The recruit Shane Tappenden reported to his Sergeant in 'Z Chamber' after the evenings march practice so he was nervous and knew he faced a severe reprimand even Court Martial or dishonourable discharge having been caught with the illegal substance. The 6'1" recruit stood facing Sergeant Carey as he stared at him deeply in silence unnerving the 24 year old recruit.

"Nervous soldier!"

"No Sir!"

"No Sir, seems you have cause to be soldier, your future's in my hands right now, just as you are right soldier

"Right Sir, yes Sir!"

"How old are you solder?"

"24 Sir"

"24 so with a whole future ahead of you in the military if I choose it and tall and handsome you must be popular with girls!"

"I do alright yes Sir!"

"What size boots do you wear soldier boy?"

"Size 13's Sir"

"Right unlucky for some, take them off and strip to your underwear!"

"Pardon Sir!"

"Get your clothes off except underwear and socks, do it or you will be on report!"

The soldier sensed by the tone of his voice that the sergeant was serious and stooped down to unlace his boots and pulled them off and soon stood in his skivies and was told to lie on the bed in the room used for practice interrogations and was more nervous as he was secured to the restraint bed.

"Nervous now soldier boy?" said the Sergeant

"Er a little Sir!"

"Good as you know this room is off limits so we'll not be disturbed and it is sound proof and here interrogation techniques like White Noize are experimented with and there are many forms of interrogation and they don't all need to be painful even if physical and can be effective and leave no marks at all and I have been looking at your most recent medical reports and you responded violently to the 'Babinski' test and the soles of the feet are very easily stimulated and on some people more than others right soldier!"

"Er .. um yes Sir!"

"Yes Sir!"

The recruit helpless as the eye mask and gag were attached, he visibly shook and the sergeant smiled and told the soldier he would now have reason to be nervous as he was going to be punished and Sergeant Carey sat on a stool at the end of the bed and casually commented on the rankness of Tappenden's stinky big feet. He leaned close to them and said they both smelled like feet in black nylon socks and seeing Tappenden flinch his feet.

"You seem nervous soldier boy and understandable with my being close to your feet as reading your psychological report it seems you step-father used a unique method to make you toe the line, he tickled you on your feet and I am sat here within easy reach of doing so myself which will make you nervous, I see you wiggling your toes as I say so and you feel vulnerable as you are because you fear what is going to happen! Ticklishness is not something in a ticklish person's control, it's determined by the tickler not ticklee and it's humiliating having a weakness utilised as a punishment and even torture so why it's a favourite of mine to use of ticklish soldier boys like you Tappenden who need bringing into line!"

Sergeant Carey was a trained interrogator and was working on the recruit mentally, exquisitively sadistically and you are here to be punished but show promise as a soldier so do not wish to lose you or see your copy book blotted but behind enemy lines you would be a liability to us were your weakness to be detected and so you must be taught to toughen up soldier boy! As a trained interrogator I'm expert in the art using any means necessary and with you that's your feet and when I'm done they'll be more ticklish than you ever imagined, unbearably so and also a hypnotist and using the power of suggestion will feed you a word you will not remember the significance of but when said by me to you, you'll have the irresistible need to ask me to massage your feet and so invite me to explore them and their sensitivity, slowly, mercilessly and tortuously before beginning a ticklish assault of them but this later when this ticklish session is over!"

The sergeant then leaned into Tappenden's feet and sniffed them both, deeply inhaling their aroma and telling the soldier they smelled very strong and masculine and as he knew about the power of addiction he would relate to the sergeant finding sweaty n' smelly socked and barefeet addictive and he deeply inhaled their aroma again.

"Mmmmm very, very appealing and socks wet with sweat and sweaty warm feet the most sensitive of all and perfect to tickle torture as step-daddy found out!" said Sergeant Carey as he sniffed and licked both smelly socked feet. Secured unable to move his feet they were pressed against the sergeant's face as he sniffed and licked the socked soles making them flinch and Sergeant Carey remarked smiling he was glad even socked both feet were tongue ticklish.

