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    American Tickling: Beware Imposters

    To American Tickling fans & TMF Community,

    I want to make you all to be aware of imposter social media accounts that have been trying to exploit the hard work that I have put into building my brand for their own benefit. Such as this imposter Twitter account:


    As noted on the bottom of my website (www.americantickling.com), I want the community to be aware that we are not active on any social media platforms besides the YouTube channel (American Tickling) that is linked on our website. American Tickling has the website, Clips4Sale page, and the YouTube channel and that is all. These imposter accounts try to message women "to work with AT", reach out to other producers for "collaboration" and scam fans for "custom clips". Imposters such as this one are a threat to all legitamite producers being able to continue to deliver our content and to the community as a whole. Please report imposter accounts and stay safe out there.

    Best Regards,

    - American Tickling

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    Apr 2005
    i have say love your tickle videos women are super gergous sweet and cute and adroable and so ticklish you sure do have a good job tickling these fine lady's

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    Apr 2003
    Report that Twitter as an imposter and get it removed.
    Quote Originally Posted by AdmiralBeatty View Post
    LOL dude. I've tickled nearly 300 women. I think I would know.

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