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    Journey of the Laughing Mistress Part 2 (f/f)

    Here is part two of my series Journey of the Laughing Mistress. In this part we see how Kelsey's birthday tickle session as effected Sam mentally. Just how curious has the session made our four eyed friend? And how will she choose to go about dealing with these new thoughts and feelings? Also many asked for more feet tickling so ask and you shall receive haha. Another big shout out to DEV for helping me with this story as well! If you haven't pleas go check out his amazing stories on deviantart where he goes by Quillsman. Hope you enjoy part 2 of Laughing Mistress and please feel free to leave a comment with what you liked, didn't like, and any ideas you have for future stories!

    I just can’t get it out of my head. It’s been weeks and for some reason my mind just keeps going back to that strange birthday with my friend Kelsey. I mean, it was just tickling! Who’d ever really think people would pay to have that happen to them? But Kelsey did and she got me to go along with her to make sure it all went OK.

    And now it keeps coming across my mind.

    I thought that I’d just forget about it once it was finished. Just something that Kelsey did and then move on. But, ever since I walked out of that building, it’s been crossing my mind randomly over and over. Kelsey just tied up and cackling as her body was tickled out of her mind. Even her breasts got it as well! I thought I’d just forget about it put it behind me like a bad dream, but I just can’t do that. It was so awkward while we were there, like a car crash i couldn’t look away from. Now however i’m finding myself thinking about it more for some reason.

    Kelsey didn’t help with how much she talked about it either “That was such a rush!” She said, “I can’t wait to save up and try it again!”

    I’d smile and nod and just feel confused. Was it really that much fun? How could anyone like tickling like that? Kelsey is happy to poke and goose to get me giggling, but I thought just joking around was where it ended. Was tickling someone and being tickled really that much fun?

    “UGH!” I groan, the question just keeps nagging at me. “Why am I thinking about this!” I roll over on my couch and reach over, grabbing the pamphlet we were given afterwards from the side table and giving it yet another look.

    It goes into quite a bit of detail of the different services and sessions they offer. Whether it’s being tickled or doing the tickling. It even says that sessions can go up to four ticklers at the same time! I try and imagine what that would feel like and I shiver at the thought. Eight hands tickling me at the same time? Sounds like some kind of sadistic medieval torture!

    But, my eye keeps on going to the pamphlet, the detail of all the different sessions they offer and my mind wanders. Could it really be that bad? I know how ticklish I am, so the thought of being tickled down and forced to go through that is off the table, but maybe as a tickler, would that be fun?

    As I mull over the question, I notice a part at the bottom of the pamphlet offering discounts to those who show it on entry. Do I dare give it a try? I give the pricing another look and almost choke.

    “Fourteen hundred dollars?!” I splutter, my eyes shooting open at that amount. After staring at the paper for a few more seconds in disbelief, I notice something on the back.

    For more information please visit our website at www.KnismolagniaKerfuffle.com.

    Despite my shock at the price, I look at the web address for a lot longer than I really should. I did have a rainy day fund squirreled away, but that was for emergencies, not something like this! Still, my curiosity had been driving me on this much, maybe a quick sneak peek wouldn’t hurt?

    After booting up the laptop and making absolutely sure no one was about to burst through the door while I was on the website, I type it in and wait for it to load. Despite my nervousness, I do have to admit that the site itself is very professionally laid out and easy to access. The various images of people being tickled silly offer a stark contrast though. I try not to linger on them too long, although I catch myself repeatedly glancing at them, especially a gif which shows a redhead squirming as someone pinches her sides. I find the section that breaks down pricing and give it a read.

    Pricing for ler session are as follows:

    $900 per ticklee

    $500 per worker to observe*

    * We at .Knismolagnia Kerfuffle require all tickler sessions to be accompanied and observed by another member of staff as a part of our safety policy.Every three ticklees are to be observed by one worker.

