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    Jun 2012

    Cool Kody Evan's Meditation Tickles with Josie F/F

    Now its Kody Evans turn to try out the new Meditation technique she used on Josie. Kody has to sit in her pose and try to keep calm and silent while Josie tickles all over her upperbody, armpits, sides, belly, legs and feet to try and get Kody to break. With how ticklish Kody is, Josie zeros in on some good tickle spots and Kody starts quietly laughing before completely losing it. Eventually she cant stand how much it tickles and starts laughing out loud

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    Great clip and photos! Thanks for sharing them here.
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    I’m not usually hypocrite but she was one of the worst lers I mean who taught her how to tickle I’m sorry she just did not bring the best out of Kody that I’ve seen better for!

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    I think ol kody might finally just about be tickled out. Probably needs a little vacation from tickling to re-energize the ol goochie nerves. With as many clips as she's been in the last year, I'm not surprised. Starting to lose her ticklish'ness.

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