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    Darius gets a mistress

    Another commission. You could get one too! Send me a DM. Even if it is just for a chat.

    Pure f/m.

    Hope you enjoy the story!

    Darius gets a mistress

    Chapter 1 – Dared to steal a bra'

    Darius crept down the hallway. All he had to do was make it to the bedroom, open the draw, get a bra, and get out of here.

    “Stupid Chaquille! Had to dare my ass to steal some batches’ bra. Couldn’t do it his damn self,” Darius grumbled under his breath.

    He’d waited until he saw her leave. So, nobody should be home. And Darius had broken into abandoned building with his buddies to smoke weed, and drink before. But it was weird to do it by himself to someone he didn’t know.

    “Nah, just some crush I’ve had he says. Always thought she was hot,” Darius said.

    Not happy at the situation, Darius does his best to keep his mind on the goal. Get in, get the bra, and get out. Once he does it, he’d have more cred when it came to his fraternity brothers.
    At least Darius had gotten lucky, the woman had forgotten to lock her door.

    Step by step, he made his way down the hall. He checked each door, peering into the rooms. First one was a bathroom. Second one led to the kitchen.

    He came up to the third. He reached out, and opened the door.

    Before him was a large bedroom. The bed had a comforter with flowers on it. There was a picture of flowers hanging on the woman.

    “Damn, bitches really do love flowers, don’t they?” Darius asked, amused at his own joke.

    The walls were paint white. And the room had a long dresser as well as night stand. Darius made his way over to the dresser.

    He opened the first drawer.

    Shirts. Damn!

    He opened the second drawer.

    Shorts. Damn!

    He opened the third drawer.

    Panties and socks.

    Darius couldn’t help staring at them for a moment. He picked up a pair of blue underwear and looked them. “Dang, these are cute.”

    He shook his head. Why the hell had he picked these up? He wasn’t some creepy perv.

    Ok, yes, he snuck into a woman’s house to steal her bra. But it was on a dare. He hadn’t intentionally done it.

    Did that excuse it?

    She deserved it. She was rich. Her was house was huge. Maybe it didn’t excuse his behavior. But who cares? Sure, he might’ve been a prev. But not a creep. Most women just choose who they thought were creeps or not. That didn’t actually make someone creepy.

    Ugh, now he was arguing with himself as he was holding a pair of panties.

    Darius folded them up as best he could and returned them to the drawer. He hoped she wouldn’t noticed someone had touched them.

    He opened the next drawer.

    Jackpot! Bras!

    He picked up a black bra.

    Ok, now all he had to do was take this back to Chaquille, and boom! Insta street cred. He’d get mad respect from his boys. This chick wouldn’t even know. She’d probably just think she lost her bra away.

    Darius was about to turn around, when something struck him in the back of the head.

    He fell to the floor and was out cold.

    Chapter 2 – Locked, stocked, and tickled

    Darius opened his eyes.

    “W-what happened?” he asked.

    “What happened was you were trying to steal my bra you creepy perv,” said a woman.

    “Oh shit!” Darius exclaimed. The world came into view. “What the fuck?!”

    A blonde woman of average height stood in front of him. Her green eyes glare at him intensely. But through her pissed off face, she also had a slight smirk that appeared. Why was she smirking?

    “Oh, shit is right. You’ve been a bad boy. Now, just because you are one of my clients, doesn’t mean I let you off. Mistress is going to have to punish you,” she said.

    “Client? Mistress? Punish?!” Darius said.

    At the mention of being punished. Darius tried to move. He realized he’d been placed in stocks. His hands were over his head, and held by a wooden panel. Darius sat on a comfortable leather seat. His legs outstretched before him, and were inside to holes. The wooden stock held him as he tried to get free. But it was no use. The lock holding the contraption shut was more than enough to make sure he wouldn’t be moving anytime soon.

    “Yes. That bump on your head must’ve made you forget. You are my client. And in case you forgot, my name is Mistress Aries. Yes, like the god of war from Greek mythology. Now.” She pointed to the stocks. “I caught you trying to take my bra. You naughty boy. We’ve played together before, but you know better than to try to steal from me. And now.” She looked over at his feet. “I’m going to punish you.”

    Darius blinked. “What the fuck are you talking about you crazy ass white lady? I ain’t your clients. Now let my ass out of here, or I’ll-”

    “You’ll what?” Aries asked. “You’re trapped and not going anyway. And you.” She poked his nose. “Are going to learn your lesson.” She paused and looked at Darius. “Don’t fuck with Mistress Aries.” She glared at Darius. “I thought you knew better due to all the times we played before. But I guess you haven’t.”

