along his sole, he jumps at the sudden burst of air brushing past his toes. They wiggle in the unwelcome freedom while I just stay on target.

    “Ah!” He gasps, a little too loud as the audience giggles again at his silly sounds.

    I only just get my sock to the ball of his foot, until I finally pluck it off. My thighs quiver as I look at his black cotton fabric in my hand and think about keeping it. Instead, I just drop it as i see what’s really in-front of me. His pale, big feet were right there. Not on screen. Not in art. They’re right in front of me… and he can’t get that second question wrong fast enough.

    The camera cuts back to YuGi, still confused as he babbles to himself. “W-wait? Wha???? T-this can’t be right…” It was like it all finally set in.

    “Next question!” Matty continued with her next card. “The 100 folds of a chef’s hat represents what?”

    M0t0 looks at the mic thrust in-front of his face as if he were asked the meaning of life. He looks as confused at he does nervous. His stammer getting worse as the tension rose. I could only imagine the things running through his mind right now.

    “H-How long they’ve been cooking??” He looks a lot more unsure of himself with this one, for good reason. I honestly couldn’t believe he bought that as an answer.

    The buzzer sounds again, loud enough to cover the curse M0t0 screams in frustration. Matty just puts a hand to her face, astounded by just how wrong he was.

    “Oh gosh…” she says almost sympathetically. “It’s a good thing you’re cute. The answer was that it represents how many ways one can make eggs.”

    “That’s- WAIT! Then why was it on my-“

    “Welp,” Matty shrugs off his whining and continues. “Looks like you didn’t make great use of your two strikes, huh? Sorry M0t0, but it only gets harder from here. Ladies!! Let’s turn that frown upside down!”

    No one has to tell me twice.~

    I almost double over the balcony in an attempt to touch his feet as soon as possible. When my nails finally make contact, I’m not sure who is squealing louder, M0t0 or me.

    It’s everything I’ve ever hoped for. I thought as though I would cum just by the way my fingertips sank into his flesh. They’re so incredibly soft and plush for a guy’s foot. It’s as if he’s been taking care of them since the day he was born.

    I curiously trace my digits around his left foot, exploring. Keeping in mind I shouldn’t just attack him flat out, I should play first. Savoring this moment I’m sure I’ll never get again.

    Down below, the poor guy’s cheeks are already filled with air. I had to hand it to him, I’d expect him to burst out in the first second. He looks up at me and our eyes meet, and just then I rake my nails down.<3

    “MMMMPH!” He shrieks, trying to hold it all in. Matty recoils back a bit, not expecting such a powerful reaction. She can’t help but laugh herself.

    “Oh my! You really should have studied more!~” She teases as he flops and sways, trying to escape my touch.

    Finally, Diana joins in. Her long red nails lazily petting their way from the top to the bottom of his foot. Her other hand held her head as she just looks down at M0t0. I was mesmerized by the site.

    The way Dian’s fingers moved were almost hypnotic. It’s the kind of touch you I could clearly imagine how it would feel on me. Soft, teasing, almost loving even. My toes began to curl in my heels.


    M0t0 completely lost it. One beautiful woman tickling his foot was one thing, but two? I’m shocked he didn’t blow his lungs out.

    “Wow!!! Ticklish is an understatement for you isn’t it, tiger?” Matty teases, her smile unwavering.

    It was clear she got a kick out of this as well, rather then the dry responses she gave other contestants. Something about seeing this streamer boy scream was just so satisfying!

    “Welp, next question!” She chirped, ignoring the commotion that was currently her contestant.

    “WHAHAHAHAHAHIT! AHAHAAH CAHAAHAHAHT AHAHAHAHAHAHSWEHHE- I-I CAN’T ANAAHAHAHAHSWER LIKE THEHEHEHAH!!!” He cackles, the crowd right along with him as they watch him flail.

    “Oh? Did you want me to give you five minutes to compose yourself?” She jokes, knowing that’d just mean five straight minutes of us tickling his delectable feet. Something I begin to think wouldn’t be an unwelcome sight for everyone.

    M0t0 can’t even form a full sentence to respond. The minute he does, i immediately run my nails down his long arches again. The shriek he gives out is intoxicating. I get why his roommate did this to him now!

    Meanwhile, Dian never lets up her gentle playing. Her look of disinterest slowly turning into a smile like mine. With her one index finger, she flutters it quickly from one spot to the next. One at his big toe, another at his heel, some time around the sides, and ending in the center. I think she was fascinated by the variety of sounds he made.


    “I didn’t think so!~ Question three!”


    Through quivering lips and hectic hysteria, YuGi completely flunks the next four questions. No longer trusting the sheet, he knew it was going to come down to the luck of his guesses. Too bad there was no luck to be had.





