Ok fans, time for the next "miniseries" of my Deputy's Universe. Thank you for the enthusiasm and excitement you have shown so far. This 2 part series is about the major "villain" for this Phase 3. I wanted to do something a little different, and that is to give the villain their own introduction story, instead of having them involved with the other major characters first. Her name was mentioned in The Deputy & The Outlaw: Justice part 12 towards the end of the Helga scene and now she has her own story! I have enjoyed creating this woman and I even have a theme song for her! She will have a very large role in Phase 3, so this is only the beginning. So, let's meet her and I look forward to what you think.

Theme song for Thalia: Ridge Holland ring entrance music "Can't stop winning" https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=6Rlq68OaToQ (remove the space)


Time: Immediately following the events after The Deputy & the Outlaw: Reunited and during The Deputy & The Outlaw: Justice

The sun started to shine though the white silk curtains as morning came around. The warmth of the sun’s rays started to find the right cheek of a woman in bed, warming her and slowly waking her up. Her long, wavy auburn colored hair was behind her head and ear and a moan started to come out from her lips. She started to slowly open her green eyes and her mind started to become more alert. She let out a soft moan as her body was awakening and it was another beautiful summer morning. She looked at the woman next to her in bed, and a smile crept on her face. She stared at that cute face, noticing the thin lips, the cute nose, and the blond straight hair was a little messy. It was a wild night of passion and those memories started to flood her mind. She absolutely loved dominating and conquering this woman next to her, bringing really intense orgasms for both of them. Dominating women was something she absolutely loved to do. It was also her job. This woman was known as Thalia Laskaris, a Greek bounty hunter, well known in the sex trafficking industry.

Thalia loved the sleeping form next to her and remembered when she made that young woman scream in a mixture of pleasure and agony. This woman was one of the many sex slaves that accompanied her to this part of the world. It was a long journey as her employer decided to sail towards the new world. It included a stop on Eastern Mexico, where they traveled by caravan, until they finally reached the Western part of Mexico. It took about 50 days to simply cross the Atlantic, and then another week to arrive by caravan to Baja Mexico at this place of residence, owned by Christos Andino.

Christos Andino was a Greek businessman, who owned many properties and farms for his main source of revenue, agriculture. Standing at 6’2” tall, weighing about 190 pounds, he was a very handsome man, with his sculpted facial features, many men were envious of him, and the women fell for him. He was currently trying to expand his business ventures in the Western Hemisphere and established a few of his associates in Eastern Mexico, attempting buy the farmlands. He also had a dark secret. He loved women and even though a lot of women would have freely thrown themselves at him for the chance to be his companion, he preferred women that were taken against their will and became his sex slaves. He wanted woman all over the world to be a part of his secret harem as he had innocent young women from all the continents. It ranged from Asia, to Africa, to Europe and even South America. He recently craved adding women from North America and that was his latest mission. To have some women taken from the United States. Christos’ sexual games were very intense and often the women would be overwhelmed from his domination. Because he needed these women to remain alive and somewhat fit, he hired people to be their caretakers and keep them in line. He knew his men would probably rape the women, so he decided to hire a team of women to care for his harem of about 52 women. He had hired the best woman he could find. He hired Thalia Laskaris.

Thalia was born in Athens Greece and was currently 29 years old. She had grown up in a poor part of the large city and her family had to scrap for basic necessities, such as food and even shelter. She moved around a lot as a child as her father was constantly trying to find work. Her mother did her best to provide a warm, loving home, but the constant stress of daily life took its toll on the entire family. Her brother ended up going into the Greek army, and she wished she could have joined him. She loved going on adventures and getting her hands dirty. She would also love to get into physical contests, such as wrestling. She stood about 5’9” tall, so she had a great advantage over the smaller girls she wrestled against. Most of the time, she would challenge these girls in front of others because she loved to dominate them and got a thrill out of winning. There were times she would challenge the boys and would often hold her own. Thalia loved that challenge and even during defeat, she would learn more. She knew she had to get stronger, so she trained herself and over time, got much stronger. There was also another reason she enjoyed wrestling and dominating. She started to realize that when she had a woman pinned down on the ground and she had control over them, she started to get very aroused. She would get aroused by men, but there was something about controlling another woman that really got her engine running. Soon, she had more private wrestling matches with some unsuspecting girls and when she had their bodies pinned, she would make sexual moves on them. That lead to some very interesting sexual encounters, and it motivated her even more.

When she reached the age of 20, Thalia started to try and find work, so she could help her family. Her brother was in the army, and she wanted an adventure for herself. One day, she saw this beautiful Asian woman dressed in silk clothing wandering the streets of Greece and she followed her. She was very attracted to her and was curious. She then saw the woman go into a building and she carefully followed her in. She tried to remain inconspicuous, by standing alongside a wall in this crowded room. There, she saw a circle of people. They were cheering and getting excited over something. Thalia got closer to the circle and what she saw blew her young mind. She saw the beautiful Asian woman dominating another woman by beating her down with her hands and feet. The way the Asian woman tossed the other woman around was fascinating and she felt a large wave of lust looking at the defeated women, laying on the ground. She did not know the methods used, but they were exciting to watch. There wasn’t a lot of close physical contact, as the woman used her kicks and punches to subdue her opponent. After the contest, Thalia approached the winner and asked her about her fighting methods. The Asian woman smiled at her and told her about the martial arts from China.

Thalia took to learning martial arts with a passion. The Asian woman quickly became her mentor and even took her to the country of China to learn even more. She learned several different styles and was quickly becoming a top student. She took her fair share of losses, but she always learned more and more. She would miss her home in Greece, but the year in China had trained her to be very skilled in fighting and she even bested her mentor in a sparring match. That gave her supreme confidence in her skills. She truly appreciated her mentor congratulating her and then she brought up a profession that Thalia might find very interesting and very lucrative. Bounty hunting for sex traffickers. When she first heard of it, she never knew that existed, but it also gave her a thrill hearing about how she could capture very pretty young women and have them sold off. It was a very lucrative profession and the amount of money she was making overwhelmed her. She grew up very poor, now she could afford a lot of things. Thalia sent a lot of money back to her family in Greece but didn’t tell them what her job was. When she visited them back home, she would simply tell them she got into a very prosperous business that would require her to travel. Her family didn’t seem to mind as they now had money to live comfortably. That was all that was needed for Thalia to ignore any potential moral dilemmas.

After growing her reputation as a ruthless bounty hunter, she eventually met up with Christos Andino. He was looking for someone to manage his harem at his mansion in Greece and when he heard about this woman who was a supreme fighting machine, he used some of his underworld contacts and had a meeting with her. He loved how in control of her emotions she was. She was very calm, calculated and often did not express emotions. He offered her the role and told her to make sure the women were of top quality and no harm would come to them. His men were too rough with the women, so he needed a woman to be in charge. To instill fear, but to not leave marks on their bodies. Thalia accepted the terms and told him that she would instill fear in the women and have them under control from a technique she learned while in China. She discovered a way to touch these ladies that left no physical marks and kept them in fear and very docile. Christos asked what it was, and she said it was a secret for now. He didn’t care, he just wanted these women ready for him at a moment’s notice for his sexual pleasure. She learned her “training” technique from a bounty hunter she met in China by the name of Helga. The massive Russian bounty hunter could crush anyone with her brute strength, but when she was told about this controlling method, it fascinated her and even made her aroused. When she tried it for the first time on a woman and saw how effective it was, she really studied it and even started to perfect her skills.

Thalia’s role was to go around the world and bring women back to Greece and any other locations that Christos was at. Not only did he have his main harem in Greece, but whenever he traveled to his residences around the globe, there would be a fresh supply of women. She was looking forward to this trip to the West as she rarely came over to this part of the world. Christos had business to deal with in Mexico, so he needed some fresh young women for his harem in this city in Baja California Mexico, Playa De Arena. She had contact with her friend Helga and was informed that a new supply of girls was recently put together and ready for sale in the city of Santa Selena. This was the perfect setting as she knew Helga was operating a very successful trafficking ring in the Western United States. She heard she was paid quite well by the financiers of the ring, Priscilla Montenegro and Gloria Wellington. She originally thought that she would board a boat with women she trained and employed as bounty hunters and caretakers to Santa Selena, purchase a few women and come back to this wonderful home in the Mexican city. However, Christos himself wanted to go to Santa Selena and visit this secret cove and meet both Gloria and Priscilla. He wanted to meet the women in charge of this operation and admire what they have done and propose a business deal. She knew Christos wasn’t the only buyer for this crop of women, but he wanted to be first. She was to remain in Mexico and when the new women arrived, she would have to train them and prepare them for their new lives. She even hoped to play with a few of them herself.

As she laid in bed, Thalia started to think about how this day was going to go. Christos already left on his boat, and it would take half the day for him to arrive in Santa Selena and return with the new girls. She could enjoy her morning, perhaps watch her soldiers train, eat and possibly have a little play time before Christos returned. Once he returned, then she would go through the process of training and breaking these women. She loved listening to their screams of laughter and how they would systematically break down and become very obedient and docile. A smile crept on her face as she thought about putting her fingers on their bodies, and she started to feel very aroused. Her eyes then looked again at the woman next to her in bed and she felt her nipples starting to throb. The woman was one of the harem girls, a young blond girl that was very sensitive to touch. She saw how comfortable she looked as she was worn out from being dominated the previous night. She licked her lips as she wanted to have a little fun with this woman on her left hand side. She was laying on her left side and the poor, exhausted woman on the right side in this queen-sized bed.

Thalia wanted to have some fun and she reached her right hand under the white blankets and found the woman’s belly. She started to softly stroke her fingers around the navel, and she felt the stomach muscles twitching. She could see the body starting to move around and felt the legs moving. She thought she heard a very soft giggle and now she felt her nipples throbbing. She continued to flutter her fingers across the sensitive stomach and now she saw the woman’s head starting to stir. “Yes, laugh for me….” she whispered.

The woman started to open her eyes as she felt something tickling her stomach. She was having such a wonderful deep sleep, and now she was awakened. Her eyes then popped open as she saw Thalia looking right back at her with a devious smile and she knew she was in trouble. Being brought over on this trip from Greece, it was a very long journey, and she was miserable. This woman next to her kept tickling her the entire trip and the only relief she felt was pleasuring Christos in his bed. At least he didn’t tickle her! Memories of the previous night immediately flooded her mind as she was dominated by Thalia and made to orgasm several times before she was forced to make Thalia orgasm. Now, her belly was being tickled and as much as she wanted to slap that hand away, she knew better as it would be a horrible punishment. “Hehehehe please…please don’t tickle me Mistress Thalia..hehehehe” she whimpered as she felt the fingers moving all around her belly.

