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    Nylon Dungeon 2.0 Part 5 (F/M, sexual and all manner of nylon clad female ticklers)

    So here’s part 5 of the Nova Dea action and this one is dedicated to Heraclitus, a man of letters and learning. I now have the story arc worked out so there will be two more parts before I move on to something different and I’ll try and get them posted up over the next two weekends. Hope people are still enjoying reading this as much as I’m enjoying writing it (oh and CJ555 I got a version of your request in and I’ll always try.) This one gets steamy as sex comes to Nova Dea....

    ““Hail horrors! Hail Infernal world! And thou, profoundest hell, Receive thy new possessor; one who brings mind not to be changed by place or time. The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”

    Paradise Lost Book I - Milton

    On the fringes of a Presidential cocktail party Mi6 special operative Stephen Graeme (code name Testuda) made contact with his informer. London was deeply concerned by the turn of events in the US since the dissolution of the Senate and the imposition of martial law in all but name. Having ascertained the time and place for his meeting with the anti-Nielsen sympathisers he slipped away into the night. With any luck he would be back in the U.K. in 24 hours time, not only having made contact with the resistance but also in possession of the material he had gathered from his sleeper agent within Nova Dea itself. Seraphim Intelligence officer Maria Alvarez watched him depart. She spoke into her neck comm’s, “Target is leaving the building. Apprehend on sight without lethal force. The President herself wants this one taken alive.” He had been betrayed. The informer was a stooge and the leaders of the resistance Stephen was supposed to meet were already enjoying the tender ministrations of the Nova Dea facility.

    In room “L” former Senator David Baxter’s heart rate had barely returned to something approaching normal when the door to the Commissars personal punishment chamber opened. A petite blond woman wearing a neglige, suspenders and exquisite off-black reinforced heel and toe stockings strode in. David gasped in recognition of the piercing green eyes...the madam foreman of the jury who had so zealously condemned him!

    “Welcome Elizabeth!” the Commissar declared cheerfully. “I can see by the look on the traitors face that he remembers you! I have been working on the dogs’ feet and genitals for the last couple of hours and he is all yours as agreed. You have free reign of my chambers for the next few hours whilst I attend to other duties. We have sensitised his entire body with the tickling serum with disproportionate emphasis on his feet and genitals but you can change that as you see fit using the remote control my people gave you. He will remain in a permanent chemical state of arousal and orgasm suppressants have been administered. The feathers, brushes and feather dusters are on obvious display, the cabinets on the left contain my more...mechanical toys. All we ask is that you make him suffer for his base treachery!”

    “Thank you Commissar,” beamed Elizabeth. “You have no idea how pleased I am to be reacquainted with the former Senator! And just how excited I am to serve the cause!” she gushed.

    “Then I will leave you two to get to know each other better then,” replied Lycacheva coolly. “Oh and there’s one more thing you need to know, traitor,” said the Commissar fixing the naked spreadeagled man with a cruel smile. “Neither I or any of my technicians are permitted or would ever demean ourselves by engaging in any form of sexual activity with a prisoner. The same rules do not apply to special volunteers like Elizabeth here, who can use your body any way she sees fit!” With that the Commissar turned on her black stockinged heels and left the room.

    “So David,” Elizabeth giggled. “It seems so funny to be able to call you that! This is literally a dream fantasy come true. A toned powerful man all tied up and at my mercy! I hope you don’t disappoint.” Regaining some of his composure after the Commissar’s departure David began to furiously barter for his freedom alternately trying to bribe and or threaten this upstart juror with every reward or legal penalty he could think of but acutely aware of his less than secure bargaining position tied naked to a bed. Elizabeth laughed, “Oh David! The world has moved on! My visit here is totally legal and as for rewards there is nothing in the world that I want right now other than to use you for my pleasure. I had a classical education and I once read that in Roman times the wives of rich senators and merchants could visit the cells where the gladiators were kept between games and for a bribe, select the stud of their choice to do with what they wanted. I never forgot that passage and now here I am about to live it out. The gladiators were all slaves as you are mine!” Her green eyes glittered with excitement.

