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    Jul 2022

    Things That Tickle That Arenít Meant To

    I donít get tickled often but know Iím very ticklish! I could use a good laugh, what are some things that arenít meant to tickle but typically do (so I can give them a shot). Example: pedicures

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    Oct 2005
    reflexology always get me

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    Jul 2009
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    Here to be buzzkillington but please use caution when getting a service with the sole (pun intended) intention of being tickled. There are plenty of professionals you can hire, instead of pretending to be interested in a service, so you can indulge in your fetish.

    Feel free to insult/call me a buzzkill/tell me to chill out or debate. It’s not a hill I’m going to die on but there should always be someone to make the counter-discussion.
    "Sugar Soaker, don't you dare you fucking poker!" One girls journey of expression through shirts not speech"

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    Jul 2022
    No you’re right! Just don’t really know anyone and would want someone that can be trusted

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    Aug 2004
    - Pedicures (although I've had one, and actually found it less ticklish than a massage...but obvs worth a try, especially if you live where the fish ones are still allowed)
    - Massage (face down, with the masseuse doing my soles/toes.. this was really ticklish for me)
    - Massage guns: I've see some ticklish reactions from sports participants using these as a recovery method.
    - Body painting/Body sculpting
    - the bubble jets in a spa pool/jacuzzi - stick a body part in the right position and they can be quite ticklish
    - Pets! Little buggers have a tendency to come a stick their noses/whiskers/tails against you. They're all secret TMF members, mark my words.
    Fun Male ler in the UK. Sometimes a very ticklish and willing lee!

    feel free to say hello, pics & info in profile, I would be happy to talk to any of you about anything, especially fellow UK dwellers.

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