“What’s the matter, Ingrid? Feeling a little ticklish this morning? Hehehe Come on, I want to hear your sweet laughter.” Thalia teased. She then started to stroke her fingers across the very soft skin and found the belly button. She heard the cutest shriek coming from the woman and that truly delighted her.

Ingrid continued to giggle and found herself squirming a lot as the fingers continued to tickle her belly. She absolutely hated being tickled, but she had no choice. After being kidnapped in Sweden and brought to Greece, she was tickled almost every day. Some days were very light, but others were very heavy in tickling. She never imagined that being alone with Christos would be a better deal than being alone with Thalia. Christos, as much as he performed many sexual acts, he didn’t try to torture her. He just did his business, she finished him off and that was it. With Thalia, it was all about suffering under the ticklish touch and being made to pleasure her as well. “hehehehe please!! I’m too ticklish!!” she squealed.

Thalia chuckled at that remark and smiled. She truly loved tormenting Ingrid and last night was very good as she made the poor girl squirt while she was cumming. She shuddered thinking about that and then stopped her tickling. She thought Ingrid was a very good girl and would let her rest until perhaps later tonight. She stopped her tickling and then rolled over and reached her legs out from under the covers and then got out of bed. Standing at 5’9” tall, she towered over Ingrid who was 5’1” and she looked down at her. She was completely naked; her size B breasts visible to her slave with the light brown nipples at attention. She did feel grateful that the sun was coming through the window and helped heat the floor as her size 10 barefeet felt warm. Thalia looked at Ingrid and wanted one more look at her before she dismissed her and then get ready for her day. “Before I dismiss you, show me the bottoms of your feet one more time. I love how cute they are…” she commanded.

Ingrid felt a little relieved she was not going to be tickle tortured this morning and she slowly got out of the covers. She was completely naked, and even though she was tickled, her pink nipples on her A size breasts were at attention. She knew she had to obey Thalia, so she sat on the bed and moved her legs into the view of her Mistress. She then placed her arms under her knees, leaned back a little and brought her tiny size 6 feet into the air and displayed her soles towards her Mistress. “Here they are Mistress Thalia.” she said, her voice trembling. She prayed her feet were not going to be touched.

Thalia loved what she saw and licked her lips. Those tiny soles were so cute, with the pink skin and those button toes. She adored Ingrid’s feet and spent a lot of time tickling them and playing with them. She leaned forward and reached out her right hand and did a real quick stroke with her index finger across both soles. She loved the ticklish squeal coming from Ingrid and she smiled. “I adore these feet so much. Thank you, Ingrid, you can put your feet down. Now, fetch me my clothes and then you are dismissed.” she commanded.

Ingrid quickly put her feet down and got off the bed. She hurried over to the wardrobe and opened it. She knew Thalia was going to be casual today, so she found the colorful silk robe, and the Ancient Greek style sandals. She placed the items on the bed and stood there completely naked and awaited her orders. “Your clothing Mistress.” she said, with her head bowed.

Thalia could only smile in approval as this slave was very obedient. She then put on her underwear, then covered herself in the silk robe. She loved Chinese fashion as she spent several years in the country, learning martial arts. She also loved the Greek fashion, especially the ancient times. Whenever she wanted to be relaxed, she wore those types of clothing, not her normal, military style outfit when she was conducting business. She carefully put her feet into the ancient style sandals as she sat on the bed, and when she finished, she stood up and faced Ingrid. “You are dismissed…” she told her and smiled when the young lady walked out.

Ingrid quickly left the room and was very happy she didn’t have a morning tickle torture session. She got off pretty easy as just her tummy and her feet were quickly stroked. She made her way to the slaves’ quarters and hope she could at least get more rest.

Thalia made her way to a mirror and looked at her reflection. She smiled as she started to prepare herself for the day. She washed up and groomed her hair. She figured she would have some breakfast, then go to the practice studio where she was training her soldiers. To help with her bounty hunting and maintaining the harem slaves, she hired 6 women. These women were trained by her in martial arts, and other fighting techniques to keep their skills sharp and able to kidnap women with ruthless efficiency. Each other them knew how to use a gun, but she rather had them physically dominate others. In her mind, guns were too easy. Any yokel could aim and shoot and win a battle, but it took real skill to beat someone physically. She thought about a sparring session she had with Helga before, and to this day neither of them talked about who won that session. They both had reputations to maintain. This day, there was a newer soldier that she recruited back in Greece, and she was impressive. She wanted to check her progress and talk to her own chief Lieutenant, Carissa Hasapis about the events of the day. Thalia then walked out of the room and headed for breakfast. She could hear the commotion as slave girls were busy cleaning the place and the men were relaxing as well. She made it to the dining area and enjoyed her light breakfast of oatmeal and some fruit.

Once she finished breakfast, she then walked over towards the training studio. She entered the large room and saw some of her soldiers working out and it was very intense. She saw Carissa standing over to the side and had a smile on her face. She walked over and greeted her most trusted soldier. “Good morning, Carissa. I trust that you slept well.” she asked with a smile.

Carissa Hasapis was a tall, beautiful Greek woman, who absolutely loved being part of Thalia’s soldiers of fortune. Standing at 6 feet tall, she loved the power and pride it brought to her. Her athletic body was sculpted, and even though she was tall and athletic, she had a very slender build. She didn’t want to be massive as she felt that would slow her down. Her brown hair was only shoulder length, and she typically wore in a bun in the back. She felt that if her hair was short, her opponents would not be able to grab at it during a fight. She was 25 years old, and she grew up in the poor part of the city of Patras, Greece. It was when she was 21 years old, she came across this beautiful, auburn haired woman in the back alleys. She was fighting this man who tried to assault her, and she managed to fight him off. She knew how to fight, and she used her survival instincts to fend him off. When the man pulled out a knife, this amazing woman simply beat him down with a staff of some sorts and broke the man’s nose, leaving him crawling away in blood. Carissa took a liking to this woman and spent some time with her. She had no real home, her parents left Greece for Germany, so she needed something to feel established. Carissa was thrilled when Thalia asked her to join her, and she could teach her things and make a lot of money. She jumped at the chance and enjoyed every moment of it. She now had money, lived in mansions and honed her fighting skills. She could never defeat Thalia in a sparring session, but she was dominant over everyone else.

Carissa also loved the bounty hunting and fell in love with kidnapping and training young women to be sex slaves. She even got to play with them ladies herself as she knew she was a lesbian. She would love to dominate their soft bodies and bring out the greatest pleasures. There was one night when she and Thalia had drunken sex, and she was dominated and had the greatest orgasm. That was the only instance as Thalia did not want to be involved with anyone and having relations with her soldiers would only cause issues. She did enjoy trying to recruit new members and she was impressed with this latest one that was here with them in Mexico. “Yes, I slept very well. I love this country. So peaceful, so exciting. I only wish we could have gone to Santa Selena. I wanted to pick out one of the new girls, so I could have a little fun myself. I was really feeling an Asian one. You told me that Helga said she had a few of them. Mmmm….I would love to hear their little squeals. Hehehe” she smiled.

“Hahaha yes, she did have a few. I am guessing Christos will pick up at least one. He told me that he had a taste for Asian, as well as a few white girls, a black one and even an American Indian. So many to choose from. Helga and Svetlana really do know how to pick them.” Thalia responded as she watched the other soldiers sparring with one another.

Carissa watched as the other soldiers were sparring and she smiled. “Yes, she really does. Well, I guess we can have some fun when Christos comes back.” she smiled.

“I got you now!!!” a voice boomed in the studio. A tall woman with dark brown hair managed to get her fellow soldier in the air and then dropped her down on her back pretty hard, forcing the wind out of her opponent. She then grabbed her opponent’s leg and twisted it, her hands wrapped around the barefoot and twisting the ankle.

“Hmmm…impressive. How has she been doing?’ Thalia asked as she observed the battle taking place.

“She has been doing great. A little arrogant as you know, but she is improving constantly. She will be a dominate force for us, once she learns to control her anger.” Carissa responded.

“I can see. Peta is very strong. We could use her. Hopefully she learns the fine art of…control. Hehe” Thalia laughed.

“You think she is as strong as Helga? Haha” Carissa joked. She was a big admirer of the Russian bounty hunter.

“Hahaha no. Helga is one of a kind. Peta is good, but she is not on the same level as Helga.” Thalia responded. She then watched Peta’s opponent tap out on the floor, showing they submitted.

“That’s right girlie! Tap out for Peta!” Peta grinned as she released her grip on her opponent. She then helped her up and gave her a nice swat on the butt. She then looked over at Thalia and Carissa and bowed. “You like?” she smiled.

Thalia nodded her head and smiled. “Yes, that was very good. You are getting better every day. Soon, you will be unstoppable.” she said with pride.

“Yes, I will be unstoppable! Maybe even better than…..you?” Peta grinned. She loved the way the rest of the group all gasped at her comment, and she felt very confident in herself.

“Don’t be silly Peta, no one is on Thalia’s level. I like your confidence though…” Carissa said. She did love the confidence, but she knew this woman better calm down or she would learn a lesson.

“Haha. I am not on Thalia’s level you say? Maybe I am now. Why don’t we spar? Let’s see where I am at now. If I win, I can have your bed for the night?” Peta smiled. She did want to test herself against the best and figured a night’s rest in Thalia’s bed would be a great reward since she got the best things besides Christos.

Thalia couldn’t help but do a small chuckle, then looked over at Carissa. “Should I?” she smiled.

“Sure, I need some entertainment in my morning.” Carissa responded with a smile. She loved watching Thalia in action and new Peta was going to go down quickly.

Peta felt her nerves growing in her body as she saw Thalia approaching her. She was dressed in her silk Chinese robe, and those ancient Greek sandals, but had the look of supreme confidence. This was her chance to try and hone her own skills. She met Thalia 5 months ago and was recruited to join this special group. She was very strong and proved herself in a few fights back in Greece, and when she learned about the bounty hunting role, she loved it. She really loved the adventure and when she learned about the trafficking ring, she was dedicated to the cause. She absolutely loved sexually dominating another woman and within this harem, she had plenty of chances to explore her sexual desires. She still had to learn how to dominate the young ladies, as she was not allowed to help with the control process just yet. She had to go through her training first. Peta heard things about that special training and wondered what it was. She would hear a lot of giggles and laughter and wanted to know what was being done. All she knew, the women were very docile and obedient afterwards. “You ready to lose today? Hehehe” she smiled.

