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    Begging mom not to tickle your other fetish out of you + a second girl joins (FF/M)

    It was no use. He couldn't get it out and he knew they weren't going to let up. The girl to his left giggled at his stammering, slowly wiggling her fingers above the spot she had been threatening to tickle for minutes that felt like hours. And down at the foot of the bed, smiling coyly and triumphantly between his own bare feet that she mercilessly raked from toe-to-heel as she had been for a painstaking six minutes now, was his mother. He braced himself. He knew he had to take it because there was no way out.
    Lowering and lowering like a wriggling pendulum, her soft hand with the manicured fingertips were finally going to make contact with his flesh again. But the last time he felt her hands, minutes before, that was down at his feet. Mom had taken righty and this wicked woman with the beautiful pointy hands had lefty all to herself. And then to his horror, they had recoordinated their hands so that Mom was tickling the bottoms of both heels while the new girl was playing this-little-piggy back and forth on the bottoms of his toes. It was maddening. Their hands felt so different and the contrast was driving him nuts: the familiar yet rougher, older yet gentle touch of his mother's versus the wilder, younger, somehow even softer and way better taken care of hands of the pointy fingered girl who managed to drill right into the most sensitive parts of the foot.
    The whole time he had managed to avoid an upper body exploration, but that was back when it was just him and Mom.