    That explains the pricing at least, although I don’t feel too happy about it. Still, it did pay to be safe… literally, in this case.

    I lightly tap my fingers on the sides of the laptop as I think it over. Would it really be worth that much money for a tickle session? It’s not like I thought about it much before all this took place. But, it was something that was nagging at me so much. Just doing it and putting an end to the matter would at least give me some peace. Besides, it might even be fun. Kelsey had the time of her life and she was the one being tickled!

    “That’s it! I’m doing it!” I say out loud and start clicking back to find the reservation page. “One way or another i’m putting these stupid, strange thoughts to rest.”

    With a strange sense of determination, I find the reservation page and select the time and day for me to have the session. I then go onto the next page and blink as the site asks my preferred qualities in a ticklee.

    Height, size, hair colour, most ticklish spots, the questions cover pretty much everything. I didn’t have any particular preference when looking into this, so I have to mull it over, tapping on the side of the laptop as I think about it. I have never really thought about what I’d like from a woman, so I have to take a little while before deciding on my options.

    “Height? I guess average… Black hair works just fine. Ticklish spots…?” Tummy crosses my mind but then I find myself worrying about imagining my own tummy getting tickled while I focus on hers so that’s out of the question for sure. “I guess, just all over then? ”

    I speak quietly as I enter each of my answers in turn, rubbing a hand over my tummy as I do so. Kelsey had helped drill in a few times just how ticklish I am on my tummy and I’m not ready to dwell on it too much.

    With a few more clicks and entering my information, the session is booked. I sit back, feeling more than a little conflicted as I think about what I’ve just done. Was it the right choice? Am I going to regret this later on? I won’t know for sure until I go through with it and see the results…


    After another nerve racking week, the day of my session finally arrives as I sit nervously outside in my car. Am I making a mistake? Am I really going to go in there and TICKLE some poor tied up woman? What if i do a bad job and she doesn’t even laugh? My worries start to swirl as my breathing quickens. “Come on Sam get your shit together.” I tell myself after taking a few deep calming breaths. “You’ve already stressed over this enough, just go in there and get it over with.”

    “Hello and welcome to Knismolagnia Kerfuffle. How can I help you?” The receptionist asks as I walk up to the desk.

    “Hi my name is Sam Ringwald, I um. I booked a tickler session here for today?” I explain while trying to sound like I’m not absolutely dying on the inside. I hand over my ID when asked, trying to not let my hand shake.

    “Miss Ringwald…” The receptionist says while looking down at her computer screen “Ah! Here you are. You’re due to begin in twenty minutes. If you’d just like to follow me, we can get you started in no time!”

    “Great…” I mumble, failing to hide my nervousness in the slightest.

    Despite that, I start following the receptionist as she takes me through a doorway and into the building proper. Then comes the dreaded walk down that hallway, the memory of Kelsey and I making this same walk while that woman and her husband passed us flashes across my eyes. As if on cue, a door to my left opens and two tall blonde women dressed in what looks like nothing but wrapped up in fluffy towels.

    “Those patrons really did a number on you in there.” One of the workers said with a slight smile, the other giving a giggle and sticking out her tongue.

    “Oh please, you were practically shrieking when they used that comb in between those toes of yours.”

    I swallow hard, while these two sounded perfectly fine besides the slight hoarseness in their voices, they looked as if they had just run two marathons in a row. Their faces were flushed bright pink and they were breathing quite heavily, but they seem perfectly happy. Could they really enjoy it that much?

    The question echoes around my mind as I’m taken to a locker room. I drop off my bag and phone there before being led next to a doorway. The receptionist stops for a moment to go through everything once more.

    “Now, just a quick run through the rules once again. You’ve selected to be a tickler for this session. Someone else will be monitoring you at all times and making sure you stick to agreed safewords and breaks. Is that understood?”


    “Great. Now, the women you’ll be with are Risa and Lyla. Risa will be your ticklee, going by your choices on the website. She has great stamina and is ticklish all over, so don’t worry too much about getting her good.”