"This will be fun soldier boy and will take time but you will have your socked feet played with and when I decide will peel off these socks and torment and tease these big then bare feet. Using hard n' soft tickling techniques using tickle tools as well as my fingers and mouth, I will not ruin the surprise what's used and blindfold you will have to guess and tell me what I am using and in my experience gentle tickling will be the worst so a feather by example, sawn in between each of your toes will be maddening and under your toes I imagine will drive you crazy."

"You will struggle to catch your breath as I tickle your feet simultaneously and will suck on and nibble your toes and lick your bare soles which will I am sure break you into constant laughter which I will enjoy hearing, it gets my dick hard and will also embarrass and humiliate you that another man is being so intimate with you and not a damn thing you can do about it! You will arch these feet and moan loudly as I ruthlessly tickle your big, ticklish feet soldier boy and remember step-daddy's torment of these feet which will be hot n' steaming!"

"I will tell you since he is no longer on base, there used to be a handsome recruit called Amir and he 6' with size 11 feet and had attitude until he was taught a lesson, a ticklish lesson and was where you are now and like you blindfold The tickle torture was intense and his feet very sweaty with warm, smooth soles and my fingers alternated from foot to foot making him moan and I indulged in tickling his feet, all over both sensitive soles and in between his toes so he could barely breathe. I tickled them with a dog grooming brush and the ticklishness by it drove Amir insane. Later licking them all over so they were both lubed with my saliva and then his soles and toes tickled with my fingers in a tickle-frenzy as like you soldier boy his foot smell intoxicating to me! Being from Iran he found it humiliating to have his feet given attention as he like many men of his origin consider feet dirty and his were, very sweaty as my fingers caressed his arches and no matter how he fought it, he could not hold back his laughter and struggling during the flood of tickling sensations he was enduring and something I took complete advantage of as I am going to enjoy your feet! He hypnotised endured twice weekly meetings for eight months before his transfer and won't remember them to ever speak of them as you won't Tappenden!"

"Amir's responses began as yours have and I tickled one foot bare and one socked and like you when his feet were clammy and smelly and with my fingers all over both feet alternated light teasing touches to the base of his toes with a scratching of his arches. I relished in exploiting his insane ticklishness and his humiliation especially licking his soles and sucking and nibbling on his toes but finding all manner of ways tickle torturing his feet Tappenden, using dry ball point pen, feather, pipe-cleaner as worse than the feather drawn between toes, he hated that but like for you, no escaping from the horrendous tickling of his feet as even gagged he screamed, shrieked, laughed, cried, gasped for breath, yelled, begged and pleaded but as an interrogator I took no notice and ignored him but interrogated him every meeting!"

"Which is worse I asked him socked or bare? I taunted him as I will you and slid my fingers in between his toes and asked him how it felt, did it tickle? Oh can you feel that soldier boy just stroking along your socked soles, seems you are more ticklish than Amir was and immobilised he was going crazy from my expert tickling! Like you soldier boy Amir attracted me which made me very enthusiastic in controlling him and when both of his sweaty feet were bare I did with a vengeance! I vigorously tickled the soles of his feet and his arches and his laughter became more intense and more constant tickled under his toes where I wiggled my fingers wildly, more than I'm stroking your socked toes and look at your reaction but Amir was in constant laughter! Like with you my intention was to prolong his misery as long as I could, subject him to hideous ticklish agony which my persistent stroking of his bare feet did, he having such sensitive soles, the tormenting tickling sensations made him roar with laughter in unending ticklish anguish and I am going to be unrelenting in tickle torturing your feet taking a sinister delight erratically stroking the length of these hypersensitive size 13 soles, along your arches and the balls of these big bare feet and these toes, you will find me a diabolical tickler soldier boy and the tickles unbearable! No escaping from ticklish agony on your feet and my tongue work will drive you berserk as it did Amir! Been waiting for his replacement and in you Tappenden I'd reckon I've found him for sure! I will be getting to know your feet better than you do!"