“Hahaha you are a funny one Peta. I think I will show a few things today. Things that will humble you a little, but also make you understand other things.” Thalia told her. She walked up to the slightly taller woman and shook her hand. This was a friendly sparring session, and it would also allow her to practice as well. She eyed the strong woman from her head down to her feet and saw that she was already barefoot. This made her very happy as she knew a weakness was already exposed. The martial arts robe she had on, also wouldn’t save her as well. Thalia figured this would be a good time to teach Peta exactly what happens to break the new harem girls. It would also humble her and make sure she never challenged her again.

“I think I will show you a few things myself! Today, I will show you that I have learned from the best and ready to be the best!” Peta said with confidence. She then saw Thalia walk over to the opposite end of the large rug they were practicing on and she stared at her. The way Thalia moved oozed confidence and she figured she would have to be smart in order to win this matchup.

“Well, here I am. Come get me….” Thalia invited with an air of supreme confidence in her voice. She saw the larger woman approach her and she got into her stance. “Don’t be shy…hehehehe” she teased.

Peta looked around the room and saw every eye was on this contest. She saw Carissa’s smug look and saw the look of awe in the other soldiers. Her pride started to kick in and she figured if she wins this sparring session, perhaps she would eventually become leader or at least replace Carissa. Her competitive nature started to really come out and she figured she could just overpower Thalia. “I am going to put you down!" she barked and then tried a fast uppercut towards the body.

Thalia saw the punch coming and she simply sidestepped the throw, then quickly did a soft punch to the exposed side of Peta. She saw her recoil a bit and she smiled at her. "Really? That was your first move? Hehehe Lots to learn young one. Maybe I should get you some toys first?” she taunted.

Peta heard the soft giggles in the room from the other women due to that comment and she felt herself get angry. She never liked being teased and even though she admired and adored Thalia, she was not going to be treated as an inferior. Her eyes then went towards the legs, and she lunged for them, hoping to get her opponent into a grappling contest on the ground. She discovered how fast Thalia was as she got out of the way by jumping, and she landed on the floor. “Dammit!” she cried out, then banged her fist on the floor.

“You are pretty slow. I think you will need to work on your speed. Much to learn little girl….” Thalia teased, knowing that would probably make Peta even more angry.

Peta quickly got back to her feet and saw that smirk on Thalia’s face. She tried to calm herself down because she figured Thalia was trying to make her upset, just to rattle her and lose concentration. She took a deep breath and slowly walked up to Thalia. “Ok, I see what you are doing. You are still the master, but I will surprise you.” she smiled.

“Well, I am bored already. Soon, you will be very submissive to me in front of everyone in this room. When I am done, you will call me Mistress…hehehe” Thalia smiled.

Peta felt that streak of anger again as she would never submit herself like that. She recognized Thalia as her boss, but she was not going to call her a Mistress. That’s what the harem girls called her! Peta then quickly dropped to the floor and swept her leg, which made contact with the back of Thalia’s ankles and sent the auburn haired woman to the floor on her back. Once she realized Thalia was on her back, she got to her knees and delivered a strong, but not terribly hard punch to her abdominal muscles. She heard the air leave the body and she smiled. She managed to get a solid shot on Thalia! This was very rare as she has seen Thalia in action before. “Maybe I am not a little girl after all, huh? Maybe you are getting too old. You’re almost 30 after all….” she taunted.

Thalia felt the punch in her abs, and it surprised her. She was taken a little by surprise at the leg sweep and got mad at herself for not being a little more serious. She heard the taunt by Peta and now her own competitive spirit started to rise. She rolled over and then onto her knees. She saw Peta now standing and had this look of satisfaction on her face. It was time to really teach this woman a lesson. She could see the surprised looks on the other soldiers’ faces, and it only motivated her. Thalia was a little proud of Peta because she was vastly improving and she wanted her to be a force, but not at her expense. “That was good. You have been learning. Now, I give you another lesson…” she said coolly and then winked at Carissa.

Carissa was impressed by Peta’s showing so far, but when she saw that wink from Thalia, she got excited. She knew how competitive Thalia was and it was time for Peta to learn a valuable lesson. “I feel bad for you Peta..hehehe Actually I don’t. I am going to enjoy this…” she grinned.

Peta saw that look on Carissa’s face and wondered what was going to happen. She then looked back at Thalia and figured she had to focus. With that strong punch to the stomach, she managed to get something on Thalia, but knew she was going to come back strong. Her eyes then widened as she saw Thalia approaching her. She barely put up her arms to block those kick punches coming her way, but she didn’t see the leg lunge out and nail her right on the thigh. She winced in pain, and let her right arm fall, only to receive a chop to her right collarbone. That hurt a lot and she fell onto her right knee. “Ugh!” she cried out.

Thalia smiled as she saw Peta down on one knee. It was time to really push this woman and she started to think of a very fun way to make her submissive. She saw Peta looking up at her and she simply motioned her right hand for Peta to come at her. “Come on…aren’t you supposed to be tough? Get up and come get me. Show me how good you are…” she challenged.

Peta slowly got back to her feet, still feeling the effects of that chop on her collarbone. That really did take a lot out of her. She rubbed her collarbone a little then got back into her fighting stance. She knew she had to be aggressive and hopefully overpower her opponent. She then performed a whirlwind of punches and kicks, trying to overwhelm Thalia, but she realized every move she made was being blocked. Even her kicks were being blocked by Thalia’s legs. She was surprised, but also very impressed. She tried another punch, a roundhouse throw of her right arm, then her eyes bugged out as her arm was caught!

Thalia anticipated that roundhouse right punch attempt, caught it, then moved her body into position and she managed to flip a surprised Peta over and over onto the floor in a crashing heap. Once her opponent hit the floor in a thud on her back. Thalia quickly punched her in the belly, hard enough for her to feel it. “So easy…Now, you learn a lesson.” she smiled.

Peta grimaced in pain as she felt that punch to her belly. She lost her wind for a moment and heard Thalia’s mocking words. She tried to kick her left leg up, but her ankle was caught, and she felt the ankle getting twisted. “Argh!!! That hurts!” she cried out.

“hehehe it is supposed to. I have your foot and now you are in trouble.” Thalia grinned as she held the foot and twisted the ankle. She could see the look of pain on Peta’s face, and she smiled. She didn’t want to hurt her student, but it was time to teach her a lesson for challenging her, so she decided to have a little fun. She looked over at Carissa who had a huge smile and saw her wink. Thalia then looked down at the foot, a size 11 foot and grinned. She could see the large foot with a very pale sole, a low arch and the toes were pretty meaty. It didn’t look incredibly soft but looked a little tender. She then did a quick flickering of her fingers in the arch and felt the foot straining to get free.

Peta felt those fingers fluttering on her sole and she instantly reacted. The sensation was pretty intense, and she gritted her teeth not to laugh as she felt the ticklish sensations bubbling up in her body. She knew she was ticklish but dismissed the idea as she knew Thalia wouldn’t try to tickle her in a fight. She guessed it was an accident and she had to play it off. “uuuuuggghhhhh…..let go of me!” she hissed.

“Why should I? I think you need to feel a little pain. Or maybe a little…..” Thalia started to say as she flickered her fingers down the sole of the foot again. This time, her fingers moved a little faster and it was directly in the center of the arch. She loved the reaction as the foot started to writhe a bit more. She loved the fact that her trainee was in fact responsive to a ticklish touch. She could see the look on Carissa’s face as well as the other soldiers.

Peta felt those fingers moving across her foot again and she couldn’t believe how ticklish she felt at the moment. She still figured that it was Thalia simply trying to gain leverage in her ankle lock, and this was all by accident. She really hoped those fingers would stop doing that motion or she was going to burst into a fit of laughter. She knew she was a ticklish person, but she never really been tickled throughout her life. Whenever it happened, it was simply a quick stroke here and there and she would laugh with a lover or friend, but then it would end. Now, this was more prolonged, and she felt a smile forming on her face. Peta put her face in her hands to cover her growing smile and she felt her body trembling. “let…..me….hehe……go…” she whimpered as she desperately tried to hold in the laughter even though a giggle game out.

Thalia heard the slight giggle and a satisfied smile formed on her face. Now it was time to really turn up the tickling pressure and give this student an embarrassing lesson. In fact, she planned to truly humiliate her in front of the others because then she would understand just how effective this method was in keeping the harem girls in line. “Something wrong Peta? I thought I heard a giggle out of you. My ankle lock doesn’t hurt you?” she teased.

Peta heard those words, and she felt her face getting red. Her small giggle came out and now a weakness was revealed. She no longer felt pain in her ankle as the pressure was off, but that finger stroking on the bottom of her left foot was getting to her. “Yes…..it……still……..hurts…..” she gasped and it took a lot of her strength to say the words without giggling. Once again, she buried her face in her hands to focus on not laughing.

“I think I may have a found a weakness in Peta here, everyone. I think I truly found her, and forgive the pun, her Achilles’ heel. Hehehe” Thalia giggled as she then moved her hand down and tweaked the Achilles’ heel and return to the sole. She then started to lightly graze her nails up and down the sole, and she loved the way the foot started to shake. It was going to be any moment now that Peta would break. No one could stand her tickling methods for long.

Peta kept her right hand over her mouth and her eyes were shut very tight. Her left hand formed into a fist, and she started to bang the floor repeatedly, doing everything she possibly could to not laugh. She started to hold her breath and almost lost it when her Achilles’ was tweaked. She could hear Thalia’s teasing words and it drove her crazy. She had to resist. She had to fight. Because once she started laughing, it would be a total embarrassment for someone trying to be so powerful and dominant.

Thalia continued her light fingernail stroking of the sole and then she slowed it down. The tips of her nails started to press slightly deeper into the skin and now the leg started to really shake. “Hmmm….Hey everyone, why do I have this feeling that Peta here is a bit…….ticklish….on this big foot of hers. Are you Peta? Is your foot….ticklish?” she teased as her fingernails started to focus on the ball of the foot.

Peta’s head snapped backwards and now both hands were on the floor, her upper body up as though she was doing a pushup, her right knee on the floor and her left foot and leg in the air. Her left leg was shaking a lot and the tickling was really becoming unbearable. Her eyes opened a little and she could see the others looking at her and they all had smiles on their faces. She started to feel a little embarrassed as they could see her struggling not to laugh. Hearing Thalia’s questions now made her realize that this was being done on purpose and she had to do everything she could to not give in. “noooooooooo…I’m……….nooooooooooooot…….” she grunted through her gritted teeth.

