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    Energy Sale, Law In, Or Out, And.. Which Direction To Go?

    When Ross got to OKC, he went to his hotel, called Fritz and Steve, and wanted to rest before his meeting with Alan.

    Guys, I'm here. Please let me just rest before my meeting with Alan, and then see if and who he can get to him Timothy with his problem with his ex. Tomorrow, I will meet both of you at the office, and we will go about trying to finish this investor pool and what to do next" Ross suggested.

    "Sounds good. Good Luck with Alan. See you in the morning" Fritz said.

    That night, at 7,. Ross met Alan at a steakhouse in OKC.

    "Ross, the guy I'm going to recommend to Timothy is a friend of mine. I used to work with this guy at a law firm about a decade ago. He has an excellent reputation. My friend will talk to Tim. When they talk, this lawyer will discuss with Tim just what kind of a settlement Tim wants to offer Tiffany. After that, the lawyer will call Tiffany's man friend, and tell this guy that the offer given will be a firm and final offer, and if not, my friend will take Tim';s case, and Miss Tiffany might find herself finished. My feeling is that there is probably about a seventy five percent chance that my idea will work. If it does, Tim signs his offer, retains his company and assets, and things continue as usual" Alan said.

    "Okay,. sounds good. " Ross said.

    "How long will you be in town?" Alan asked.

    "The usual. Two or up to three days. Nothing is going on at RossShell except Tim's monthly work which is routine. My main work is here right now. You know that I buy small companies and turn them over from time to time to keep myself busy. If I get too busy, the teacher lioness will roar and might bite me , if you know what I mean" Ross said.

    Alan laughed. "Yes , we have to keep our women happy always or we will be in trouble"

    Ross went back to his hotel, called Kayley for a minute, and then prepared for bed. "So, how was your meeting with Alan?"

    "Alan says that he thinks that a friend of his can frighten Tiffany into taking an offer which Tim and this lawyer will draft up. The lawyer thinks he will be able to scare Tiffany into finally ceasing this crazed Vendetta she has. Hopefully for Timothy;'s sake, and for mine, it will work" Ross said.

    "Gas sale tomorrow, right?" Kayley asked.

    "Yes, Ma'amm about one third of the thousand people. I'm guessing we can get about two hundred people, maybe more if any word of mouth people listen in. I hope to be home by two days from now at night, or if not, the next morning" Ross said.

    "Okay, have fun. Hopefully Good Luck to Timothy with Alan's lawyer friend" Kayley said.

    "Sweet Dreams" Ross said.

    The next day, in the morning, Ross went to the office, to look over the last part of the pool of people.

    "Well, we had about three hundred people, but, some other people got word of mouth, so let's say we can add another hundred. My hope, we get half of those, and then New York Boy can get out of here, and see if he still has a company left when Alan's friend is finished with Tiffany's male buddy" Fritz said.

    "Let;'s not worry about that now, and just focus on what we have to. We all get at our computers, and cell phones, and arrange as many meetings, Zoom calls, and conference calls to prune down this list, get it sold off, take a breather, and then see what happens next" Ross said.

    That Day, Ross., Fritz and Steve made major progress. Of the four hundred people, there were one hundred fifty definite yes, one hundred fifty definite no, and one hundred maybe.

    "I know I'm being greedy. but I want to get at least half of the maybes, if we can do that, half of four hundred is not the end of the world" Ross said.

    Thus, that day, and that night, there were more Zoom shows, calls, meetings in the office, cocktail meetings, and dinners.

    After Ross had to stay over that night to put the finishing touches on, seventy five more people committed to sign.

    "Well, two hundred twenty five more people signed up. We did very decently on this pool., We have to take a deep breath, feel satisfied, and now figure out what happens from here" Ross said.

    "What else? Toronto Canada, once Ross goes home and figures out if he/I still have a company to run"

    Just at that moment, Ross's cell phone rang. It was none other than Alan.

    "Ross, my idea worked. My friend called Tim. they talked, my friend took Tim's case. My friend prepared a firm offer than was somewhere between fifty and sixty percent of what Tiffany wanted. My friend then called Tiffany's man friend, and told the guy that he was representing Tiffany's soon to be ex husband Tim Patrick, and that he was sending Tiffany's lawyer friend one non negotiable offer , take it or leave it. My friend then told Tiffany;'s lawyer that if the lawyer left it, it would be a long drawn out battle in court where Tiffany would end up with little or nothing at all. From what my friend told me, the offer was accepted in principle. Tim's problem is over. Thanks to you knowing me!" Alan said, with pride.