    “O-OK.” I squeak, unable to stop myself from blushing as the receptionist grins.

    “And the safeword for this session will be cake. Whenever you hear that, you must stop tickling. If Risa doesn’t want to go on, you must stop the session there, but you can continue if you both agree to it. Should the session end in less than an hour because of Risa saying the safeword and then quitting, you will be allowed a small refund. Is that clear?”


    “Great! If you’d just like to step inside, they’ll be with you in a few minutes.”

    I nod silently and allow myself to be ushered into the room before the door closes behind me. A large X-frame stands in the middle of the room, much like it did for Kelsey’s session. In fact, the entire room was identical, to the extent where I can’t really tell if it’s the same place or not. I take a seat and wait for Risa and Lyla to come in. Memories of my friend howling and struggling go through my mind as does random horrific images of myself laughing up a lung while stuck on that frame. I quickly try and push those thoughts away and focus on what I plan to do.

    I don’t have much in the way of tickling experience beyond the odd horsing around with Kelsey and a few other instances growing up, so what could I do? Thinking about what happened with Kelsey’s session, I decide to simply focus on part by part, tickling Risa on one bit of her body and then the next. It seemed to be the best way forward.

    Still thinking about this deeply, I almost jump out of my skin when the door opens, the sound catching me unaware. Two women then walk in, one wearing a strapless bikini, the other in a T-shirt and shorts. It doesn’t take me too long to realise who they are.

    The woman with the strapless bikini is obviously Risa. She has straight, dark hair that falls down to her shoulders and frames a tanned, round face. Big, blue eyes that are friendly looking look at me and are coupled with an enthusiastic smile. She’s only an inch or two bigger than me, although walks with a great deal more confidence that I expected, especially for one who’s going to be tickled really soon.

    The other woman, Lyla, looms over Risa quite noticeably. She’s a tall and her arms and legs shown some toned muscle that comes from working out a lot. Her dark hair is cut short and she looks a good deal more serious, although not unfriendly. With dark eyes and skin, she has a rather striking appearance and I can understand why she’s on hand to watch over the session.

    “I’m assuming the secretary explained everything and told you the safeword?” Lyla asks as she and Risa begin to undo the restraints on the X frame.

    I nod my head slowly, my eyes transfixed on the bodage device. I know it’s all in my head but there’s still the fear in the back of my mind that somehow I may end up strapped to it instead.

    As if noticing my fears, Lyla offers me an encouraging smile “Hey, just relax and you’ll be fine. Trust me, once you make a start on tickling someone, you’ll get into it really easy. Especially with Risa here.”

    “That’s the plan!” Risa calls out cheerfully as she undoes the last strap on the X-frame and then places her body against it, stretching out her arms and legs to fit in “So don’t worry about going all out. Believe me, I’m an expert at this!”

    The light humour helps me relax slightly, although Lyla then strapping Risa in so she can’t even think of escaping soon brings my nerves back up again. I can’t believe just how casual Risa is as well, pulling at the bonds and then giving a nod of satisfaction once she’s certain she’s strapped in tight. Isn’t she the least bit nervous?

    “Alright we’re all set here. The time will start as soon as you’re ready Sam. Tickle away!” Lyla exclaims happily with a smile.

    Right, yeah. Tickling. This should be easy. Just wiggle your fingers on a body part and that’ll do it, right? I step forward towards the bound Risa, wondering how it came to this, me about to tickle a woman wearing only a bikini while she was tied up. I take a few more calming breaths and slowly reach out, using one hand to give her right outstretched underarm a quick scratch. The dark haired woman gives a small inhale but that’s it. I scratch my fingers again but am only rewarded with a second slightly heavier breath.

