I could see the evidence of Eric's excitement in his underwear as the 6' stockbroker lay secured on his back to the restraint bed as the married 32 yr old had told me he wanted to be touched by another man, this fantasy his guilty pleasure and having seen my Ad in the 'Advocate' had been wrestling with meeting but calling me the same afternoon he was glad he'd had the confidence to meet this New York Master! I had a hard dick myself looking at the attractive man who was going to be touched and teased by me and told him he was a bad boy playing away from home and he smiled adding he needed punishing! I winked at him hearing him moan and looking into his brown eyes as I lightly stroked his dick through his underwear seeing his dick throb as he closed his eyes moaning.

"The wife doesn't give you head right!" I said and he nodded

"Fuck no but guess you will!" he said and I winked adding I was going to play with him in all kinds of ways! I tickled his balls through the underwear and his whole body shuddered as his dick strained as I toyed with him in this manner and the look on his face was of a guy being driven crazy as I told him secured he was helpless and vulnerable to be taken advantage of with any weakness found fully exploited by me and he nodded.

"Glad you agree Eric and as you say you need to be punished so you need to be blindfold as a guarantee being touched will be even more exciting, every sensation magnified!" I said gently stroking his balls and soon blindfold continued stroking them making the point as he became even more reactive! "It's psychologically proved Eric that the feeling of being trapped and unable to escape intensifies things but gagged is even more weakening" I said as he was gagged and then freaked him out.

"So Eric what do I see before me a very attractive executive secured to the bed and not being able to see where he might be touched by his Master and still in his underwear but of course also his black socks worn all day on as he told me in the lounge not liking his size 13 feet touched as they being unusually ticklish and feet secured together his feet I am sure feeling even more vulnerable and ticklish, immobile in fact unbearably ticklish, highly reactive to light, relentless tickling that might drive him over the edge. Blindfold removing the use of one sense will heighten the others he has!"

I smiled seeing hearing Eric gasp as one of my favourite techniques and especially on straight men when it's proven most effective is to tell them what I am going to do to them as they expect me to pay most attention to their dicks, they psyche themselves up for this and Eric no different so I stroked his balls through his underwear as I told him that I was glad we'd had a drink and he's been so honest with me but maybe too honest as honesty not always the best policy, grateful he'd told me his shoe size and volunteering he not bearing his feet touched after the experiences at boarding school when his dorm-mates had found them so ticklish and that he'd be telling me more about this!

"True what they say Eric with you, big feet, big dick, this is quite a monster you have here and big balls too, guess you like me stroking you here right, yeah up and down the stem protected by these Hom briefs, yeah you feel that, gettin' nice n' stiff and horny, working you up very, very nicely but you know Eric you tick all my buttons too as men's feet turn me on more than any other part of the body and what was it you said when invited to kick off your shoes to relax "Best not my feet stink" well I love the smell of a man's feet, the sweaty aroma after working all day, a rich aroma does it for me and pulling off your black loafer shoes I loved the feel of your hot n' moist black socked feet, two musky days worn socks! What's that I can't hear you Eric but I guess is it Leave my feet alone, Don't touch my feet! something like that, I'd guess so!"

Having got Eric hard and seeing the stain of precum in his briefs I moved to the end of the bed. I had a sniff of both socked feet telling him they didn't stink, they smelled strong as men's feet should, it was nothing to be ashamed of as it invited guy's like me to pay attention to them and nervously his socked toes twitched. I told him that was the perfect reaction I loved seeing and that I love controlling men by tickling them senseless and that for me there was no high like having a straight man secured and completely defenseless with especially vulnerable ticklish feet and seeing him desperately trying not to laugh and give me that satisfaction as I simply tickle torture him.

I heard muffles from him and mocked him saying I knew he must be begging me not to touch his feet as I began stroking both socked soles simultaneously as lightly and deviously as I could and remarking seeing his violent reaction that he really was a soft foot and did he know which foot was the more ticklish or something for him to know and me to find out and assuring him I would and be taking my time doing so smiling as Eric squirmed on the bed and I increased the pressure of the tickle as he reacted albeit muffled by the gag.

"AAAAhhhhh hahah ahhahah ple hahaha ayou ha a nonononon hahahahhahhhhhahahaha haha hee hee hahahh on no hahahah Pleasenohahahahahahahahaha!"

"You're really ticklish aren't you, so ticklish!" I taunted while now slowly running one finger along the length of each sole "Wow ticklish even running one finger from your heels to these toes, every nerve ending being rudely awakened and not able to move your feet but see your wiggling toes, a sight I love seeing and even more bare toes Eric but I'll peel off your socks later, I'm so fuckin' hard imagining having fun with your bare feet but Mmm these awesome smelling socked feet need exploring first so show me where does it tickle most heels oh out of 10, er maybe 6 but what about the middle of the soles aaaah oh fuck at least a 10 but more like 12+ and what about just here, the balls of your feet oh yes that's ticklish isn't it, an easy 9 there which means under toes got to be yes fuck yes another 12+ Oh Eric you are so going to wish you didn't have such big, ticklish feet, I guess you did back at school but they were kids fooling around, now you're in the hands of an experienced seriel tickler or your feet are Mmmmmmmm fuck they smell awesome but what about your dick?"

