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    Ticklish Sibling Wrestling Match

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! For your pleasure, tonight. The main event of two siblings in a tickling match! Be honest, like you aren't interested in a fun wrestling match with tickling. Seriously, we all think about it. So, without further ado, I present another fun commission that I got to wrote. This story contains both /m and /f, I labeled the chapters to help those who like one or the other. As always, I hope you enjoy.

    Ticklish Sibling Wrestling Match!!!

    Round 1: Andy vs Leiah (M/F)

    It was a Saturday morning. Andy was sitting on the couch, in his pajamas, as he had not showered. He had just gotten out of bed, and went downstairs. He went into the kitchen, pulled out a box of cereal, and poured himself a bowl. He then plopped down onto the couch, and picked up the remote. With a click of the button, he loaded up Hulu. For Andy, it was a perfect day to start binging a show, play some video games, and workout before going out with his friends later that night.

    Being on the wrestling team for his school, Andy usually had to watch his weight. But he didn’t have a match coming up, and it was the perfect time to enjoy himself. The young man was buff. The young eighteen-year-old man worked out often to make sure he was in shape. Being 5 foot seven, and weighing 170 pounds, Andy was mostly muscle. He was known as being one of the popular kids. Most of the girls thought he was hot. They fawned over his short black hair, dark green eyes, and chiseled masculine features. Andy’s muscular physique made the girls drool over him, especially his abs. They LOVED his six pack. To be honest, so did Andy. Everyday, he would check himself out in the mirror.

    In another room of the house, was a cabinet where his parents kept all the trophies Andy had won through middle school and high school. This was what gave Andy confidence in himself. And he had plenty of it. Andy had rarely been beaten in a wrestling match. He was the best in his division.

    Having friends, being popular when you are a senior in high school, and having dated the hottest chicks in your school will give you plenty of confidence.

    Andy could’ve checked his phone and seen multiple text messages from his friends, or one of the girls he was talking to, and was thinking about dating. But right now, Andy just wanted a second to himself. A moment to eat his cereal, and start his day. It was rough when everyone paid attention to you. It was hard to be the most popular person in school. Well, not really, but Andy believed that.

    But little did Andy know that he wasn’t going to get a quiet morning alone.

    With his attention on the tv in front of him, Andy didn’t see someone come down the stairs. He didn’t even see when a hand reached forward and took hold of the remote. What Andy did see was when his show stopped, and the menu popped up.

    Andy’s mouth agape. He looked over. “What the hell, Leiah? I was watching that!”

    Leiah, Andy’s eighteen-year-old fraternal twin sister held the remote in her hand. “So, I want to finish my movie. I couldn’t finish it last night, because you were playing a game, and all the wi-fi was being used. It is like totes not fair, Andy. You know this is the best spot in the house to use the wi-fi. And did you play your game in your room? No, you played it right over there. It sucked up all the wi-fi and I had no way of doing anything. I had to use my data! So, I’m going to finish my movie.” Leiah pressed a button, and a romance movie loaded.

    On the tv, a man and woman appeared.

    “Oh, my darling. I love you. Let us never be apart,” the man said.

    Andy rolled his eyes. “There is no way I’m watching this.” Andy hated romance movies. They were so predictable. He couldn’t believe anyone who liked that stuff. But his sister and mom loved it. Andy put his bowl of cereal to the side. He stood up, and walked over to the other couch where Leiah sat. Andy held out his hand. “We are not watching this crap. Give me the remote.”

    Leiah shook her head. “No way. I was watching this last night and I’m going to finish it.”

    “I was here first, Leiah. Now give me the remote,” Andy demanded.

    “No! You had your turn last night. It's my turn now!” Leiah spat, sounding like a little kid.

    Andy glared at his sister. Fine, if she wouldn’t hand it over peacefully, then he would have to take it by force. A smile crept onto Andy’s face.

    “Give me the remote, or else,” Andy threatened.

    Leiah raised an eyebrow. “Or else what? Just cause mom and dad aren’t here doesn’t mean you can boss me around.”

    Andy raised his hands. “You know what’s going to happen.”

    Fear struck as Leiah realized what he meant. She gulped. “W-w-what are you going to do?”

    “You know,” Andy said. He wiggled his fingers.

    Leiah knew what was coming. But she couldn’t give in to her brother, otherwise he’d walk all over her. She had to be strong. Leiah held the remote closer to her. She would not give in. She would not let her brother win. Leiah had to put an end to this. She deserved to watch this movie. “Don’t you dare!”

    “Oh, I dare,” Andy said. He dove on to his sister.

    “Andy!” Leiah yelled. “It’s my turn! You’re being a dick!”

    The tumble had started. It was as if a bell had been rung. The two went at it.

    Leiah held the remote away from Andy’s grasp. She shoved her hand into her brother’s face.

    Andy didn’t care. He took hold of her wrist and pulled it away from him. He reached for the remote, but couldn’t get it.

    The fight continued as the two siblings struggled against each other. Andy trying to get the remote, and Leiah attempting to fend her brother off.

    Leiah fought as hard as she could, but as with all the many fights before, she was losing. The sad truth was that Andy was bigger and weighted more than her. Leiah was close to the same height, only being an inch shorter, but she was skinny and did not workout the way Andy did. Leiah did play in a sport, and she was in shape. Having played Volleyball, she wasn’t just sitting around all day. Leiah was definitely athletic, but she had nowhere near the same physic her brother had. Nor did she have the same skill when it came to wrestling.

    Unfortunately for Leiah, she fell into the same predicament time and time again. She and her brother would argue over some small thing. Most of the time it was Leiah who started it. This would lead the two to squabbling and into some sort of wrestling match. At first Leiah would put up a decent fight, and it’d seem fair. But eventually Andy would use his weight and muscles, along with his technique to overwhelm and overpower Leiah. This led to the part Leiah dreaded the most. The part she wished never happened, but always did. And for Leiah, this fight was going the same way.

    Andy skillfully placed her left arm by her side, he then moved up and sat on it. Using his full weight to make sure she was unable to move it away.

    With her arm now trapped, Leiah’s only free arm, her right one, was stretched out. It held the remote away from Andy.

    “Get off of me!” Leiah screamed. “This isn’t fair.”

    Leiah may have thought her words would help, but they didn’t. To Andy, they meant nothing.