    Thinking that maybe I should pick up the pace, I bring my other hand out and began to scratch her other underarm as well. My finger movements are a little slow though and Risa simply smirks as my nails scratch away against her pits. ”At this rate I’m more likely to fall asleep than laugh. Don’t be so gentle, you paid to tickle me so come on and tickle me.” She urges. I give a quick embarrassed nod and begin moving my fingers around in her underarms instead of just focusing on one spot. This proves to be a little more helpful, Risa’s slightly amused smirk growing into what I recognize as an actual ticklish smile.

    “Better?” I squeak nervously, glancing over at Lyla who just slowly nods and gives me a slightly confused look. I decide to quicken my pace a bit by scratching faster and faster, and after about ten more seconds I finally get my first audible reaction.

    “Okahay. Thahats dehefinitely a-hehe! Bit better! Hehehe!”

    Encouraged by this, I continue to move my hands up and down as I tickle the armpits. My fingers wriggle about as I try to focus on making them move all over the smooth underarms and Lyla’s reactions grow to laughter, although not the wild kind I was weirdly hoping for.

    “Thahhhaahaatt’s beheheerteheerrr!!” Risa cries out as she starts to writhe about on the X-frame. I see her arms shaking as she tries to pull them down, but doesn’t get anywhere with her attempts.

    Still feeling that her laughter wasn’t at the level it should be, I continue tickling her armpits, dragging my fingers in circle although I fumble a bit. I feel as if I’m not going to get anywhere more right now, so I bring my arms down to go for her ribs instead. Risa’s laughter picks up a bit at the unexpected switch but soon goes back to the same volume and pace as before.

    “Eeek! Hahahahahaha! Okahahay! Yohoho gohot me thehere!”

    I smile a little bit at the compliment and continue my rib tickling, moving up and down the sides of her ribs while my fingers dig in. A few more minutes pass but still no real noticeable change besides her squirming. I’m starting to become a little more nervous now. How did Mirthy make this look so easy? Lyla glances over and must be able to see the half worried, half embarrassed look on my face.

    “Try teasing her a bit, you know.” She urges me, still giving me a slightly strange look. I nod again and say the first thing that comes to mind.

    “Um. c-coochie coochie coo. Yeah, tickle tickle!” I say half heartedly, feeling impossibly silly even saying those words. Suddenly Lyla stands up and puts a hand on my arm.

    “Really? That’s all you have? You HAVE tickled someone like this before, right? Or at least you know, watched some videos?” She asks quizzically. My whole face goes pink with blush as I pull my hands away and shake my head.

    “Honestly, no. I’ve only ever tickled other people playfully, like messing around with friends. In fact to be completely honest the only other real session I’ve seen was when my friend Kelsey brought me here for hers.” I admit softly. Oh god, what if they kick me out for not tickling well enough? Can they do that? Would they do that?

    “Thought so.” Risa says, giving me a smile as she did so “It felt like you hadn’t done this properly and were just nervous.”

    “Y-Yeah.” I admit.

    “Well, it’s not too hard to really get someone. Especially Risa here.”

    “Hey!” The bound woman calls out, protesting lightly.

    Ignoring her friend’s outburst, Lyla takes my hands and places them onto Risa’s sides “Now, just calm down a bit, deep breaths and then focus on the tickling. You don’t have to do much at first. Maybe start with some light strokes up the sides here, they’re always a good place to start. Just try thinking about a time when someone really tickled you good and try copying that.”

    I nod at the advice, thinking of the times that Kelsey got me. Like when she was staying around at my apartment a few months ago and I was reaching up to grab some snacks from the top of a cupboard when she’d slipped her fingers under my shirt and tickled me until I promised her we could watch her movies that night. The memory of those fingers wiggling into my midriff seems to awaken something within me as I begin to squeeze Risa’s sides, finding a burst of energy I didn’t have a moment ago.

    The sudden pinching catches Risa off guard and she breaks out into a yelp before following it up with laughter that matches the type she was giving out from her underarms being tickled. Since I was only just starting, I decide to take that as a good sign.

