I was eager to answer the doorbell when as arranged Grant in mid 30's arrived and 7pm direct from the office and amazing the guy in the photo he'd sent me so 6' and slim n' fit which are a rarity to find on line, usually no shows and more often than not communication stopping but not Grant. He had been open saying in his profile stating casual sex is fine and being usually fairly aggressive during sex and mostly with girls all his life but fooled around with a guy once or twice and found it pretty intense, str8 acting and not into fucking but keen to try anything with an interest in bondage and being controlled! On arrival he told to remove his shoes hesitating saying in socks and shoes all day he might stink the place out and told him I'd take my chances. He had an arrogance which invited behaviour therapy and he sat on the sofa having removed suit jacket and tie and told him that he would be in bondage and vulnerable and helpless and he smiled saying I was the Boss and he welcoming this as Manager of the office he glad to relinquish control and saw me looking at his feet in thin black nylon socks.

"I said they'd be sweaty sorry!" he said

"No problem; no just they're big!" I said

"Oh yeah size 14 alpha feet, biggest in the family!" he laughed

"Right; so mainly with women but a couple of guys so what experiences Grant!"

"Oh with guys; dick sucking so nothing much but being new experiences both intense as only happened a couple of times and now feel I want to explore a bit and be dominated by another guy sounds exciting but nothing too painful or er leaving marks!"

"No sure understood so when you're ready we can go to the bedroom!"

In there Grant stripped to his briefs and kept socks on and lay on the bed on his stomach and was secured and as agreed blindfold and gagged and promised he was not going to be fucked and his briefs still on indicative of this. Facing me two large upturned socked soles and toes, something which evidently had escaped his attention and had flinched when secured together and he'd embarrassingly said he a bit ticklish but quickly adding I best not get too close to them!

I told him again big, sweaty feet not a problem and now whispered being a Top he mine to play with and drew his hardening dick down between his legs and then with a feather stroked the head lightly to make him writhe and moan and to fool him his dick was to be my focus of attention and it was until rock hard and then stopped making him gasp!

"You know Grant your sheer socked stinky feet pretty appealing and you said you wanting to explore and me too; explore your feet and feet smelling like feet through socks that smell like socks my preference and these monster feet sure do and so big, plenty of foot flesh to explore, initiate being virginal to foot rape!"

I ran a finger along one socked sole and then the other and smiled as he flinched and encouraged by this ran fingers the length of his right foot and his left foot and told him I was trying to determine which foot the more ticklish and where tickled the most and he could react as he liked because there was no escape from the oldest torture known to man and one leaving no marks as requested 'Tickling'! Grant squirmed as I sniffed his socked soles and toes and then pressed my face into them both knowing this humiliating him.

I indulged in lightly touching his socked soles keeping him sensitive to touch as being an experienced skillful and sadistic tickler knowing how to deliver unbearable ticklish sensations so ticklees make futile, desperate attempts as they reward me with involuntary spasms in sheer desperation as their reaction to sensation overload defeating any shows of defiance from them soon learning resistance useless and inviting a greater intensity of ticklish torment, touching and taunting. I deeply inhaled his powerful sock stink saying I'd be enjoying a foot feast on his size 14's!

"Love the rich smell of your feet Grant, it's intoxicating and ticklish meaning you're going to suffer but that's what you wanted and welcomed wanting to be restrained though I guess having the fuck tickled out of your feet and later orally experiencing foot-rape not something thought about but these feet will taste as ripe as they smell raunchy so inevitable happening and size 14's there being plenty of foot flesh for me to use and abuse to my satisfaction and you can be sure I will be taking full advantage of them!"

Grant moaned and not with pleasure but not my problem! My fingers glided over his socked feet taking advantage of how helpless he was and excited by this and was relentless, my fingers scribbling all over both socked feet which he tried to kick me with but failed and invited me to run the quill of a feather the length of each foot so energised my tormentor instinct. I guessed having another guy messing with his feet messed with his head and tickling one thing but remembering his being more str8 that intimacy harder to deal with as dick sucking clearly for him was not but loving the feel of feet, the warmth, the moistness I was ready to massage them both in socks and began gently so it was ticklish and evidently it was and deliberately going to drive him crazy!