    “S O A P!!!”

    What makes it worse is when the contestant tries to think. Meanwhile Dian and I make sure they can’t focus on anything but. Oh no. I’ve waited years to be in the same room as M0t0 YuGi, and I won’t allow his attention to be on anything else but me.~

    “My word. Such a ticklish young man.” Dian marvels out loud while her fingers continue to pet. “I can’t imagine what possessed him to do this without the answers if he’d be this oblivious.”

    “Hehe,” I giggle with a mix of nervousness and mischief, side-stepping the comment as best I can. “Yea, guess he’s a bit of a dummy.~”

    Then, a lewd idea crossed my mind.

    “Or you never know. He may just like it….~” I try to say disinterested, hoping she’d take the bait.

    “Likes it?” She scoffs, unable to keep a straight face, clearly finding all of it humorous. “Hmm….”

    I can feel myself sweat as Diana looks to actually be into the concept. Suddenly the thought of M0t0 being completely helpless while Dian drove him crazy was a lot hotter than I would have guessed. An older woman, tickling him to absolute bits! Especially a knock out like her?

    I can so clearly see him begging her for any amount of mercy, while she just shrugs him off with that sexy demeanor she’s mastered. With the amount of skill she already had, I’d be shocked if she wouldn’t have M0t0 calling her “Mommy” by the time she’d be done with him.

    When Matty was ready for the next question Dian steps way from his foot for a few moments. She raises a finger to me, signaling she needs a moment, leaving me to do all the work.

    She has no idea of the hell she’s just left this boy to.~

    As the show progresses I take my place at the center of his feet and run my ten fingers into both. I skitter and I scratch, my fingertips dancing up a storm at the hot, new night club that had become his two bare feet. I almost began to worry I’d be told to let up, but an order was never given. These feet were all mine! Painstakingly, I tried to recreate every move I had studied in that video and unleash it on his two soles.


    M0t0’s face blares red as he needs the next question re-asked to him over and over again. Matty seemingly never tiring of messing with the poor guy, or watching him struggle.

    “Come now! You got this hun! Where is the unicorn a national animal?” She giggles, trying to keep the mic near his flailing face.

    The closer he gets to answering, the more I distract. Digging my probing fingers into the spaces between his long toes. I don’t stop until they’re completely interlocked with my fingers as I vibrate them incessantly.


    He cries out, only to be answered with the buzzer. Wrong again, and I couldn’t be more happy about it. God, I wish it was twenty questions. Fifty!

    I would go higher, but just then Diana comes from behind with the best gift I’ve ever been given. In her hands are two pink, fluffy feathers, and she hands me one. Holding it makes me feel as powerful as Thor with his hammer.

    “I’d thought perhaps it be fun to see if he liked these just as much as our nails.” I could kiss this woman.

    We both get back to our respective feet and attack it with the tongues of our fluffy tools. Slowly, we both drag the points along his soles as they struggle for release. I enjoy going up and down while she dusts at his wiggling toes.

    The intensity escalates instantly as YuGi’s laugh goes up another octave. His soft, boyish laugh now becoming a panting mess of begs and shrieks. He almost looks as if he’s air humping, the way he flings himself to get away from our feathers, but there is none, silly boy.


    Another few questions incorrectly answered as it all comes down to the last one. I can almost feel a pain in my heart, knowing that my time with his feet were coming to an end.

    I look down, mourning this that’ll soon come to a close. That’s when I saw something… interesting. I nudge at Dian, pointing it out to her. It was unmistakable.

    Neither the camera above or below would pick up on it. Do to the black on black of M0t0’s outfit, it would be difficult to see head on. But we did.

    M0t0 YuGi was undeniably getting stiff in his pants, pitching a breath taking tent.

    The both of us were a gape.

    “My word..” Dian gasped

    That’s it! I can’t take it anymore! I put my feather back to work again, not letting him get a single breather. I felt as if I was going to die from the frustration, and I’m hell bent on taking all that frustration out on him.


    He gets louder, and louder. Matty can’t even ask him the question at this point. Diana just keeps watching, marveling as the tent just gets bigger before her eyes.

    Soon she giggles and follows suit, also raising hell with her feather. Both of us work together, sneaking glance after glance down at our “little” friend. I-It’s just keeps getting bigger…. Another heat wave of lust hits my body and I go back to taking it out on his toes.

    “The last question…” Matty tries to get control back over the programming, but M0t0 just can’t stop.


    She gives him time and tries again, but it’s no use. Diana and I had turned this famous streamer into a raving little tickle animal. Our feathers keep teasing as his laughter and flailing reach a fever pit. They’re cackles become more choked back, making way to what sounded like…. Well, like absolute breathless moaning.