    “God damn you are one crazy ass bitch. I knew white people were crazy, but you fucking insane. I don’t know who the fuck you think I am, but I ain’t one of your clients.” Darius looked around. “You got me in some sort of kink room, in some medieval stocks, in your garage-”

    “Back room. You’ve been here before. And you were heavy by the way. You need to lose some weight.”

    “Fuck you. I’m all muscle. Now, let me out of here.”

    Using her index finger, Aries placed in on his lips. “That won’t be happening. You see. You’re trapped. You are completely at my mercy. This sexy mistress has you all to herself. And she’s going to punish you. You know, lots of men would pay good money for this.”

    “P-punish me? What the fuck you going to do?” Darius asked.

    Darius had no idea what she was thinking, and he was really regretting doing the dare for Chaquille.

    Aries sauntered over to him. She placed her hand on top of Darius’ bald head. “Mmhmm.” Aries smiled. “I’m going to tickle you of course.”

    Darius took a moment to process what she had just said. “You’re going to tickle me?”

    “Uh huh,” she responded.

    “Too bad for you, I ain’t ticklish.”

    “Oh, you aren’t?” Aries asked. She went back over to Darius’ feet and knelt down. “Well, you won’t mind if I take you shoes off, will you?”

    Aries reached forward and undid Darius’s Air Jordans. She placed them to the side.

    “Hey, give my back Jordans.”

    She looked down at Darius’ black socks. “You sounded a bit stressed when I took off your shoes. I think I’ll make you a bit more comfortable by taking off your socks.”

    Aries put her hands on Darius’ ankle socks. She slowly rolled his right sock down. First revealing his heel. She looked up to see his reaction.

    Darius did his best to not show a single bit of emotion. He would be stone. Though on the inside, he was growing more and more nervous.

    Aries continued to roll the sock up, until it reached Darius’ toes. She smiled. “Feeling more relaxed?”

    Darius scoffed. “I’m fine. You going to start smellin’ my feet? Or maybe your kinky ass would like to lick ‘em?”

    Aries waved her hand in front of her face. “No thanks. I’m sure they taste horrible. And I can smell them from here. You really need to take better care of your feet. Maybe use some soap.”

    Darius was a bit shocked at the comment. But he just fired back another bratty remark. “I hope you faint due to the smell.”

    “I might. Seriously, use soap next time you bathe.”

    “Fuck you. I bathe every day,” Darius said.

    Aries snickered. “Time for the next one.”

    Without wasting time, Aries started to slide off Darius’ other sock. She took her time, and inch by inch made Darius watch as she relieved him of the last piece of clothing protecting his feet.

    The top of Darius’ foot had a stronger dark exterior compared to the much lighter complexion of his sole, which Aries loved.

    A sinister grin came over Aries face. She leaned in. “Are you sure you don’t want to start begging me to not tickle you? Maybe if you admit how ticklish you are, I’ll be a bit gentler. I might even let you out if you beg hard enough for me. Though, if you do, I might have to put your cock in this.” Aries walked over to a table and held up a penis cage.

    Darius shook his head. “Hell no! I’m not ticklish. You ain’t scaring me. You wastin’ yo time and mine. And there ain’t no way you put my dick in that little piece of shit. It’s way too big.”

    “Uh huh, sure it is,” Aries said. She held it up. “Now are you sure you don’t want to beg me for mercy?”

    “Fuck no! I told you. I ain’t ticklish. I knew you were a crazy ass white bitch. I don’t know who’s stupider, yo ass, or the guy you convince to put his junk in that tiny shit?” Darius said.

    Aries’ mouth was agape. “How Rude. You know, you’ve been very mean to me this whole time, calling me names.” She playfully hit him on the arm. “I’ve locked many men in cages like this. They even paid me to do it. They loved when I tickled them too.”

    Darius rolled his eyes. “This is some stupid shit. What pussy let you do that? Any guy who’s ticklish is a little bitch. And I ain’t no bitch. Besides, a woman like you ain’t going to break me.”

    “Oh, a woman like me. What does that mean?” Aries asked.

    “You heard me,” Darius said.

    “I’ll have you know women are the stronger sex, and should dominate men.”

    Darius laughed. “Are you serious? You got lucky you knocked me out. Dat shit would've never happen if it were fair. Let me out, I’ll show you who is stronger.”

    “I’m not stupid. And I wasn’t knocked out by a woman,” Aries replied.