    My begin to move my hands up and down, delivering tickly pinches on every spot of Risa’s that I touch. I sometimes stumble and trip over my own fingers, but I manage to do it right most of the time. With every tickle, another wave of laughter comes from Risa and I find my confidence growing.

    “That’s it! You’re getting better!” Lyla calls out encouragingly. And I smile at the words, feeling more confident with each passing moment.

    Although not everything goes quite well. I pinch a little too hard at one point and Risa gives out a hiss of pain. I quickly apologise and go back to more gentle tickling, noticing a drop in the height of her laughter.

    “Maybe shake it up a little, change the technique.” Lyla says “Try going for her tummy, she goes crazy there!”

    “LLyyheehehehlaahahaaaa!!” Risa calls out, outraged at being narced on by her friend.

    “What? It’s true!”

    Overlooking the banter between the two for now, I look at Risa’s tummy, noting how soft it looks and that there’s a bit of fat to the sides that made squeezing them really soft and easy to do. I remember just how ticklish my own stomach is and I hesitate for a moment before reaching down and gently poking the belly in front of me, earning a squeal as I do so.

    “Nyoyohohhooooo!!! Nohohohothee theheheeherreeheheee!!”

    Having found a hot spot, it seems, I begin to use both hands to poke and prod Risa’s shaking belly, finding that I manage to earn a loud laugh from her wherever I stroke as my fingers dig in with the pokes as her reactions grow from each little tickle.

    “NNNYAYAHHHAAAAA!! CUHUHUHUHUTTT EEHEHEEEETTT OHOHHOOOUTTTT!!” Her laughter grows louder and harder as the seconds tick by. A few minutes later and I have her belly laughing almost as loud as Kelsey during her session. I begin to focus in more and more, pinching my fingers and stroking my nails across her now dancing tummy. A thought begins to slowly creep into the back of my mind.

    How would I be reacting if this was happening to me? Would I be laughing and cackling like she was? Would this poke or that pinch send me over the edge. Suddenly a strange feeling overcomes me and my hands shoot up, coving my mouth. My muscles tighten and I clench my jaw, quickly turning away from both workers.

    “You ok, Sam?” Lyla askes slightly worriedly while Risa slowly recovers. I nod my head quickly, but the feeling in my mind just won’t go away.

    “Yes. Just n-need a minute. Not done yet. O-one sec.” I sputter out from behind my hands and quickly rush into the prep room nextdoor. “Ah-ha! Hmmmm! Ah-hm! AH-hm! Hngh! He-hehe hehehHAHAHAHAA! CRAHAHP!” I burst out into giggles which quickly grows into a full fledged laugh attack. Somehow I focused so much on how i thought i would react to the tickling that I had tricked my body into thinking it really was being tickled.

    Stop thinking about it! Samantha, stop it! I tell myself in my head, lifting up my shirt and brushing the phantom tickles off my bare flexing stomach.

    “HAHAHA! HAHA-HA! AHA! Ah! Ah gawd. Ah, okahay. I’m, ahem, i’m good.” I sputter out as my laughing attack comes to an end. I take another few deep breaths as the last of the mind tickles leaves my body. “Ok let’s not do that again. Just move on for now.” I tell myself and walk back in.

    “Everything ok in there?” Risa asks as i close the door behind me.

    “Yeah, yeah just had to um, clear my head for a minute. Ok back to work.” I nod and take my place back in front of Risa. She’s calmed down now for the most part but I can see the tummy tickling did get to her a bit as I catch her eyes darting nervously from my hands to her own stomach. I eye her stomach again but quickly dismiss the idea, taking a few more seconds to plan out my next move.

    Ok, so I’ve gotten her sides, her underarms, her ribs, and her tummy. Where else, where else? I wonder to myself when it hits me. I take a step back and kneel down on the floor, positioning my hands underneath her bare feet.