I noted he was softening so began stroking it again over his briefs saying he best concentrate on getting hard or I would have fun with his feet convincing him to saying I would be pretty damn persuasive and stroked his shaft and he hardened and the tip of his dick extended to slip out of the top of his briefs. My fingers were brushing the top of his erect dick and then began to slowly explore his chest and stomach with not tickles but massaging rubbings making his dick harder and then slid my hands down into his briefs and gripped it and told him it felt good and he liked this and he nodded and I told him a nicer feeling than me handling his feet right and he nodded immediately.

"Yeah Mmmm you like this and what would your wife say with you secured to another man's bed and having your dick played with, imagine what she'd think you bad boy and it feels good yeah having my hands in your briefs groaning as I'm fondling your dick and stroking your balls yeah Ooooh fuck yeah it feels hot right yeah I know it" I said and pulled his briefs down and played with his exposed dick and balls and the head drooling pre-cum, very smooth and slippery! "Getting close, close fuck so close to cumming yeah!" I then stopped! "Oh so close Eric and so far!" I teased as he moaned in frustration.

"Ssssh Eric calm down I'll work you up again soon and think with a feather, imagine the sensation of a feather stroking the shaft of your dick and your balls. guranteed to drive you crazy, so sensitive! What's that you agree, well nod your head then as hard to understand you so how are your feet, a bit cold maybe so need warming up a bit and I've got that!" I said and switched on the blow dryer and directed the nuzzle to each sole and soon his socked feet were heating nicely and he obeying me as I told him to wiggle his toes and flex his feet unless he wanted me to convince him to and he knew not to ignore me.

His feet warm and the rich smell overwhelming and in black socks slightly dirty worn all day and nicely shaped feet I studied and told him he was right his feet did smell but didn't stink and hearing him trying to speak mocked him saying was he wanting me to tickle them, was that it and saying I would but when I decided to and leaned into them and sniffed them deeply. I then said maybe since you told me your feet are so ticklish that you hate having another man this close to them and secured tight going nowhere and not in control, yeah I guess something pretty hard to handle as you know what's going to happen, a trip taken down memory lane to school days, well I mean nights when cover lifted and sat on in the darkness and gagged with one of your own socks the boys took turns tickle, tickle, tickle, tickling your feet and here you are tonight a man with a man who is going to tickle your big feet in socks and bare and not able to stop him, how tortuous it's going to be and yeah I guess having your weakness betrayed kind of embarrassing and humiliating! I was really making him tense doing a number on him!

"Mmmm fuck Eric these feet are awesome! Come on now play the game and wiggle your socked toes, Eric do it the toes of your right foot yeah good now the left foot good, now both feet until I say stop, yeah you know we'll get along just fine if you do exactly what I say you got that, yes nod your head good man and try to keep your feet still as no reaction and tickle torturing them won't be so much fun, so addictive as unlucky for you Eric a straight man's feet my addiction as unlikely they've had their wives and girlfriends pay them too much attention so vrgin territory and with enduring nights of tickles in the dorm I would say a guarantee with you oh you can stop wiggling your toes now and you can tell me later how my tickling these feet compares with those boys fooling around!"

I started to massage his balls again with my fingers as I didn't want to tickle him, I was intent on arousing him telling him I was going to do what I wanted with him and nothing he could do to stop me seeing his dick growing as I stroked under his balls and stroked his asshole telling him later I might feather his hole as I rubbed the pad of my finger under him deliberately sensually but something he clearly wasn't liking and ignoring his protest saying straight men like him so easy to tease and as my finger rubbed his ass I blew air on his hardened dick saying I bet he'd love to feel my lips there, sliding them along his shaft and me taking him in my mouth and lightly pinched his nipples and licked them and then licked his armpits as I was going to sensitise his body and while licking his armpits telling him they had a masculine smell and salty taste and yes they were licklish!

"Oh Eric you are ticklish, how are you going to handle having your balls licked and along your inner thighs but fuck your feet are going to be off the scale as my secret weapon is my tongue, I love lickling guys so did the boys lick your feet huh, tell me or you'll wish you had so did they?"

Eric shook his head and I told him I was glad they hadn't and shaking his head again that nobody had as I would initiate him! I told him I always keep my promises and ran the feather down both cheeks of his face and then caressed his balls with it very lightly and very gently but what a reaction as the tickling torment intensified and stroked the feather along the erect shaft of his dick so it was standing to attention, attention I was going to give it and ran the feather over the head of his dick nicely edging him and stopped and seeing the inevitable pre-cum licked it and wow did he gasp!