"Late night marching practice your socked feet drenched in sweat having been in your boots all day they smell raunchy and taste ripe and are so reactive to tickles and as step-daddy used to tickle your feet without mercy, I'm sure you don't like people touching your feet so feel that, yeah having a good fondle, these feet are very warm n' moist and smell amazing, I am sure he had a sniff of them too and look even gentle strokes here both hands under your socked toes gently stroking and it's obvious this is going to be a crazy tickle experience for you soldier boy! Now you see why you were told to wear nylon socks and sensibly obeyed me Tappenden as they stick to feet like a second skin so even a gentle soothing touch felt before a more vigorous one is employed over them ut you feel the light strokes over your warm, moist socked feet I see by your reaction, socked toes twitching a sight which always excites me to see and stimulate happening, very gently and lightly stroking your feet and slowly the sensation becoming overwhelming so you'll react more and encourage me in that reaction to tickle harder and ultimately to peel off your socks to continue the tortuous torment on your bare, vulnerable and helpless feet Tappenden!"

Sergeant Carey then inhaled the stench from Shane Tappenden's socked feet and stroked his soles through his sweaty socks and light strokes having the desired effect as even gagged a violent reaction from him as he explored both feet to detect the worst spots and finding this being the centre of his soles and under his toes and teasing him touching these areas lightly

“Oh soldier boy are you ticklish here and let's see here and um what about here? You are going to be tickled, so tickled and you can't stop it but must ask you do you think this is funny and want more, why are you shaking your head if you really can't stand it, don't be ticklish! Now you are going to be ungagged and you are not going to be tickled if you answer my questions right!"

Recruit Tappenden nodded and the gag removed the mental torture continued as smiling Sergeant Carey asked him about the tickle punishment from his step-dad and two electric toothbrushes were slid inside his socks and he told they'd be activated if he didn't tell and to imagine the revolving bristles teasing the centre of his soles. He told how he would be secured to his bed on his stomach when his mother was out at work on night duty in the hospital and first his socked soles stroked lightly and building in intensity and then socks peeled off his bare feet tickled and with fingers, never tickle tools, never his mouth but his step-dad's fingers and sworn to secrecy, he was driven totally crazy and his step-dad made him tell him where to tickle, to tickle him gently or roughly and he had to say where he was the most ticklish and beg for the tickles to stop and worse have to ask to be tickled!

The sergeant listened smiling as Shane Tappenden relived his horror ordeal. The sergeant told him he'd been very co-operative and removed the electric tootbbrushes but activating them ran them up n' down Shane's socked soles tickling Shane's feet through his socks as the handsome recruit struggled and laughed hysterically! He then deactivated them and stopped the tickles and massaged both his socked feet saying he was getting them hotter and sweatier and telling Shane the smell of his feet was awesome and he a really good looking guy with his dark hair and dark brown eyes and naturally tanned very appealing and most especially his feet. The sergeant took a good long sniff of the toes on both socked feet as the massage continued!

He then made his touch lighter and Shane Tappenden squirmed immediately! He reacted verbally as it was too ticklish!

“Hey don’t do that, I hate being tickled. I am way too ticklish!"

"Oh yeah soldier boy you tell me things like that and you tease me!"

Sergeant Carey grabbed Shane's right socked foot and ran his fingers up and down the sole like crazy.


“Don’t stop? I guess you are as enthusiastic about this as I am. OK, I aim to please.” the sergeant said with a big grin and he
increased the speed of his finger tickling so Shane was bucking on the bed and shrieking with laughter.

He continued to stroke Shane's right foot and then moved to his left foot and tickled both of his soles simultaneously so Shane
was laughing hard and pleading with his sergeant to stop.

“I-I c-can’t HA HA HA HA take any more! HA HA, please I am begging you to stop! I really don’t HA HA know HA HA HA HA HA how much more I can take!!”

“I will tell you when you have had enough soldier boy, feel the tickle, feeeeeeeeel it, such tickly feet.”

Shane's feet were absolutely drenched with sweat as the sergeant tickled them and he leaned in and sniffed them both


“Soldier boy I will not stop until I get what I want and what I want is these feet, these toes, these arches, the balls of these feet, the raunchy smell of them, the ripened taste of them and soldier boy their ticklishness all night, yes all night! What I love Tappenden is I can see every wrinkle of your soft feet through your socks and the smell of them intoxicating and fresh from them your bare soles are going to be addictive to me and I will be using my tongue to lick every sweaty inch of them Tappenden and watch you wriggle and squirm, moan and beg as I take full control of these feet like Step-Daddy did but magnified to extreme! I want you so ticklish that you're shivering with ticklishness! As I see your toes curl, your feet twitch and hear your non-stop giggling I will use my tongue Tappenden and lick the length of your size 13's and in between each and every one of your toes so you're driven into a non-stop hysterical tirade of laughter which will then invite me to tickle your feet with my fingers and lickle them with my tongue simultaneously!"