“Hahaha I think you ARE ticklish! Please, feel free to let the laughter out. I know this must truly bother you. It is ok to have ticklish feet. It means you are weak, but it happens.” Thalia taunted. She knew Peta’s strength was weakening. She then started to circle her nails in the center of the arch and loved the sounds they made against the skin. She had to held her grip with more effort as the powerful leg really started to kick. Thalia then rebalanced herself by splitting her legs in a stance and bending her upperbody slightly to the floor so she can maintain her leverage. “Tickle tickle tickle….” she teased.

Carissa stood by and was truly enjoying the show. Seeing someone with the cocky attitude of Peta being broken down by the foot tickling was just pure pleasure. She also enjoyed tickling women and she felt very powerful whenever she did so. She loved how helpless they looked and how their sweet laughter sounded. She had a tickle session recently with a harem girl and she loved those delightful squeals coming from the woman as she sucked on her tiny toes. Carissa now looked at Peta and could see the look of ticklish anguish on her face and she was getting excited to see the woman start laughing hysterically.

Peta continued to try and fight the sensations. Her head went up, then went down repeatedly as she fought with everything she had to not laugh. Those blasted nails on her sole were breaking her resolve and she felt her lungs burning as she was holding her breath. Then, a giggle slipped out. She then clamped her lips shut again, trying to not let another one come out. She grunted very loudly as the nails were teasing close to the base of her sensitive toes and she started to really grimace from the sensation.

“Come one little Peta….we all know you are a ticklish little girl. Hehehe Just let it out. It is ok to admit your weakness. You wanted to show how tough you are, but we know that deep inside you are just a…ticklish…..little…..girl.” Thalia taunted. She was truly enjoying this moment. She did admire the determination that Peta was showing, but they all break. They always did. No one every managed to fight off her tickling techniques. She learned well from Helga, and she even perfected her own style. She did not have the same brute strength as Helga, but she rather used a different touch and style and played the mental games. “Come on….tickle tickle…” she cooed.

Peta’s face was straining, and her mouth was wide open now. That teasing talk did not help her at all, and she really started to panic. The tickling was getting to be too much She started to feel humiliated and knew she was going to break. When the fingers then stroked the instep part of the arch, she finally snapped. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA DON’T DO THAT!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA STOP!!! STOOOOOOOOPPPPPPHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” she roared.

Thalia couldn’t help but laugh as she heard the very powerful laughter coming from Peta. She finally forced her to break and she was going to truly enjoy this. She couldn’t stop smiling as she saw her banging her fist on the floor and the laughter got even louder. She did one more quick flurry with her nails, then let the ankle go. “Hmmm…so you ARE ticklish huh? That’s a fun weakness…hehehe” she teased.

Peta felt a tremendous amount of relief as the tickling of her foot stopped, and her ankle was released. She was now on all fours and her head hung down. She started to catch her breath, then started to feel embarrassed. She was made to laugh because her foot was tickled in a fight and in front of everyone else. She slowly stood up and faced a grinning Thalia. “That…that was not fair!” she shouted.

“What was not fair? I got you to submit and laugh, right?” Thalia replied with a very large smile.

“Y-you tickled me! You’re not supposed to do that! I-I-I wasn’t ready!” Peta responded. She saw the other women looking at her and saw them giggling.

“It is a sparring match, right? If we were in battle, do you think your enemy will always be fair? I am simply playing a game with you. I could do more…painful methods.” Thalia told her.

Peta felt the shame washing over her again. She was complaining about being tickled in a sparring match and Thalia was right. In a real battle, she could have had her foot cut off which was a far worse proposition. She stood up straight and tried to regain her pride. “Well, you got lucky. I didn’t expect that and now I know. Let’s go again…” she said with determination in her voice.

Thalia was pleased with the response from Peta. She was hoping she would not give in so easy for two reasons. The first being she needed her soldiers to be absolute warriors and second, it would be more fun to tickle her and truly break her in front of everyone. That way, when she was going to handle a harem girl, she knew how to break them without damaging their soft skin with more painful methods. “Are you sure? Do you still think you can beat me?” she asked.

“Yes, I can beat you. You surprised me, but I am ready now.” Peta responded. She then got into her fighting stance and was ready for the next round. In the corner of her eye, she could see the woman she defeated earlier giggling at her and even looking at her bare feet. She started to wonder if she should put her boots on as she noticed that Thalia was not barefoot, even though her sandals did expose her feet. She also figured Thalia would go after her feet, so she would be ready.

Thalia could see the look of determination on her pupil, and she grinned. She slowly walked towards her, one foot going directly in front of the other, ready to strike at any moment. She was already guessing how Peta would approach this round and stared at her torso. It was time to find new ticklish areas! “I am going to be nice to you Peta. Normally I would destroy those you dare challenge me, but I will just……embarrass you instead. Hehe” she threatened.

Peta heard the taunt, and she felt her competitiveness rise. She then saw Thalia drop to the ground and try a leg sweep. She simply jumped over the attempt, but when she landed back on her feet, somehow Thalia’s other leg managed to kick her in the stomach, and she hunched over. She was surprised by this woman’s speed and soon, she felt a sandaled foot come down on the back of her head and she hit the floor in pain. She tried to turn onto her back, but then she felt Thalia’s weight on her back, and she remained on her stomach. Peta grunted in pain as she then felt her left arm get pulled up and was in an armbar. “Argh!!! Let me go!” she grunted in pain.

“I don’t want to. I like you where you are….hehehe” Thalia teased as she had a firm grip on the wrist. She kept the arm in this position and started to pull on it, moving towards the right side of the body and she knew this put strain on the shoulder. She then looked at Carissa again and smiled. “Should I?” she asked.

Carissa was always impressed with Thalia’s fighting style and was always amazed on how fast she was. As she saw Peta in that armbar, she knew she was in trouble. She saw the playful look on Thalia’s face and she giggled. It was playtime! “Yes, you should…” she responded.

Thalia nodded her head, and she then held the left arm with her right hand and then slowly lowered her free left hand down towards that newly exposed armpit area. With the arm being the way it was, she knew that pit was completely unprotected and if she wanted, she could go after the ribs, the stomach and the left breast as they were exposed. “Hmmm…I wonder. I wonder if you are sensitive in other places besides those big feet of yours…” she teased.

Peta groaned in pain as her arm was contorted and the left side of her body was off the floor and bending towards her right. She had no leverage as Thalia was sitting on the small of her back and her arm was contorted. She heard the teasing words, and a shiver went through her spine. What did she mean by if she was sensitive anywhere else besides her feet? Was Thalia really going to……No! She started to feel some panic in her body as she figured that her mentor may try to tickle her again. Peta grew really nervous as she now felt the very light touches of fingers probing around her armpit. That simple touch sent a large wave of ticklishness through her body, and it surprised her. She was still wearing her Kung Fu style uniform and the material was thin. She felt the fingers now starting to wiggle in the area and she felt those terrifying ticklish giggles building up in her again. “W-what a-are you….*grunt* doing?” she asked, trying to fight the urge to laugh once again.

“Having a little fun with you, that’s what I am doing. I like how ticklish you are. You are so strong and so tough, but just a little tickle tickle tickle and you are a giggling little girl…” Thalia teased as she wiggled her fingers rapidly when she said the word “tickle” each time.

“Hehehehehe DON’T DO THAT!!!” Peta giggled and groaned as she felt those fingers tickling her exposed armpit. She started to wonder if Thalia was going to humiliate her in front of everyone by tickling her. A feeling of pride started to kick in and she had to get out of this position. She tried to get to her knees, but the fast moving fingers stopped her in her tracks. Her face started to contort, and she felt the giggles building up in her belly and she wanted to explode.

“Don’t do what?” Thalia asked with a teasing tone. Her fingers now started to move up and down the extended arm before going back towards the armpit. She could feel the body quivering under her, and she knew poor Peta was going to lose it at any moment. She decided to have a little more fun with the situation. “Hey ladies, isn’t Peta cute with her giggles? Should I make her giggle like a schoolgirl?” she smiled.

“Yes! She has the cutest laugh! Hehehe” one of the soldiers called out.

“I think you should REALLY tickle her! Make her beg!” another soldier said, the same one that Peta had defeated earlier. She knew all about the tickling techniques against the harem girls and to see someone that had some arrogance in them like Peta laughing freely really got her excited.

Thalia continued to lightly run her fingers up and down the armpit area and she knew that in order to really push Peta into hysterics, she may have to strip her naked. She then started to slowly move her fingertips from the pit and down the side of the body, across the rib area. She smiled as she saw and felt the legs starting to writhe and she heard some giggles coming out. “Go ahead and laugh…It is ok Peta. Everyone knows you are a ticklish little girl…” she teased.

Peta started to feel the fingers on her rib area and her eyes bugged out. That area was really ticklish, and her legs started to really writhe. Not only was she feeling really ticklish at the moment, but she was feeling some embarrassment as she heard her fellow soldiers egging on Thalia to keep tickling her. Her soft ticklish mewling grew, and she felt like she was going to truly lose it. Then she gasped in ticklish terror when she felt a finger poking her rib area. It was multiple, quick striking light pokes and now she was really feeling ticklish shockwaves with each poke. “hehehehehehe Thalia….hehehehehehehehe stop hehehehehe…..OOOOH!!!! hehehehehe doing that!! Hahahaha you’re cheating!” she pleaded.

“Cheating? Hahahaha This is not cheating. I am simply showing you how you can totally incapacitate an opponent. You see, I found a weakness and I am going to exploit it. Surely, you don’t mind a little tickle tickle, do you?” Thalia teased. She continued to poke the pad of her left index finger into the rib area and she loved the semi-violent leg kicks that were happening. This was becoming a lot more fun for her as having someone like Peta being ticklish was exciting. She had to remember to not go too far with her, but she would go far enough to teach her a lesson. No one challenges her and not live to regret it.