    “Give me the remote, sis,” Andy commanded.

    “Never!” Leiah exclaimed.

    A sadistic smile came on Andy’s face. “Have it your way.”

    Leiah knew what was about to happen. Maybe she was glutton for punishment. Maybe she thought by holding out it made her tough. Either way the result was still the same. The fight always had Leiah being pinned down, and Andy doing the same thing he always did. What Andy did to his sister, Leiah felt was cruel and torturous. She hated it. She despised that it happened every time. Just the word was enough to make her shake. Leiah couldn’t believe such a thing even existed. If she had one wish, it would be to eliminate it from the entire world.

    That thing was supposed to be a fun playful thing. It was meant to be fun. Couples could use it as foreplay. People who liked each other could flirt using it. And even family members could have fun doing it, and not have it even be a sexual thing. It was something as flexible as kissing, and as emotionally bonding. Siblings could do it and have innocent fun with each. Even settle an argument. But Leiah hated it with all her being. Well, to be honest, Leiah hated when it happened to her. She was kind of a hypocrite in that way. Especially because she believed it was vile, but it wasn’t. It was just how Leiah saw it.

    Andy held his sister’s right wrist with his right hand.

    Leiah was still in her pajamas and was wearing a white tank and pink shorts. So, with her right arm fully extended, her armpit was completely exposed.

    “Don’t you dare, Andy! Don’t you even think about it!” Leiah exclaimed.

    But Andy had already thought of it. He knew what would make his sister give up the remote. It was time for him to do what always happened when he and his sister wrestled. It was time for him to tickle her.

    Andy reached forward with his left hand. His fingers dug into his sister’s armpit.

    Leiah immediately reacted. She twitched. Her eyes closed. She made little sounds in an effort to try and hold it in.

    “Come on, sis. Tickle tickle,” Andy teased. “Give me the remote.”

    Leiah shook her head. “N-n-neeevvvvv…” Her face crumpled. Her nose wrinkled. “Vvveer.” Leiah tried to fight the sensation, but she knew it was useless, she was super ticklish.

    Andy manically laughed. “You’ll give me the remote. It’s just a matter of time.” His evil villain voice made the situation all the more tense as he pushed his sister deeper and deeper into the confines of being a damsel in distress.

    His sister shook, she wriggled underneath him. Leiah struggled. She moved about. She tried to pull her hand away. She even attempted to yank free her left arm. But it wouldn’t budge under her brother’s weight. All Leiah could do was lay there and take it.

    Andy’s fingers scrambled in Leiah’s smooth-shaven pit. They moved up and down her side going along her ribs.

    Leiah couldn’t keep the smile from forming on her face any longer. As her lips curved into a full happy face, she was forced into the next step. First her teeth could be seen as her mouth opened. Then out came the uncontrollable giggles.

    Small, cute, little girlish giggles flowed out of Leiah’s mouth. “Hehehehe! Ooohhhooohoho nooohoouuuhahahaha!” Leiah gripped the remote tighter trying to make sure she maintained her grip on it. “This is so unfaaahaaair!”

    Andy didn’t care about being fair. His sister had come down and taken the remote. Arguing about being fair never went anywhere with her. He was going to get what he wanted by force. By pinning and tickling her. Andy scribbled his fingers in his sister’s armpit.

    From the tiny titters, Leiah’s giggles grew and grew into full on laughter. She was soon chuckling, and unable to stop her laughter from getting louder and louder. Leiah struggled as hard as she could. She moved like a wild animal trying to get free.

    Even with his strong grip, Andy didn’t have an easy time holding her. But he was still able to stay in control of the situation. He watched his sister wriggle around underneath him. He loved the idea of her being in pain. He enjoyed watching his sister suffer. Andy believed she deserved it. Andy pinched and prodded his sister’s side. He poked at her ribs.

    Leiah falls further and further into hysterical fits. Her laughter became fuller. She shook her head from side to side.

    “Andy!” Leiah screamed. “Stop! Heehee! Stop it!”

    “Stop what?” Andy asked. He raked his fingers down his sister’s armpit.

    Leiah twisted. She contorted. She bucked. She did anything she could to try to get her brother off her. But her struggling was to no avail. She was stuck up him. Leiah was trapped. She could do nothing but laugh.

    “Please! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Please stop!” Leiah pleaded with her brother.

    Andy continued to smile. “Stop what?” he asked as if he didn’t know.

    “Stop tickling! Hahahahahaha! Stop tickling me!” Leiah exclaimed.

    “Oh, you want me to stop?” Andy asked.

    Leiah strained herself. She hated when her brother did this. She couldn’t stand it. She hated how weak. How helpless it made her feel. Leiah had always seen herself as a strong woman. But her brother always overpowered her. He was always able to out wrestle her. He always won. He always pinned her. What was worse is that he always tickled her and got what he wanted. This time Leiah was determined to hold out. She was not going to give up the remote. She would fight until the end. How long that was she didn’t know. She hated being this ticklish and it showed.

    “YES!” Leiah yelled. “Stop! Stop! Andy! You have to stop!”

    Andy scoffed. “I don’t have to do shit. I can just keep tickling all I want.” He slowed down his finger. He let his sister breathe only for a moment. “See, I could stop… or I could.” Andy slid a single finger down her pit.

    “Nooho!” Leiah said. Her laughter was renewed as Andy continued to trace his finger around in her pit. “Andy! Aaaaannnndddy!” Leiah screamed.

    “You see, Leiah. I’m in control. And soon I’ll have the remote. Now, you can give it to me. Or I can keep tickling. Choice is yours,” Andy said, his cruel words being used in a psychological way of try and get her to really feel the situation she was in.

    Leiah gripped the remote tighter. Should she give in? She hated being tickled. God, did she hate it. It was so horrible. Leiah shook her head. No! she would not give in. She was going to get free. She would not give in.

    “Come on, Leiah,” Andy said. “All you have to do is give me the remote.”

    “No! Never!” Leiah exclaimed definitely through her giggles.

    Andy couldn’t help smiling. His finger glided up and down Leiah’s armpit. “Ok, I’ll just keep going.” His finger circled Leiah’s armpit.

    Leiah was enthralled in hysterical laughter, yet she held on to the remote.

