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    I think that the Original Poster knows very well that he/she is somewhat dependent on these videos to get a sexual thrill like many people on this site are. However, that doesn't necessarily make them an addict.

    In a perfect world, this place would be a hub where we could share our experiences and thoughts on this fetish. But life is not perfect. Many people living decent, respectful, meaningful lives don't attract or have an easy time either finding friends or romantic companions to enjoy this with. Some have companions but still can't enjoy experimenting with this fetish. Sometimes because their companion isn't ticklish, other times because their companion rejects it and there is a mutual desire to respect boundaries (unlike several personal stories of people I've read here, many of which that seem to encourage copping a feel or spontaneously exploiting somebody's vulnerability or politeness as a weakness. If you want to talk about behavior indicative of an addict.)

    And frankly, some people here have standards to only connect with decent people in their life. On the other hand, many people just seeking sexual thrills often don't exercise standards and will give undeserved respect to completely revolting and abusive people undeserving of any treatment that justifies their worth.

    People really trying to grow as people don't go that route and often have very few close friends. Many often find that in their small circle of people who are good or safe to talk to, there may not be many willing to be tickled or participate in their sex life.

    And in the end, life can be very hard. Some people here are in such challenging situations that they're grateful that there are people around who they can talk to on a personal level, let alone let them touch them. So one way or another, if a person currently depends on paying to enjoy this kind of experience or to see somebody else's, that doesn't necessarily make them an addict. And they have the right to describe what they want if they don't like what they're paying for.

    In short, living out one's sexual fantasy isn't an easily attained goal for everybody. I think that it would be more considerate to recognize that not everybody has the circumstances right now to find several, or even one person to enjoy experimenting with their fetish in any manner. But automatically calling them an addict, a person dependent on something in order to function, just because they say that videos today aren't good is going to far.

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    I totally agree that 95% of it all sucks today. BUT! Here's the big BUT! If you look for the more obscure and overlooked of today's stuff, you can and WILL still find the quality from the "good old days" so to speak for whatever type tickling vid you're into.

    That's how I find stuff worth buying for my tastes from time to time these days. It's out there still, and it's a mixed bag, you just have to dig deep. Check out unadvertised producers that are on C4S, check out manyvids.com and iwantclips.com. These are the ways i've found stuff in modern times that are right up there with the "old days".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phineas View Post
    People keep saying this, but I don't believe it.

    There are thousands of tickling studios on Clips4Sale alone. Are they all using porn stars? I don't use porn stars. You, Comfort Eagle, don't use porn stars (AFAIK). Yet whenever I bring this up people don't even acknowledge the statement. If there really was such a dearth of GND content and a demand for it from actual paying customers shouldn't you and I be making money hand over fist?

    Yet every time the topic arises it's always "Wah, no GNDs on Tickle Abuse or Zen Tickling or insert some other well-known studio here". Why do GNDs only matter when they come from those studios?

    It didn't completely ruin it, but you'd have to be completely oblivious to the online ecosystem in le current year to not think it did a number on the people who would have done it and didn't out of fear of being outed. How many times have producers made public statements about otherwise completely willing normies more than happy to do multiple shoots, only to be essentially driven away by... "overenthusiastic" fans? And that's just the times they bother publicizing it. There are fresh roadblocks that there weren't in 2009.

    I personally think the answer is that the studio trafficking in porn stars are the only ones making any money, because only the fans of those porn stars are willing to pay to see them. Prove me wrong.
    But it is also this, yes.
    Quote Originally Posted by AdmiralBeatty View Post
    LOL dude. I've tickled nearly 300 women. I think I would know.

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