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    Alien Laughing Engine 4 (Alien F/M FF/M Sexual)

    Part 1: https://www.ticklingforum.com/showth...-M-LIttle-F-M)
    Part 2: https://www.ticklingforum.com/showth...tle-Machine-M)
    Part 3: https://www.ticklingforum.com/showth...ally-Explicit)

    After his ordeal with Shera, Kyle had not the strength to even mention if he wanted to keep going or not. It was going to take some time for his body to become accustomed to the tickle torture the alien women could dish out. Shera, not wanting to break him too badly, carried Kyle back to his room, delivering a quick poke here and there, eliciting quick yelps from his exhausted body. She thought it was adorable how little energy he had left to fight back.

    Once back in his room, Kyle curled up in his bed, resting his aching body. At least Shera cared enough to provide aftercare. That was a little more intense than he expected, but not unwelcome. Hours went by as Kyle lay there, basking in the endorphins flowing through his bloodstream. His biological clock told him that it was probably getting close to bedtime. A small grin spread across his face as he thought back to his past two days. Hopefully, he would not come to regret this decision.

    Before he could fall asleep, there was a knock on his door, “Kyle, it’s Urisa. Shera sent me to check on you.”

    Kyle rolled to the edge of the bed and sat up, “Come in."

    The door slid open, revealing Urisa in all of her curvaceous blue beauty. Now dressed in nothing but an unzipped pink jacket and a thong, “Hey, how are you doing, mind if I sit.”

    Nothing shocked Kyle at this point, “Go ahead.”

    Urisa sat on the bed next to Kyle, making sure her purple hair gently whipped him on the side of the head. She smelled like strawberries. Kyle tried averting his eyes from Urisa’s massive chest, but his peripheral vision betrayed him.

    “Did you need something, Urisa.”
    “I came to check on you. I know Shera can be a little cold when it comes to her experiments.”

    Kyle shifted in his spot, “It wasn’t so bad. I just needed time to recover.”

    “Are you recovered then?” Urisa teased as she poked both sides of Kyle’s ribs a few times.

    Kyle wiggled from Urisa’s prodding fingers, “Hehehehe yes. I’m okay now.”

    “Then… would you like to spend the night with me?”

    Kyle’s eyes flared, “I-uh-I mean-da-what-sure?”

    Urisa gently took Kyle’s hand and led him from the room. His eyes were locked onto her wide ass as Urisa strutted down the hallway. Already, Kyle’s mind spun. This was it. He was finally going to get some. It was all he could do to contain his nervous excitement. Urisa found her room down the hall from Kyle’s. She simply touched the knobless door to have it slide open.

    The blue alien’s room was in stark contrast to Kyle’s and Shera’s lab. The girly levels were off the chart. Plushies of different alien races littered the pink room. It was also bigger than Kyle’s room, affording enough space for a larger wardrobe and full-length mirror. At the center of the room was Urisa’s canopy bed, just as pink and silky as the rest of the room.

    Kyle remembered a pressing problem, “I’ve been meaning to ask, why the clothes? I figured they were probably a human thing.”

    Urisa separated the curtains, revealing an unmade bed within, “I just like Earth culture. The clothes are cute and I make plushies of various creatures we’ve come across in our travels. It keeps me busy. I guess you can keep me busy now, though.”

    Kyle gulped at that last sentence. He wasn’t sure if he could handle a woman of Urisa’s caliber, but he was sure going to try. Urisa crawled into the bed, making sure to wiggle her assets in the process. Kyle took that as his invitation and trepiditiously climbed into bed behind Urisa. Within seconds, he was on his back with Urisa leaning over him. Before he could react, fuzzy pink cuffs snapped around his wrists and ankles, pulling him gently into an X-shape. Urisa’s eyes flashed with a flirty intent. But something was off.

    Kyle stared at Urisa’s eyes, which were now yellow with black sclera. Urisa definitely saw Kyle’s shocked reaction, as she quickly leaned back, sitting on Kyle’s thighs. Her hands clasped her mouth, scared of what was to come.

    ‘Oh, I’m sorry! This is my natural eye color. I can change it at will and kept it more normal so I wouldn’t freak you out. I’ll change it back.”

    Kyle tried to move a hand to her face, but the cuffs stopped him, “Don’t. I think they look nice like this.”

    “Well, aren’t you just a smooth talker.” Urisa lightly jabbed Kyle in the ribs.

    “Hehe.” Kyle tried to wiggle away.