    Unfortunately for Leiah, Andy started to use his baby voice. He said a word that always got Leiah.

    “Cootchie cootchie,” Andy said.

    Leiah’s laughter got louder and louder. “No! Not the cootchies! Not the cootchie cootchie!” she shouted at the top of her lungs.

    “Yes, the cootchies.” Andy gently used all five of his fingers. “Cootchie cootchie. Come on, sis. Cootchie cootchie. Give me the remote.”

    Leiah furiously attempted to throw her brother off of her. She squirmed under his weight and tried to free her arm. She had to get free. She just had to.

    Andy raked his fingers down his sister’s hollow. He went faster and faster with each up and down motion. Soon he was using all his video skills to the test, as he wickedly moved his fingers. Over and over, he said, “Cootchie coootchie.” He’d pause. Then he’d say it again. “Cootchie.” His fingers flying down his sister’s side. “Cootchie cootchie.”

    Leiah was dying. Her whole diaphragm was being used to push out her full laughter. She tried harder and harder to find some relief. To somehow get out from her brother’s clutches. But she was trapped. Sweat poured down her body. She was slowly losing grip on the remote. She was more focused on laughing. She wanted to let the remote go. To use her hand to try and protect herself. Her body yearned for some sort of defense. She strained in the moment, but knew she couldn’t take it anymore.

    “Ok! Ok! You can have it!” She dropped the remote. It hit the floor. Her now free hand went to cover up her armpit and block her brother’s attack.
    Andy stopped his assault. But he wasn’t done yet.

    With a quick motion, Andy moved down towards the other end of the couch. He gripped his sister’s legs in a figure four leg lock. He twisted and rolled them both onto their stomachs. Andy sat up.
    Unfortunately, for Leiah who was wearing her pajamas. She only had her top and shorts on. She didn’t have socks. And her bare feet were completely exposed.

    “W-what are you doing? I gave you the remote,” Leiah said in between heavy breathes and residual giggles.

    “I’m going to punish you for taking the remote,” Andy replied. He reached forward and his fingers along Leiah’s soles.

    Leiah fell back into a world of hysterics. With a cry, she said, “Andyyyyyy! Andy! Nooooooohohohohohoh! Don’t! Hehehehahahahahahahahahaha! Don’t tickle my feet!”

    Of course, Andy didn’t listen to his sister’s pleas. Instead, he ferociously kept scratching his nails down the middle of both his sister’s feet.

    “This is what you get for stealing the remote!” Andy shouted.

    Leiah grabbed the cushion of the couch. She closed her eyes and did her best to block out the sensations, but it was too much. Laughter continued to pour out of her like an endless stream.

    “Please, Andy! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Not my feet! Haahahahahahah! You know how ticklish my feet are!” Leiah screamed.

    Andy did know. This wasn’t the first time he’d done this. In fact, he’d purposefully chosen to go after her feet. He knew how ticklish they were. He knew how it would drive his sister wild. He wanted her to suffer. Using all his weight to make sure his sister couldn’t get free, Andy used both hands. His fingers running along Leiah’s soles like he was typing up an essay.

    “Cootchie cootchie, sis!” Andy teased.

    Leiah tried to reach behind her and hit Andy. But all she could hit was his back, and it wasn’t a clear shot. Eventually, her fruitless effort turned back into her laying on the couch. She was so tired. Her belly hurt. But yet Andy’s tickling breathed a fire in her. She pounded her fist into the couch.

    “Andy! Stop! Hehehehe! I can’t take it! Hahahahahahah! No more! Please!” Leiah begged.

    But Andy wasn’t done. He wanted to really make his sister suffer. He went after the one spot he knew she couldn’t stand. Her worst spot. He went after her toes. Andy’s fingers wiggled over his sister’s scrunched toes. He pushed them open. His fingers squirming their way into between.

    Leiah lost it. She went berserk. Her cackling doubled in volume. She floundered on the couch. Tears formed in her eyes.

    “Not my toes! Not my toes! Hahahahahhaha! Not there! Anywhere but there!” Leiah yelled as loudly as she could.

    Andy scribbled and scribbled. A look of sadist enthrallment had taken over. He wanted to make sure his sister suffered for what she did.

    “Cootchie cootchie,” he said.

    Leiah didn’t think it would get any worse, but then Andy said her least favorite word. She fell into silent laughter. Her body shook. It was the worst thing she’d ever felt. At least at the time that’s what she thought.

    “Cootchie cootchie,” Andy repeated over and over. His fingers teasing each toe. He mercilessly raked his fingers along every inch of Leiah’s soles. Not a single spot was spared.

    Leiah was in full silent laughter. She was laughing so hard. She’d never laughed this hard in her life.

    Three more minutes of toe tickle torture ensued, with Andy saying, “Cootchie cootchie,” to tease his sister.

    When he finally stopped, Leiah couldn’t move. She laid there. She took in each breath like she’d been without air.

    Andy merely walked over, picked up the remote, and put back on his show.

    Leiah was beaten and broken. She couldn’t believe that it had happened again. When she finally had strength, she got up, and went to her room. The humiliation of being beaten by her brother again through tickling was too much to bear. Leiah swore vengeance, but didn’t know how to obtain it.

    Round 2: Andy vs Yolanda (f/m)

    Andy groaned. “I’m never going to figure this out.”

    “Yes, you will,” Yolanda said.

    Andy looked at Yolanda. She had been his tutor for the SATs, and she had even been helping him to make sure he kept his grades up, so that he could wrestle. Without her, Andy would’ve been unable to compete.

    Yolanda had originally been Andy and Leiah’s babysitter when they were younger. So, when Andy wasn’t doing well in school, they’d asked Yolanda for help.

    The Latina was in her forties, she wasn’t slim, but she was athletic. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world, but she was definitely still an attractive woman. She had pretty brown eyes, long black hair, and a cute smile. Andy had always had something of a small crush on her. Though, his attraction never stopped him from being unable to see her as his tutor. But Andy still having himself thinking about Yolanda and having dirty thoughts about her. He couldn’t help thinking about her ass. Yolanda wasn’t super busty, but she had an amazing big butt, and Andy always stared at it when he could.

    Andy looked down at the paper. English was a strange subject to him. Here he was speaking it, but yet when it came to reading some story and comprehending what the symbols meant. Well, Andy was completely lost. Truthfully, before Yolanda, Andy would’ve watched the movie and based his book report on that, or used the internet to tell him.