    “Psh, let me guess, you a feminist?” Darius asked.

    “I am,” Aries answered.

    Darius shook his head. “Every guy like me knows that chicks like you play a tough ass little game. But we all know that feminist love getting some big dick in them. Especially an old white woman like you. Now, if you let me out, I’ll show you some big dick. How would you like it if a younger guy actually showed you some attention, instead of some pussy ass old white guy with a tiny prick that lets you lock his cock away?”

    “I’m not even that old. I’m forty-two.”

    “You old. I think you are lying about having clients. Who pays for an old woman like you?”

    “Wow! I was going to go easy on you. But now, I’m going to make sure you plead for mercy. And I’m going to make you beg me to put your tiny prick in this cage.”

    “I ain’t begging. And I will never ever ask you to my dick in that cage.”

    Aries touched her chin. “I think you will. In fact, you should do it right now.”

    “Or what?” Darius asked.

    “Or else.” She wiggled fingers.

    “Do you worst. Ain’t happenin’.”

    Aries circled her prey. Staring him in the eyes. “I think for all your talk, you are scared. You say I’m acting tough. But you are the one acting tough. I bet you are extremely ticklish.”

    “Fuck you!” Darius spat. “Do your worst! I just told you I’m a strong man. I can take anything you throw at me!”

    An evil grin appeared on Aries’ face. She was the cat who ate the canary.

    “Alright. Since you asked for it, I think I will.” Aries said. “One last chance, are you sure you don’t want to admit your ticklish?”

    “Nah,” Darius answered. “How many times do I have to tell you, I ain’t ticklish?”

    Aries nodded. “Ok. Well, I’ve seen plenty of guys like you. Big dudes, who think they are all that. Actin’ like macho men. I even one time had a guy, who was fresh out of prison come visit me. Said similar things to what you just said. All it took was a little tickle.” Aries leaned in to Darius’ ear and whisper. “And he broke, just like you will.” She strolled over to Darius’ foot. She bent down and looked at Darius’ feet like a starving wolf who was staring at two pieces of meat. Aries licked her lips.

    She got up and came back over to Darius. Aries leaned in and seductively whispered in his ear. “You may not know this.” She paused. “But I like big, black…” She paused and held it for dramatic pause.

    Darius stared at her. Was she about to say what he thought she was going to say? Was she about take him up on his offer? Would his pants be opened in a bit? Well, the two things white American chicks did love was an English accent and big black…

    “Feet,” Aries said.

    Darius blinked. Did she just say feet? Really? He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Nor did he even like how it started, but had it gone his way, he wouldn’t be complaining. This mistress Aries was a straight up hottie.

    While caught up in his thoughts, Aries went back down to his feet. She bent down, and raised her index finger. With a single motion, she stroked the tip of her red nail down Darius’ sole.

    Darius barely caught himself. He held his mouth shut. But he couldn’t stop his foot from quickly twitching. He hoped she didn’t notice, or think anything of it.

    But Aries saw it and knew what it meant. She smiled. She loved it. Even the tiniest reaction was enough to bring her joy and sadistic pleasure, because it meant she was getting her way. And soon she’d dominate him.

    Ever so slowly, Aries traced her finger along the edge of Darius’ left foot. She started an inch from his small toe, and came down his flat foot, which had no arch. When Aries reached the heel, she came around and went along the top of Darius’ foot. Then she came back, and drew a star on the ball of his foot before going up the other side of his sole.

    Darius winced. Then he flinched. He shut his eyes. He wiggled his toes.

    Aries could see all signs that she was getting to him. But she wasn’t even close to being down with him. Now it was time to tease him with her words.

    “On TMF. I bet you don’t know the TMF. But on there, there are lots of women on there, who love to tease men. You know what they say to ticklish men like you,” Aries said with a small giggle.

    Darius shook his head. Not to answer her, but to block out the sensations.

    Aries didn’t know that, and it worked in her favor.

    “They say.” She held for a moment before continuing. “Tickle. Tickle.”

    Once more, Aries say the diabolical words so smoothly. They were as natural to her as any other word. They came from her ruby red lips and taunted Darius.

    “Tickle. Tickle,” she repeated.

    She trailed the tip of her finger ever so lightly along the middle of Darius’ sole.

    Darius struggled. He squirmed in his seat. His eyes were clamped shut. His fists were clenched as hard as possible. He did all he could to hold out, but he was doomed do to fail. Doomed to feel the wraith of Aries. Darius’ lip quivered. Aries had fractured his willpower. He couldn’t stop the smile from forming. From a simple smile to his lips parting and strong, powerful laughter coming out.