    A slight grin curled upon Urisa’s lips, “Oh, does that tickle~? How about this?”

    Urisa continued to quickly poke Kyle in the ribs over and over again. Never enough to hurt, but enough to keep him in a constant state of giggles. Fingers flew across Kyle’s torso with Urisa smiling the entire time.
    “Hehehehe! Yes, that tickles! Hehehe!”

    “Do you want me to stop?” Urisa loudly whispered.

    “Hehe Hehehe!” Kyle shook his head from side to side, but didn’t answer.

    “I’m not hearing a no~.” Urisa continued to tickle Kyle’s ribs. “Maybe I should move up here?”

    Fingers climbed Kyle’s torso, quickly approaching the hollows of his armpits. Urisa quickly spider tickled deep into her target’s pits. Kyle quickly spasmed, shaking his head side to side.


    “Ooh, that’s a fun spot. I’ll stay here for a bit.” Urisa chuckled to herself.

    Urisa stayed in Kyle’s armpits for at least ten minutes. Sometimes it would be spider tickling but switch to digging in at others. Kyle’s nerves couldn’t keep. His head shook side to side, attempting to get Urisa’s fingers out of his sensitive hollows but to no avail. The entire time, Urisa verbally teased him.

    “Aw, does it tickle? I know you actually enjoy this. Just relax and let me handle it.”


    Urisa stuck her tongue out, “I know it does. That’s why I do it.”

    Another ten minutes went by and Kyle was drenched in sweat. Urisa never once let up, but then again, Kyle never once told her to stop. That was until his tearful laughs became real crying. What started as giggling sobs slowly devolved into full-blown tears.

    “WHAAAAAA!” *Sob* *sniff*

    The cuffs immediately released Kyle. Urisa wrapped her arms around Kyle’s head and smashed it between her massive knockers. Not in a sexual way but in a comforting way. Kyle cried into her bosom, gripping her hoodie at the same time.

    “Oh no no no! Did I hurt you! Did I scare you! Did you want me to stop?” Urisa’s arms

    Kyle shook his head and squeaked out a muffled “No…”

    “That what’s wrong?”

    “Nothing. These are happy tears.” Kyle wrapped his arms around Urisa. “Just a few days ago, I was ready to off myself. Now, I’m living on a spaceship with three beautiful women who actually care about me, I think.”

    Urisa placed a gentle hand on Kyle’s head, stroking his hair, “We do care about you immensely. Sure, we may be using you as part of an engine, but we also want you to be happy. Do you want to keep going tonight?”
    Kyle nodded, and Urisa delivered, pushing him back on the bed. The cuffs came back out and pinned him once again. Urisa smiled lustfully at Kyle while slowly removing her jacket. Her blue tits jiggled before Kyle’s eyes. Hard nipples the color of blueberries danced in his vision.

    Urisa placed her hands on Kyle’s ribs a second time, “I’m nicer than Li’vet and Shera, but that doesn’t mean I’ll go easy.”

    Ten fingers dug into Kyle’s ribs, sending electric shocks through his body. His arms struggled against the bonds but to no avail. Urisa was an expert tickler, already having Kyle locked in a state of euphoric panic. His laughing face was red from both the strain and his own embarrassment. Urisa managed to find a particularly sensitive spot on his lower ribs, right in between the final two false ribs.


    Urisa grinned wickedly, ‘Ooh, I found a sweet spot. I bet you like it there, don’t you? Who’s a ticklish boy? You are! Yes, you are!”

    Between Kyle’s sweat making Urisa’s hands slid easily across his skin, and the verbal teasing, there was nothing he could do. Kyle laughed away as Urisa kindly tortured him to her heart's content. Thirty minutes went by with Urisa refusing to move from her spot. She could sense that Kyle didn’t want her to stop, either.

    “I have an idea.” Without stopping, Urisa slid down Kyle’s body.

    Despite laughing and struggling, Kyle did everything he could to position his erect manhood betwixt her chest. Urisa noticed this and obliged, sandwiching his twitching member between her blue melons. She slid up and down, allowing the combined sweat to act as a lubricant. Kyle’s laughs mixed with groans of pleasure. Those same groans quickly canceled out with howls of laughter.

    Urisa took a deep breath, placed her lips on Kyle’s quivering stomach, and blew a long raspberry right on his deep belly button, “PPPFFFFFBBBLLLTTTHHH!”