    "Thanks, Alan, you did it buddy. We owe you a debt of gratitude" Ross said.

    "Tim will owe this guy a fee, and you owe me dinner next time you're in town, I pick the place" Alan said.

    "Deal. I want to get home tonight. We did decently on our investor pool. With Tim still my client after this got done with his ex witch,. I now have to figure out where Tim and I go next" Ross said.

    "Okay, have a safe trip. See you soon" Alan said.

    Ross then called Kayley.

    "Gas pool sold. Gas man coming home tonight, so within my time frame. Oh, and just for laughs, the Tiffany and Tim saga is over. It looks like we are going to get out of this just fine" Ross said.

    "Good news, and safe travels, see you in the morning" Kayley said, blowing Ross a kiss through the phone.

    Ross got on an 11pm flight to JFK, changed in DFW and got to JFK at about 4 am.

    When Ross got home, he tiptoed into the bedroom.

    Kayley turned over. "You know, I'm not sleeping. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Gas strike sold off. Hopefully Tim's problems are over"

    Ross kissed Kayley. "Yes, maybe we will have a calm period for a while. This Tim/Tiffany bullshit drove us berserk" Ross said.

    Ross went into bed, kissed Kayley, and they made love.

    Kayley stayed home that day, and at about 10 am, Ross's cell phone rang. It was Vic.

    "Yes, Vic. How are you?" Ross said.

    "I'm fine, Ross. Are you still in OKC or are you home?"

    "I got home early this morning. What's up?" Ross said.

    "We had a problem yesterday. I'm, sorry I did not call, but I did not want to bother you when you were so far away working on selling that gas strike. Some guy came to the office and wanted to see Ross C I told him that you were out of town on important business, that I did not know when you would be back, and that you could not be reached. This guy said he wanted to talk to you about something important, and that he had a proposition for you. I looked the guy up, and I think he's a corporate raider of companies. From what I was reading, I summize that he wanted or wants to make you an offer for RossShell, the whole company" Vic said.

    "That's absurd, Vic. You know that RossShell is not for sale. The company has been scaled down already. It is remaining as is, and you also know that I'm buying and in some cases selling small companies to have things to do with my time here when I'm not working with Fritz and Steve. Please dont worry about it. Everyone just go about their business. I will not be in today, but when I get to the office tomorrow, I will look up this guy and deal with it myself" Ross said.,

    "Okay, Ross, have a good day" Vic said.

    Ross clicked Vic off and shook his head.

    "Ross, what's the matter?" Kayley asked.

    "Oh, nothing, Vic told me that when I was in OKC, some whackjob showed up in the office and told Vic that he wanted to speak to me,about buying RossShell" Ross said.

    ""I thought you said you are keeping RossShell, and just buying and selling small companies to keep your time occupied besides doing Tim;'s work and the oil and gas" Kayley said.,

    "I am. Whoever this guy is .. is just blowing hot air, or if a whacko. I will deal with it tomorrow., Please just lie here with me,. I just want to figure out what we do today no more than one foot from this bed, and then where to take you for dinner tonight" Ross said, as Kayley put her head on Ross's chest.

    Was this person anyone? What did he want? How would it affect Ross, and or RossShell,if at all?

    That would be seen.
    My Beloved Mom: January 19, 1938 -April 4, 2012.

    Rest In Peace. I Love You Forever. You Were The Greatest Gift That God Has Ever Given Me.

    Jim Gardner, and WPVI-TV-Philadelphia.

    I Love Your Newscast. Thanks To Jeff, I Still Watch Online.

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    It is good to hear that Alan's friend made Tiffany finally see reason and accept a settlement.

    Apparently, Ross now must decide how to fight a hostile take-over.
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    Yes it was good that Tiffany accepted a settlement,

    RossShell may or may not be in for a hostile takeover.

    It may be a past business foe of Ross's, for example, Tim Tazzio.

    The author will have to see lol.

    Next story to come hopefully by bedtime tonight.

    Have a good day
    My Beloved Mom: January 19, 1938 -April 4, 2012.

    Rest In Peace. I Love You Forever. You Were The Greatest Gift That God Has Ever Given Me.

    Jim Gardner, and WPVI-TV-Philadelphia.

    I Love Your Newscast. Thanks To Jeff, I Still Watch Online.

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