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    The Indecent Proposal PART 2 M/F Feet Nylons

    Jen had been home for over an hour when she heard John’s car pull into the driveway. She changed when she got home into sweats and was on her 3rd glass of wine.

    John walked into the living room and sat on the couch by Jen’s feet.

    “Where have you been?” Jen asked. “I have been waiting for you.”

    “Well, do you remember the guy at the bar that you called an asshole and flipped off? Well, I have been talking to him. He wants to help us.”

    “What, that weirdo at the bar wants to help us? What?” snapped Jen

    “Listen to me. We talked for over an hour. He’s really a nice dude. He is a widower. He made millions on the stock market and retired early. He lives about 30 minutes away.” As John went on, John sat there is disbelief, shaking her head. “And he wants to give us $10,000.”

    “Wait, so this old weirdo fuck just wants to give us $10,000?” Jen asked.

    “Well, there is one thing he wants.” said John, looking down at Jen’s exposed feet.

    “What. WHAT? What the fuck does he want?” said Jen, confused. John continued to look at her, and then looked at her feet again. “Wait, he wants me?” said Jen.

    “It’s not what you think, Jen” John said.

    Before John could explain further, Jen launched into an angry tirade. “So this weird motherfucker wants to fuck me and you’re ok with it? What the fuck John! What the fuck is wrong with you!!” she yelled.

    “He doesn’t want to fuck you, Jen. Nothing sexual. I swear!” said John.

    “Then what the fuck does he want John?”

    “He wants your feet.”

    Jen stared at John in disbelief. She shook her head and started to speak. “Wait, he wants...what?”

    “He wants to tickle your feet. For one night. Just tickling. Nothing else. And for that he will give us $10,000” said John very matter-of-factly.

    “OK, so let me get this straight, he doesn’t want to fuck me, he just wants to tickle my feet, and for that he says he will give us $10,000” said Jen, her voice rising.

    “Yes” said John calmly.

    “And you fucking believe him? Are you fucking kidding me?”

    “Jen, listen, we talked. That’s all he wants. That’s his thing, he loves tickling pretty feet. That’s what he gets off on. He said he would write up a contract and everything. Just 1 night, from 5:00 to midnight. 7 hours. He will send a limo. You go to his place, wearing the outfit you wore today to the interview. He tickles your feet however he wants, and you come home with a check for $10,000. But it has to be tonight”.

    The back and forth with John and Jen went on for over an hour. 4:00 pm was rapidly approaching. Then, John’s phone rang. It was the man. John put him on speaker and the three of them spoke. Jen questioned the man, and he calmly answered her. After 10 minutes, they hung up.

    “Well?” John said to Jen. “Yes or No.”

    “I can’t believe I am fucking doing this!” said Jen. John smiled, hugged his wife, and called the man back.

    About 40 minutes later the Limo approached their driveway. John sat on the couch watching, waiting. When he saw the Limo he called for Jen, who emerged from the bedroom in her interview clothes.

    “Are you ok?” John asked.

    Jen stopped in the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of wine, and took a big swig. “Yes, let’s do this before I change my mind.”

    John hugged his wife and walked her out to the Limo. The driver got out and scurried to the back, opening the door, and the man emerged from the rear of the Limo. He approvingly looked Jen up and down. With that, the driver, standing behind Jen, pulled her arms behind her back, and using Zip ties secured her wrists behind her back. “Not so fucking tight you little asshole!” Jen snapped. The man laughed, and guided Jen into the back of the Limo. Jen sat on a long bench seat; the handsome well-dressed man directly next to her. As I peered in, the man reached down and pulled Jen’s legs up and across his lap. He smiled at me as he slowly slid the strap to her slingback heels over the heel of her foot, and then yanked each one off her feet, throwing them on the floor.

    “Remember” he said to me with a smile “$10,000” and with that he started to slowly scrape a fingertip across the soles of Jen’s feet. Jen squealed and kicked. “Oh my” he said to me “this one is going to be feisty!” he said with a big smile, locking her ankles in a headlock as his driver closed the door. As he did John tried to peer in through the tinted glass but could not see much, only shadowy figures. But what was unmistakable was Jen’s crazed laughter as the Limo slowly pulled away. He was furiously tickling the soles of her feet. John looked down at his watch, it was 5:00 pm

    To Be continued

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    Jan 2007
    western NY
    What an awesome story! I can't wait for the next part. Well done!

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    Apr 2001
    Frederick, MD
    This is gonna be good keep going

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    Jun 2002
    Please keep going

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    Aug 2009
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    Awesome can’t wait for the rest of the story………….������

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    Jul 2005
    Another good story, you are very good at keeping the tension high. Keep it up. In the next few parts I would like to read about the tickling wife's submission and husband's submission through his fantasies.

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    Bump to coincide with final part 4

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    Feb 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by dahoochman View Post
    Bump to coincide with final part 4
    cannot wait!

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