Carissa couldn’t help but laugh to herself. She loved the scene unfolding in front of her. She saw Thalia sitting on the back of Peta, contorting the woman’s arm and now playfully tickling her. She could see the legs thrashing and she could hear those cute giggles coming out. She always enjoyed watching Thalia at work. She was so efficient in her tickle attacks and usually brought out the best responses. The memory of when she got tickled that first time by her filled her mind. She too was a confident woman, trying to defeat this Greek warrior. Next thing she knew, she was begging for mercy as she laughed continuously. It was such a humiliating moment for her. She felt as helpless as a newborn baby during that time and Thalia found all of her most ticklish spots, including some she didn’t know she had! After she submitted to her, she asked Thalia why tickling. When it was explained how it prevented visible damage to the skin, it was also a great way to break down the pride and ego of the victim and even made them more obedient. Tickling someone was the ultimate form of humiliation because if someone is ticklish, there is no resistance to it, and one would lose control. Carissa then began to learn how to tickle effectively and when she dominated a harem girl with it, she learned how it also turned her on so much. Listening to that woman’s sweet laughter got her wet between her legs and she became addicted to this method. She would even lay in her bed at night and sometimes fantasize about Thalia herself. She would wonder if that beautiful woman was ticklish herself! Those thoughts always got her excited and she even asked her if she was ticklish. Thalia never answered the question, and she was too afraid to follow up or even try to tickle her. The consequences would be swift and humiliating. Her eyes then looked at a laughing Peta and it brought her such a thrill. “Wow, I think she is probably the most ticklish person ever. I wonder if she is more ticklish than the harem girls…hehehehe” she giggled.

Peta started to really feel embarrassed as she heard the others laughing at her. She had never had so many people laughing at her plight in her life. She was always a tough woman, and she always found a way to hold her dignity. Right now, that dignity was being stripped in such a humiliating way. She continued to feel that finger poking and prodding around her rib area and getting closer to her left breast. When the finger moved back towards her armpit, she started to convulse. She didn’t know what to do. Her instinct was to really start to beg, but that would be too humiliating. She felt some slight pain as her arm was still contorted. She had to do something! “Thalia hehehehehehehe let me go…Come on!” she screamed out.

Thalia chuckled as she heard those words. She figured that Peta was not ready to beg her as of yet, so she decided to teach her more of a lesson. It was time to really push Peta’s buttons. She then let go of the arm and quickly got off of her opponent. She then moved her body where she was standing in front of Peta’s face and looked down. She could hear the heavy breathing and groans coming from her and she knelt down and patted her head. “Awww….poor Peta. She is so tired already. Such a ticklish little girl.” she taunted.

Peta felt the pats on her head and her ego kicked in. She was being treated like a pet and ridiculed in front of everyone. She moved her head and she saw Thalia’s legs. Her eyes then saw those barefeet in those ancient Greek style sandals. She saw the long toes wiggling, as though they were teasing her. She started to think that perhaps she should give Thalia a taste of her own medicine. She then slowly picked herself up and was on all fours. She wanted to recover a little and her dignity was in danger of being stripped away. This sparring session was starting to be more than just a playful time. It was getting more serious to her because of the way she was being treated and embarrassed. Peta then swiped her right arm towards those legs and missed as Thalia stepped backwards. “I’m….going to get you back for that…” she wheezed as she slowly got to her feet.

Thalia watched as Peta rose to her feet and saw the anger in her building. That made her happy as she wanted her to get upset. It would open her up to more mistakes and she could really take advantage of that. She looked at the face and could see the sweat coming down. She could also see how red the face had gotten and it thrilled her. “What’s the matter, Peta? You seem so flustered. Surely, someone of your skill wouldn’t feel so…..defeated, right?” she smiled.

“I am….not defeated…” Peta responded as she continued to catch her breath. She kept having her pride and ability questioned and now she realized she had to win this session. She looked around the room and saw all the other women in there staring at her and having smiles on their faces. She then looked back at Thalia and now she had to defeat her. She would often brag to the other soldiers that she was a great warrior, and she would always prevail in a fight. She then looked at the others again and stood tall. “All of you watching this, get ready. Today, I will become the new leader of this group. I will break her and humiliate her, and you will all listen to me!” she declared.

Thalia heard the threat and she started to laugh. She even heard the others starting to laugh and she admired the bravado of Peta. “You hear that, ladies? Peta will become your new leader and I will be her humble servant..hehehe” she teased.

Peta grew a little more incensed as she heard the mocking laughter, and she couldn’t hold back any longer. She rushed towards Thalia and was soon in a whirlwind of punches and kicks. She was trying every single move she could think of, hoping to just overwhelm the slightly smaller woman, but all she kept connecting with is air. It still amazed her how agile, and quick Thalia was and then she felt a knee into her stomach area, and she hunched over in pain. Then her head snapped back, and she felt a kick to her chin. With that shot, she crumpled to the floor in pain, and she writhed around.

Thalia placed a well-timed kick to Peta’s chin and when she saw the woman crumble to the floor, she quickly pounced on top of her. She had to send a very clear message she was still the boss, and this woman was going to learn that the hard way. She had Peta on her back, and she quickly straddled her stomach. She then moved the arms to the sides of the body and used her own legs to hold them in position. She was now sitting on her stomach, her knees surrounding the head area, the face, neck, and sternum were exposed. She could see how dazed her opponent was and waited for her to make eye contact. “Peta…..Peta…..look up here..” she said softly.

Peta felt the weight on her stomach, and she started to slowly open her eyes. She groaned in pain as she started to gather her senses. She was still in shock that she got put down so fast and so brutally. Her eyes then saw Thalia looking down at her and she tried to move her body. It was then she realized her arms were pinned to her sides and her head was between Thalia’s legs. “Ugh….what happened? She moaned.

“You were defeated. That’s what happened…” Thalia smiled. She then reached down and poked Peta’s nose. She then started to softly caress the right side of the face with her left hand, then cocked her right fist and held it there. “Now, I will teach you to never cross me again! Time to go to sleep!” she threatened, then move her right fist towards Peta’s face.

Peta’s eyes went wide with fear as she saw that fist coming towards her face and she shut her eyes tight, bracing for the hit. She held her position for a while and time started to pass. She did not get hit. She then slowly opened her eyes and saw the fist mere centimeters from her nose. Her heart started to race, and she knew she was that close to getting punched directly in her nose. It could have been a fatal blow!

“You’re so cute…Just remember I am your superior…” Thalia grinned. She then opened her fist, then used her fingers to “honk” the helpless nose. She chuckled to herself when she did it and then stared at the neck area. She wanted to see how Peta would react to some very soft touching.

Peta felt so embarrassed as she felt her nose get squeezed. She realized Thalia was toying with her and now she felt humiliated. Then she saw the fingers of both hands moving to her face, and she wondered what was about to happen. The fingers started to wiggle, and it dawned on her that Thalia was once again going to toy with her. “Get off of me….” she whimpered.

Thalia heard that voice and she couldn’t help but feel a thrill flowing through her. She was going to have some fun and when her fingers got closer to the neck, she then started to stroke them along that skin and across the collarbones. She heard the soft grunting and knew that Peta was very sensitive. “Is someone a ticklish girl?” she teased.

Peta felt the fingers on her neck and collarbone area, and she started to flinch. She never knew she was ticklish there and she started to writhe her body a little. She was able to move her legs and they started to thrash. “Come on! Don’t do that! Hehehehehe Thalia!” she cried out.

Thalia loved the sound Peta was making. She could tell that she was going to be really sensitive, so it was time to put more tickle pressure on her. She also realized that with the kung fu uniform she was wearing had to come off, so she could get to her skin. She then started to unbutton the top and slowly started to work on the other buttons. She could see the surprised look on Peta’s face, and she grinned. “Let’s see what is under these clothes of yours….” she grinned.

Peta started to feel her top coming undone and she started to panic. Was her mentor really trying to strip her of her clothes? She started to wiggle her body more and since her legs were free, she planted her feet onto the mat and then lifted herself. She could feel Thalia lifting and soon, she would be free. “Get……off……of……..ME!!!” she barked, trying to get Thalia off of her. Then she felt her opponent get up off of her and she was free. She knew she had to move fast, and as soon as she got onto her knees, she felt something smack right into her temple and she crumbled to the floor in a heap.

Thalia smiled as she saw Peta laying on the floor on her stomach and she was barely moving. She had used her knee to slam into the temple and knew she was incapacitated. She was careful with her knee strike as she did not want to injure her student, but enough to make her motionless for a moment. She then knelt down and slowly rolled Peta over onto her back. She then continued to unbutton the top and soon, it was all the way down and she opened the flaps open. She couldn’t help but smile as she saw that Peta was not wearing her bra, so her size C breasts were exposed. They were nice looking breasts, having a soft curve to them, and the small pink nipples looked very nice. Thalia’s eyes then went towards the stomach area and saw the firm muscles. She then grabbed the garment and lifted Peta’s body into a sitting position, pulled her wrists behind her and wrapped the garment around the wrists, effectively tying her hands behind her back. She gently lowered Peta’s body back down onto the floor and now she had a huge grin. “Time for a little fun….”

“Wow…stripping her already? Hehehe” Carissa giggled as she saw Peta completely helpless.

“She won’t be completely naked….this time. She will learn a lesson though…” Thalia responded as she straddled the groin and thighs. She wanted to make sure she put her weight there, to prevent Peta from being able to plant her feet and get some leverage. She stared at the dazed form and licked her lips. She was going to have a lot of fun and if this body reacted intensely with being tickled through the garment, then the naked skin was going to be off the charts. She could hear Peta moaning and with that, she softly planted both sets of fingers across the stomach area and softly fluttered them against the very firm skin.

“hehehehe tickles hehehehehe” Peta giggled as she was starting to regain her full consciousness. She felt something moving on her belly and it tickled her. She could feel her body writhing and soon, she recognized what was happening to her. Her eyes popped open, and she saw fingers moving all over her skin. The sensation hit her like a ton of bricks, and she started to writhe more frequently. She looked up and saw the look of glee on Thalia’s face. “heheheh w-what are you doing??” she cried out.

“What does it look like I am doing to you? I am tickling you….” Thalia responded with a no-nonsense tone. The corners of her lips then turned upward into a sinister grin, and she moved her fingers a little faster. The faster she moved her fingers, the stronger the giggles were coming out of her victim’s mouth. She wanted her to feel completely helpless and vulnerable as that would make Peta regret the day she ever challenged her. Thalia looked around the floor and saw all her soldiers laughing and having a good time at Peta’s expense. Her hazel eyes then looked right back at Peta’s face. “They are all looking at you. You were so tough in front of them, now you are giggling like a little girl. Will you laugh some more for me?” she teased.

