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    Mar 2013
    Baltimore,, Maryland
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    Red face If You Had to Give a Piece of Advice…

    Hey all,

    It’s me again, your favorite ticklish butterfly. I’ve come to ask a question to of the most welcoming and friendliest communities around. As some of you know, I’m tying the knot with my fiancé next August and that got me thinking…

    What is some advice that you’d give to an engaged or newly married couple?
    Any tips or tricks you would recommend?
    Do you have any well learned knowledge that you’d pass on?
    Any tips for on the big day of?

    If so, please respond below. I’d be very interested to read the responses from other folks who are also to some degree, kinky. There’s not too many places I can ask such a question in a non-vanilla space. Feel free to share anything you’re comfortable with, be it funny, serious, vanilla, or bedroom related.

    I’m looking forward to reading responses with my fiancé and maybe learning something new!

    Thanks all! You’re the best!

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    Nov 2007
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    I don't have any wedding advice because my wedding was a COVID wedding with just us and the officiant. From the outside, remember this is YOUR day. Don't stress if there are wrinkles, it will work out.

    As far as married life, know there may be little things that are cute now, but may turn out to be annoying AF once you have to live with day in and day out, but any strong marriage will withstand those!

    If you play outside of the relationship, communication, communication, communication! Have fun exploring new things together!

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    Nov 2012
    NY state... Hudson Valley
    Don't be shy about discussing money. It's not frilly or romantic in any way but it's very important. If one of you has a ton of debt or spends money on unimportant things, be honest about it and come up with a strategy to deal with it.

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    Jul 2005
    Portage, MI
    Never go to bed angry. Cliche but there's a reason it's always repeated.
    I want you
    to support science and reason!

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    Sep 2012
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    Never stop dating. Go to dinner at least once a month, explore new places, try new things, surprise each other. Eventually the newness and excitement of will wear off a tad, but that doesn't mean your love will wain.

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    Apr 2014
    NY State, USA
    If you ever get mail or a phone call promising stuff/money for free then rest assured it is A SCAM!
    Ghaleon: WHY have you DONE THIS? What IS IT that you CAN SEE that I CANNOT? TELL ME!

    Dyne: I see a bright hope for the future that resides in each and every human being.

    Ghaleon: I see only DESPAIR!

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    Mar 2017
    44333 ohio
    Communicate! Clearly!!!!!!!!! Lack of communication is the number one downfall. Dont make anyone ever assume, and dont assume about them. Weekly check in, "are your tanks full?" Meaning, are you and or your partner's verbal, physical, and emotional needs being met?
    Dont let anything simmer, and also tey ypur best to put ypurself in the others shoes if a disagreement arises.
    Please forgive any and all typos i dont catch. I have big hands and they dont play well with a touchscreen keyboard.

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