    “NAAAAHAHAHAHNOOOO! NO RASPBERRIES!” Kyle was in tears as he pleaded with Urisa.

    “That’s a fun spot. I don’t want to stop.” Urisa continued to blow into Kyle’s stomach, not forgetting to include a few licks here and there as well as digging her thumbs into his ribs.

    Kyle stopped fighting, as he no longer had the energy to. He simply lay there and laugh like a lunatic while a surprising weak spot was abused. Tears stained the pillow his head rested on. The only part of his body that managed to move was his head, which shook side to side as he screamed in ticklish agony. Never once did he actually say stop.

    Urisa grew bored of the raspberries and switched up her tactics. Her body slid upwards, eliciting a moan from Kyle. That moan didn’t last long, as Urisa wrapped her lips around Kyle’s toned side and began nibbling.

    “Do you want me to stop?” Urisa asked between bites. “I can feel between my breasts. It doesn’t seem like it.”

    “HAHAHAHA! AH HA AAAHHHAHAHA!” Kyle was unable to answer through his laughter, but he did manage to shake his head.

    “Aw, too embarrassed to answer. That’s okay, sweety. I won’t stop. In fact, I have a surprise for you.” Urisa continued to nibble Kyle’s ribs, but something rocked the bed.

    Through teary eyes, Kyle saw another woman appear on the bed next to him. It was an exact copy of Urisa. From the top of her purple hair to the bottom of her blue toes, it was a replica of his tickler. With a wicked grin, the copy leaned down and chomped down on the other side of Kyle’s ribs. His brain was fried. Urisa was already skilled enough, but two of her was too much.


    Urisa’s double spoke. “My species can make a temporary copy of ourselves. We used it to escape predators, but it has…other… applications as well.”

    Two beautiful extraterrestrials descended on Kyle’s sweaty body. The original stayed where she was, digging her thumbs into the bottom of his ribs while nibbling his left side. The copy took a seat on his arms, further pinning him, and placed her thick thighs around his head. Slender hands went to work scratching at his pits and kneading his ribs. Kyle shrunk into the bed, but it provided little defense.

    “I’M GONNA DIE WHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHHH! ITS HAHAHAH ITS HAHAHAHA STAAHAHAHAHAHP!” He couldn’t even manage to finish his thoughts anymore.

    The Urisa sitting on his arms leaned over, giving him a perfect view of her hanging tits, “Is it too much? Do you want us to stop?”


    Hours passed at the mercy of the buxom pair. Never once did they stop to give Kyle a break. It wasn’t like he needed one anyway, given Li’vet’s injection. The only thing Kyle wanted more right now was to soothe his aching erection. It was almost painful considering how long he had been erect. Luckily, Urisa’s massive boobs gave him a nice cushion. He did wish she’d pump a little more, however.

    “It’s getting late, Kyle. It’s been four hours. Do you want to finish.”

    “YAAAHAHAHAHAAAAHHHAHAHAHA!” Kyle couldn’t answer but did manage a slight nod.

    Urisa and her clone gave each other a knowing look and repositioned. While still tickling, the original Urisa inched up Kyle’s body, reaching his neck with her face, and the clone back up, lying down you the top of her cleavage just barely graced Kyle’s matted and sweaty hair. The original moved one of her hands down below, grasping Kyle’s throbbing hard-on. Positioning herself correctly, she slid on top, allowing Kyle to enter her soaking pussy. Kyle’s hips bucked. It was unlike anything he had ever felt. Warm, slippery, and just all-around wonderful. His eyes rolled back as he groaned deeply. At the same time, the clone kept one hand tickling an armpit while the other went to his ear, swirling and teasing with expert dexterity.

    Urisa gyrated her hips, letting Kyle feel all of her. Her tongue licked Kyle’s neck, tasting his salty sweat. Between the rib and armpit tickling, the neck and ear-tickling, and Urisa’s pumping, Kyle’s mind went blank. His entire world was a slurry of tickles and pleasure.


    Urisa leaned into Kyle’s ear and whispered, “Do you want us to stop tickling?”


    “I heard a no in there? Where do you want me to tickle?”


    “Ok. Just grab my ass and enjoy the ride then.” Urisa ended with a quick lick and bite of Kyle’s ear before returning to his neck.

    Kyle felt the cuffs release his wrists. His arms immediately shot for Urisa’s round ass. Each hand slapped and groped her cheeks. Despite the tickling, Kyle managed to keep hold of Urisa, helping her move in a way that felt even better. Even she was feeling the love now. Womanly moans slipped through her lips. She and her clone’s hands never stopped torturing Kyle. All three were intertwined with each other in ticklish ecstasy. Neither ever wanted this to end.