Using scissors he then snipped the socked toe area so Shane's toes were all exposed and he sucked and licked them all, four at a time, then each big toe together and then each toe individually driving Shane crazy and telling Shane to deal with it happening and imagine it was a girl's mouth giving his toes the oral servicing and blowjob but ruining the illusion saying this was the next step that his step-daddy had not done and saying how ripe and delicious they all tasted and then licked in between Shane's toes while driving him nuts stroking his socked soles so Shane's toes wiggled in his mouth and his tongue slid in between them!

"Fuck soldier boy these are some toes and virgin toes to a guys mouth right, step-daddy never sucked and licked them right, well tell me or this happens!"


The sergeant stopped the tickles asking who the fuck was Warren. Warren was his step-dad's drinking buddy as the tormenting happened when his step-dad got drunk and Warren drunk was told by Shane's step-dad to get his step-son's feet ready for a brushing and saliva lubed feet more sensitive Warren would lick his soles and suck his toes but not as intimately, his tongue work rougher and to get his feet ready for brushing! Under threat of his sergeant using the electric toothbrush on his bare soles admitting Warren when he was sure Neil; Shane's step-dad was asleep in drunken stupor would play with Shane secured on his stomach and favouring licking his asshole as well as his bare soles and sucking his toes and would run fingers over Shane's hardened dick head trapped between his legs. He'd make Shane cum and then tickle him more and along the inside of his thighs driving him crazy! To make sure Shane did not wake his step-dad Warren gagged him and then the married man would sniff Shane's feet and tell him he was one kinky bastard and nothing got him hornier than a helpless and vulnerable lad like Shane was to mess about and play with! He'd then systematically reduce Shane to a melting pot of ticklish giggles and feet tied together and crossed at the ankles worked both feet sumultaneously as Shane suffered for his pleasure and found teasing under the lad's toes made him hysterical with laughter and his squirming such a thrill for him to see as he would tell Shane all the time desperately trying to pull his feet away from the sadist and make Shane swear to keep the abuse secret every session or he'd make sure the following one was even more tortuous!

"So Soldier boy not so innocent, these feet are so sweaty, wiggle your fuckin' toes now!" said Sergeant Carey

Shane did as he was instructed as Sergeant Carey cut the rest of both socks off his feet and inhaled the sweaty size 13 soles eagerly and his tongue made connection with both sweaty soles. He lapped eagerly at the sweaty, smelly, feet delighting in Shane's laughter being so horribly tongue ticklish

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" His screams of laughter coupled with him trying to kick his torturer off his feet meant his toes were rubbing his sergeant's face and encouraged him to continue and he sucked on both big toes which tasted so rich as he breathed in Shane's addictive foot-stink which he found intxicating. He then sucked and nibbled Shane's toes and soles, causing high-pitched giggles to break through the recruits consistant laughter saying Shane's feet were irresistible saying he'd been fixated on them when in boots and socks and now bare.

"That's right soldier boy on parade imagining these feet trapped in socks, toes wiggling and during barrack inspections but you are such a sound sleeper also making night visits to your top bunk and lifting the blanket finding these feet having this Mmmmm ripe smell intoxicating to me and have been determined to enjoy these feet Shane but had to wait to do so but now here they are and every bit as perfect as I had hoped in fact more so!" Like Warren male feet and straight lad's feet the most excite me, they challenge me as I enjoy forbidden fruit as feet are pivate and personal hidden in boots, shoes and socks but like yours now exposed and vulnerable, inviting to enjoy playing with and you might have them touched by a girlfriend but another man knows what touches another man is excited by, society has a lot to answer for in conditioning people!"