    “Gaaaaaaaahahahahaha! Oh SHIT! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Oh fuck!”

    Aries stopped. “Didn’t you say you weren’t ticklish?”

    Darius tried to calm himself before answering. “I ain’t.”

    Aries gave him the ‘uh huh, sure you aren’t. If you aren’t ticklish, then what was that?’ look.

    “Well, if you want to play games. I can play games,” Aries said.

    Her attention back to Darius’ foot. Her finger made a quick dash down his foot.

    “Nooooo! Eeeeeeheeheehee!” Darius couldn’t help giggling.

    “I think someone’s lying. I think they are ticklish,” Aries taunted.

    The stubborn young man shook his head. “No! I ain’t!”

    Even if Darius said no, his body continued to say yes.

    “Then why are you giggling?” Aries asked. “Is the big strong man ticklish?”

    “I’m not ticklish!” Darius screamed through his chortle.

    Aries could only smile. Her nail continuing to tease Darius’ foot and causing him constant titters to come out of him. She knew he was trying to stay strong. Aries was happy to let him believe he could hide his weakness, hide his vulnerability. But soon or later, she’d forced him to admit it.

    “Are you sure you aren’t just a teentsy eentsy weentsy bit ticklish?” Aries asked.

    Through his chuckles, Darius continued to deny it. “Nope!”

    Aries had to be honest. She enjoyed how stupid Darius was acting. She loved playing with men. And the more they denied it, the more she had breaking them, and making them feel weak. This nothing more than a game that she was playing. Aries had him right where she wanted him. She was going to win. It was just a matter of time. Aries loved nothing more than tease a young man with the simplest of actions. She didn’t need to use more than one finger on Darius’ barefoot in order to get him laughing hysterically. She took pleasure in the way she could moved her finger up and down, just that one motion. Up and down. And it would make the man in front of her react like crazy. The dominatrix loved teasing his foot. She enjoyed the way it moved from side to side. Or the way he scrunched his toes. She could have done this all day. Making his foot wiggle about. Aries would just keep using her finger to tease Darius. She might even do it all night.

    At first, she started slow. Just a slow, playful teasing speed, but after some time, she began to pick up speed.

    Darius guffawed. He couldn’t help it. His laughter was getting louder and stronger.

    “You giggle like a little school girl, you know that?” Aries mocked. “Yes, this big, strong man is ticklish, isn’t he? He laughs like a little girl when he’s tickled. Yes, he does. Now, tell me what a ticklish-little-weak-boy you are. Come on. Mistress Aries wants to hear it.”

    Darius didn’t answer. He just kept laughing.

    Her finger up and down his foot over and over. Her eyes fixated on his foot as it flailed about. The way she stared at her victim was lovingly. It was as if she was staring at a young child. She even used a baby voice that everyone uses when speaking to a baby. This was even more effective against Darius.

    “Look at that foot go. Yes, it’s vwery twicklish isn’t? Isn’t? Someone has a twicklish footsie wootsie.”

    More and more gurgles came out of Darius. His loud male cachinnation filled the room. “Oh god! Oh shit! Hehehehehehehehe! Ok! Ok! It tickles!”

    “I bet it does. Come on say it again. Tell me you are ticklish?”

    “Hahahahahaha! YES! Yes! Hahahahahahaha! OKAY! I’m fucking ticklish! Hahahahahahahaha! Are you happy now?!”

    Aries added a second finger in her torment of Darius’ foot. She looked at the young man. “I am. But you still need to be punished, you naughty, ticklish boy.”

    “Oh-my-god!” Darius looked up and exclaimed.

    “I have to say, when you sent me that email, telling me you wanted to stage a break in, and for me to lock you in the stocks. I mean you even asked me to knock you out. At first, I wasn’t sure. But you convinced me with how much fun it would be. I’m soooo glad I did this. It is totes fun,” Aries said.

    “W-w-whahahahahahahat are youuuhuhuhuhu tahahahhalking about?” Darius asked.

    Aries nodded. “Yes, yes. I’m sorry, I’ll go back into character. You didn’t send any email. You aren’t a new client pretending to be an old client, who wanted to break in, and have his mistress lock him up. You aren’t a client who wanted to be tickled mercilessly by his mistress until forced to confessed. I get it. I’ll stay in character from now on.”

    Darius couldn’t believe what she just said. Did she really believe that he was a new client, that he’d sent her some email basically entailing a fake break in. Had this been some sort of mistake?