    Kyle felt himself building, ready to burst, “PPPFAAAAAHAHAHAHOOOOHMAIGAWD! DOHOHONN’T MMMMHHHAAA STOOOHP!”

    Urisa slammed her waist into his, “I won’t. Your laughs and moans are so sexy!”


    “But I’m having too much fun. You are my ticklish little boy. You’re going to laugh with me forever. Ahm nom nom nom!”

    Urisa continued to lick and nibble on Kyle’s neck, keeping him in hysterics. The clone didn’t stop either, making sure his ears got all the attention they deserved. She even managed to take her hair and turn it into makeshift feathers. She twirled and teased Kyle, whose head was trapped between a head and a pair of blue boobs.

    Time dragged on as the tickling continued. Kyle tried tapping out with his hands, as he wasn’t able to vocalize anything but laughter and pleasure anymore, but the Urisas continued their assault.

    “Do you want me to tickle your feet?” Urisa asked.

    Kyle was unable to answer. Taking that as a yes, Urisa tapped a button on the bed frame. Two fuzzy pink rollers emerged from beneath the bed and powered on. Making contact with Kyle’s feet, they began to slide up and down his soles. Too exhausted to fight back, all he could do was howl in ticklish agony.


    “But I want to hear you laugh more, and you’re making me feel really good. Keep going just a little longer.”

    Another hour passed. Kyle’s body was spent. His hands were gripped around Urisa’s wide waist, but he was no longer moving. His red, tearful face was locked in a wide smile. His laughter was silent, aside from the occasional groan. Urisa’s body was covered in sweat, both hers and Kyle’s, but it was time for them to finish.

    She dug her thumbs just slightly deeper into his ribs, sending a final shock to his brain, “You can cum now.”

    And that’s all it took. Both Urisa and Kyle spasmed, filling their bodies with sheer ecstasy at the same time. Wave after wave of orgasm rocked their bones. Each screamed out in pure ticklegasm pleasure. Urisa was the first to finish, falling limp on Kyle’s body, which quickly followed suit. The rollers returned to whence they came and the clone stopped teasing Kyle, rolling next to him while stroking his hair. Kyle’s chest pumped up and down, taking in the afterglow. Not bad for his first time. The real Urisa rolled to the other side, lazily dragging a finger up and down his side.

    “Heyehehehe! I’m sensitive hehehe stahahap!” Kyle didn’t try to move away.

    “But you’re just too cute. I want to keep teasing you.”

    Kyle breathed a deep sigh, “Fine. Just be gentle, please. I’m so tired.”

    “That’s okay. We’ll tickle you to sleep.”

    Urisa and her clone positioned themselves on either side of Kyle, allowing both sets of breasts to engulf him. Their hands trailed up and down his torso, giving him light, feathery tickles across his ribs and stomach. Every so often, the fingers would knead and send him into a short laughing fit, before returning to the lazy tickling journey. Their tongues licked his ears, circling and delving within, as well as teasing his neck for short intervals. Even his cheeks would get a bite, lick, and even a kiss while the Urisa’s had their fun with his giggling body.

    “Hehehehehe! This is hehehe nice.” Kyle would have tried to wiggle free from the teases but had no strength left in his body.

    Despite coming down from his tickle high, Kyle’s face was still red from light teases on his ears. He would have never dreamed he would get to spend the night with a woman like Urisa, let alone two women like Urisa. This was a new feeling for him. It was something that could only be described as actual joy. For the first time in a long time, he felt wanted. It was a feeling Kyle never wanted to end, even if that meant he would spend the rest of his days as a tickle slave t his crewmates. He didn’t mind one bit. Eventually, he, along with Urisa, fell asleep in each other's arms. At some point through the night, Kyle even managed to plant his face between Urisa’s ample chest, smothering him, but giving him just enough space to breathe while he slept better than he ever had in his entire life.

    This was a much more wholesome story than the last one. Funny enough, some of the stuff that happened here was based on things my wife and I did together. I am a lucky man. Anyway, Part 5 won't be out until later next week or early in the one after, but I'll have 3 one-shots to fill the gap. Thank you for reading. I have a ko-fi now as well in case of commissions or tips.

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    Great story! This is a fine series.
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    I love it!

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    I love this series
    such a fantasy

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