Shane suddenly reacted as the sergeant began lightly stroking his bare soles and building on the intesnity of the tickling strokes soon had Shane giggling as he his fingers up his soles. He indulged in light tickling which drove Shane nuts ashe wanted to pull his feet away but was helpless and then the sensations were off the chart when Sergeant Carey began licking the soles of his feet and sucking his toes slurping them as an expert so Shane was moaning. Sergeant Carey knew what he was doing and smiling said

"Oh straight soldier boy's getting a stiffy, is his dick getting hard inside his underwear, look at that I can see it's throbbing, yeah getting harder and harder as my tongue work teases him, let's lick here in between all these toes, oooooh yes such a private place and so easily sensualised

“Please Sergeant, Please Sir, that's SICK! Don't put your tongue on my FEET... PLEASE!”

“Oh yeah, now you're begging me soldier boy, Mmmm such sweaty n' tasty toes and sucking on each one as I'm sure your dick would like to be sucked and look a feather so let's slide this up inside the leg of your boxers and just lightly stroke your balls yessss as toes are orally worked over, that's it squirm for me, feel that feather touch all over your balls, fuckin' teasin' torment right soldier boy, but don't worry, you're torture isn't about to end.”

Sergeant Carey licked in-between each of Shane Tappenden's toes, on each foot.

Shane begged him "Please don't lick me there. Please!”

The sergeant in response started licking more sensually in between Shane's toes and then massaged both feet with his tongue while making sure he was twisting the feather over Shane's balls under his boxers.

"Looks like you're so ticklish soldier boy and lets snip these boxers and fuck what a dick, something to be proud of isn't it and see you have it well trained, standing to attention and what damage can his feather do to these balls and your hard dick."

Sergeant Carey began to stroke Shane's dick with the feather and each swirl of the feather was now tormenting asvery lightly and gently he caressed the head of Shane's throbbing dick which was so sensitive and the sergeant was merciless! Shane writhing as best he could as the sensation of the feather stroking his hardened shaft was unbearable and Shane desperately begged the sergeant to stop as it was too much as the sergeant advised him to practice the art of self-control as if he shot his spunk he would be even more ticklish!

"Sshhh feel the feather sliding there in between your legs yeah on the hip line, Mmmm fuck that teases soldier boy and ooooh caressing these balls, can you handle this happening soldier boy let's stroke here the head of your dick and I see pre-cum so are you getting closer and closer, is your spunk closer soldier boy, yeah throb, throb throb!"

The excruciating ministrations of the feather directed by the sergeant continued.began systematically stroking the swollen head of his roomie’s quivering cock! Each stroke of the feather added to Shane's needing to cum as Sergeant Carey taunted him

"Yessss feels good, you like this soldierboy whooo yes driving you nuts and Mmmm let's swirl this feather over your nuts, it's driving you fuckin berserk , oooh such a hard wanting and needing dick, yesssss tickling you to orgasm, makes you want to shoot your load as let's stroke here the underside of this quivering dick Mmmm fuck yes soldier boy's nearly there and then tickle, tickle, tickle forget step-daddy, forget Warren I will tickle and tickle and tickle and fuckin' tickle your ticklish feet soldier boy! Yesssss oh does that tickle, does it really tickle, what a ticklish dick, keep still, play the game soldier boy" teased the sergeant

The feather teased Shane's balls and his dick throbbed and quivered as he needed to cum as the feather persisted tickling his balls and alternated from them to his pulsating dick which the feather tormented so diabolically as it caressed daning up' down his rigid shaft as Shane Tappenden writhed and then suddenly as the feather teased his balls Shane spunked off


Immediately Sergeant Carey began to lightly scribble his fingers along the soles of Shane's feet and his struggled intensified and stronger as fingers cruelly traced up n' down his sensitive arches and to his toes, under his toes, in between his toes


Sergeant Carey wiggled his fingers wildly against both defenseless feet. Shane curled his toes trying to protect them.

"No soldier boy no fuckin' chance, you're not going to do that!" Sergeant Carey said as he pulled Shane's toes back.

With his other hand he tickled Shane's sensative toes, from the base to the tips of them. Shane was hysterical furiously trying to escape but futile attempts proving useless


"Yeah beg me soldier boy that gets my dick hard, these feet these ticklish, ticklish feet so fuckin' ace love teasing these, you like it too, glad to make you laugh, yes tickle, tickle tickle, do you want me to stop, tickle cooochie cooochie cooo!"