"Yeah you like that don't you Eric, a warm mouth, a tongue taunting and tantalising your dick, Mmmm you like that for sure! You want me to do that again don't you, to feel the sensation of lips so sensual, let's guess 7" of hard solid dick and a dick that likes a lick that's obvious but the thing is your likes and mine differ and I like making you squirm running this feather up n' down your hard dick making it throb and caressing these balls, yeah love seeing you trying so hard to avoid it as you so want me to ignore your feet but Eric we both know that's not going to happen!"

Tentatively saying this I touched the quill end of the feather to his black socked right sole and then his left socked sole remarking being thin nylon meant he felt the sensations but warm feet would be even more sensitive placing the heat lamp close to them and as they warmed up lightly stroked the quill the length of each foot smiling seeing him squirm as his toes wiggled saying toes trapped in socks all day and socked feet in shoes under an office desk getting hotter and hotter as he moaned and seemed to be pleading with me to stop. I told him it wasn't my problem he was extremely ticklish on his feet as warm enough and turning off the heat lamp I kept the quill stroking up alternating from foot to foot.

"You know Eric most people have one foot more sensitive than the other but yours seem pretty well matched but I guess my challenge to see if one of them is and a challenge I accept and warm, sweaty and ticklish feet like these my favourite and warm feet being the most excruciatingly ticklish as you can feel with me drawing this feather quill over your soles and at the moment still protected by socks which nylon are amplyfying the ticklish sensations so you have been of great assistance to me. It's good you're gagged as laughing as you are would put me off my stride but glad to make you happy!"

I enjoyed stroking each socked foot with the quill of the feather but magnified the intensity of the tickling he was already enduring by running the feather end along the inside of his thighs and again caresing his balls and stroking the hard shaft of his dick so the ticklish sensations remained constant and then feathered his nipples and under his armpits so he was mind-fucked as he was undergoing sensation overload! His dick throbbing and growing harder and his balls becoming tighter as every nerve ending was being systematically awakened and he was being expertly edged almost to the point of climax but a relief denied him.

As he gasped it was easy to sense when he was close to coming and the feathering stopped by me and I licked his nipples and under his armpits sensitising them and licked along his inner thighs and then his balls and again the head of his dick and he was so weakened all he could do was moan but moans becoming louder as his balls were licked and my finger slid under him to stroke the rim of his asshole again and his dick given a little suck which really made him moan. I then went to his socked feet and I took his socked toes into my mouth and enjoyed a mouthful of all his right toes and then his left toes as he sucked in breath as his socked toes were tasted by me. I placed a finger on his left foot and slowly drew it from the heel to the toes and did the same with his right foot and told him to not react or I'd make it worse but I was going to remove the gag and did so.

“No, not my feet. Please not my feet.” Eric begged.

"Why not Eric? They're ticklish and you wanted to be controlled by another man so now tell me about an incident in the dorm and I promise I won't tickle your feet so best you do agreed!" and he nodded. "Go ahead I'm waiting and my patience runs thin!"

"My feet being big hung out of my bunk bed and I would be asleep and then gagged with a stinky sock and I would be on my stomach sleeping and sat on and my legs held and my feet tickled as I'd laugh my head off and like you Sir they would use a feather and wave it over the soles of my feet and take turns, they'd slide it in between my toes and I couldn’t stop laughing and the the sensation of not being able to move and being tickled was overpowering and tickling my feet completely destroyed me! Like now but not tied but held together the feather and yes the pointy end was dragged back and forth over the soles of my feet until I couldn't concentrate on anything but the ticklishness of my feet. All I could do was laugh Sir and this amused my attackers as they switched the tickling from one foot to the other and nothing could stop me from laughing Sir and this tickling torment was repeated nightly Sir!"

"Did they tickle your feet to get you to do things to them like suck their dicks?" I aked knowing the answer as boys will be boys and Eric nodded but told him he need not worry as I would not be asking him to suck me off as I fondled his damp, socked feet and rubbed my face against both socked soles saying they were great feet and smelled awesome now moistened with the comination of his natural foot sweat and my saliva having been sucked on by me. I remarked on seeing the outline of his feet and that he had nice high arches and long toes and again about their smell not being pungent but a pleasing stink, strong and smelling like feet, his sweat and the nylon combination being intoxicating and taking deep sniffs of his socked feet as he twisted in the restraints so my saying he needed to keep quiet or I'd treat his feet to a tickle and give him something to squirm for.

"It's good your wife is away this weekend Eric as I do not see you going home tonight and as you've guessed I'm an expert foot tickler but I arranged a meeting after you finished work deiberately as warm n' sweaty feet bring out the devil in me so now if you know what's good for you then you'll obey me or I will tickle your feet until you do, so ready to obey me, nod your head, good boy so press your socked soles into my face and rub them on my face gently and if you laugh you will invite me to tickle your feet so best you fight reacting and prove what a man you are!"