    The both of us look down wide eyed. H-he wasn’t actually going to… G-going to…

    However, it looks like he’s not the only thing that can’t take anymore. The shaking becomes so violent that the bar itself started to give. It screws and metal bits fly off as the poor boy’s struggling seems to have finally payed off. Given the way his hips bucked, it’s come at the worst possible time.

    M0t0 goes tumbling down, finally freeing himself from the bonds. I couldn’t believe it. His struggling actually broke the structure itself. I shriek in surprise, but luckily no one is hurt.

    He crashes down on the inflatable mat, unable to stop giggling as he immediately books it back stage.

    What have I done….

    Matty just watches wide eyed, never having to deal with an occasion like this before. Luckily for us, no ones hurt and the crowd seems to be completely beside themselves with entertainment. Being the professional she is, she turns to the camera to improv us too commercial.

    “Well then, talk about bringing the house down. M0t0, you suck at trivia, but we’re an absolute hoot having on. Let’s give it up for him folks!”

    The crowd erupts while i still look petrified. I could have nearly gotten M0t0 hurt. Or WORSE! What the fuck had this week turn me into???

    I have to apologize. I have to!

    Diana, seeing the distress on my face, tried to comfort me, but I push past to go off stage.


    All I can hear is the clop of my heels as I power walk down the hall. I have no idea what I’m going to say to M0t0, hell, I don’t even know if he’s gonna want me arrested!

    The closer I get to his room, the lower my stomach sinks. M-maybe I can just hide until he leaves…. No! No. Not after that. My stupid horny brain almost got him killed! My body continues on auto pilot until I’m finally at his door.

    I look at it, shaking like a leaf as I do. Putting my ear to the door, I can’t hear a single thing. Not laughter, not crying, not even any bursts of anger. He may not even be in there.

    That thought alone gave me the courage to open it. Except no, he was there, naked from the waist down as he pealed his legs from his sweats. His cock was pulsing hard, a thick strain of cum still connecting it to his pants.

    We both looked at each other like deers in a head light. Both of us clearly simmering from the list that’s built over the lust few hours.

    I couldn’t take it anymore…*We* couldn’t take it anymore.

    We run into each other’s arms and start the mercilessly tear at the others clothing until we’re both left butt naked. Our lips passionately meeting over and over as we fall to the couch in a heap of lust and frustration.


    “Jenny? Jenny?!” I swear, where is that girl?

    After checking the dressing room and roof I was completely at a miss. I asked every member of the crew and none had seen her since she ran off.

    Just then I see Oliver, looking just as frantic as I was.

    “Diana! Have you seen or heard from M0t0? I got about fifty people on hold right now ready to crucify my ass in court, unless he lets me off the hook.” Clearly, everyone was shaken. I’d be too after an incident like that. The prop manager can be sure I’ll personally see to his head rolling myself.

    “I’ve not seen the boy anywhere. Have *you* seen Jenny? The poor dear looked absolutely shaken after what happened.”

    Oliver shakes his head. “I haven’t. But I’ll be sure to keep an eye out. Ok…. We’ll get through this. Call me if you find either of them and I’ll do the same.” With that he storms off.

    I’ll be sure to deal with this ASAP, but there are more important things at the moment.

    After an eternity of searching I give up and decide to switch tact. If I were to find Moto, I’m sure that girl won’t be far behind. I storm to his private room, ready to beg for forgiveness if that’s what it takes, but it’s then I hear the most curious sound.

    I hear what listens like a rather violent altercation. Grunting and banging, and it’s not just him in there. With my ear to door I listen more carefully and make out the other person. It was Jenny.

    I act quickly. After an ordeal like that, there was no telling what his bruised ego could want as recompense. He may very well sue us, but I”ll be damned if he’ll take it out on her.

    Grabbing my master key unlock the door and swing it open.

    “DIANA!!!” Jenny screams embarrassingly, naked and on top of the poor boy as she rode his dick like a mechanical bull.

    My eyes are as wide as saucers and I cover my mouth with my hands. The shock only lasting for a moment. Well, it’s not as though I haven’t done the same back in my day..~

    “Well then. Looks like you had a fun time after all, Moto dear.” I tease, the boy looking as if he couldn’t even remember his own foolish name at this point.

    Jenny blushes and giggles, seemingly not interested in stopping her playtime on my account. She bounces on-top of his impressive cock as her ass slaps against his thighs.

    “Jenny dear, i’ll leave him to you then. A pleasure to meet you Moto,” I make my way to the door. “Something tells me it won’t be the last we meet.” I tease, giving his vulnerable foot a tickle as I leave.

    Well that had to be his breaking point, because by the time I close the door behind me I hear the two of them scream together in what had to be far from their first orgasm.

    “Well Jenny, my sweet little Jenny. I’m so proud of you!”
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