    Moving to the foot of the bed Elizabeth slowly peeled off her lacy neglige, ensuring David was watching her every move and stood in front of him naked apart from her sheer black stockings and suspenders. David, in his already broiling state of sexual arousal let out an involuntary moan at the sight of her pert breasts and totally shaven pussy. “I can see you like my body! I have never seen such an erect and throbbing cock. I’ll let you into a secret, I am as turned on as you are but the difference is I can do something about it.” She ran her hands over her erect nipples and grazed her clitoris with her thumb letting out a little moan. The Commissars tortures had been truly awful but somehow this was even worse thought David to himself.

    Elizabeth selected a fluffy feather duster from the rack on the wall and knelt on the bed next to her spreadeagled victim. “Let’s see how sensitive they have made you then,” she purred. She flicked the feather duster over his tummy and abs. David flinched and gritted his teeth. “Oh no giggles?” She pouted. “Let’s see how this works!” With her other hand she depressed some buttons on the remote control and raised the ticklishness of his abdomen by a factor of twenty. She reapplied the feather duster, caressing his abs and swirling it over his tummy. The reaction was instantaneous, “Mwwwaa, ha, haa, MWWAAHaa, HAAA, HOOO NoooOO StaaAAAPPP THAHAHAT TICKLES!!!” “Oh my!! They really are geniuses!” She exclaimed. She used the feather duster to explore his sides and ribs before returning again and again to tormenting his abs and super sensitised stomach whilst occasionally slipping her other hand between her legs. David’s hysterics escalated and his breathing was becoming increasingly ragged, “A feather duster for chrissakes! They only tickled in cartoons!” he thought desperately.

    Not wanting to loose her prisoner to unconsciousness Elizabeth changed tactics. She straddled his body facing away from his face and hooked her nylon covered feet up on to his chest. Her perfect ass only a matter of inches away from his face and in the mirror on the ceiling above him David had the perfect view of her nylon covered soles. “I hear they have given you a thing for nylon covered feet now, David,” Elizabeth stated mischievously, whilst tantalisingly rubbing the tops of her hosed feet on his chest. “I hope you have a good view, I chose these stockings as I know you’ll appreciate the seams and the sheer reinforced heel and toes!” David could only moan with pent up frustration. Discarding the remote control Elizabeth put the feather duster between his legs and span the handle between her palms so it rotated against his bursting balls. Agonisingly slowly at first then faster and all the time caressing his chest with her feet and describing how sexy she felt in stockings. She relentlessly tickled his balls until he once more thought he would pass out. When she was satisfied he had been adequately teased she grasped his engorged member delicately between thumb and forefinger and rubbed his tip against her clitoris until she achieved her first ecstatic orgasm of the session. The sweet heady smell of sex, her wanton moans and shuddering climax were pure torture for David, but of a different kind.

    Breathing heavily, Elizabeth dismounted and knelt at the foot of the bed. David’s feet were still in the stocks and his toes remained tied back. “Oh my! That was intense! It must be your turn for a treat...and what better reward for someone who has recently discovered he has a raging foot fetish than some foot worship?” Elizabeth lasciviously extended her tongue and licked the length of his right arch. The intense pleasure and tickling caught David totally off guard given the serum was still very active in his feet. “AAAaaaaa, ooooOOO, EEeeeepp!”

    “Mmm! I think my helpless little gladiator likes it! I’m going to suck your toes now. It will tickle like crazy and it’s going to turn you on like mad!” She took his big toe in her mouth, playing her lips over his skin and using the tip of her tongue to lap at the sensitive pad and stem. She suckled, licked, nibbled and kissed whilst David writhed with a combination of intense pleasure and excruciating tickling. After repeating this process a further nine times she began running her tongue between each of his toes. “EEEEEEAAAAAYYYYY HHEEEE PLEEEEEAAAZEEE NOOOAAATTT THAAAAT!!!” But his pleas fell of deaf ears as Elizabeth slowly made love to his toes with her mouth. Delighted with the mixture of tickling torture and sexual teasing she had inflicted she rose to her feet, “I think we should have a little explore in the Commissars toy collection don’t you?” Opening the glossy black cabinet she gasped at the vast array of vibrators, wands, mechanical stimulators, and evil looking contraptions she couldn’t even name. She selected a beautiful silver dildo and two electric toothbrushes.