Eric reluctantly obeyed me as his feet touched my face and he tensed as I lightly licked the black nylon socked soles whilst loving his personal foot smell which was strong and masculine but not pungent and I studied his socked feet as I slowly ran my tongue the length of each foot, long slow licks which he was clearly uncomfortable receiving and moaned but not with pleasure as I sucked on the five socked toes of each foot in turn. I then lightly stroked both sensitive soles simultaneously and when my fingers contacted his soles he giggled and stroked from his heels and in the centre of his soles and across the balls of his feet and under his toes and taking each foot in turn gripped his socked toes and held his right foot taut and stroked the arch, he had high arches and repeated the process with his left foot and then as I stroked each sole in turn he couldn't hold his laughter


“Oh is someone a bit ticklish on his feet Eric?”

I lightly stroked up and down his left sole to his toes

“No, no, no, no, no tickling pleeeeeese noo don’t do this hahahahahhahahaha not my feeeeeeeet!hahahahhhaha!"

"Your feet even socked are so ticklish Eric and in sweaty nylon socks very warm which makes them more so!" I told him as my fingers caressed the tops of both of his feet very lightly making him squirm!

I thrilled telling him I liked his instantaneous ticklish reaction and seeing him writhe about as much as he couldn't as he reacted to the ticklish sensations of the deliberate torture and that his pleading for me to stop added to my sadistic enjoyment of his torment and seeing his toes trapped in socks curling and uncurling as the unbearable sensations got to him and how the soles of his feet must really be itching with the tickles driving him insane. Verbal taunting I know increases the feeling of vulnerability and helplessness so is important for a tickler to remember and utilise to his advantage.

“I’m not even warmed up yet Eric, you'll know when I tickle your feet trust me!" I told him softly and very lightly stroking the socked soles of his two super sensitive feet but increasing the speed of my caresses, teasing his feet more as he struggled to try to avert my touch but giggled uncontrollably as my fingers ruthlessly glided over his socked soles and toes and then stopped the tickles.

Instead I began to massage his feet saying they felt so warm and moist and then very slowly peeled each sock off as he begged me to stop but knew the socks were coming off and protests ignored! Both socks off I looked at the large bare feet and sniffed his toes and rubbed his toes and then massagd one foot then the other and sensing he really didn't like his feet touched

"You really feel vulnerable don't you Eric with a foot fiend being in control of your large feet which look and smell so appealing to him and they are Eric; very appealing as they're so smooth and there's something I love doing to feet Eric especially straight men's feet and that's licking and sucking them and often I call it lickling!"

I then sucked on his big toes and indulged in toe sucking and nibbling all ten toes taking them by the mouthful and then one by one and he was soon giggling and I could tell he hated this as it tickled so much he was sweating so indulged in the slowest lick ever along the sole of each foot from his heels to his toes and sniffed his toes saying they smelled awesome and then I examined every sqaure inch of each foot and stroking lightly determined by his reactions where on his feet he was the most sensitive and discovered in between his toes, right under his toes and the centre of his soles were the points that would cause him to most beg, his having problems catching his breath when these areas were explored which took a while.

I was thoroughly coating the soles of his feet with my saliva as I licked and nibbled all over his toes tellling him that his feet were so tasty and that my insatiable appetite needed satisfying as his body shook as he pulled hard at the restraints holding him and then used the feather and swirled it against one high arch and then the other loving seeing Eric's toes wiggling as he responded to the teasing torture I thrilled subjecting him to enduring for my pleasure as I told him. I told him he had amazingly soft feet for a guy as I licked and yes lickled the soles of his feet.


"I know it does Eric, it's meant to but I'm glad it is so I'm doing things right and not lost a Tickler's touch but agreed he could have a little break and in the break told him what I insisted on which freaked him out intentionally so he didn't disappoint me by his reaction as the one expected by me!

I told him but that I wanted to feet-meet again but I don't suppose you do I said and saw he didn't as he shook his head but I told him that unfortunately he wouldn't have a choice as secured and blindfold his kinky side being privately explored his pictures would go viral and proceeded to take photos of him as he moaned and pleaded with me to stop and ten photos later I did having briefly stroked his balls with the feather and sucked his dick so he'd become erect for an image or two; so job done especially the feather seen running under him in between his legs and clearly seen held by another man's hand!

The images taken and the feather in my hand I used it to lightly stroke the soles of his large feet which proved tortuous for him as I stroked the wrinkles on the soles of his feet with the quill end and then ran the feather end in between each of his toes which was driving him wild with laughter and I told him he had a very pleasing deep tone of genuine laughter as it was clear he really was so hideously ticklish, there was no faking on his part laughing so delightfully helplessly as playfully the feather the length of his size 13 soles and in between his toes!

"You see Eric it's like this when I find a guy's weak spot which to interest me needs to be his feet then I simply torture him on his feet whilst verbally teasing and tormenting him with comments like "what's the matter, you're not ticklish are you?" and when he starts to get angry and calls me names I just relentlessly tickle his feet until he breaks as for me there is nothing like breaking another man's composure and watching him laugh like a little girl. I always tickle guys until they admits total defeat to me and be advised defeated and exhausted they all give in as you will Eric!"