    But Yolanda always encouraged him to learn. She was always so sweet. And usually she found a way to help Andy get better grades.

    Today was no different.

    “So, I heard you won your last wrestling match,” Yolanda said.

    Andy nodded.

    “Do you like wrestling a lot?” she asked.

    “I love wrestling. It’s soooo much fun. I wish I could do that instead of learning. If tests were wrestling matches, I’d win every time.”

    “Oh, confident. Well, you know I used to wrestle.”

    Andy raised an eyebrow. “You used to wrestle?”

    Yolanda nodded. “Yes, I was very good at it.”

    Andy squinted his eyes. “Are you sure? I think your lying. I bet I’m a way better wrestler than you.”

    “Oh, you think so?” Yolanda said. “Well, why don’t we put that to the test. Let’s see how good you are.”

    Andy’s eyes lit up. “Really? What about studying?”

    Yolanda shrugged. “Well come back to it. You need a break. And I need to kick your ass.”

    “Yeah right. You are going down!” Andy said.

    The two made their way down to the living room. They moved the coffee table and couch out of the way. The room was cleared of any objects that could get in their way. They made sure they had enough space.

    “Are you ready to lose?” Yolanda said.

    “You aren’t going to beat me,” Andy replied.

    Yolanda laughed. “What? You afraid you’ll get yo ass beat by a girl.”

    Andy shook his head. “Nope. Cause you aren’t going to win.”

    “First one to pin the other for three seconds wins, ok?” Yolanda asked.

    Andy nodded. “Sounds good.”

    The two got into a ready position. They circled each other. Both stared at each other waiting for someone to make the first move.

    Andy leapt at Yolanda.

    The two locked up. They struggled.

    Andy went to slide behind her, so he could take her back.

    But Yolanda was quick. Quicker than Andy thought. She was so fast. Andy didn’t even see what she did.

    Andy found himself on the floor. Yolanda on top of him.

    He wasn’t sure how she’d even done that.

    “1…” Yolanda counted.

    Andy tried to get out.

    But Yolanda held him tight.

    “2…” she said.

    Andy pushed, he pulled. He tried to use his muscles, but Yolanda had him.

    To his shock, Andy heard.


    Andy couldn’t believe it. She’d beat him. How had she done it.

    “I win!” Yolanda said.

    “I…” Andy said. He looked at her. Then he pouted. “No fair! You cheated!”

    Yolanda shook her head. “No, I didn’t. You lost fair and square.”

    “You cheated!” Andy said out of frustration.

    “Oh, someone sounds angry. Don’t be a hater. You need to laugh more.” Yolanda reached out and pinched Andy in the ribs.

    Andy yelped. “Eep! Hey! Quit it!”

    Yolanda did it again.

    Same reaction.

    Yolanda poked him.

    A small titter came from Andy’s mouth. “Hey! Stop! Get off me!”

    With a sly smile, Yolanda said, “Are you ticklish little Andy?”

    Andy’s eyes widened at that. “No… I… uh… Hey! I said stop! Don’t do that!”

    “Why? Does it tickle?” Yolanda dug her fingers into Andy’s side.

    “Heeehheeeyyy! Yes! Ok! Hehehehehe! It tickles! Now stop!”

    Yolanda shook her head. “I don’t think so. The victor chooses what they do to the loser. And you sounded so angry. I’m going to make sure you laugh some more.”

    Her hand trailed down Andy’s side. It went into his armpit.

    Andy giggled like crazy. “Nooohoohoho! Get out of there! Heheheheheh! Stop! Heheheehe! Ok, you win! You win!”

    “I know I won. That’s why I’m tickling you.” Yolanda’s fingers prob along Andy’s side. She even touches his belly a couple of times. But eventually Yolanda decides to go after Andy’s armpit where she finds the most reaction.

    “Look at you giggle. You are giggling like a little school boy. Yes, you are very ticklish, aren’t you?”

    Andy tries to move. He struggles under Yolanda’s weight, but she has him pinned good. He can barely move his arms.

    When he does, Yolanda moves quickly. She is able to press her knees down on his biceps, and hold his arms.

    Andy bucks in an attempt to get her off him. But Yolanda has a firm grip on him. Andy can’t believe how strong she is. He realizes she has him knotted up like a pretzel.

    Yolanda’s fingers work both of Andy’s armpits.

    Andy squeals as both of Yolanda’s hands enter his hollows. He wished he wasn’t wearing a tank top with shorts on now.

    Her nails scramble along Andy’s sensitive skin.

    He can’t help it anymore; his laughter goes from giggles into loud chuckles.

    “Bahahahahahahahahaha! Yolanda! Stop! Please! Hahahahahahaha! This is torture!” Andy shouted through his chortles.

    “Come on. You’re a tough guy. What? You can’t take a little tickling.” Yolanda said teasing the young man under her.

    Andy shakes his head.

    Yolanda smiles. “I see. You are very ticklish. Well, can you not take it.” She pauses. Then she rapidly skitters her fingers inside along his belly.

    Due to all of Andy’s struggles. His tank top has ridden up, and his bare belly is exposed. It is a perfect target for Yolanda’s nails.

    Andy can do nothing, but reply with laughter. His belly is tickled, but Yolanda soon moves down to his sides. She even reaches over and gives Andy’s hips a quick squeeze, which made Andy yelp. Though, again, Yolanda finds that the best spot to go for is Andy’s ticklish armpits.

    “Listen to you laugh. You have such a high pitch laugh. It sounds more like a woman than a man,” Yolanda teases.

    Unable to move from his pinned position. Andy is forced to continue laughing his head off.

    At this moment, Leiah was returning from her friend’s house. She pulled up into the driveway. She was a bit sad that she had to leave her friend’s house so soon. But she had to get her homework done, and be prepared for the next day. She opened the door and got out of the car. Leiah went up the walkway and up to the door. Leiah stopped. She thought she heard something, but couldn’t make out what it was. She leaned in, but was still unable to discern the sound. Leiah wondered what it could be. She knew that her brother, Andy, was being tutored by their old babysitter, Yolanda. Though, she couldn’t imagine what was happening. Had something gone wrong. Leiah shook her head, no that didn’t make sense. She remembered finding out a couple of years ago that Andy had a crush on Yolanda. Then Leiah felt weird. What if they were… doing… that? Leiah shivered a bit. That felt weird. Should she leave? She could just come back later. Then Leiah got a bit angry. This was her house to. Andy had to know that. And Yolanda would never do anything creepy like that. Right?