    “Yes, I left, and forgot my wallet. I come back, and find you had come into my home through my door. Stupid me, having forgot to lock the door. Well, mister pervert, you are going to pay. If you wanted some used panties, you’ll have to pay for them next time.”

    “Noooo! You got it all wrong! I didn’t send you an email! I’m not that guy! I’m not that guy!” Darius yelled through his bout of heavy giggles and forced chuckles.

    “I’m sorry. I’m staying in character,” Aries said. “Oh, don’t play innocent. I know you didn’t send an email. You just broke into my house to steal my bra, and my panties. You are a naughty little thief.” Aries winked.

    Darius couldn’t believe this. He was screwed. She REALLY did think he was a client. That he’d asked for this. But that wasn’t Darius’ only thoughts. He kept thinking. Who the fuck asks for this?

    “I’m not your client you crazy bitch!” Darius shouted.

    “Calling me a bitch again, well for that, I’m going to use all my fingers,” Aries said.

    “No, no, no! Don’t use all your fingers! Don’t use all your-” Darius pleaded.

    Aries didn’t listen. In a full-blown tickle attack, she raked all ten of her manicured nails down Darius’ soles.

    His reaction to this was instantaneous. The young man opened his mouth as wide as he could. “Oh no! Stop! Stop! Don’t do that! Don’t do that!” He barely got out through his hysterical roar of laughter.

    A smile of devious pleasure was on Aries face. Her nails continue to slid down Darius’ feet.

    His heavy male laughter continued to fill the room. It was so loud. Aries would normally have been afraid someone would think something bad was happening and call the cops. But after an instance occurred during her initial stage of being a mistress, she’d realize she needed more privacy and had sound proofed this particular room to stop unwanted attention. Having cops enter your home and then having to explain what was happening was not very fun, and was quite embarrassing. Especially when most of then neighborhood saw them bring you out in handcuffs, and in a tight leather kink outfit that left little to the imagination.

    Darius floundered about as much as was possible in his captive state. He shook violently as the sensation became more and more intense.

    What was worse was when he looked into Aries’ eyes. He saw not just the cute look she’d given earlier, but the full-on sadistic pleasure of a mad woman who was hell bent on punishing her victim. And punish him she was.

    He’d never thought much of tickling, ever. He always saw it as some shit guys did to girls. It was for weak people. Mostly weak women. But now here he was being forced and subjected to the situation. Unable to escape. He struggled hard and harder, hoping to break the contraption he was locked in. But the sturdy wood would not bust. Jeez, who knew would was this strong?

    Aries’ evil eyes watched Darius move about. She loved the way he shrieked has she tickled the shit out of him. She wondered how much longer he would last. He probably hadn’t realized how long it had been. If he did, he’d feel even more vulnerable. It’d barely only been an hour. Should she tell him? No, she’d wait, let him stew. Let him feel the wraith of her fingers a bit longer. Besides, she was close to moving on to other tools she could use besides her natural ones. She wondered how those would affect the man in front of her. Maybe it was time to go back to using words. Yes, she’d use words. Not just any words. But the words.

    “Cootchie,” she said.

    The simple one word seemed so playful. Yet it was so devastating. She again, used her words like a master, and like a weapon wielded them in a great form. Her skills of teasing were used to the fullest to manipulate the man in front of her. She didn’t even need to say the whole phrase. Just one little part of the full thing. There was no need to speed through it. It was better to let it hang in the air. To let the word simmer, and stew. She knew that just one word at a time would be more powerful than if she said the phrase from the beginning.

    Darius hated it. The word hit its target. He was an amp, and Aries was turning up the volume. She’d plugged into him, and was getting laughter to increase as if she were just turning a knob, or pressing a button to heighten the volume.

    “Aaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahah! OH GOD! Hahahahahahaha! Doohohohon’t! Don’t say it! Hahahahahahaheheehehe!” Darius muttered through his guffaws.

    “Hm, what don’t you want me to say?” Aries question. “What was the word? Was it something like?” She paused. “Cootchie!”

    Darius jerked when she said it. He tried to ignore the word, but it entered him. It took over his very being.

    “Was that it? Was I wrong? Did you mean something else? OH! You do not want to say-” She held for a moment and used the dramatic moment liked a experienced actor. “Cootchie.”

    “Wahahahahahahahaha! Don’t say it! Don’t say! Hahahahahahahahaha! Not that! Not that!” He pleaded loudly.