I then replaced the gag as I told him that his laughter might distract me but also psychologically he'd feel more vulnerable so would react more physically to the ticklish torment as he'd remember from the dormitory tickling and so was taking him down memory lane! I then began to run the pin wheel up and down the soles of his feet and this causes such an intense ticklish sensation that it’s almost unbearable as it certainly proved for Eric, I almost felt sorry for him, almost being the operative word! He began to laugh so hard as I worked the pinwheel over every inch of his feet, taking time to focus on his arches where it worked best and kept him in complete hysterics as the quill of the feather did underneath his toes and the feather end slid in between his toes. Hearing him roaring with laughter all the encouragement I needed and thanked him for his active participation in making my day though it was night.

The pin wheel not a tool of preference but it served its pupose making my point with it's points but the feather running over the soles of his feet heels to toes, around his arches and across his insteps had him wriggling and laughing his head off and then I indulged again in running my tongue along the soles of his feet and sucking and nibbling his toes and sniffing under his toes and tasting the sweat of his toes and soles as his toes involuntarily wiggled and his soles flexed from the lickles given by me to his big smelly feet and telling him that licking his soles and the salty sweat from them was what he was there for!

I then put my nose under his toes and sniffed their amazing aroma and again his defenseless feet subjected to the slurping of my tongue, licking deep into his arches, teasing over the balls of his feet and weaving between his toes and my fingers then running up n' down the soles of his feet and lusting after his feet attacked his soles with my fingers again while I tongued his toes, sucking them in my mouth one after the other as their smell and taste satisfied me as he weakened so he could not struggle against me as the intensity of my lickling and nibbling his toes increased and I licked the soles of his vulnerable feet!

"HAHAHAHASTAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!" Eric begged as I grazed my teeth Up and down, left and right over the soles of his feet and up to his toes and licked in between them. Mmmmm such deliciously tasty feet Eric; soles and toes I'm spoilt for choice and surprised the boys at school never took a nibble, a chew even a lick and bet at least one did in the cover of darkness but you'd like to blot that intimacy out so it's for me to remind you which I will be doing having an insatiable appetite your feet will satisfy but warm n'wet very sensitive Eric to tickle!"

I slowly stroked both index fingers from heels to toes of both feet up n' down but deliberately slowly and menacingly sseing his toes clench and splay
delivering light touches as I mapped out his most ticklish areas seen by his ticklish reactions which I mentally noted. Amazingly soft n' smooth soles stroked and alternated foot to foot seeing his his toes flexing and he squirming helplessly! I bent the toes back on each foot and stroked under them and across the balls of his feet as hearing muffled please for me to stop as his head shook from side to side on the bed and giggles grew frantic which only served to encourage me driving Eric ballistic!

Stopping the tickling I indulged in more lickling as his feet now more sweaty and tasting awesome as his toes did when I took mouthfuls of them and slid my tongue in between them making them wiggled like crazy in my mouth increasing Eric's licklish torment and tease making him go wild as my lust for his feet increased with every lick, every suck! My curious, devious tongue, slowly and thoroughly licking and kissing his feet. My tongue licked over his arches and the centre of his soles before sucking his toes saying they were getting a blow job each and finger stroking his balls. The sensation overload was almost too much for Eric

He laughed harder and harder as the sensations licking the soles of Eric's feet really slowly and taking my sweet time saying he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon and told him to press his soles against my face as I loved the smell of his raunchy feet and ran my lips over his toes and gently licked his toes from all sides and again explored other parts of his foot wit became increasingly unbearable as he shrieked and laughed as he couldn’t take it but had no choice but to submit to it happening, the tickles to his soles and toes, relentless teasing, tortuous and tormenting touching!

"Remind you of lights out tickles in the dorm Eric on your bare ticklish feet, driven berserk by the tickle, tickle, tickle on these super ticklish secured feet, fingers stroking lightly here over these arches and under your toes, no clenching toes Eric splay them or I will that's it feel the stroking under your toes and squirm and laugh for me that's it, just like you did for your dorm-mates as their fingers tickled and they saw your toes wiggle and feet felx as I am Eric! Feet saliva lubed and sweaty so my fingers glide over them both so effortlessly!"

Again I indulged orally enjoying them licking the length of both soles and sliding my tongue in between his toes and nibbling on the balls of his feet still finger stroking his aoles alternately taking complete and merciless advantage of his helpless feet facing me so easily giving into temptation and blaming him for it saying he shouldn't have such appealing and addictive feet and caressed them and ran fingers the length of them hearing more helpless giggling from Eric and finding it amusing seeing him struggle! I then licked every inch of each foot again and licked between his toes as he felxed his feet to evade contact but efforts proving futile as my experienced tongue lickled his soles and sensually sucked his toes as he wished I'd be sucking his dick but stopping saying his toes and a guys toes always my preference as his toes wiggled helplessly in my mouth, tongue rotating over them, slipping between them making Eric squirm uncontrollably and giggle from the insidious lickling! Sucking the toes of each foot alternately and licking his size 13 soles hearing him moan not with delight but frustration as my fingers ran over his dick making it harden! Then fingers running over the soles of his saliva lubed feet mixed with then lightly stroking them!