    There was only one way to find out. Leiah had to go in. Besides, she lived her. She deserved to be able to come home, and enjoy her home. She reached for her keys. She pulled them out. She placed them in the lock and opened the door.

    Leiah feared for the worst. She didn’t want to hear something awkward. But she did. Though, it wasn’t what she expected. She listened, and heard her brother. He was laughing. And by the sound of it, he was laughing really hard.

    Confused by the situation, Leiah wasn’t sure what to make of it. Though, she decided to just go and find out. It sounded like they were in the living room. So, there was no point in guessing when she could go find out. Maybe it was just a really funny movie? But wasn’t Andy supposed to be studying with Yolanda. Ugh, this was so awkward. Leiah just had to find out.

    She made her way into the living room. She gasped at the sight before her. Her brother was pinned down by Yolanda, who was… who was… tickling him.

    Yolanda held Andy’s arms down at his biceps, and she was doing it with her knees. Somehow, Yolanda had Andy pinned. Leiah stood there in shocked. She’d been to multiple wrestling matches and watched Andy wrestle. He was good, and she’d never seen a single person be able to pin him. But there it was. Yolanda had her brother trapped beneath her. What was even more interesting was that Yolanda was tickling Andy’s armpits. She listened to her brother laugh and laugh like he’d never done before. Leiah saw tears forming in his eyes. She watched him tried to get out of the hold, but couldn’t. Leiah had never realized how ticklish her brother was. Whenever she’d tried to tickle him, he was always motionless, he never laughed, so she didn’t think he was ticklish. But Yolanda had him on the floor, screaming, and laughing like crazy. Leiah slowly walked forward, wondering if what she saw was true. But every second she came to realize that it was. Her brother was ticklish. As ticklish as she was. He’d only been able to hide it from her. But now she knew. Now she could see his weakness. Leiah watched Yolanda use her nails on her brother’s defenseless pits.

    Andy was so busy laughing he hadn’t seen his sister enter.

    Caught up in the moment, Yolanda didn’t notice Leiah enter the room. Then she felt something she couldn’t explain. Yolanda looked up and saw Leiah. Yolanda wondered what Leiah would say. Would she be angry? Would she think this was weird? Would she think this innocent, silly little wrestling match now being a full tickling moment be so awkward?

    “H-how did you pin him?” Leiah asked.

    Yolanda smiled. “I’m just good at what I do.” She winked at Leiah.

    Leiah got closer.

    “L-Leiah, make her stop! Please! She’s torturing me!” Andy cried out.

    Leiah shook her head. “Uh huh. I’m not helping you. In fact.” She turned to Yolanda. “Can I tickle him?”

    Yolanda had an evil grin. She nodded. “Of course, you can.”

    Andy’s eyes bulged. “No! Leiah! Help me!”

    Leiah giggled as she came closer. She took a spot near Andy’s feet. With a quick grab, she plucked off his black ankle socks, and revealed his feet.

    Yolanda went back to work on Andy’s upperbody.

    Andy in a fit of laughter started to kick his legs, trying to defend himself.

    Leiah backed away unsure of what to do.

    “Grab his ankles,” Yolanda said. “Get them in a headlock.”

    Leiah nodded. She wrapped her around her brother’s flailing ankles. “I got you now! It’s tickle time!”

    With that Leiah dug her nails into her brother’s feet.

    Andy went ballistic. His laughter echoed throughout the house. He wildly tried to break free of the hold.

    But Yolanda and Leiah made sure to keep him locked up.

    “Look at you go,” Leiah said. “You are bucking like a bull. And we just started.”

    Her teasing now added to Andy’s torture. He felt the fifteen fingers use their sharp nails to tease and torment his sensitive body. He laughed and laughed.

    “Oh shit!” Andy screamed. “Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh my god! Hahahahahahahahaha! No! No!”

    “Yes! Yes! Cootchie cootchie coo!” Leiah replied. “Tickle tickle!”

    “Wahahahahahahahahahaha! OH god! Stop! Hahahahahahahaha! STOP!” Andy cried out.

    “Stop. No way,” Leiah said. She traced her nails up and down her brother’s feet. She moved her finger around the ball of his foot. Her fingers down along his arch, and touched his toes.

    Andy kept laughing. He felt like he couldn’t breathe. He then tried to tell both Yolanda and Leiah. But neither of the two women cared. They just kept tickling him.

    “Oh god! Stop! Hahahahahahahahahahahah! No more! I’ll do anything!” Andy exclaimed.

    Leiah was partially intrigued. “Yes? You’ll do what?”

    “I’ll do the dishes! Hahahahahahahaha!”

    “Eh, you can do better,” she said.

    “I’ll clean your room!” Andy shouted.

    “Are you even trying?” Leiah asked.

    Andy curled his toes. But every time he did so, Leiah would force to re-open. Sometimes she just snuck her finger between them by worming it in, other times she would just simply run her fingers down his arch causing him to spread his toes.

    Leiah noticed as she tickled and teased her brother’s toes that he would laugh even harder.

    It seemed that both Andy and Leiah had the same spot.

    Leiah immediately wasted no time in fluttering her fingers over her brother’s weak spot. She attacked it mercilessly without a single thought. She wanted him to pay. Pay for all the times he held her time. Pay for all the times he’d tickle her. She didn’t know if she’d ever get a chance like this again, so she was going to make sure she made the best of it.

    Andy’s laughter increased more and more as her sister worked over his worst spot. He gave in as quickly as he could.

    “I’ll do all your choirs!”

    “All of them?” Leiah asked.

    “Yes! YES! All of them!” Andy replied.

    Leiah smiled. “You promise!”

    “I promise!” Andy exclaimed.

    Leiah snickered. “Good. But I’m still going to punish you. You always tickle me. You always think you can just start wrestling, get me in some lock, and tickle me. You always do it when you don’t get your way. Now you are going to suffer!”