Peta felt her face getting red from embarrassment as she heard that teasing tone. She also felt ashamed that she was being rendered helpless as she just couldn’t stop laughing. She attempted to move her arms and fear washed over her as she realized she couldn’t. The feeling of being trapped for the first time in her life was starting to frighten her and now she was being humiliated by having her stomach tickled. It was also in front of everyone. She tried to twist and turn her body, but those fingers kept stroking all over her skin. Her laughter started to get stronger and sound more desperate. This tickling was not stopping, and Peta knew she had to get away! “hehehehehe stop!!! Come on!! Stop hahahahaha this childish game!!!” she squealed.

“Awww….someone is not happy about a little tickling on her cute tummy! What’s the matter, little girl? You got a ticklish tummy? Huh? A little kitchy kitchy coo too much for a strong woman like you? Maybe it is because you are not strong! You are actually a ticklish baby! Hehehe” Thalia taunted as her fingers now focused on the navel area. She could feel those muscles quivering beneath her and she loved it. This was a very fit woman and the stomach area displayed those “six pack” abs, but they were no match for her tickling fingers. She started to scurry the fingers rapidly all over that area and now she saw the head dropping back, and the laughter getting even louder.

Peta started to lose some control as she felt the fingers moving rapidly over her stomach area. It seemed like the more she was tickled, the weaker she would become. This was still a whole new experience for her because in her entire life and when she was fighting, she never thought about being tickled. That was always something that was playful, but now it was used as a tactic. She started to feel more helpless as the fingers continued to stroke all over her skin. She felt her arms behind her back, and she couldn’t get them free. Peta then lifted her head and she stared at those fingers on her stomach. She could see them moving from just under her breasts, down her stomach and grazing over her navel. It was such a horrible feeling, and she just could not stop her laughter anymore. What made everything worse was that she could see her breasts jiggling around. This was such a humiliating moment.

Carissa absolutely loved the scene in front of her and she wanted to see more! She did wish Peta would be stripped naked because she would absolutely love watching her submit sexually. But looking at those large breasts of her wiggling around sufficed as she licked her lips. “Hey Thalia, I don’t think you are good at tickling anymore. She is not laughing hard enough….” she playfully teased, knowing what was going to happen next.

Thalia smiled as she looked at Carissa. She adored her most trusted soldier and they loved playing these tickling games with others. She gave her a quick wink and then looked back at a laughing Peta. She then paused her tickling for a moment to allow her to catch her breath for a moment. She loved watching the chest heave up and down and knew she was getting tired. It was time to really send home a strong message. “Can you believe what Carissa said? She says I am not a good tickler! I think I am very effective! What do you think, Peta? Am I a good tickler?” she grinned.

Peta continued to try and catch her breath and enjoyed this break. She then lifted her head when she heard Thalia talking to her and knew this was just a game. She hated that smug look on the face, and she closed her eyes and lowered her head back to the floor. “Yes….Yes, you are a good tickler…Can you stop this?” she muttered.

“I don’t know….I am starting to doubt myself. I think I need to work harder at it. I certainly hope you don’t mind if I do……….THIS!!!” Thalia told Peta, then formed her hands into lobster claws and started squeezing the lower sides, right by the hipbones. She had to carefully balance herself as she felt the woman underneath of her lose it.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT ARE YYYYYYYYOOOOUUUUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA DOING??????” Peta screamed out in hysterical laughter as she felt those horrifying shockwaves tearing through her body. She never been tickled in this spot before and it surprised her on how intense it felt. Her body started to really writhe, and she managed to move her body side to side on the floor, but nothing seemed to work. She felt those strong fingers pressing into that area and it was driving her crazy. Her chest was wobbling around, and she felt her legs trying their desperate best to move around. This ticklish feeling was very agonizing, and she had to do something.

Thalia loved looking at Peta’s body writhing around in ticklish agony. She knew she hit a hot spot and was going to take advantage. One of the things she enjoyed the most is finding new ticklish spots on people who may not have known they were there. Peta was such a strong and dominant woman in her own right, so she probably wasn’t tickled too much in her lifetime. She was reading her body language, she discovered a whole new area and now she was going to make sure Peta would always be very aware of this weakness. Her mind started to think of other hidden ticklish spots and fortunately for Peta, she wasn’t going to strip her naked and find particular spots. “What’s the matter, Peta? Does this………tickle? You just keep laughing and laughing and laughing. I think I am getting better at this tickling talent; don’t you agree?” she asked.


“I think she agrees..hehehe” Thalia teased as she looked at Carissa. Her eyes then went back down to the body, and she stared at those breasts. Those would probably be a very good spot to make Peta realize just how much of a ticklish weakness she has. The way those breasts were shaking, she wanted to play with them. She started to find herself getting very turned on as she watched those breasts. This was such a wonderful side effect of tickling someone. She loved getting aroused by tickle torturing women. When Helga told her about this method, she found it silly, but when she saw a demonstration of it by the Russian on some young woman, she was hooked. There was something about that laughing agony that really got her juices flowing. When she got to break some harem girls, she often enjoyed sex with them afterwards. Thalia knew she had to be careful at this moment because she wanted to teach a simple concept, not have sex with Peta later. Her eyes then went to her hands, and she loved watching them squeeze that hipbone area and how the victim beneath her was writhing in agony.

Peta started to go into silent laughter, and this made her panic. She felt herself becoming weaker and her body stopped moving around as much. Exhaustion was setting in and the slowing of oxygen coming in was making her tired. She had no idea how she was going to get out of this predicament and even though her ears could hear some mocking giggles inside the room, she didn’t care at the moment. She just wanted this to stop. Then as soon as she thought about that, the tickling did stop. She took in a large amount of oxygen into her lungs and felt like she was under water for a long time. “*gasp* no more…please no more…..” she pleaded softly.

“Do you give? Do you submit to me?” Thalia asked her.

Peta groaned as she heard that question. Part of her wanted to fight and the other part of her wanted to quit. Her pride was hurting and even though she hated losing, this tickling was something she didn’t expect, and it was slowly breaking her. She knew if she didn’t quit, then she would become totally submissive. “ok…..you…..you win.” she whispered.

“I couldn’t hear that. Could you say that again? This time LOUDER!” Thalia demanded. She had a very large smile on her face as she knew she won this contest.

“YOU WIN!” Peta shouted back. She then grunted in anger as she knew she lost this battle.

“That’s not what I asked. I know I won. I asked you if you SUBMIT to me?” Thalia grinned.

Peta’s face turned red with embarrassment as her mentor was trying to humiliate her. She felt her emotions building up and she wanted to plant her fist right between Thalia’s eyes, but she had no choice. “Yes….I…..I…” she stammered.

“You what?” Thalia said, then flashed her bright smile.

“Damn you! I SUBMIT to you….” Peta said in a defiant tone. She then closed her eyes as she felt shame washing over her.

“Good girl!! Always remember who your Mistress is….in fact, I want you to call me Mistress Thalia right now.” Thalia told her. She then looked over at Carissa and her other soldiers and smiled.

Peta groaned and then opened her eyes. She saw that smug look on Thalia’s face and once again she knew what she had to do. “Mistress Thalia…I submit to you…” she said with regret in her voice.

“Good girl!!! You are such a good girl! Hehehe” Thalia teased as she then leaned her body forward to softly pat Peta on her forehead. She then looked at a knowing Carissa again and smiled. “Now I think it is time for you to learn a lesson. I think you have done very well Peta and I can say you are a very good fighter. You will now learn what we do to break harem girls. Unfortunately for you, you are going to learn how it feels. Then maybe you will get a chance to practice when Christos returns with new girls.”

Peta’s eyes popped open. She was going to learn how to break the harem girls? This was something she was waiting for as she trained for this role. Then it dawned on her. She started to realize what that method might be. When she first arrived, she was told that the method would leave no marks on the skin, but the girls would be begging and broken. It just happened to her! The method had to be…….tickling! Her mind raced as she also heard that she was going to learn how it feels, which meant more tickling was about to happen to her! “No!!! Please don’t! I…I think I already know!” she begged.

“Hehehehe yes, you do know. But now you will know how it feels! Pay close attention to your body, because you will fully understand what it feels like to be broken. You can then use that experience on others….” Thalia smiled. She then reached her hands forward and started to lightly flutter her fingertips right below the breasts on the stomach area and then to the ribs. Once again, the body started to squirm and she loved it.

Peta started to giggle once again as she felt those light touches on her skin. She couldn’t believe she was about to be tickled again and she was already going crazy. Her skin felt so sensitive at the moment and the ticklish energy felt even stronger. “hahahahahaha Mistress Thalia! Please hahahaha don’t tickle me!!” she pleaded.

“As you can tell, tickling is such a great motivator of behavior. Listen to yourself. You are calling me Mistress Thalia without any hesitation. I do have good news for you, unlike the harem girls, you won’t be naked. However, I will push your body further than you can imagine. Hehehe Now, feel my fingers slowly moving towards these pretty tits of yours…” Thalia told her. She slowly trickled the tips of her nails towards the undersides of the breasts, and she could feel the body really starting to panic. She saw the breasts jiggling and as she got closer, they jiggled even more.

Peta continued to shriek as she felt those fingers caressing her skin. She could feel them getting closer to her breasts and she was amazed on just how ticklish that area was. She knew the skin was more delicate there, but she never expected to be tickled. Then she started to laugh harder as she felt the fingers now moving under her breasts and it set her off. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” she bellowed.

Thalia giggled to herself as she heard the panicked laughter. She really loved how her tickling fingers really affected that very thin and delicate skin underneath the breasts. She then used her right hand to push the right breasts upwards, completely exposing that delicate underside, then using her left hand, she softly fluttered her fingertips on that skin. She laughed as she heard the deep laughter coming from Peta and continued to play with that area. She loved how the laughter increased as she moved her finger from that outside edge, all the way across the underside towards the inside edge, then right back across. “Does this tickle you? Hehehe” she teased.

Peta felt those fingers scraping along the underside of her left breast and she started to really start to writhe her body. Those sensations were really digging into her soul, and she didn’t know what to do. She was feeling desperate, and she kept trying to get her arms free, but that garment was tied pretty tight around her wrists. Then she felt her body shudder when the fingers made it to back to that outside edge of her breast. She never felt anything like that in her entire life, but that wasn’t the worst part. She could also feel her right nipple starting to stiffen. How could she be getting turned on right now? Her eyes looked at Thalia’s face and all she saw was a look of joy on her face. It scared her because it meant that she was not going to give her any mercy because she was enjoying herself. Peta continued to giggle and shake as those fingers were really touching that sensitive skin.