    This new girl was the one of the daughters of his mother's ex-employer. Her name was Sarah. After she had parted ways with the secretarial agency, Ed's mom kept in touch with her old boss because they got along so well and had even a fling or two in her time working there. Her boss had four daughters, all of whom Ed's mother adored. She always used to think, if Ed could meet a nice girl like one of the Bohman girls, maybe he would have a chance. Sarah was the youngest at 19, but she wasn't considered the prettiest. Ed's mom wondered if Ed would be bothered since she knew he had a crush on their oldest Jessica, but there was a ten year difference there. Sarah was in his age group and always had a little eye for him. It would be no problem to convince her to join in, provided that Sarah wasn't informed about what was going on under that towel...
    It was on the fourth night of tickling Ed silly that she got the bright idea. As soon as it was in her head she blurted it out, which made her son so hot and bothered at the thought that something got in his own head (the lower kind) which he then immediately blurted out. She was tickling the top of his right foot and the bottom of his left as the familiar vocalizations and hip thrusts of her son made her realize he was cumming against the towel. She was starting to notice that this way of tickling the top of one foot and the bottom of another was enough to get him to blow his load within a minute, but the proposition she had made came only fifteen seconds after assuming this position. She was shocked.
    The question she had asked him was, "Would you like me to get a second girl to tickle you with me?"
    Now, as she tickled him lovingly and let him regain his composure through the orgasm, he blurted out his answer.
    She began to grip the tips of his toes to stifle his sentence like she had so many times in the last several days. "Hey now mister!" she scolded playfully, making him crack up with her strategic and asymmetrical grabbing at his most sensitive spots on and between his toes, "I know this is a little fantasy of yours but you have to play it cool if I do this for you!"
    She stopped tickling and then got very serious.
    "This is a lot of fun, Ed," she said, "but you have to remember, almost nobody would understand. Almost nobody would go along with this." She nodded in the direction of the towel and then began to pick it up so that she could change it for him. She usually averted her eyes but this time quite confidently looked down at his penis, which to her surprise, made him look away and smirk. He was embarassed but turned on that she was looking.
    "I was thinking about Sarah Bohman," she said, and he jerked his head suddenly towards her, now unabashed that he was exposed, and his eyes were wide. "S-Sarah with the..." he stopped himself, looking suddenly embarrassed yet again all of a sudden. Ed's mom raised her eyebrow.
    "The what?" she said. He remained tight-lipped.
    Which made Ed's mom smile, and realize, he is in an incredibly vulnerable position right now. Ed had his orgasm only a minute and a half prior to this moment. His refractory period would make it impossible for him to be turned on for at least fifteen or twenty minutes if he was anything like his father.
    "Tell me or I'll tickle you." Such powerful words that were now on a completely different end. His eyes got wider and he opened his mouth in shock. She had never threatened to tickle him after an orgasm before. He had confided it on the first day, that he loses all of his sexual sensation to tickling for that brief period and it becomes genuinely unbearable to take. Admittedly, the couple times in his life that he had to endure this, he was incredibly turned on by the memory of it despite not enjoying the experience while in the midst. But that was a long time ago, wiith trashy shore girls who didn't respect the safewords. This was his mother now threatening him with this!
    But he didn't want to say. So he tried his best to get out of it with a sentence that really could've gone either way for his favor. He tried it out.
    "I don't want to have to tell you about ANOTHER fetish, Mom!" And it was true. He had almost revealed what it was about Sarah Bohman that turned him on so much. Sarah was the cutest in his mind, not because she was the prettiest of her sisters but because she had just gotten some body modification done a year prior. Not the traditional kind that makes a normal man happy, like a boobjob, nor was it anything too esoteric like piercings or style, it was...
    "Last chance mister," she sternly warned, trying to sound amusing but realizing that she sounded quite grave. She hoped that he wouldn't say, because she had been wanting an excuse to go at his upper body for this entire time. She intended to wait until he stopped cumming his brains out only 3 to 6 minutes into the assault on his feet, but she was getting better at tickling him by the day, and his stamina to withstand the arousal was not keeping up with this.
    But now was she ever curious to know about this fetish. And she knew the best way that she could find out.
    "Mom, I ca-AHAHASHAHDAhDAHASDHASahashdash"
    She didn't want to hear him. She only wanted to tickle him. Finally a chance to really make this boy scream, she thought. He was so enamored with how much blood was flowing to his groin during those feet sessions they'd been having all week, but now, his penis was completely exposed and unable to brush against any surface, and even if it could, he was in refractory. He couldn't cum or feel like cumming if he wanted to. Her hands had come down so fast she had hardly seen herself do it, bending forward and tickling all over his exposed and uncoverable ribcage. He had lost weight in this bed which made them look even more exposed, and as she prodded at each one she realized to her delight that they were all equally ticklish.
    "AHASHSAHFDASHASHAA-AHAHA-HAMOM-MOAAMHA-AMAOMAHAMA-AMOM!" she paused for a second, but that was only to shift herself on the bed so that she could more equally reach both sides of him. Now she placed her fingertips at the bottoms of his armpits, making him squeal and buck and yelp so much she almost considered stopping out of fear that he might reinjure himself. He didn't seem hurt one bit, but he did seem in ticklish agony.
    Instead of tickling up into the armpits, she decided to trace her hands down and up each side, alternating and then squeezing and pinching at the whole side so that his back and front of his stomach would feel the ticklishness too. He couldn't handle it and started screaming.
    "HHAHSAHFAHASHASHASHASHDHASHAS", said Ed. No legible words would escape his lips in this scenario.
    She stopped after two solid minutes of ribcage and side tickling. She had her smirk and eyebrow raised, ready to interrogate him again.
    "What's this fetish of yours, mister?" she demanded playfully, poking him in one of the ribs to elicit another yelp. "And what does Sarah have to do with it?" He looked up pleadingly, with that, "please don't make me tell, and please don't keep doing this to me, I normally love it but right now I can't handle it and I know I'll tell you if you don't stop because it tickles so fucking much!" look. Wow I really know my son, she thought.
    "If you don't tell me, I have lots of untouched spots up here to try out still!" And she meant it.
    To show that she meant business, Ed's mom raised her right hand and placed it palmside down directly in the middle of his stomach. He made a noise somewhere between a groan and a plead. She had a feeling this was going to be one hell of a bargaining chip.
    "Remember that time after you came back from college, when you were in the pool on vacation," she started, and he automatically knew what she was going to say which made him start to widen his eyes yet again, "and you were laying in that big inner tube that looked like a donut? And, you were laying with your back to the Sun so you could tan, and..." she stopped for suspense,
    "your stomach was in the water, right in the donut hole of the tube. And I was underwater with my goggles and I saw your tummy above me, so I reached up aaaand"
    She reenacted what she did that day, only this time on dry land and with him unable to flail into the water to get away.
    "Tickle tickle tickle tickle" she said, her palm now up and with the other hand as it skittered all over the center of his abdomen, around his navel and down even into his waistline nearly hitting her wrist on the flailing and shortening member down below. Back when she had done that, she had no idea he had a tickling fetish. She just saw her son's exposed tummy and grabbed at it from underwater as a gag. If only she had known what went through his mind after that!
    Come to think of it, she thought, he did excuse himself right after.
    She stopped tickling him and smiled. "You went and jerked off after that, didn't you." She didn't even ask it. Just stated it.
    And to her surprise, he quite plainly answered, "Busted." He smiled back. They were so open about this now. And she was glad.
    But, she didn't want him to know that. The interrogation continued.
    "YOU JERKED OFF TO THE THOUGHT OF ME TICKLING YOU BACK THEN" she said, now resuming her ticklish assault to his abdomen but this time really giving him the royal treatment. She did not want to let a single square inch go unpunished, traveling from his stomach to his hips to his sides again, up to the armpits and then right in them this time, really making him sound off loudly and making her grateful that her sister was not home that night as she surely would have come in and investigated. As much as she wanted a second girl to do this with her, she was not wanting her sister.
    She was tickling him so much and so frantically that, entirely by accident, she let her hands graze over a spot that she hadn't thought to tickle. But why not? Maybe she thought that, since Ed is a boy, he wouldn't be ticklish on THAT spot. So her mind treated that part of his body blindly, not thinking to even touch it, until her pointer finger just so happened to strayly graze it, which, to her extreme notice, made him instantly take on a tone in his scream that was more serious. Almost as if, the spot she had just accidentally tickled was no ordinary tickle spot, but just maybe,
    His worst tickle spot.
    She stopped and looked at him and he made a face that almost seemed to resemble that of somebody who is in charge. Of somebody who isn't tied down and receiving submissive fetish favors from his mother post-injury. Of someone who had any control of what is happening.
    He must have realized the face he was making wasn't appropriate, because he softened it immediately and then tried to get his case out.
    "Not that spot. Please. Pl-... Mom, I..."
    He thought of what to do and decided that maybe this was the best thing after all.
    "I'll tell you the fetish. Just please please please don't tickle me on that spot."
    She was amazed. It really was his worst spot, wasn't it? It had to be if he was suddenly completely ready to drop his embarrassment of the fetish he was withholding from her.
    "Deal, but you have to tell me within the next three seconds or else I am going to," and she got both of her hands ready over his body to honor that threat, but she wouldn't have to.
    Ed told her what his fetish was.
    "Really?" Ed's mom wasn't surprised at all but she was more shocked that she hadn't guessed it herself. "That's so many men, honey." she said. So many men love that.
    He looked red but he also looked relieved to get out of having that spot tickled.
    "So you think Sarah would be a fun girl to invite to one of these little parties we've been having?"
    "YES." he blurted. He wanted it so bad that he wondered if his refractory period was even going to be intact much longer. He wished that it would go away in the middle of this first torso tickling they had together, but as he had fulfilled the interrogator's request, there was no need now. He would have to find out the next night.
    Mom got up and walked out of the room, and like on so many nights prior now, she liked to give him something to make him stew. A comment that would leave him messed with just slightly, yet excited for the next night. Tonight she had the easiest line in the world to give him.
    "I'll be sure to have Sarah wear her sandals, footboy." The look on his face was priceless.