    Yolanda looked back. She heard Leiah giggle at the fact of being able to torment her brother. Yolanda even found Leiah’s actions to be a bit evil. And Yolanda loved it. She enjoyed helping Leiah get revenge on her brother. Hearing how Andy had used his wrestling skills to trap her and tickle her. Yolanda was even more happy to have made sure to bring Andy down a notch. Yolanda liked Andy, but she knew that Andy could be very arrogant. All Yolanda could think is that the cocky young man needed to be taught a lesson.

    Realizing this, Yolanda’s fingers skated effortlessly even faster in Andy’s armpits.

    Andy writhed about like a snake. He squirmed. He twisted. He did anything he could to get away from the sensations which were overpowering him. Andy even cried out multiple times in an effort to beg his tormentors to stop. But neither did.

    Leiah was more than happy to listen to her brother plead for her to stop. It the first time in a long time that she had heard this. And it was music to her ears. She enjoyed the way her brother laughed. It was very cute. Almost as cute as the way his feet flexed, and bobbed up and down while she tickled them. She thought it was funny the way he’d curl his toe. But it was even more hilarious when Andy tried to protect one foot with the other. Leiah almost died at how adorable it was. She found it fun to keep on skittering her nails down whichever sole stood in front at the moment.

    “Gahahahahahahahahahah! Please Yolanda! Stop! Hahahahahahaha! I’ve been tickled enough!” Andy exclaimed.

    Yolanda thought about it, but shook her head. “Nope. I don’t think you had.”

    The two women tormented Andy, both taking pleasure in raking their nails along the young man’s sensitive skin. Both women found it amusing when Andy’s laughs became almost high pitched. Neither had expected such a muscular man to have such a squeal. Yolanda and Leiah continued to tease the young man for another ten minutes. Ten minutes of pure torture for Andy.

    “PLEASE! I can’t take it!” he shouted. “I’m going to pee my pants!”

    Though, the two women really wanted to continue to humiliate the young man. They decided to stop.

    Andy lay there breathing heavily. Giggles still coming from his mouth.


    Yolanda hugged Leiah. “Bye. I’ll see you all later.” She looked past Leiah and to Andy. She waved at him. “Bye Andy. I’ll see you next week for our tutoring session. You’d better do all the work I gave you.” She raised her hands, and wiggled her fingers meaningly. “Otherwise, I’ll tickle you.”

    Andy tried to hide it, but a chill ran down his back. The thought of being tickled again scared him. He waved as if nothing was wrong.

    “I’ll walk you out,” Leiah said.

    Yolanda nodded.

    The two women exited the house and walked towards Yolanda’s car.

    Leiah scratched the back of her head. “Um… so Yolanda.”

    Yolanda smiled. She placed her hands on her hips. “Mmmm got something to ask me.”

    Leiah tried not to look embarrassed. “I… well… yeah.”

    “Got anything to do with tickling your brother,” Yolanda scoffed.

    If Leiah was blushing, she was now. “How’d you know?”

    “Just a hunch. I’m guessing you want revenge? You two wrestling? He always wins by getting you in some sort of lock, and tickling you.”

    Leiah nodded. “Every time. He did it this morning. We fought over the remote, and the jerk… he… he always ends up pinning. And then.” She trailed off. She looked away. The memory of this morning coming back to her. She turned and looked Yolanda in the eye. “He always ends up tickling me, and I always give in. I’m so damn ticklish.”
    Yolanda laughed. “Like brother, like sister.”

    Leiah didn’t want to admit it. She wanted to believe that Andy was way more ticklish than her. But the truth was that both siblings were as ticklish as it got.

    “No,” Leiah responded. “He’s way more ticklish.”

    “Are you sure?” Yolanda asked. She reached forward and poked Leiah.

    “Eep! Don’t! Yolanda!” Leiah squeaked.

    Yolanda grinned. “You seem very ticklish.”

    Leiah sighed. “Ok. We are both really ticklish. I just want to know how you beat him. How did you pin him down?”

    Now realizing what Leiah meant, Yolanda gave an ah ha look. Though Yolanda knew, she wanted Leiah to tell her.

    “Oh, you want to beat him at his own game?” Yolanda asked.

    “Yeah!” Leiah nodded enthusiastically.

    Yolanda touched her cheek. “Mmmmm, ok. I’ll teach you. But you gotta make sure to do what I say. And you gotta promise to beat that boy, and make sure he gets the tickling of his life.”

    Leiah raised her pinkie. “I promise.”

    Yolanda wrapped her pinkie around Leiah’s. “Come over to my place tomorrow. I’ll show you some moves.”

    “I’ll be there. And Yolanda,” Leiah said.


    “Thank you,” Leiah said.

    Yolanda smiled. “Us girls gotta stick together. Girl power!”

    Round 3: Andy vs Leiah, the rematch (f/m and light m/f)

    It had been over a week since the incident where Leiah had walked in on Yolanda tickling her brother. Leiah had gone over to Yolanda’s on Sunday. She practiced with her. Leiah went on Wednesday. She even went on Friday choosing to skip out on hanging with her friends. It was also on Friday night when she issued the challenge to her brother. Leiah told him they’d wrestle on Saturday night, first one to pin the other for five seconds wins, and has to do the loser’s chores for two months, and anything else the winner wants them to. Andy at first wasn’t sure why his sister was so adamant to wrestle, but he decided to go along with it. Leiah even made sure he was in by calling him chicken and telling him he was scared to get beat by a girl. So, Andy’s pride was definitely hurt and on the line.

    Her brother of course accepted. Leiah made sure to say Yolanda would be there to make sure whoever loss couldn’t go back on their word. Andy stupidly accepted. He had no idea what he was in for.

    Saturday night came. The three prepared the living room for the main event.

    Yolanda went over to Leiah and whispered in her ear, “Don’t forget what I taught you.”

    Leiah nodded. “He’s going down.”

    “Good girl,” Yolanda said.

    Yolanda went in between the two. “Remember, this is a wrestling match. First one to pin the other for five seconds.” She held up her hand. “Wins.”

    It was finally time for the rematch.

    The two siblings stood apart from each other. Each of them crouched a bit. They circled each other.

    “Looks like you’ve been trying to learn to wrestle,” Andy said. “But do you really think you learned enough to beat me.”

    “I’m going to beat you,” Leiah replied. She stuck her tongue out at him.