    “Why not?” Aries asked. “Is there something wrong? Do you not like it when I say-” She knew how to leave him waiting. Leave him hanging on her every word. Make him wonder if she would or would not use the word. Every time he even had a second of thinking she was going to, Aries would hold out, and Darius started to question everything. Aries had seen the effect multiple times on her clients. She knew the technique so well. It came as natural to her as breathing did. Keeping Darius on the edge of his seat with cute teases that were as powerful as a punch to the gut was her specialty.

    Aries leaned in and with a whisper said, “Cootchie.” She pulled her fingers back. Then after a moment, she dived back in. Her nails didn’t hold back. They went with full force, and incredible speed. At the same time, she’d uttered the magic word.


    Her fingers made the young man dance like he’d never done before. Not even when he was drunk, or feeling good. She had power. She had sway over him. The way her fingers caressed his soles made him howl in laughter.

    “Cootchie,” she said again.

    She stopped.

    Darius breathed. “Thank you… thank you… for stopping,” he said through his breathing, trying to contain left over giggles.

    Then when he thought it was over. Aries’ dark look told him it wasn’t. Her fingers struck. They went fast and furiously. And so did her words. “Cootchie. Cootchie. Cootchie.”

    Darius would find himself looking up to the heavens crying outward. Once in a while he’d enter silent laughter.

    That’s when Aries would stop, just long enough to give him a second of recovery, before returning him back to hell. The two seconds would pass, and her fingers would take his soles again as they went back to their dastardly work. Aries would then say her favorite words, “Cootchie cootchie.”

    “Please! No more! Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Not the tickles! Not the tickles! Hahahahahahahahaha!” Darius cried.

    After long moments of suffering. Through all the teasing torment. Aries hit a point, when she decided to utter the whole phrase and blow Darius’ mind.

    “Cootchie cootchie coo.”

    Darius thought he was going to die. He was sweating immensely. His body ached from the strain. Darius’ was exhausted. He’d never been this tired before, even when he played sports. Though, so how every time Darius thought he couldn’t give anymore. Aries would find a way to make him laugh harder. Her nails brought forth more and more out of him.

    He screamed, “OH-FUCK! OH-MY-GOD! OH-SHIT!”

    “Don’t pray to God! Pray to me! I AM YOUR MISTRESS!” Aries called out.

    Darius couldn’t believe what she was saying, and yet part of him wanted to beg her so badly for relief. He tried to push it down, but her nails where evil and so wicked. Though, he chose not to give in.

    “Neeeeveeeerrr!” he exclaimed.

    Aries kept going. It felt like it would never end. Then it all came to a halt. Darius breathed over and over. Giggles still coming of his mouth.

    “F-finally… y-you’re d-done,” Darius said barely able to get the words out.

    Aries scoffed. “You wish. I think its time we go to the next level.”

    Next level? What the fuck did that mean? There was a next level?

    Aries went over to a table that was out of Darius’ view. He heard her pick something up and return to the spot in front of his feet. The worst part was that he couldn’t see what she had. She had kept whatever it was behind her back. What was she going to do? As long as it wasn’t more tickling, Darius would be happy with it.

    “Yep, I’m going to tickle you feetsies weetsies.” With a huge grin Aries said, “I’m going to make you beg me for sweet relief, this is your last little break. It’s time for tickle hell. And I’m going to do it with.” She paused. “This.”

    From behind her back, Aries held out her tool of torture.

    A mechanical toothbrush.

    Darius’ eyes went wide with horror as looked at the instrument that would be used to torment him. He shook his head. “No! NO! Get that thing away from me! Don’t you dare use that on my feet. Keep it away! Keep-it-away!”

    Aries loved when he did this. She looking at him devilishly. With a quick motion, she pressed the button, and turned on the tooth brush. It hummed as the bristles spun. She lowered it.

    “NO! I said keep that ting away from me. Get it away from my FEET! No, no! You can’t do this! Stop it! Stop you crazy bitch!” Darius yelled.

    Aries glared at him. “It’s not crazy bitch. Its mistress. You will call me, mistress.”

    Darius held back. He didn’t want to say it, ad it was obvious.

    Aries shrugged. “Fine. Here it comes. I’m going to get those tootsies wootsies.”

    “No! DON’T do it! Don’t do it!” Darius said.

    She didn’t listen. She lowered the device.

    The bristles scrubbed along Darius’ soles.

    “Tickle tickle! It’s time to tickle those feetsies weetsies,” Aries sang.

    He felt the brush up and down his soles. Aries then proceed to make circles on the heel of his foot, before moving up and doing the same thing on the midpoint of his foot. She switched from right to left, before coming back.

