Back in 2005 I used Plenty of Fish and there were lots of real people on there. I met 6 or 7 different ladies over the next couple of years. Fast forward to 2022. WTF? I am on Okcupid. I currently have 37 likes but nobody sending messages. I can't see who likes me without signing up for a paid plan so pretty pointless. Once you have gone through the list of people in your area you can only see about a dozen profiles per day before it says you are out of matches. I also signed up for Tinder. Seems to be full of fake profiles. Again you run out of searches quickly. How are people meeting nowadays? My cousin (female) used Bumble and met a guy. Does it work well at all for men? I'm at a dead end for meeting anyone for a session so going back to the method of finding someone using online dating and hoping for the best.