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    Switch Coming to Dallas!

    Hey, everyone!

    Late February/Early March of next year I will be traveling to Dallas for a (most likely) solo vacation.

    Ahead of that, I figured I would post here and see if there would be anyone in that area that would like to chat with an eye towards possibly meeting up while I'm there.

    36 M Switch. Lee for M or F, Ler for F, looking for tickling that does not (necessarily) lead to more. I love tickling and am looking to session. Ticklish everywhere and am an experience ler.

    Feel free to private message me!
    C'mon...laugh for me...

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    Figured I would bump this thread since I'm officially going to Dallas now! March 1st through 3rd! Looking to play while I'm away! Feel free to reach out!
    C'mon...laugh for me...

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    Oct 2005
    Dallas, TX
    hey, never heard back from you
    TicklinGuy (TG)
    "Laughter is good for the SOUL, and the SOLE is good for laughter."

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