    Andy scoffed. “I’ve been wrestling for years now. You just started. Are you really that stupid?”

    Leiah wanted to jump in, and go for it. But she knew Andy was taunting her. Yolanda had told Leiah this would happen. She’d also told her not to take the bait.

    “Come on, sis. Just give up,” Andy said. “I’ll be fair and only make it a month if you do. Otherwise, I’m going to beat you. Then I’m going to.” He wiggled his fingers. “Tickle you.”

    Leiah gulped. Just the thought of being tickled scared the crap out of her. It also made her angry. She squinted at her brother. “Never. You are going to lose. And once I’ve pinned you, I’m going to tickle you so bad, you’re going to wet your pants this time.”

    This time it was Andy’s turn to feel a bit of fear. But he didn’t show it.

    “Oh, getting cocky now. I see how it is. Well, if you’re so tough, come at me. Or are you going to keep saying how you are going to beat me. I think you are weak, little girl.”

    Leiah clutched her fist. She hated being called weak. She was not weak. She was strong. She’d show her brother.

    “Come on, Leiah. You being a scared, weak girl. Too afraid of being tickled,” Andy mocked.

    She shouldn’t have rushed in. She was told to stand her ground and wait him out. But Leiah couldn’t help herself. She wanted to make her brother eat his words.

    Leiah lunged at Andy.

    The two came together. At first it seemed an even match. But Andy used his strength and weight against his sister. He was able to place her head under his right arm.

    “I got you, now!” Andy said. “How about a preview of what’s to come?” Andy started to poke his sister in her ribs.

    “H-h-hey! That’s not fair!” Leiah shouted as she started to giggle.

    Andy shook his head. “It’s fair.” He continued to pinch his sister’s side. He even moved his fingers up into her armpit.

    Leiah felt her legs become jello. She could barely keep standing. Within moments, she was a giggling mess. Her laughter filled the room.

    “Hehehehehe! You cheater! Hahahahahaha!” Leiah exclaimed.

    She tried to back out of her brother’s hold, but couldn’t get free.

    So, instead, Leiah decided to do something different.

    She fought back.

    “T-t-woooohooo can play at this gaaahahame!” Leiah said as she grabbed at her brother’s side.

    Andy eeped in surprise. He didn’t think she’d tickle him. She’d never tickled him while they were wrestling. He couldn’t help flinching. His fingers stopped.

    This led way for Leiah to pull herself out of her brother’s hold.

    The two now stared at each other. Again, they circled.

    They came back together. This time, Leiah used a move she’d learn from Yolanda. She twisted her brother’s arm.

    Andy grunted. He tried to break loose, but his sister had him tight. That’s when he felt something wiggle into his armpit.

    “Gehehehehehehe! Get out of there!” Andy chuckled.

    Leiah smiled. “I don’t think so. This is for cheating!”

    Andy felt his sister move her fingers in his pit. Though, his reflexive struggling made it easier for him to escape. That and Leiah had only one hand to hold him.

    Once again, the siblings squared off.

    Andy made the first move. He made a play to get his sisters back. Leiah tried to counter him, but Andy used his hand like a lobster claw on her side, which distracted Leiah enabling Andy to get his sister into a headlock.

    At first, Leiah was trying to stop the choke, but then she switched strategies. One hand kept her from being knocked out, while the other poked Andy’s side. She pressed over and over. Laying on top of Andy, gave her easy access for her to keep striking.

    When Andy loosened his grip, that’s when Leiah flipped him.

    Andy hit the ground. Leiah was on him quickly.

    She went for the pin.

    Yolanda counted down. “1… 2…”

    Andy tried to get out, but his sister was doing a good job of holding him. He couldn’t believe she was doing this. Then he saw his chance. Leiah’s bare foot was only inches from his hand. He smiled. Andy reached forward and ran his hands along his sister’s sole.

    Leiah freaked out. “Wahahahahaaha! Get away from my feet!” she called out.

    Andy quickly countered his sister. Now he had her in the pin.

    Yolanda started the count. “1… 2… 3… 4…”

    Leiah felt fear race through her. She couldn’t lose again. Not again. Not after all the hard work she put in. Leiah struggled, but couldn’t get out from under her brother. Shit! What was she going to do?”

    It came to her in a duh moment. She slipped both hands into her brother’s pits and wiggled her fingers.

    Instantly, Andy was reduced to giggles. This enabled Leiah to slip out from under him.

    Again, Leiah turned the match in her favor, and pinned her brother.

    “1… 2… 3…” Yolanda counted. “4…”

    Andy pushed his fingers into his sister’s side.

    Leiah couldn’t stop the giggles.

    ‘Hold on!’ Leiah though. ‘Just hold on!’

    She tightened her grip, even as she laughed.

    “5…” Yolanda said. “Leiah wins!” she shouted.

    Leiah couldn’t believe it. She let go of her brother.

    Andy scowled. “No way! That was sooo unfair!”

    “It was fair,” Leiah snapped.

    Yolanda nodded. “She beat you fair and square. You have to do whatever she says for two months, plus all her chores.”

    Andy was in shock. How could he have lost? This didn’t make any sense.

    “And to the loser goes the tickles,” Leiah said.

    “What?!” Andy shot her a look. “What do y-y-you- NO! Leiah, s-stop! AAaaahhhhahahahahahha!”

    Leiah was digging into her brother’s sides.

    Andy went to tickle her back. But Yolanda appeared next to him.

    Yolanda grabbed Andy’s hands holding them. “Get em’ girl!”

    Leiah had a devious smile. “Oh, I plan on getting him. I’m going to make sure I get his FEET!”

    Andy’s eyes almost bulged out of his sockets. “Leiah. You can’t. Please! Don’t tickle my feet.”

    “What?! Are you?” Leiah looked back at her brother as she wrapped him up in a leglock. She wiggled her fingers near his left foot. “Too ticklish on your fweetsie weetsie.” She manically laughed. “Too bad!” With that, Leiah started scraping her nails along the bottom of her brother’s soles.

    Andy lost it. He tried to struggle, but the two women held him down. He was stuck. He could do nothing, but flex his feet in hopes of dulling the ticklish sensations. But even that didn’t help the trapped young man. He was at the mercy of his sister and tutor again, for the second time!