    She returned to the bed, straddling David once more but this time facing him. He looked fearfully into her eyes, “W, W, What are you going to do to me now? Have mercy for pities sake!” he gasped, still ridiculously turned on. “Oh it’s not what I’m going to do. It’s what you are going to do for me! I want you to lick me until I cum and you had better do a good job!”

    “What on GODS EARTH do you think would make me do that after what you and these...,” he struggled to find the words, “these..., THESE CRIMINALS HAVE DONE TO ME!” he bellowed. After fiddling with the remote control to dramatically increase the ticklishness of his underarms, she brandished the two electric toothbrushes and simply said, “These will!” Davids’s eyes widened but he clamped his moth firmly shut. “Still not ready to cooperate?” Teased Elizabeth flicking the brushes into buzzing life. “This is going to tickle like hell so you just let me know when you are ready to reconsider.” She deployed the buzzing bristles deep in the hollows of his defenceless armpits and the reaction was loud and immediate, “GAAAAAA, Ha HAAAAA Get THEEEMMOOOAFFFFMEEEEE, GAA HAAAA HAAA HAAAAAA I’ll LIIIEEEEAAAAK YOOOUUUU GAAAAA!! I’llllll DOOOOO IIEEET!”

    “That didn’t take long, we’ll have to come back to them,” Elizabeth sighed wistfully, switching off the brushes but keeping their threat in place whilst lowering her dripping lips and nub on to his face. The once powerful former Senator licked and lapped at her clitoris with abandon, half terrified she would activate the awful brushes again. Elizabeth’s grunts and desperate moans became more intense and she grabbed a handful of his hair to force his face further between her legs. She came in under a minute, arching her back and letting out an almost feral shriek of pure pleasure. Panting with the residual aftershocks she breathlessly exclaimed, “OOOOhhh David, I think we are going to be the very best of friends!”

    Commander Grace Sparks, Head of Nova Dea security rapped her knuckles on the office door of Dr Nina Burden, the facilities’ Director. “Enter!” The Commander found Dr Burden lounged in a plush arm chair with a naked man knelt at her feet. “No one told you to stop,” she scolded the man. “Keep massaging and if you even for one moment think about tickling my pretty little feet then I’ll hand you over to the Commissar for the rest of the day!” The man bowed his head a resumed kneading her smoky grey sheer nylon covered soles with his thumbs. His prominent errection betraying how turned on the process was making him. “Ah Grace!” She nodded to the kneeling man, “One of our more subtle tortures but one which happens to feel heavenly! Thank you for coming so promptly. We have had a message from Elysium. The Seraphim have arrested a very high profile foreign saboteur and he is being brought here for interrogation. This is next level for us as so far we have only cut our teeth on basic punishment protocols.”

    The Commander gasped, “How high profile?” The Director beamed, “Very! I can’t say any more in front of our “guest” but I need you to accompany me on a tour of our newly finished interrogation suite to assess its security with your trained eye.”

    Leaving the Directors office the two women made their way to the west wing of the Nova Dea facility. It was accessed via an overhead skywalk spanning a cavernous industrial warehouse that housed some of the facilities larger punishment spaces. It allowed a birds eye view of the activities happening beneath them. The ever present shrieks of desperate laughter and begging echoed through the air. Directly beneath them 20 sets of stocks had been arranged in a semi circle, each occupied by a writhing naked “guest”. The Red Devil was clearly visible in her distinctive scarlet stockings and basque directing proceedings. Each of the twenty men sitting in the stocks were having their restrained bare feet tickled by their own personal smartly dressed tormentress. Grace raised her eyebrow quizzically at the Director. “Ah yes. Some of our colleagues from the administration department here on a team building exercise!” Beamed Dr Burden. “They work very hard and don’t often get to participate in our core activities. We find this is great for team morale. The Devil is teaching them the fundamentals of foot tickling today and by the looks of it is doing a thorough job!” The women were respectively using all manner of techniques, feathers, finger nails, brushes, pipe cleaners between toes and even tongues. The forced laughter and begging was a cacophony and didn’t look like it would be ending anytime soon.