"Hahahahahahahaha Please stop Hahahahahahahaha!"

"What's that Eric, stop what, does that tickle just tracing my fingers over your toes very lightly and up n' down these bare soles, I guess it's maddening but I've not had ticklish fun like this for some time, not with a hypeticklish guy like you Eric so don't deprive me of it as I'm loving seein your instant reactions

"Hahahahahahahahahahahaha stop! Hahahahahaha! Please! Hahahahahaha!" Eric was hysterical as I traced the quill end of the feather over the soles of his feet as he laughed uncontrollably and continuously from the ticklish sensation and ignoring his pleas but alternatively encouraged by them
and licked between his toes with my eager tongue, simultaneously stroking his saliva slick soles with my fingers and telling him I loved playing with his ticklish feet, torture tickling them becaue I could

"I know Eric you can't stand this torment you feet caressed, stroked, massaged, fondled, felt-up, licked, toes sucked and nibbled but you're not standing; you're lying down with feet presented to me and irresistble Eric and demanding being my focus of attention and they are so you've succeeded in your objective Eric but you're helpless to stop me if it wasn't and isn't but love seeing your feet flinch at my touch even like now just pressed against these large moistened soles and Mmmmm fuck Eric smelling awesome and now feeling my fingers slowly stroking over your soles, the right one, the left one, the right one, the left one, sliding up n' down them Eric! These helpless feet both my feet for now Eric just gliding over them relentlessly with my fingers but then this Eric!"

I then indulged in spider tickling his soles smiling at more futile attempts to escape the tickle torment as speed and intensity of tickling increased tormenting every inch of his soles and his toes and then the feather sliding in between his toes and thrilled by Eric's immediate ticklish reaction both physical and verbal as I told him. The feather slipped in between his toes and under his toes before resuming massaging his feet and enjoying handling them which I'd be doing regularly on our weekly feet-meets hearing him moan nervously as not something he'd be welcoming but knew the alternative so was resigned to it's going to be happening!

'Bzzzzzzzzz' the rotating bristles of the sonicare activated and slowly brushed heels to toes as I told him I expected every meeting, appointment kept as I aimed the electric toothbrush over Eric's arches delivering tickling extreme as he shook and went ballistic, laughing like a loon into his gag!Then worse slid in between and under his toes saying this tickling was to make sure he obeyed my instructions to the letter, arriving friom work, always in thin black nylon socks, feet smelling and tasting like feet and ticklish n' ready to suffer for me, adding the last two requirements guaranteed! Eric had reacted as if he had received a 1,000 volt electric shock as the revolving bristles of the toothbrush scraped across the sole of his left foot and then his right foot and told him matter of factly that I was going to torture him with this tickling and being extremely ticklish; torture as punishment or to display his ticklishness to invited ticklers! I then de-activated the evil, highly effective tickle tool!

I told him the ticklish sensation of the sonicare he's become forcibly accustomed to as I set the rules and he toed the line respecting them and subjected to the ticklish sensation longer if he disappointed me in any way and invited being punished as from tonight he was not Eric but 'Tickle-Slut'!" Eric gasped as I told him as my 'Tickle-slut' he was mine to tickle and mine to invite others to tickle and ignored muffled and desperate verbal response from him, telling him that variety the spice of life that it would amuse me to see other tickler's techniques practiced on him and his reactions to them with no gurantees all ticklers confined to solely taking interest in his feet as he moaned into his gag!

I then got the feather and lightly stroked the place between his asshole and the base of his balls, a very sensitive area and then lightly ran the feather along the stiff stiff shaft of his dick which had him going wild as he was being teased to come as the nerve endings were systematically activated as he was so perfectly tormented and teased with me verbally taunting him saying he must soon be so desperate to shoot his spunk but when he did how magnified his ticklishness would be so best he fight the urge but asked him if he wanted to come saying I could give him a blow job which would feel so good but take the consequences of tormenting tickling of his ticklish feet but the feather was bringing him close to climax and then stopped!


As I teased the base of his toes, he was laughing like crazy trying to endure the tickles "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAPLEEEASSSE!!” hahahhahaaHEEEEEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" I told him music to my ears as I lightly stroked the balls of each foot in turn but his writhing about had lessened not because he wasn't excruciatingly ticklish but because he was and surrendered to the inevitable exhausted and defeated so stopped the intentional tickling but massaged his right foot but couldn't resist gliding my fingers all over his foot

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHASSSHSIIIITTTAHAHAHAHAHA !" I then massaged his left foot saying he had such gorgeous feet which were addictive and I was hooked and began using the pads of my fingers along his left sole then right sole driving my captive straight man wild stroking up and down the length of his helpless feet and relished in every second of his torment as I told him!