    “Tickle tickle! I won, and now it’s time for tickles,” Leiah sang as she traced her nails up and down her brother’s soles.

    “Plehehehehease! Yolanda! Make her stop! Hahahahahahahahaha! I give up! I give up!” Andy shouted.

    Yolanda shook her head. “Uh huh. You’ve been very mean to your sister. Tickling her to get your way. She told me all about your unfair matches. So, I taught her some moves, and helped her beat you.”

    Andy would’ve been shocked and maybe hurt to hear this, but he was laughing so hard that he didn’t even fully care. He just didn’t want to be tickled.

    “In fact, I think I’m going to make sure you get what you deserve.” Yolanda moved Andy’s arms above his head. Then she pinned him in a school girl pin, keeping her knees on his biceps. This freed her hands. She then reached forward and dug them into Andy’s hairy pits.

    The young man’s laughter sky rocket as he now had two ticklers teasing his sensitive body.

    Both women ran their nails along, but what made it worse was the way they taunted him.

    “Andy’s got ticklish pits!” Yolanda exclaimed.

    “Andy’s got ticklish feet too. Such ticklish feet,” Leiah added.

    “He’s the most ticklish boy in the world,” Yolanda replied.

    Over and over the two women continued to mock Andy and his predicament.

    Yolanda would lean forward towards Andy’s face and say, “Who’s the most ticklish boy in the world? Come on, Mr. I’m a strong man, tell us how weak and ticklish you are.”

    Leiah couldn’t help a snicker when she heard Yolanda. She joined in. “Yes. We should get this on camera. We will tell all the girls about how ticklish you are. Especially on your feet and armpits. I bet they would love that.”

    “I’m going to make sure you answer a question wrong in our tutor session to punish you by tickling you,” Yolanda said.

    Andy was in hell. He twisted. He pulled in an effort to get out of the hold. But his effort was in vain. The two ladies had him. He was forced to lay there. He could feel their nails ravage his tender flesh. He continued to laugh harder and harder. His pitch getting higher.

    “Listen to him squeal like a girl. It’s so cute!” Yolanda teased.

    “I’ve always wanted a sister,” Leiah said.

    “No more! No more! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I’ll do anything!” Andy shouted.

    Yolanda shook her head. “We don’t want anything, do we Leiah?”

    “We just want to tickle you!” Leiah answered.

    Andy shook. He was profusely sweating. He closed his eyes. More laughter boomed out of him as the girls picked up their pace. Their nails seemingly found every ticklish spot on him. Not to mention they kept abusing those spots and were tickling the living daylights out of him. He continued to try to plead, and to beg with them. But they didn’t listen.

    “Gahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh god! I can’t take it! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!” Andy cried.

    “OH be quiet!” Yolanda said. She placed her large, Latina butt onto Andy’s face.

    Andy was somewhat confused with this. On one hand he was a bit freaked. Yolanda had placed her butt on his face. But it was Yolanda, a woman he’d been crushing on. And now, he has her ass in his face. Andy was very conflicted. He hoped his sister, nor Yolanda, would notice.

    Neither would see it. Both Yolanda and Leiah were too busy enjoying their new tickle toy. They loved watching his body squirm. They enjoyed tormenting him. And they were going to torture him for a quite some time.

    “Cootchie cootchie coo,” Yolanda said. “How do you like my butt in your face?” She wiggled her behind a bit.

    Andy was a bit embarrassed to admit it, but he kinda liked it. Though, he feigned his disappointment with a groan in between his laughs.

    Leiah thought the situation was funny. She hoped her brother was suffering.

    The two women poured on the tickles. Leiah scratched every bit of Andy, especially his toes. She played with each toe. She went in between each toe. When Andy scrunched up his toes in order to protect them. Leiah would force them open up. She made him splay them out, and then invaded the tender flesh. Yolanda on the other hand worked over his upper body. She raked her nails up his sides. She raised his shirt, and went along his tummy. She played in his belly button. Yolanda felt a slight jump from him when she did this. But she knew what really got Andy was when she put her nails in his armpits. That’s when she got him to jerk about. For Yolanda, it almost felt like riding a bull. But she was good at keeping her balance.

    For over thirty minutes the two girls tickled Andy. When they finally stopped. Andy was so tired, he couldn’t move. He was even crying.

    “Are you crying?” Leiah asked.

    Andy shook his head. He tried to wipe it away. “No, I’m not.”

    “I think the tickles were too much for him,” Yolanda said.

    “Oh, definitely. He couldn’t handle it,” Leiah replied.

    “I-I could handle it,” Andy said.

    Both girls laughed.

    “You sure?” Yolanda said.

    Leiah raised her hands. “Does that mean you want more?”

    “No! Don’t! No more!” Andy screamed.

    But taking his words as a challenge, the two women went back at it for another five minutes before stopping for good.

    Andy did not egg them on again after that. This time he kept his mouth shut. He wanted to make sure he didn’t receive any more tickling.

    It took him a minute, but finally Andy was starting to catch his breath. The two girls were still making fun of him and how ticklish he was. But Andy let it go. He didn’t care as long as he didn’t get tickled again.


    The next day, Andy was watching TV.

    Leiah came down. She held out her hand. “Remote.”

    Andy sighed. He handed it over.

    “Thank you,” Leiah said.

    Leiah switched shows.

    Andy took a moment. He wasn’t sure he should say this, but he decided to do it anyway. “Hey Leiah.”

    Leiah looked over. “Yeah?”

    “I… well…” Andy took a moment before looking at his sister. “I’m glad things are ok between us. I didn’t realize how you felt about being tickled, not until yesterday. Though, I am happy we can now wrestle equally. I think it's fun how we can now both innocently have fun tickling each other.”

    Leiah smiled. At first, she hadn’t wanted to admit that tickling wasn’t so bad. She always saw it as being so horrible. But hearing Andy say that. Well, it made her feel good. It made her happy. She nodded. “Yeah. I am too.”


    “Yes, Andy?”

    Andy stroked his chin. “Do you think we could team up and go after Yolanda?”

    Leiah blinked. “What?”

    “I think we should team up and tickle Yolanda.”

    Leiah nodded. “Let's do it!”

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    Awesome story! Yolanda and Leiah rock!
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    Fine story! I envy Andy.
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