Thalia felt a surge of her own arousal in her body as she saw that the right nipple was getting stiff. This was the reaction she was hoping for as she could now tease Peta sexually. She then started to use the very tips of her nails to lightly scrabble on that ticklish skin underneath the breast and felt the body shiver. As her nails tickled that area, she leaned her head down and blew gently across that skin. That made the nipple grow even more stiff. “Hmmm…someone likes my tickling, doesn’t she? Hehehe No need to be embarrassed. Just let yourself go and enjoy it.” she teased then gently blew across the nipple.

Peta let out a giggle and a soft moan as she felt those nails on her skin underneath her breast, and that warm breath coating that same area. Then she moaned louder when the breath went across the nipple. She loved having her nipples played with during sex and wondered if Thalia was purposely trying to make her horny. She lifted her head a little and she gasped as she saw how close Thalia’s lips were to her stiff bud. The nail tickling stopped, and she just felt the breath. “Is she going to use her mouth on my nipple?” she thought to herself. That made both of her nipples get hard and now she felt the pangs of lust between her legs.

“Such a cute nipple you have. Look at it. It looks so….yummy…” Thalia said in a soft, teasing voice, then licked her lips. She could feel Peta’s body beneath her starting to grind a little and she knew her student was feeling lust whether she wanted to or not. Then she slowly stuck out the tip of her tongue and did a gentle lick around the areole. She loved the reaction as she could see the goosebumps forming on Peta’s skin. “Mmmmm….you taste pretty good.” she said softly.

“Oooohhh……” Peta moaned as she felt that warm, wet tongue on her breasts, so dangerously close to the nipple itself. Her body started to respond and now she was very horny. This was a turn she did not expect. This was a simple sparring match, but now it was turning into a sexual encounter. She didn’t know whether she should be embarrassed to being dominated like this, or just enjoy everything she was feeling. Then she closed her eyes as she felt that tongue slide across the nipple. It felt absolutely incredible and the wetness between her legs only grew.

Carissa watched this moment unfolding and she felt her own arousal. She absolutely loved the way Thalia would sexually tease another woman. She was very good at it, and she started to think about what may have happened to the harem girl Inga last night. She remembered Thalia telling her that she was feeling really horny, and she needed released. She smiled as she saw her leader grab little Ingrid and drag her to her chambers. She imagined how much Ingrid was subjected to tickle torture and sexual domination. Now, she was witnessing Peta get dominated. There was something about watching that strong woman succumbing to sexual pleasure, but she also knew that this was just a tease. “Damn I am getting hot looking at this. I think I will take a harem girl myself for later. Hehehe” she thought to herself.

Thalia continued to lick the nipple and felt it grow harder with each lick. She slowed her lick down, so that her tongue would slowly go over that tasty bud. Once the tip of the tongue reached the nipple, she would circle around it to tease it even more. She felt Peta shuddering underneath her and now it was time for a little fun. Now that the body was aroused, tickling her would put her into another universe. She lifted her body up, used her left hand to pull the left breast up, exposing that delicate underside and now used her fingers on her right hand to lightly tease and titillate that skin. She felt the convulsions and the ticklish grunts, and she smiled. “Tickle tickle…hehehee” she teased.

Peta felt those fingers now tickling her left breast and she realized she felt even more sensitive! Her arousal seemed to increase her sensitivity and now the ticklish feelings felt even stronger. “HEHEHEHEHEH COME ON!!! DON’T TICKLE ME ANYMORE MISTRESS!!” she cried out. Her body continued to shiver as the ticklish sensations tore through her nervous system

“Someone is SUCH a ticklish girl…hehehehe” Thalia teased as she continued to stroke that skin. Tickling under the breasts was always a favorite of hers because it was usually a very tender spot on a woman. She loved it when the women she tickled realized that underneath her breasts were so ticklish. It would make them squeal in such delightful panic and drove them completely crazy. Then after tickling them there for a while, that was when she used her sensual methods to get them into a different headspace. She was doing that now and knew Peta was surrendering her body to her. She then gently started to use the tips of her nails to tickle that skin and heard those desperate cries of laughter coming out. Thalia giggled to herself as brick by brick, she was breaking Peta down.

Peta continued to suffer under this ticklish attack and her brain was wondering when she would have mercy. It was bad enough she could feel those fingers stroking her skin, but when those nails were sliding left to right, from the inside edge of her left breast, across the mound to the outside edge, it sent her into a ticklish fit. She knew she was being dominated and now she was submitting her body. She started to whimper and whine as those nails continued to devastate her. She even felt her eyes watering up as the tickling was beginning to be too much. Then the nails stopped, and she felt that warm breath blowing over that tickled skin. Peta felt great relief from this because it soothed the ticklish feeling, but it also let her feel the arousal again. “mmmm…mmmmm…mmmm…” she moaned.

Thalia loved hearing that moan and now it was time to really send this woman into orbit. She once again lowered her head and stuck out her tongue. She gently licked around the areole and felt Peta moan and shudder her body. The tip of her pink tongue continued to make circles around the bud, and she moved in closer to the nipple. She decided to try another arousing maneuver and wrapped her lips around that nipple and started to suckle on it. “Mmmmm….so good…” she moaned as she sucked on that bud.

Peta felt tremendous sexual electricity tear through her body from her brain all the way to her toes. That sucking on her breast felt absolutely incredible and she wanted more. The mouth was so warm, so wet, so loving. She started to arch her back, trying to force more of her breasts into Thalia’s mouth, wanting to feel more pleasure. The wetness between her legs increased and now she wanted to make love. Foreplay was a favorite time for her, and this felt good. She didn’t realize that after being tickled, how much more pleasurable sucking on her breast would feel. “mmmmm oh Mistress….” she moaned.

Thalia loved when women called her Mistress. It meant they were submissive to her, and the fact Peta called her that frequently let her know she was defeated. She then pulled her mouth off of the nipple and sat back up. She just wanted to show Peta would pleasure would feel like and the how their method of dominating and breaking the harem girls worked. She looked at the other soldiers looking at them and she smiled. “You see girls, it works every time. Hehehehe” she said.

Peta felt that warm mouth leave her nipple and she felt a sense of disappointment. She wanted more! She looked at Thalia now sitting upright, and she felt so submissive. She really did get beaten and now she felt so submissive to that woman. “Please….can I have more? I..I want more…” she asked.

Thalia heard that soft voice and looked down. She could see the sexual hunger in Peta and adored it. She slowly shook her head back and forth and grinned. “No my dear Peta, no more pleasure. That was to show you what can happen. I think you are ready to do it to another woman, but you still have one more lesson left. You see, you were a bit cocky to your fellow soldier. We are a team. Even in a sparring session, there is no room for cockiness. So, I will have to punish you.” she told her.

Peta gasped in shock after hearing those words. She was so aroused at the moment and instead of sexual release, she was going to be punished! “No Mistress! Please, no more! I’m sorry!” she apologized.

Thalia got off of Peta and then as she knelt down next to her on the right hand side, she flipped her over onto her stomach and then quickly sat on her calves. She then closed her legs, her knees now pushing Peta’s feet together and she could see the upturned soles. She loved looking at the bottoms of those big feet and she shivered as she thought about the punishment. She then looked over at the soldier that Peta faced before this sparring session. Thalia motioned for her to come over and stand by the soles. This woman was one of her favorite soldiers and was going to let her have some fun with Peta’s feet! “I want you to tickle her feet. Have some fun! Tickle her until I tell you to stop…” she instructed.

The soldier had a huge smile on her face as she realized she was going to tickle Peta’s feet. She did not like losing to Peta earlier and would love to send this woman into a frenzy. She loved tickling women as well, they all did. She knelt down and sat on her crossed ankles and stared at the massive soles in front of her. They looked completely helpless being trapped between Thalia’s thighs. She looked up at Thalia, who had this sly smile, then back down to the soles. She loved how they were sticking out from the kung fu pants. She rubbed her hands together and then started to wiggle her fingers. She slowly started to lower her hands and she could not wait touch those big feet.

Peta started to squirm her body as she knew her feet were in trouble. Her arms were still behind her back tied together and she felt Thalia sitting on her calves. What made her fearful was that her feet were pushed together, and she knew they were completely vulnerable. Then she heard Thalia command the woman she bested earlier to tickle her feet! Her eyes bugged out and she saw Carissa staring at her. She had a huge grin on her face, and she knew it was because she was helpless. The anticipation of having her feet tickled grew within her and she knew just how more sensitive she was after being make horny. “Please…please don’t tickle my feet. I don’t want my hehehehe feet tickled!” she squealed as she felt fingers now touching the bottoms of her feet.

Thalia looked at the helpless toes and smiled. She could see them wiggling and scrunching in ticklish anticipation and when she saw those fingers of her soldier getting closer, she felt her nipples throbbing. She absolutely loved tickling women, but she also loved to see other women tickling women. This was going to be very enjoyable, and she was going to savor this moment. “Go ahead, tickle those feet of hers. Hehehehe” she told the soldier.

The woman smiled at Thalia’s command, then started to stroke her fingers up and down those soles and she loved how they felt. She instantly heard some giggles, and it gave her motivation to continue. She watched with joy as her fingers went from the heels, down into the arches, then off the balls of the feet, only to reverse course and go right back up. She felt the feet trembling and saw wrinkles forming in the arches and she grinned. It felt great tickling these rather large feet and she wanted to push it further. She then formed her fingers into claws and put the tips of her fingers at the heels, then slowly scratched down each sole, sending intense ticklish electricity through the feet.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP!!! PLEASE STOP!!! DON’T HAHAHAHAHAHAA TICKLE MY FEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTT!!!!” Peta screamed as she felt those fingers scratching down her soles like nails on a chalkboard. Very intense ticklish feelings flowed through her body, and she flopped around like a fish out of water. The fingers were in her arches and that really made her body stiffen. Her eyes were bugging out and she just couldn’t stop laughing. Peta could also see the other women in the room looking at her and laughing. Her face turned red from the intense laughter, but also from embarrassment. She was completely dominated and now suffering in front of her fellow soldiers.

Thalia could hear the nails skittering off the skin of the feet and she watched with happiness. She could see the fingers moving quickly, then slowly over that skin and she loved the way the feet trembled. She got a chance to tickle the feet a little bit herself and wanted more; however, it would be good to have her soldier have some fun too. As she watched those big feet being tickled, she remembered what she did to poor Ingrid’s feet the previous night. Her feet were really tiny, but very soft and very responsive. She remembered how her fingers sank into the poor woman’s flesh, sending her into a fit of hysterics. After she was done, she then spread that woman’s legs and just went after her sweet love nectar. Thalia’s nipples hardened thinking of that memory and she figured she may get some more action when Christos brought back some new women from Santa Selena. A fresh batch of women were always a fun treat!