The sergeant's experienced ticklish hands making the tickling torure worse as he knew where and how to touch making the torture that much worse, his fingers continued to scribble up and down both feet, tickling under and in between Shane's toes as he wiggled them helplessly!

"HAHAHAHAHA!STAHAHAP!"IT TICKLES! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" his feet completely at the mercy of the sergeant.

Sergeant Carey ruthlessly tickled both of Shane's feet and concentrating all around ten very sweaty toes which he sniffed at

"NOHOHO! NOT THE TOHOHOHOES!" Shane yelled feeling the sergeant's fingers tickle the base of his toes and then focus on his arches.


Having used long strokes going up and down each sensative foot, Sergeant Carey changed technique drawing patterns from heels to toes especially under his toes keeping Shane in hysterics

"STAHAHAHAHAP IT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "IT TICKLES! STAHAHAP! PLEAHEHEHEHEHESE!" he pleaded as the sergeant tickled the arch of each foot with the feather.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I CAN'T TAHAHAHAKE IT!" Shane shouted as the feather slid in between his toes rendering him helpless

Sergeant Carey continued tickling in between Shane's toes, he stroked his arches and again teased the base of his toes and he dragged the feathers up and down painstakingly slowly.

"NOHOHOHOHOHO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Shane's toes wiggled wildly as Sergeant Carey's tongue teased them, lapping at the tender spots between them.


"It's supposed to tickle!" smiled the sergeant and then he began nibbling Shane's sweaty ticklish toes.


The tip of Sergeant Carey's tongue continued to slide up and down Shane's sensitive soles, before he focused on his toes once again and nibbled and sucked on each toe one at a time, while his fingers scribbled around on his arch. With the toe sucking and tickling, as well as both feet being assaulted with fingers, Shane was really sweating as the sergeant's tongue darted in and out between each of his toes, licking them into oblivian.

He licked Shane's helpless right foot, using the feather to brush up against the sole so Shane's wiggling toes moved feverishly around in his mouth and he licked and sucked on every last inch of them.


Not a single part of his ticklish feet and toes were spared by his torturer as Shane was bucking wildly to escape the insidious tickling torture he was being subjected to.


Shane curled his toes as best as he could, keeping them clenched as his feet were mercilessly tickled and gritted his teeth fighting to hold back his laughter sensing it only encouraged Sergeant Carey to tickle him more and it did but he tongue tickled his feet feverishly anyway as he loved the look, the smell, the feel, the taste and the ticklishness of Shane.

"Stop it. Haha Please, stop! It tickles! Hahaha!" yelled Shane

"Mmmm it does soldier boy, it really does and what can I do I am addicted to your feet!"

Saying this Sergeant Carey continued to suckle on Shane's toes and ruthlessly stroked and tickled the handsome recruit's soles

"PLEAHEHEHSE! STAHAHAP TICKLING MEHEHEHE!" begged Shane as his toes wiggled and his feet jerked from the tickles

"Does it tickle soldier boy?" Tell me how much does it tickle? Where does it tickle the most?

Shane was laughing too hard to answer as Sergeant Carey was tickling his feet with his fingers, tongue, and feather whch he sawed between every one of Shane's toes and Shane giggled helplessly as the feather intruded in between his toes which drove Shane berserk

"NOOOONOT THE TOHOHOHOES!" Shane writhed and squirmed like crazy and smiling and winking at him saw that Shane was desperate to not react to the feathery sensations buy no need as he stopped the feather and concentrated on licking all over Shane's feet as he loved the fact Shane was so ridiculously tongue ticklish all over his feet and he loved the sweaty taste of them having an insatiable appetite for it that demanded satisfying! As he ran his tongue in between Shane's toes this again got to the handsome recruit and he tried hard to pull his feet away from this oral assault and then Sergeant Carey stopped!

"Time for refreshments soldier boy as we have a whole night ahead of us and you will need your strength for it so let's slip these black sheer socks on these being feet and set this mobile heater facing them, not to burn you but to make sure these feet get very hot n' sweaty but you have earned a reprieve from punishment as I want you on base; your feet on base; our secret soldier boy! A little break and I will retrieve some tickling tools and then we will play a game as you tell me what one I am using to tease and torment these ticklish feet okay soldier boy"