    Darius cackled like a mad man. His laughter echoed throughout the room. The man struggled in his bonds, his body tired, but his mind doing all it could to try and free itself. The tickling sensations pushing him further and further.

    “Time for the toesies woesies,” Aries said. “Do you like games? Let’s play a game,” Aries said. She reached forward and took hold of Darius’ big toe. “I’m sure you know this one. I think you’re really going to enjoy it.” With a wink and an evil grin, Aries wriggled Darius’ big toe. “This let piggy went to the market.”

    Darius roared in laughter. “No! No! NOT THIS LITTLE PIGGY!”

    “Yes, this little piggy,” Aries said. “Now, I need to start over since you interrupted me.” Once again, Aries restarted the rhyme. She moved Darius’ big toe, and sang, “This little piggy went to the market.” Aries placed the toothbrush on his big toe. Her other hand moving to the next toe.

    “Ooooooooooohohohohohoh! No! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! OH GOD! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Stop! Stop!” Darius cried out.

    With a quick jiggle, Aries continued her rhyme. “This little piggy got caught trying to steal bras. Or was it, this little piggy stayed home. How about both?”

    As Aries’ hand took hold of the next toe. The toothbrush would follow and go down the line.

    “This little piggy got put in the stocks. And this little piggy had roast beef, so he was nice and fat,” Aries teased.

    “Oh fuck! Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh god! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Make it stop! Make it stop!” Darius begged.

    “This little piggy said he wasn’t ticklish. And said he had none.”

    For a moment, Aries just hung there. Her evil smile. The way she moved the toothbrush over Darius’ toe. She watched the man laugh. She enjoyed hearing him. Now, she was going to finish breaking him.

    “This little piggy,” Aries said as she took hold of Darius’ last toe. “It was very ticklish. And went wee wee all the way to his mistress.” With an evil cackle Aries moved the brush down on Darius’ final toe. She made sure to really get at it. Then she went back and used the brush on all of Darius’ toes.

    Darius’ situation was only amplified as Aries produced a second mechanic toothbrush. He didn’t even see it coming. But he felt it. The swirling bristles whirled about and scraped along his tender sole. He couldn’t help laughing even harder. His chest hurt. His lungs ached. But still he laughed. It only got worse as Aries both toothbrushes on his toes.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahaha! OH fucking shit! Hhahahahahahaha! NO! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! STOP IT! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! You gotta stop! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! It tickles SO MUCH! Hahahahahahahahaha! Not my toes!”

    Sometimes she focused on just one toe, trying to find which one was the most sensitive.

    The toothbrushes teased and titillated Darius’ tender toes. He wiggled them in an attempt to get away. He even curled them to defend themselves. But it did little.

    Aries stuck the brushes in between. She forced them to open up with other tickles to different places, or just using brute forced to push the brush into place.

    The bristles hit the bottoms. They hit the tops. They went everywhere. No spot was safe from Aries and her tools of torment.

    Darius had tears in his eyes. He couldn’t stop laughing. He felt like he could barely breath. And that’s when he said, “Waahahahahahahaha! Oh god! Hahahahahahahah! Oh please! Hehehehehahahahahahahahaha! No more! No more! Hahahahahahahahahaha! PLEASE MISTRESS! Hahahahahahahahaha! PLEASE stop tickling my toes! Hahahahahahahahahaha! I can’t take it! I CAN’T TAKE IT! Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh-god! Oh-fuck! Hahahahahahahahaha! Please! Please! Hahahahahahaha! No more tickling! No more tickling! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

    Aries had the largest smile. She even giggled to herself. “Say it again! Beg your mistress!”

    “Please mistress! Please!” Darius instantly responded. “Hahahahahahahaha! Don’t tickle my toes! Hahahahahahaha! I can’t STAND it! Hahahahahahahahaha! Please mistress! I’ll do anything! Anything! Hahahahahahahahaha! No MORE TICKLING!”

    “If you want me to stop, you have to let me put you dick in a cage,” Aries said.

    Chapter 3 – A settled bet

    Darius walked up to a car. The window rolled down, and there was Chaquille.

    “Get in,” Chaquille said.

    Darius opened the door, and sat in the passenger seat.

    “Did you get it?” Chaquille asked.

    “Of course, I did. Ya boi never fails.” Darius held up the bra.

    Chaquille took it. He looked it over. “Oooooo shit! Hell yeah. My boi is slick.” Chaquille held up his fist.

    Darius bumped it. “Psh, you know it. And you doubted my ass.”

    “Shit, I won’t do that again. I gotta know. How’d you, do it?” Chaquille asked.