Peta started to feel like she was losing her mind as those fingers continued to run up and down the bottoms of her feet. That soldier was not showing any kind of mercy and she was suffering. She then laid her head down on the floor, hoping that she could pass out or something. Anything to get away from this horrific tickle torture. Just as she thought she could suffer any longer, her body went stiff as a board as she felt the fingers invading her toes! “NOT MY TOES!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” she screamed.

Thalia snapped out of her daydream and saw the woman’s fingers now invading the toes. She loved how they looked touching and fluttering over the toe pads. The soldier was applying toe tickling techniques she had taught her to bring out the most horrific laughter possible. She started to beam with pride because her soldier was doing so well. Hearing Peta’s laughter was music to her ears and after a few more shrieks, she decided that it was enough. She raised her hand in the air. “Ok, you can stop now. I think Peta here has learned her lesson.” she said.

“Yes, Mistress Thalia. Thank you for allowing me to tickle her feet.” the soldier responded, then stood up. She waited for Thalia to stand up and when she did, she saluted her. Then, she made her way to where the other soldiers were standing. She couldn’t help but smile and loved the pats on the back and handshakes she received from the others.

Thalia loved seeing the camaraderie amongst her soldiers. She then bent down and started to untie Peta’s arms. Once she removed the garment from the wrists, she saw those tired arms slump down on the floor next to the body. She heard the heavy breathing and then she gently started to caress Peta’s naked back. This woman went through a lot, but it was a good lesson. “There there Peta. Even though you learned a valuable lesson, I am still proud of you. You are going to be a great soldier for me. Rest up and enjoy a meal. You earned it.” she told her.

Peta laid on the floor and was exhausted. She still felt that wave of humiliation flowing over her, but she was happy that her torment was finally over. She slowly lifted herself up to her knees and her head hung low. She could see her hanging breasts and grabbed her garment. She then looked over at the other soldiers who were all grinning. “You bitches…hehehehe” she joked.

Thalia walked up to Carissa and shook her hand. Another successful sparring session and humiliation of the opponent. She wiped some sweat off her forehead and grinned. “Dammit. I started to sweat. I have to do better next time. Hehehe” she joked.

“Yeah, you broke a sweat. I hope you are not losing your touch.” Carissa responded.

“Mistress Thalia…” a voice said.

Thalia heard the small voice and looked over. It was Ingrid. She stood there with her head bowed and her hands clasping each other. “Yes, Ingrid?” she asked.

“I wanted to let you know that Mr. Andino has returned and will be here shortly.” Ingrid informed.

“Ah, Christos is back! That means there is a new catch of the day! Oh, this will be fun. Get them ready. I think it is time for us to have a very good day!” Thalia told Carissa. She then followed Ingrid out of the studio and walked through the villa’s hallways. A new batch of harem girls was always fun to handle. She loved the abject fear they had in their eyes, not knowing what was going to happen. She used that fear to her advantage and made breaking them easy. What she really liked about girls from Helga’s “crop”, was that they were already broken and docile. Helga did such an amazing job on the girls, that it was much easier to process the new girls. She rounded the corner and made it to the side entrance of the main mansion and stepped outside. She could smell the ocean air and it smelled wonderful. It was going to be a wonderful day after all. Thalia then looked down towards the private pier of this villa and saw her employer getting off the boat, along with a few of his male bodyguards. Her eyes noticed that only men came off the boat and no women. “Hmm…did he not like any of the crop?” she asked herself.

Christos walked with a purpose on the dock and headed back up to his mansion. He had a very angry look on his face and when he made it to the entrance, he saw Thalia standing there. “DAMMIT!!!” he shouted.

“What’s wrong? Where are the new girls?” Thalia asked.

“I don’t know!!! This was a wasted trip!!” Christos shouted as he stormed inside the mansion.

Thalia was surprised at his remarks and followed him into the mansion. She noticed he walked with a purpose, and she did her best to keep up. “Christos, what happened? Did something happen in Santa Selena?” she asked.

Christos stopped in his tracks and looked at Thalia. He was trying to control his anger as it was nothing his greatest female warrior did. “I didn’t get a chance to see the girls! There was no sale!” he griped.

“What? How can that be? Helga said she would have a crop of girls waiting for you.” Thalia responded.

“I was approaching that cove on the beachside and when we got close, I was informed that something happened at the Wellington mansion. The advanced scout team informed that the law enforcement had secured the premises. So, we turned the boat around and headed back. I have no idea what happened!” Christos told her.

Thalia was stunned as she heard the news. There was law enforcement there? Her mind started to spin and wonder if her friend Helga was captured. If the entire ring was brought down. She shook her head and stared at her employer. “What about Helga? Did you see her? Or even Svetlana? Did you get a chance to meet either Gloria Wellington, or Priscilla Montenegro?” she asked.

“No, I did not. I have no idea if they were even there. When was the last time you heard from Helga?” Christos asked.

“It was when we made it to Mexico, on the east coast. I sent her a telegram and got one back. Everything was fine then.” Thalia informed.

“Well, SOMETHING happened! I am very angry! I wanted new girls! I was excited to see their shaved pussies! Now what am I supposed to do? My dick is hard, and I want relief!” Christos shouted and didn’t care what he said.

Thalia rolled her eyes and even had a small smirk as she heard him talk about his hardness. She knew he had an insatiable appetite for sex and didn’t care if anyone thought he was crude. There were times when he made sexual overtures to her, only for her to politely decline. She knew if this man did not have sex soon, he was going to be very difficult to deal with. “Christos, why don’t you have Ingrid and Susan tonight. I know you were looking forward to new girls, but they will take care of you tonight. I was going to spend some time with Ingrid again, but you can have her.” she offered.

“You don’t mind? I am not happy because I wanted fresh pussy, but I guess that will have to do! Oh, I am so upset. We traveled all the way from Greece for me to get these new girls! I know I have other businesses to attend to, but I wanted new girls. I guess my dick has to be satisfied with used ones tonight.” Christos said.

“Yes, I don’t mind. Have at her. But please leave some for me tomorrow night….” Thalia smiled.

“Hehe you’re funny Thalia. Where’s Carissa? Speaking of other business, I have new assignments for the both of you.” Christos asked.

“One moment…” Thalia told him. She then walked out of the room they were in and eventually found her most trusted soldier. She then led her back to the room and now both women were standing before Christos. “We are here. What would you like for us to do?” she asked.

“Since I won’t be satisfied the way I wanted to tonight, Thalia, I want you to go to Santa Selena and find out what the hell happened. I need to know. I was really looking forward to meeting Ms. Montenegro and Ms. Wellington. They operate such a great ring and that is why I made the trip. Their reputation for selling girls is very well known. I wanted to join their business. Find out what happened and report back to me.” Christos instructed.

“Yes, Christos. As you wish. I want to find out as well. I will depart tomorrow.” Thalia responded. She felt some excitement as she loved going on missions. She was also concerned for her friends Helga and Svetlana. She had to find out what happened to them and if they were ok. Having law enforcement there meant that something went terribly wrong, and they both could have escaped, or captured or even killed.

“Very good. Carissa, as for you, I have a special assignment for you. I want you to travel east. I want you to go to see my assistant Rose. Make sure she is procuring those farmlands for me. I am trying to expand my empire in this hemisphere, and I want to make sure she is not having trouble. I got a message from her recently that some of the locals are refusing to give up their lands. I offered them a fair price, but you know how some people are. Stupid and stubborn. She is near Ciudad De Serpientes. The farmers are near that place. Leave tomorrow, so you can get there within a few days.” Christos commanded. As part of his business empire, Christos would hire people who would go around and purchase farmlands. He always knew if he controlled agriculture, he would control the food supply, which brings him even greater wealth. He had about 7 assistants spread over various places around the world and Rose Galanis was one of his favorites. He remembered a few times where they had sex together and that brought him a smile. He wanted to make sure she was successful.

“Yes, Christos. I will depart early tomorrow morning. I will travel there and assist her.” Carissa responded. She also loved going on missions, but she was going alone. She had hoped to have some company, but she should be able to handle a bunch of farmers. She knew she was going to have to “persuade” them to sell their farms to Christos.

“Good, it is settled. Damn I wanted some fresh pussy tonight though…I was really looking forward to it.” Christos lamented. He then rubbed his crotch and then sighed. “You two are dismissed…” he told them.

Thalia saw his hand and rolled her eyes. She looked over at Carissa who had the same look. For such a handsome man, he sure was crude. She walked out of the room with Carissa, and they headed back towards their quarters. “So, you get to go see Rose, huh? You have a great mission. I bet you are hoping to kick someone’s ass and then have fun with the women..hehehe” she joked.

“Of course! Some pathetic farmers will not stand a chance against me. It will be more fun when I have their wives in front of them. But knowing how men are, he might enjoy it. Hehehe” Carissa joked. She then remembered what Thalia’s mission was. “Hey, why are you going to Santa Selena and where are the new girls?” she asked.

“I am going to find out. Christos came back without any new girls. He said law enforcement were all over the property. Something bad happened and I intend to find out. I am worried about Helga and Svetlana.” Thalia responded.

“Wow, that is stunning. No new girls??? We were all looking forward to having our way with them tonight. I wondered what did happen. Helga and Svetlana are such dominant forces, how could law enforcement stop them? I wish I could go with you. Your assignment sounds a lot more fun than mine. I get miserable farmers. You get action…” Carissa said. She truly did wish she could go with Thalia. She would have loved to get into some action, but instead, her assignment was to force farmers to sell their land.

“I know. I wish you could have gone with me too. I will find out what happened and let you know. Now, let’s get ready for the rest of the day. I think tonight, since Christos is going to have Ingrid, I will go out into this town and enjoy some of the night life. Who knows, maybe I will get lucky and find some woman to fuck. Haha” Thalia laughed.

Thalia then walked off with Carissa to go about their business the rest of the day. They both had missions to prepare for and wanted to spend some time together since Carissa would be leaving early the next day. Since she had a mission so early, Carissa had to stay on the villa grounds, so Thalia was going to spend the evening having some fun. Playa Del Arena was a lively place, so she wanted to enjoy it before she departed for Santa Selena tomorrow.

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UP NEXT: Thalia has some fun before her mission!

Ok fans, what did you think? This is an introduction for this character and more of her will be seen as we travel through Phase 3. I can say I do like this character a lot personally. The impact she will have in the future will be fun to present! Any comments are welcomed!