    “Aww crap. I knew this was coming. Be gentle now, no need to go overboard with my feet.” Risa says after a hard swallow. Her words may sound worried but I can see a new look in her eyes. The same look Kelsey gave during her session. Risa wanted me to torture her feet, hell her eyes were almost daring me to see how far I could push her. Was she insane?!

    Then again, it wasn’t as if I was really one to judge considering I was going to do it.

    My hands only shake a little as I reach out towards Risa’s feet. They are twitching in her bonds, as if trying to pull themselves free and get away. I can tell there’s no hope of that though and I soon make contact with her soft soles, gently digging into them and stroking across the skin.

    The reaction is instant and explosive. Risa lets out a shriek of laughter before I even start stroking her feet. She’s so sensitive down there that even touching them causes her to erupt into forced mirth. I trace a few lines hesitantly up the sides of her feet and get another huge laugh from her. I even jump a little in shock while scratching at her arch, which makes her scream particularly loud. Is she really that bad?


    My fingers shake a little as Risa’s screams grow louder with every second I spent teasing her feet. I don’t even put that much energy into it. I could probably let my finger rest in the middle of her arch and her squirming about would do the rest. That’s what I could do, but I keep on wriggling my fingers across the bottoms of her feet, caught up in making Risa laugh harder and harder.

    My heart pounds as I keep up the tickling, feeling a rush go through me at having Risa scream and thrash about at my touch. I feel weirdly hot, as if embarrassed, but in an enjoyable way. Like a roller coaster on a summer day. I keep on tickling and teasing the feet, my fingers digging into the soft skin as I explore more and more of them.


    I keep my fingers rigid, quickly raking them up and down her feet from toes to heels until she suddenly cackles out the safeword. I recoil in shock, afraid I might have actually gone too far.

    “Sorry! I’m sorry!’ I blurt out while quickly scooting backwards. Risa pants and gulps down breath after breath as she recovers from the tickle attack. Had I been too harsh on her?

    My fears are lessened when I see Lyla grin at me “Hey, don’t worry about it so much. You pulled back when she said the safeword. That’s the important part.”

    “Hah… Hah… A-Alwayss thehee feeheett…” Risa comments, curling her toes as if trying to shake off the sensations.

    “Are you OK?” I ask, hoping I hadn’t overdone it.

    “Y-Yeah… Just… Every time. My feet are like my worst spots!” Risa says, grinning widely at me.

    “Makes arguments over who pays for the bar tabs much easier though.” Lyla spoke up, causing me to grin in relief.

    Risa herself laughs at the comment “Oh, shut up!” She says. “Your tummy is even worse than my feet!”

    Lyla gives her a hard look and purses her lips. “So you done Risa or can you take a little more?” Risa clears her throat and tosses her hair mostly back out of her face.

    “Not done just yet.” She says with a nod in my direction which catches me by surprise. How in the world do these people enjoy being literally tortured like this?

    “Good. Sam, grab two hairbrushes from the table over there and scrub those arches like they’ll never come clean.” Lyla instructs me while staring straight into Risa’s eyes.

    “You BITCH! You want her to make me safeword again in like ten seconds?” Risa shoots back while her feet scrunch up tight. Lyla just smiles and gives her shoulders a shrug, which Risa pretty much pouts at “Next time I’m watching over your session, I’m gonna tell them what a raspberry on your bellybutton does!”

    “Not as much as a brush to your feet. If I remember right last session of mine you watched over, I got to about five raspberries before I safeworded. Bet you can’t even get three scrubs in, so in the end who’s REALLY more ticklish honey?” Lyla teases and sticks out her tongue.

    Despite their back and forth, there’s an oddly friendly feel to their argument that puts me in mind of two friends just giving each other a rough time for laughs. Which might be literal in this case. As they bicker, I move over to a small table that holds several tools for tickling. Some are obvious, like the feathers. Others, like the head massaging tool, I can’t even imagine how they’re meant to be used.