    Darius waved his hand. “I ain’t tell you, my secrets. Next time, yo ass has to get your own bra, or you paying me double.”

    “I see you, Darius. I see you. Alright, you in. You a tough ass mother fucker,” Chaquille said.

    The word tough took a moment to process in Darius’ brain. He wasn’t sure how to feel about that. Well, he wanted to say something, but he didn’t. Instead, his mind took a moment and flashed back to the night before.

    “G. You ok, G?” Chaquille asked.

    Darius snapped back to the present. “What’s up?”

    Chaquille shook his head. “I said you in. You are in.”

    “Right. Right,” Darius responded. “So, you going to pay me or what?”

    Chaquille nodded. He pulled out a wad of money. “Here it is. Count it.”

    Darius opened it up and counted every bill. “Next time its double, especially if you want one worn. Otherwise yo ass better go buy some still at Victoria secret.”

    Both the two men laugh.

    Darius opened the door. “Alright, I’m out. I got shit to do.”

    “What, you going to go see some lady?” Chaquille asked.

    “You know it,” Darius said.

    “Oh shit. Get some,” Chaquille said.

    The two fisted bumped. Darius got out of the car. He watched Chaquille drive off. Darius then tried to adjust his pants. The thought of the other night came back to him. His mind returned to the moment as he flashed back.

    He was still stuck in the stocks that were inside of Aries’ kink room. He was laughing his head off as she ran two toothbrushes along his feet. Darius was trapped. If he wanted to end this he would have to give in to her demands. The tickling had only gone one for an hour or so. But Darius was spent. He had no more ability to fight.

    Aries had broken him.

    “Yes! Ok! You can put my dick in a cage! You can put my dick a cage!” Darius begged through his laughter.

    “Are you sure?” Aries asked.

    “YES! Yes! No more tickling!”

    “Tell me what a weak little man you are, how you can’t take tickling, and how much you want me to lock your dick up. Tell me how I’m your mistress, and you are mine.” Aries commanded.

    “I’m a weak little man! I can’t take being tickled! Please lock my dick up! You’re my mistress and I belong to you!” Darius said as he submitted to Aries.

    Aries stopped. She pulled the toothbrushes away from Darius’ soles. She looked over and saw her cellphone buzzing. She blinked. Aries went over to the phone. She picked it up.

    “Hello,” she said. Aries’ eyes grew wide. “Yeah, we can reschedule. Of course. That is perfectly fine.” She looked over at Darius and then away. “Yes, yes. Of course. Ok, see you then.” She hung up.

    Aries rushed over to Darius. “Oh my gosh! I’m soooooo sorry. I didn’t realize you weren’t a client. I thought you were someone else.” She looked embarrassed. Her cheeks were a rosy red. “Let me get you out of there.” She went to let Darius out.

    “W-w-wait!” Darius said.

    Aries looked at him. “I told you, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know who you were.” She stopped remembering he’d broken into her place. She looked around unsure of what to do. “Fuck! Fuck! Oh god! What the fuck is happening?!”

    Darius’ chest heaved as he caught his breath. “Wait. Wait! Don’t untie me.”

    Aries blinked. “W-what?”

    “Don’t-untie me.”

    Aries stood there for a moment. “What do you mean?”

    “You still owe me.”

    “Still owe you? You broke into place. I don’t-” Aries started.

    “You said you were going to lock my dick up. Now, you need to finish,” Darius said.

    Aries stared at him. She then had an ah-ha moment. “You naughty little boy.”

    Darius nodded. “And I think we can be in business. I will pay you, but I need your bra.”

    “My bra?” Aries asked.

    Darius nodded. “I can get money for you. Enough that I can pay for sessions and the bra.”

    Aries touched her lip. “Are you sure? If I lock your dick up, you won’t be able to cum. You’ll be stuck like that forever. I’ll never let you cum. Never ever.”

    “Yes. Now lock my shit up.” He thrust his hips forward.

    Aries leaned over to Darius’ foot. She ran her nails along it. “Don’t take that tone with me. You ask your mistress. You do not tell me what to do. I command you.”

    Darius laughed. His foot spasmed. “YES mistress! I’m sorry, mistress! Please lock my dick up, mistress!”

    He returned to the moment. Darius walked towards Aries house. He now had the money. He touched the cage that held his junk. For once in his life, he enjoying being submissive. He loved the fact at knowing he would never cum again. It was a fair price for being tickled and having a mistress.

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    Wow, what a great story.

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    Great story!
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