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    HELL WEEK YEARBOOK #3 (Tarr2k & Churin) New Release! 11/21/22

    HELL WEEK YEARBOOK #3 (Novella)
    Story by Tarr2k
    Cover Illustration by Churin

    "Diane acted quickly, grabbing Roxi's left ankle with one hand and tickling the sole with the other. Roxi cackled and tried to pull free, but Diane had her now. Roxi slapped the mattress as her weak spot was exploited, but then decided to fight fire with fire! She grabbed Diane’s ankle and did the same to her, scratching over the bottoms of her feet and causing the Sigma to begin laughing and struggling in her grip. Nails raked soles as the pair of girls viciously went after each other to get the other to yield. The contest would come down to this, who would be the better tickler, or the one unable to take relentless foot tickling..."

    The head of the Sigma sorority and her cheerleader nemesis are on a collision course leading to a full-on, no holds barred, tickle fight! Plus, Eva throws the ultimate Game Night, where our Sigmas wear nothing but a pair of nylons while they're tickled to tears, and share tickling fantasies each more outrageous and sexy than the last!

    Get ready for madcap adventure in a story involving ticklish sexy bodyguards and goat tongues, a buxom FBI agent trapped in a tickle-trunk, cross-country flights and rooftop helicopters, war between rival criminals, cracking military ciphers, while also showing the personal stakes as best friends turn on each other and enemies find common ground. All this in a march up to a Thanksgiving that will change Diane and Roxi's lives forever!


    -Witness Megan and Tasha's harrowing Halloween as both get more tickling than they bargained for!

    -Eva's mistake leads to hours spent as someone's personal tickle toy!

    -Elaborate tickle fantasies involving everything from cartoon imps to giant tentacle monsters to elaborate machines and more!

    -And Discover how our two maidens fell into the clutches of the dreaded Phantom Tickler!


    • Over 113,000 words!
    • Written by Tarr2k
    • Cover Illustration by Churin!
    • Armpits, bellybutton, breasts, ribs, and barefoot tickling!
    • Bondage tickling!
    • Gang tickling!
    • Highly erotic tickling!
    • F/F and M/F tickling!
    • Direct Digital Download (PDF format)

    Product and Ordering Information

    Attached Images Attached Images

    Please visit our new mobile-friendly store @ MTJpub.com our gallery @ DeviantArt and our Forum @ MTJ Forum

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