    I pick up the two brushes, both an identical shade of pink with stiff bristles, the kind that you hate to brush with since they tear knots out rather than loosen them. I wonder just how they would feel on my feet and my toes curl by instinct. Yeah, they’d be awful alright.

    I turn back to bring the brushes over and the look of panic on Risa’s face at the brushes is kind funny, although understandable. ”Shit, shit, shit. Stupid things.” She mumbles while trying to yank her feet up.

    “Here come the brushy-brushies!” Lyla calls out, getting under her friend’s skin quite effectively, from what I can tell. Risa’s squirming gets worse as I stop in front of her feet and look down, the brushes poised before her soles.

    “Should… Should I say that?” I ask, looking over to Lyla.

    “DON’T YOU DARE!” Risa cries out.

    “Do it!” Lyla responds, acting as the devil on my shoulder. One that was oddly compelling to listen to.

    “O-OK. Three strokes to make her say the safeword? I think I can do that.” I say, wondering if it was true or not. My confidence was a bit higher and Risa was just so ticklish, but was I really good enough to do this?

    Well, there was only way to find out.

    I press the brushes against Risa’s soles, earning a high pitched whining followed by some frantic giggling as the bristles gently bite into the feet. I notice that her toes curl and uncurl rapidly, unable to stand the tickling, but far too sensitive to actually stay still and focus on fighting it.

    “One!” I call out, the brushes scraping up the soles of Risa’s feet and rubbing up her toes as well. The tickling goes from her arch and right up to the top of her digits. Going by her reaction, she’s even more ticklish than I thought.


    I smile at the reaction, even if my feet tingle quite badly in empathy. I bring the brushes to her toes and then yank them down again. The bristles go the full length of the feet now, scraping into the soles and dragging quickly across the feet until I’ve covered every inch with a ticklish assault.


    I feel as if it’s close now and that Risa’s only a little away from saying the safeword. My smile grows even wider as I press the brushes into the heels of Risa’s feet, delighting in her babbled screams and then zip the brushes up over her feet in a sudden jolt. My hands are shaking a little from excitement now and that probably adds to the tickling as they cover a little of the sides of the feet too.

    “AAHAHAHHAAA CAHAHHAAAYYKKEEHEHEEEE!! CAHAHAHAAKKKEEEEEE!!” She roars while her arms and legs yank frantically at the bonds holding her to the frame and making it creak a little.

    I immediately stop again, worried I really did go too far. I put the brushes down and glance back at Lyla who gives me a thumbs up and a wink.

    “Risa….” Lyla cooes with a big grin on her face. Risa gives a cough and shakes her head.

    “I-I don’t AHEM. Want t-to hear it y-you. I’ll buy tonight, fine.”

    The rueful look on her face and general attitude tells me that this isn’t the first time that she’s lost a bet like this. Still, I can’t help but get involved and hold up the brushes mischievously “So, are you ready to start again?”

    The look of sheer panic on Risa’s face is a picture to behold and Lyla actually breaks out into laughter at seeing it “God, no!” Risa answers “You win! No more, I’ve reached my limit!”

    “Just barely over an hour.” Lyla said, tutting in a playfully disappointed manner “One of these days I’m going to put you in the stocks to really work on your stamina.”

    “Do it and you’re tummy will regret it.” Risa mutters, returning the teasing with a grin of her own.

    Stepping forward, Lyla starts to unbind Lyla “Look on the bright side, you’ve really earned your $270 tonight.”

    “... How much?” I gasp, unable to stop myself from asking.

    “We get 30% of the takings from a session.” Risa explains “A lot of us just use this as a second job, but for the ones who can do two sessions a day as a lee, it can add up. It’s not an everyday type thing, but enough to get a nice amount from.”