"Okay 'Tickle-Slut' I've tested your areas of sensitivity and you have been very co-operative and then focused stroking the arch of his right foot with a degree of intensity which resulted in his reaction"HAHAPPPLLLEAASSSEEEAHAHAHAHAHA” he howled as his head thrashed back and forth against the padded head rest and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with how this initiation session with him was!

Eric's slender toes wiggled madly as the arch of his foot was being tickled, signalling to me that I was doing a good job not that I needed any reassurance as swapping feet I began a new assault of the arch of his left foot and then spider tickled both soles simultaneously!

“HAHAHAHAHAOOOOHHHAHAHAHAHFFUUCCCKKKAAHAHAHMMEEEAH AHAHAHAHHAHAAA!!” was his reaction to the stimulation the nerve endings in his feet were being rudely awakened to and then I indulged in licking his sweat moist soles and nibbling on the balls of his feet and then sucking his toes taking full advantage of orally violating his feet against his will and saliva and sweat moist soles meant my fingers slid easily all over them "HAHAHAHHAANNOOAHAHAHA" and I then put my face to his feet feeling the warmth of them against my face as his toes wiggled as my lips licked each of his arches and then told him to put his feet in my face, press them there and fearing punishement if he didn;t, Eric obeyed me.

I loved feeling the heat from his feet on my face and breathing in their smell and he wiggled and then splayed his toes for me and I slid my tongue in between one toe after the other and told him to wiggle his toes at my mouth and my tongue savoured their flavour and very sticky and sweaty feet as I told him and his soles stretched and wrinkled and stretched and wrinkled on my face and tongue as I indulged in delicious licking and sucking which for me so satisfying a combination. My wet lips and tongue slid between his toes and I gave the soles of his feet long licks and his toes were sucked hard by me and again my tongue sliding in between them.

I activated the sonicare 'Bzzzz' and perfectly and I saying this realisation thrilling for me and inviting me to take full advantage of and as I stroked his soles he writhed and spasmed as I teased his soles with just one finger strokes up n' down the length of them again and again so horny seeing his immediate reactions. Taking the toes of his right foot in my left hand slowly and teasingly tracing his bare sole driving him insane!

" 'Tickle-Slut' is this unbearable for you I sure hope so and no way to move your feet and stop me so having to take it!"

Saying this took the toes of his left foot in my right hand and slowly tickled his bare sole and all he could do and was doing was laugh and loved being in the position of power and indulging in tickling and then just lightly stroked both soles holding his toes back and from the base of his toes started to spider tickle his soles over and over but slow tickles up n' down his soles. Then indulged in giving each foot an oral massage and holding back his toes to lick under them and very sweaty, more tasty then ever and alternated lightly stroking his right foot then left foot then right foot then left foot on a roll! His feet getting sweatier and sweatier and tasting more and more ripe as I enjoyed orally enjoying them when not tickling them.

I then employed the feather again which I ran slowly up n' down the shaft of his dick and lightly caressing his balls with making him gasp and moan as I edged him so he was soon so desperate to come as I know how to develop increasingly intense sensations and stroked the head of his dick hearing him breathing fast and deep as he perspired more and more and maintained a slow and rhythmic teasing torment over his dick and balls but denying him ejaculation but keeping him on the edge and verbally taunting him asking if he wanted to shoot his juice and whispering it in his ear and he nodding and gasping but heard him saying "Please please yes please!" and smiling kept constantly stroking his dick and balls saying that maybe he wanted me to continue tormenting and teasing him as he yelled "NOOOPLEASENOOOPLEASENOOO!"

I told him I believed him and ever so slowly stroked the sole of his left foot and then his right foot making him suffer as he breathed hard as having become excited, the ticklish sensations magnified and employed four finger spidery motions all over the soles of his feet and assaulted both feet simultaneously and he in agony could only submit and take it being a guy off the charts ticklish! I verbally taunted him saying what a ticklish man he was as I ran my fingers over the tops of his feet, his arches so smooth with no calluses anywhere on his feet and reminding him and his feet irresistible with his being very masculine, macho, the alpha-male type of guy but having such ticklish feet!

I grabbed the feather and playfully ran it over his soles and in between his toes and then used my index finger and dragged it slowly from his right heel to the ball of his foot. He foot scrunched as my finger followed the ridges up his sole as he giggled and wiggled his foot as much as he could. I did the same to his left foot and then indulged in light touches to test out his sensitive spots. I pulled back the toes of his right foot and stroked under them which made him burst out laughing and struggle like a wild animal as my fingers teased his soft bare sole and then repeated the ticklish process with the toes of his left foot.

“Cooootchie Coooooo tickle, tickle, tickle” I taunted as I saw his soles flex and his toes wiggle as he struggled helplessly, an awesome sight for me to see and ran my fingers over the tops of his feet.