    The tattoos on the tops of Sarah's feet were very colorful and attractive, so much so that the average guy probably gained a foot fetish the moment she walked into the room. Now for the first time since she had arrived, he could see them. His spot on the bed when she walked up was such that a view of the floor simply wasn't possible, but he could hear the familiar suction-slap that the thong of a flip flop makes as she walked in. He could hear her feet, the first feet that made him realize just how much he was into them, yet the fetish he had been too afraid to ask even the shore girls to indulge him in on.
    Sarah was now draped alongside him on his left, her head near his and her legs stretched out so that her bare feet faced his mother and he could see the tattoos on her feet tops. She was so short that her feet only reached to his knees. She was so close that the soles of her feet was literally touching his leg. Both of them. It was so fucking much not to bust underneath the heavy-duty weighted blanket that Mom had come up with to extra conceal his little friend. The downside to having something heavier duty was that it made the pressure all the more pleasurable. But, the tickling had only begun. He simply could NOT come now, or else he would have a long night ahead of him.
    But there she was, where we started, her hands lowering down onto his torso, over the exact same spot that his mother had threatened. Ed could not believe it that his mother had told her, only five minutes into the feet tickling she just blurted it out.
    "I found Ed's most ticklish spot." They both cackled together as Ed scream pleaded for her to not say. Please oh please oh pl-
    "It's his nipples." And there it was. He was screwed.
    "I accidentally grazed one when I was getting his ribs, and he got so serious on me. You would never have believed it!"
    "Oh?" Sarah, a girl of very little words and quiet demeanor but clearly insatiable curiosity, immediately got up from the left foot she was at. His mother didn't miss a beat and started tickling the vacant foot too, which disallowed him to protest as she got on the bed next to him, draping her legs and lightly resting the soles of her feet on his leg, perching her hands over his chest with a certainty of contact that he knew would make him explode. Fuck. He had to hold it in. She was going to tickle him on the most sensitively sexual duo of spots that his entire body had to offer. Please let me handle it, he thought. Don't let me blow it. Don't...
    "Hey Sarah?" Ed's mom suddenly interrupted. She stopped lowering her hands and turned her head to Mom. Ed looked at her too, no idea of what she was going to say but the worst feeling in the pit of his stomach as to what it could be.
    "Your fingers must be getting tired, huh?" His mom smiled. Sarah nodded. "My fingers are cramping so much already." she confirmed.
    "Whenever that happens to me," said Mom, "I either make him take my palms," she said holding up both of the flats of her soft hands, making Ed shudder,
    "Or, one time..."
    No. Ed thought. She wasn't really going to do this to him. Was she?
    "One time I gave my hands a break and used my feet."


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    this is the second part to the story. for part one go here: https://www.ticklingforum.com/showth...aralysis-(F-M)

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    HMMMMMMM, I love it so much ! So hot and sexy !!!!! Queenie

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    Great story! This is a fine series.
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    wow, what a great story. please more with forced feet sniffing

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    I love the dynamics of this story! I love how his mother got him to confess about getting off to fantasizing about he tickling him. I do hope that his Mom gets a chance to torture his poor nipples ��

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    Lovely story with beautiful detail and form, FM. It involves more than one specific sexual interest I don't share, but I sometimes especially enjoy reading about those when the writing is so illustrative, thoughtful and invitational, so I'm really looking forward to reading more.

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    I love it. more taboo the better. this is so hot. thanks for it.

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