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    Join Date
    Jul 2001

    Probably about time I said Hi

    Hi Tickling Community!

    I've been a member here for; well a long time. Back when the logo 'wasn't the pair of feet' time ago. Figured talking about myself might also serve as a bit of a history lesson or allow for some reminising.

    I can remember having an interest in feet from about 2-3 years old; which I can now say is a definite foot fetish; and later on definate enjoyment of tickling others (the TMNT April O'Neil episode was probably not the first, but its well remembered); which again, I can now say is a definite fetish. When I hit 13 I first decided to throw 'tickling' into a search engine and immediately found A.N.A. tickling; and pretty soon after browsing took me the other early tickling sites - Real Tickling/Fem Feet; Channel X; Rock Tickling; TickleMaster; Alaska Tickling (geocities!); Solefully Yours. And yes I found that hitting 'Yes I am 18 and an Adult' didn't cause the world to cave in. When I was 15 I was able to get my own dialup account with unlimited download (a novelty in Australia at the time) and proceeded to download every preview clip I possibly could.

    Finding sites was not always easy, google only really started catching on among my peer group around 1999, so you would have to real on site links to find other sites. As I wasn't old enough to pay for anything (or legally old enough to be allowed to purchase anything), previews and pictures were all that I could manage.
    As certain sites died and others arose the community slowly grew as forums started becoming more prevelant - I actually can't remember the initial forum, think it was 'Tickle World'? - and eventually the TMF came around and suddenly everything was a lot more centralised.

    I've never really been a big poster; just been happy to lurk in the background both online and offline. This was for a variety of reasons, but as I'm starting to realise two decades in, most of it was simply fear of both being accepted both within the community and outside the community.

    Last year I finally joined my local kink community, which arguably changed my life dramatically as finally I felt I could express myself. Here were people who willing wanted to get to know my and my fetishes, who wanted to be tied up or have their feet played with, and didn't mind if I through in some tickling here and there. I've even finally started the process of producing my own clips.

    So that's the short story of my journey here. I figured it was finally time to open up a bit more to the tickling community in general and not limit myself how I have been.

    So hi! I'm the Zan Man; and I'm a 'ler .

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    Join Date
    Jun 2022
    Always nice to see another Aussie on here, and a lot of your early experiences of sites bring back a lot of memories. Welcome, even if you have been here for 21 years!

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    Join Date
    May 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    Always good to see some Aussie on here

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