    As they made their way further along the skywalk the scene beneath them changed. Dr Burden paused, leaning on the railings and gestured to the activities below them, “The ever popular game show format!” Grace could see a naked man suspended 4 feet from the ground in cunning bondage that made sure every part of his body was both immobilised and accessible. He was surrounded by show girls in tight leotards and glittering fishnet pantyhose with huge Vegas style feathers in their hair. One of them was holding cue cards and was clearly the question master, “So Jasper you know the rules by now. If you get the next question right we don’t tickle you, get it wrong and we spin the wheel of fun to find out where we tickle you next!” She gestured to the huge glittering wheel that was flanked by two preening nylon clad showgirls whose role would be to start it spinning in the case of an incorrect answer. It was divided into 12 segments, each clearly depicting a different part of the male anatomy, abs, under arms, knees, hips, feet, butt, tummy and even genitals. “So for your chance to win a prize your category is sport! Who came third in the 100 metres at the 1936 Olympic Games?” Grace heard the auditable moan from the restrained man as he was asked yet another impossible question. “No? You’re not even going to have a guess? Doesn’t everyone know it was the Dutchman Tinus Osendarp! Ladies please spin the wheel!”

    The fishnet clad attendants set the wheel spinning which transfixed poor Jasper given it governed his fate. It began to slow, clicking past abs, feet, hips and finally settling on butt. “Ladies we have a winner! Get your feathers ready and let’s give Jaspers behind a good time!” Clutching stiff feathers four of the show girls positioned themselves directly beneath the thrashing Jasper. They began to trail their quills over his butt cheeks and flick the tips over his shaven crack. The tickling serum making what would have been lightly tortuous in-fact excruciatingly ticklish. Jasper howled and begged and bobbed around in his suspended state. “Not to worry Jasper, better luck next time. We’ll be moving on to music next and I hope your knowledge of early 80’s British Post Punk is up to scratch!” Laughed the woman questioner. “I could watch this all day sighed Dr Burden but duty first, shall we continue?”

    They walked on and below them the configuration of the floor changed again. It became a cross between a large maze and an outsized soft play area. All of the twists, turns and open spaces upholstered in the same black nylon material that was cladding Graces‘ shapely legs. This was the domain of Bryony, a seven foot, super toned, blonde Australian former wrestler. She was every inch what the ancient Greeks meant when they used the term “Amazonian.” Clad head to toe in a sheer black nylon catsuit, she relished her job. Individual naked inmates were released into her maze and she would chase them down, overpower them and tickle them senseless underneath her bulk. Her victims had a nickname for her, the “Minotaur” whispered at night but never said in earshot of the guards.

    As if on cue a sleight looking young man was released through a trap door into the centre of the maze. Looking nervously around him he bolted right and then left hoping to evade capture. Grace spotted Bryony lurking quietly behind a nylon upholstered pillar. Knowing every twist and turn of her lair the man did not stand a chance. She leapt out in front of him. He shrieked and tried to flee but she was already on him wrestling him to the ground and pinioning him with her nylon clad muscles. She mercilessly dug her fingers into his ribs and abs and the forced laughter reached fever pitch. Tiring of his upper body she flipped him over, sat on his back and ruthlessly tormented the backs of his knees. The tickling would continue until her victim was spent and the combination of her cat suit and the maze’s cladding making the man feel like he was drowning in a world made entirely of nylon.

    “I know it’s unlikely Dr Burden, but what if Bryony meets her match, physically? Couldn’t she get hurt?” Asked Grace. “Ah we have thought of that. As part of the hypnotherapy we implant a trigger word in all our guests psyche’s. If she needs to Bryony can just say the word “Calza” and our friend down there will go as limp as a boned fish. But the beauty is he will remain conscious with all of his nerve endings fully functional so the tickling will not be interrupted!” Wondering at the ingenuity of Nova Dea they left Bryony’s prey to his ticklish fate and reached the end of the skywalk.