Again I then worked my tongue over his toes wild with lust for his feet as they smelled and tasted so appealing, all so sweaty which might not appeal to all Masters but to this one it seals my ticklish victim's fate and his toes all wiggled in my mouth as I orally assaulted them mouthful by mouthful! I slid my tongue between his toes as they tried to clamp down on my tongue which only made the tickling worse as I licked and chewed on the balls of his feet and nibbled his toes!

"You know 'Tickle-Slut' you have two great looking feet, strong looking feet from playing the squash you told me about but also both so soft and smooth which surprises me in a good way, yeah nice looking feet and so sensitive and warm n' sweaty so my fingers so easily slide all over them with such ticklish arches and even reactive to the lightest expert stroking


"Ssssh 'Tickle-Slut' it's just a tickle, you're not going anywhere, staying here to be tickled by me and your feet tight and taut just as I like feet to be vulnerable to be tickled and the feather in between your toes 'Tickle-Slut' when it does has you laughing, deeply breathing, gasping and trembling, all reactions guaranteed to excite me and they do and you profficient at doing that and I think will excite other guys too and later will look on line and see if a guy wants to join and we'll have a threesome with a difference, he and I working over a foot each, maybe he working your upper body and me your feet or he might like to just tease your dick and balls even ass edging you as I play with your feet, the possibilities endless!"

I then stroked his dick with the feather "Coochie cooochie coooooo tickle tickle tickle!" I kept repeating the words slowly and deliberately taunting him as my feather caressed his balls and asking him if he was ticklish, how ticklish, modeately ticklinsh, very ticklish or excruciatingly ticklish saying he better answer me and tell the truth and he yelled "FUCKINEXCCRUCIATINGLYYOU BASTARD!"

"Tickle tickle tickle naughty boy using language like that tickle tickle tickle tickle" I said as I stroked the quill of the feather along his right bare sole sand then his left saying he needed to learn manners but a third guy would be assisting me in teaching him some and he'd be told that 'Tickle-Slut' was a straight married man with attitude and needed attitude adjustment and was mega ticklish!

I then plunged my face into his soles and my nose was filled with his strong foot scent as I rolled my face around his soles, taking extra time to bury my nose into his beautiful arches. I sniffed deeply, my nostrils devouring the delicious aroma of his sweaty male feet, kissing them and licking them and the aroma of them like a powerful drug to me I was addicted to and told him that was why he wasgoing to be a habit with me and reminding him of the incriminating filming taken earlier but later wit the third guy another even more kinky and perverse film would be shot!

"You know hearing you laughing as you are 'Tickle-Slut' I guess you really can't stand being tickled can you and you really are insanely ticklish on your feet which is why I'm stroking, stroking, stroking your soles like this, I'm fixated on your feet 'Tickle-Slut' and being blindfold not knowing when they'll be tickled and with what which makes the torture so much worse and even feel so embarrassed having your sweaty feet smelled but they have such an intoxicating scent 'Tickle-Slut' and really attractive feet which taste so delicious!"

Saying this I was rubbing my face aginst his arches and feet secured together, both arches simultaneously as he moaned as not tickling I indulged in licking the shit out of his feet and sucking and nibbling his toes to hell, all sucked on hungrily by me and passionately with my head bobbing up and down over them as I took turns sucking on each toe telling him they all getting a blow job as they flexed in my mouth saying I knew he wished his dick was getting oral attention and then again licking his toes and soles and his insteps!

I loved caressing his feet with my tongue and again sucking on his toes one by one taking full advantage of his straight feet, sliding my tongue along his arches and telling him I knew he didn't like his feet orally toyed with but that was his problem to deal with! Both feet were perfect and damp with sweat, the smell of his feet intoxicating! My tongue fiendishly lickling hisvulnerable soles and their perspiration giving his feet their appealing and strong distinct masculine taste. My fingers again began to explore his feet, touching them and massaging them before tickling them and then I stopped!

"Right 'Tickle-Slut' it's time for some real fun!" I said and called the number a guy on line text me having interest in joining me and soon was talking to Conrad so 'Tickle-Slut heard me

"Yeah Alan here and calling to see if you want to come over and have some fun as have a guy here who really needs a lesson in manners taught him but no heavy S/M stuff but teasing and torment as he's real ticklish, it's torture for him! Yeah sure 6' and 30's and he's straight, yeah I guess pretty big maybe 7", yeah they're a very decent size 13's and super sensitive so you interested? Okay cool so yeah 555 Rikers Drive, that's it yeah Waterside Plaza but call me when you're close, Cool, yeah bring along any tickle tools and I've plenty here too we can try on him,sounds like a plan Conrad!"

“Right 'Tickle-Slut' seems we'll soon have company so first thing let's get your socks back on and keep your feet hot n' sweaty!"

Within 10 minutes Conrad had arrived and was ready to assist me in a wild nights entertainment with our tickle toy and 'Tickle-Slut' now finds himself here once a week and is ticklish as ever and often finds himself played with by other guys I arrange to join me including Conrad!