    I almost can’t believe my ears. I quickly go over the math in my head and come to a startling conclusion of just how much that could possibly add up to. “And you taking on new recruits right now?” I ask, jokingly while still in shock at both the potential money and the fact that I really did just tickle a tied woman to her limit.

    “Sure, not everyone stays on for a long time, so we’re always looking for new people. Want me to organize a job interview for you?”

    Lyla’s response stuns me and I can’t bring myself to answer. Could I really do this? Be tied and tickled by strangers? Or tickle them as well? I stare dead ahead, unable to form a response. To my surprise, Lyla finishes untying Risa and pats me gently on the shoulder.

    “How about I give you an application and you can think it over? You can always just toss it if you decide you really don’t wanna do it.”

    “I… Uh… Sure.” I respond, not sure what else to say.

    Then I see Lyla and Risa share a glance, one full of smiles and mischief that made me gulp.

    What the hell have I gotten myself into?

    Part 1: https://www.ticklingforum.com/showth...istress-Part-1
    Part 3: https://www.ticklingforum.com/showth...89#post4765389
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    I have been eagerly awaiting part two of this story and once again you did not disappoint! Looking forward to the job interview!

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    Excellent story! Love the banter between the three of them. Good descriptions of the tickling and teasing as well More please!

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    This was a terrific read. I think you nailed all the psychological stuff! I would feel exactly the same things as well if I were in this position. I'm looking forward to reading more!


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    For being new to this world, these are amazing, excited for Part 3...

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    Ok, NOW I want a part 3! Normally I like the tickling more brutally than that but somehow this scenario of someone slowly falling into the tickle world makes it spicy on its own! Thank you!

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    This is a great addition to the series. The banter between the girls was great, but you also did a great job of keeping the scene grounded. You're doing a masterful job of letting us know the thoughts of the narrator, and giving us a believable experience of somebody who is new to all of this going through the events for the first time. Great work.
    "Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh, and cruel. But that's why there's us. Champions. It doesn't matter where we come from, what we've done or suffered, or even if we make a difference. We live as though the world was what it should be, to show it what it can be." Angel.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Doryon View Post
    I have been eagerly awaiting part two of this story and once again you did not disappoint! Looking forward to the job interview!

    Thank you very much! Working on it as I speak.

    Quote Originally Posted by musictkls View Post
    Excellent story! Love the banter between the three of them. Good descriptions of the tickling and teasing as well More please!
    Thank you! I do enjoy writing the banter a lot. More certainly coming soon!

    Quote Originally Posted by Volsung View Post
    This was a terrific read. I think you nailed all the psychological stuff! I would feel exactly the same things as well if I were in this position. I'm looking forward to reading more!
    I appreciate the praise! Glad to know my writing is that immersive!

    Quote Originally Posted by phil605_ca View Post
    For being new to this world, these are amazing, excited for Part 3...
    Part 3 coming soon!

    Quote Originally Posted by LordMod View Post
    Ok, NOW I want a part 3! Normally I like the tickling more brutally than that but somehow this scenario of someone slowly falling into the tickle world makes it spicy on its own! Thank you!
    Why thank you very much! And just wait, there will be plenty intense tickle scenes as Sam lers more, and even more when she lee's :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmo_ac View Post
    This is a great addition to the series. The banter between the girls was great, but you also did a great job of keeping the scene grounded. You're doing a masterful job of letting us know the thoughts of the narrator, and giving us a believable experience of somebody who is new to all of this going through the events for the first time. Great work.
    Thank you very much! Doing my best to show her growth through the series and let the reader know what exactly she's thinking and how she feels about this crazy new tickle world.

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    This is positively amazing writing. The characters feel absolutely authentic and real. I kept hoping in both stories that Sam gets tickled somehow in them by being tricked. Looking forward to more so much.

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    Hoping part 3 drops soon

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    Just reread this entire series to help psyche me up for my session this weekend. I'm the ler and always looking for ticklish teases to use and now I'm stoked for part 4!
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