    Passing through a series of security doors and protocols they finally reached the interrogation suite. The main chamber consisted of a padded table that was clearly capable of being raised from its current horizontal position to being fully vertical. It had wrist and ankle restraints and numerous mechanical arms, and tubes hung meanacingly from the ceiling above. Some were tipped with feathers, others wicked looking brushes others with the mechanical approximation of fingers. Grace shuddered at the though of what this mechanical monstrosity could inflict when it was powered up. Several lab coated technicians in suntan coloured hold ups were making some final technical checks.

    Sweeping the room and adjacent corridors, Grace gave the facility a clean bill of health from a security point of view. “Excellent!” Exclaimed Dr Burden, “and not a moment to soon. Our special guest has just arrived and the Presidents helicopter is inbound and will be here in 30 minutes. Our proudest moment is upon us! The President herself wishes to be present for the interrogation. I will meet her personally if you could oversee making our British spy comfortable....at least initially!”

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    khorne - I like the breadth of your taste, the quotes at the start of each chapter. Erudite yet not flashy. This was possibly your best chapter yet - "The ever popular game show format". Your use of male fantasy objects as the delivers of torture is interesting, from a psychological perspective. The Minotaur - the idea of being hunted and overpowered is thrilling.
    Using the Italian for "stocking" as a trigger is cunning ploy!
    This series just keeps getting better and better.

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    Thanks H - I try . Any special requests for parts 6 + 7 then just let me know

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    Loved the story! I look forward to it! Maybe have a petting zoo type this where animals lick them all over. Or use sable brushes or shaving brushes to tease them. Or Maybe more butt tickles and licks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khorne View Post
    Thanks H - I try . Any special requests for parts 6 + 7 then just let me know
    I have a feeling that your involving an MI6 operative means that we can expect a spectacular climax.....even if the operative cannot. The Commissar, nylons and your fiendish imagination are all that the plot development needs.

    Your fans are on tenterhooks!

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    Great story. thanks for the added content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khorne View Post
    Thanks H - I try . Any special requests for parts 6 + 7 then just let me know
    A good long footjob scene would be nice? Maybe it would be an interesting idea if some of the female "wardens" in the dungeon wanted a higher leadership position, so they would tickle the position out of their current female boss and then lock her up in the dungeon to also tickle, tease and deny her while also using her to tease the male captives?

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    Hi khorne - hope you are ok

    Those straitjackets, : perhaps they have a use? The punishee is naked, apart from their straitjacket. Guards force sheer black pantyhose onto them (very slowly, of course). Tickling serum focuses on the lower body (legs, knees, nylon-clad cock), neck and ears. Two evil, beautiful technicians, a bed, some toys. Exquisite torture!

    And/or a sound-controlled butt-plug? The harder/louder a punishee laughs, the stronger vibrations are........at the most sensitive setting, the sound of hands caressing nylon triggers a mild vibration; at loud laughter and begging for mercy the vibration is mind-blowing.

    Just a thought.
    Last edited by sailyrofans; 07-20-2022 at 05:33 PM.

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    Thanks H (Cj and Dik too). Been suffering from a touch of writers block (which I’d heard was thing but didn’t realise was an actual thing). You are spurring me on though - part 6 is at least 2/3 complete and the Commissar is once more on fine form
    Last edited by khorne; 07-21-2022 at 04:27 PM.

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    Deliciously sadistic women tickling men!

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    Quote Originally Posted by khorne View Post
    Thanks H (Cj and Dik too). Been suffering from a touch of writers block (which I’d heard was thing but didn’t realise was an actual thing). You are spurring me on though - part 6 is at least 2/3 complete and the Commissar is once more on fine form
    Glad you are back khorne! The punishment chair from episode 5 (for which I guess our poor agent is destined) - does it have sensors to show which areas are reacting most to the tickling?

    "......the Commissar is once more on fine form...." should we be excited or terrified ?

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