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    Return Call, Discussion, And, What To Do?

    When Ross got up the next morning, he went into the office, called Fritz, told him about the e-mail he had received, and then forwarded the e-mail to Fritz.

    Less than a half hour later Fritz called Ross back.

    "I know this guy. He's legit. The question is. What does he want? As you know, we are already laying out a large sum of money over the next year for the most recent company we bought. We should have enough product. All this merits is a conference call, and little else at this point. Tell you what. Call this guy back, tell him you read the email, and told your partners in your oil and gas company, you want to know what his terms are, and then you will talk to your partners about him" Fritz said.

    "Yes, sir Fritz. Instructions clearly understood, and will be followed to the letter of the law." Ross said.

    Ross called the guy , whose name was Matt.

    "Matt, I got your e-mail. I called my partners in OKC this morning. We need specific terms of what you want, and then we have what to discuss " Ross said.

    "I'm thinking, minimum twenty five, and maximum fifty million" Matt said.

    "I can tell you right now that fifty is far too much of an outlay right now. Without getting into details that are of course private between my partners and me, we already have a current commitment to another project for a significant amount of money that would never allow us to commit that amount to you" Ross said.

    "What about a compromise, say thirty seven million. We can do a payment plan, even monthly, or quarterly. I really want to sell, Ross, and my first choice would be to sell to you because I trut you, and you would make best use of my company and my product" Matt said.

    "Matt, you're always been straight with me, and I like you as both a businessman and a person. Let me call my partners, and I will get back to you within two or three days, okay?" Ross said.

    "Thanks, Ross, I appreciate it, my friend" Matt said.

    Ross called Fritz back.

    "Fritz, Matt, this guy I know, wants to sell his whole company. Thirty seven million total. It sounds like he would accept even a monthly payment plan" Ross said.

    "Ah, ha, and ah, Sir Ross, with the major commitment we have on the other deal, where do you propose we sell such product?" Fritz said.

    "I was thinking about that. How about, instead of beating ourselves up like we have with waiting for the Alaska or Canada deals to come in, we call Mister Fish, try to split this four ways with him, and then find investors up there, sell the whole damn product from this deal, split it four days between you, me, Steve, and Fish, and we still make money" Ross said.

    "That's not the maximum way of making money on this deal and you know it. Are you becoming sentimental in your old age to help out your friend, Matt?" Fritz said.

    "Ah, Mister P, I am the same age as you are. All I want to do is to try to make this work. Yes, we help Matt out, but we also make it work for us by not constantly driving ourselves crazy about places we want to sell energy that are not coming in" Ross said.

    "Okay, since I get along better with Fish then you do, let me approach him. Contact Matt and tell him we need 30 to 60 days to give him an answer on this in order to work with our partner in Canada. Hopefully we can pull something off" Fritz said.

    "Thanks, my friend. Hopefully this will work for all us" Ross said.

    After that, Ross called Matt back, and told Matt of Ross's conversation with Fritz. Matt was appreciative, and the men agreed that hopefully they could work a deal.

    Atter this, Ross worked through the day on Timothy's work. Ross signed off on one thing for Charles Harton, but so far, John the account manager was doing a good job of working with Harton to keep Ross as far away from Harton as possible, with John knowing how Ross was fighting things physcially waiting for Ross's Botox shot.

    At 530, Ross left the office, and went home, arriving at 630.

    "So, how was work" Kayley said,.

    "Fine. The call was from a friend of mine, Matt. He wants to sell out. With that other company we just bought RFS does not need it here in the forty eight states, but, with all the problems we are having getting at the product in Alaska and Toronto, Fritz is going to try to work with John Fish so we can help Matt out. Matt is a super human being, and if we did not just buy that other company, I would buy Matt's company from him in a minute. Yet, with the company we are bvying and paying off, it does not make sense financially or with energy product. Thus, the only way we can do it is for the wells that are locked up in Alaska or Canada. Maybe we can work something out" Ross said.

    "Good Luck" Ah, Ross, seriously, with your shot not being for a month, are you really going to be here that long?" Kayley said.

    "I honestly cant answer that question. My head feels better. It depends. If I feel like this next week, I might go for two nights to do two shows. Let;'s just see" Ross said.

    Ross and Kayley made love that night.

    Luckily for Ross, the week was quiet. Ross, Fritz, John Fish, Steve, and Matt had a conference call to try to work out terms on Matt';s company. While John, a bit of a "Ball Buster" so to say, wanted certain terms changed, the men were close to a deal to work out a thirty five million dollar sale of Matt's company to RFS;'s subsidiary in Canada with John, payable in monthly installments of three million a month over 12 months or thirty six million total purchase price. It was a good deal for both sides. It would help Matt, and allow Ross, Fritz, Steve, and John to forget about the locked up product in Alaska and Canada for the near future. , and to begin selling the product of Matt's company to investors in Canada. By the end of that month, the deal was agreed to, financed by RFS and John's Canada subsidiary with a short term loan and signed.

    In the meantime, within two weeks, Ross';s headaches were much better. So, with Kayley's blessing, Ross went on a three day, two night trip to OKC for two shows.

    It had been a very productive month for RFS Energy which allowed the men to stop focusing on deals in cold weather places that might be very long term, or might never come in.

    Most importantly, Ross seemed to be feeling better, so the waiting for his Botox shot was more tolerable.

    As Ross's plane departed JFK on a Sunday for a three day trip to OKC with at least two, and maybe three shows, all seemed well on track.

    Would things continue to cruise down a clear road, or would trouble develop?

    Those things would be seen.
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    Jim Gardner, and WPVI-TV-Philadelphia.

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    It is nice that Ross worked out a deal for Matt.

    I hope that his other deals go well and that John continues to keep Ross away from Harton and Harton's drama.
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    Matt's deal made sense for the Canadian subsidiary of RFS Energy, so the deal Ross made with Matt will benefit both sides.

    Ross needs to stay away from Harton's drama to prevent Ross from having to give Harton up totally. Harton makes Timothy look like an Angel when Timothy is at his worst.

    More to come by tomorrow night at latest. I will write tonight if I can, but that is questionable
    My Beloved Mom: January 19, 1938 -April 4, 2012.

    Rest In Peace. I Love You Forever. You Were The Greatest Gift That God Has Ever Given Me.

    Jim Gardner, and WPVI-TV-Philadelphia.

    I Love Your Newscast. Thanks To Jeff, I Still Watch Online.

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