"Seems to me you're mega, super ticklish and that it's not a sensation you like but guess you have to deal with that and these feet more sensitive lubed naturally with your sweat and later my saliva as I love to eat feet and guess licking your soles, toes and nibbling them will drive you berserk and the feather so tickly drawn in between your toes; imagine the ticklish sensations to look forward to and yes look how your dick responds to it; going to be fun edging you Grant and when you've cum; tickling will prove unbearable!"

I did not mince my words delivered menacingly as the foot massage continued and soft and so gentle, light strokes along both socked soles incorporated as I assured him I would be tickling him in so many ways I am going to tickle you in so many ways and switched from massaging his socked feet to tickling them with my evil fingers and hearing Grant laughing and begging me to stop but no chance and squeezed his socked toes! I ran one finger up n' down each socked sole and loving seeing his toes wiggle trapped in his socks and stroked them gently and softly which tormented and teased him perfectly and incapable of defending himself and both socked feet warmer and sweatier! I then slid my finger, one of each hand inside a sock and stroked the bare nerves and imagined his sense of dread as I told him that his feet were smelly and needed airing and very slowly peeled off both socks and exposed heels, soles, arches and ankles and socks off stared at both large bare feet and his sweat moistened soles and toes, toes which wiggled invitingly! his feet total perfection How gorgeous his feet were with medium-high arches and long toes and soft looking soles; a handsome looking, awesome pair of feet facing me and feet smelling like feet and he reacting to the ticklish touch as I stroked Grant's freshly bared soles and toes and told him he having deliciously soft soles; so tender and vulnerable bare feet inviting being tickled! I knew for someone as sensitive as Grant was; a trip to ticklish hell!

Every slight touch caused Grant to wriggle and squirm and I told him that for me tickling a guy's bare feet was an aphrodisiac like nothing else but feet needing to smell like feet and his certainly ticking that box and I was thrilled at discovering how damn ticklish his feet were! I imagined how helpless Grant felt as I told him that examining with tickles his socked feet; that I knew where to target for varied reactions and that I guaranteed he not being able to prepare himself for each ticklish assault being so hopelessly ticklish, he would soon be consumed with laughter for my amusement! I stopped physical attention to his feet as I told him that there was nothing like having a good looking guy in bondage and at my mercy for tickle torture. Then resumed a light stroking along each bare sole and seeing his toes curl and soles wrinkle! Being sweaty so naturally lubricated my fingers slid over each foot with ho problem and Grant squirming and any initial resolve lost, laughing into the gag even with the light gentle strokes he was enduring!

"You're really ticklish Grant and this tickler's delight, seems you can't stand being tickled but that's just how it should be as a Master is concerned with his own pleasure and not the submissive's and being in control and dominating which is what you wanted to experience and unable to move your feet away from the torment as secured together so you do as told or the tickling increases. As best you can rub your bare feet together for me; do it Grant or you will be tickled!"

Grant obeyed as he knew he had no choice and I smiled seeing him rub one foot against the other so getting them more sweaty so more horribly sensitive as warm feet and hot feet in his case always are! I then told him to stop and gently ran all her fingers in a spider tickle just very gently over the sides of his feet, heels, the balls of both feet, toes and under and in between his toes and deliberately altered areas of attack so they surprised and shocked him and no preparation mentally and physically for the varied strategies I enthusiastically engaged in deploying! I loved telling him that he must be embarrassed being so helpless as I touched his feet any way I liked and engaged in rubbing the soles of his feet and massaging them and interlacing my fingers in between his toes, touching and feeling up his feet but telling him that smelling so raunchy, feeling so moist that they just had to taste ripe and heard an appealing gasp from him!

My fingers lightly danced the length of his feet from heels to toes and toes to heels hearing instantaneous and he howling like a hyena knowing I was in complete control and drew a feather back and forth in between each oif his toes and then lightly drew the quill end of the feather the length of each foot in turn. His insane ticklishness being completely exploited by me to my satisfaction, the overwhelming sensations of the feather and my fingers driving him berserk! A hellish endurance for him as he lost it shrieking into his gag trying to speak but incomprehensible to me driven completely incoherent!

"Grant I think you're trying to tell me to stop tickling your feet, it tickles too much, too tortuous as your reactions indicate and in luck i am going to stop tickling them as Grant some Masters oil the feet Grant but I prefer initially anyway using saliva and trust me my tongue tickles or lickles; goats used in the past to lickle soles and toes but I have no use or need of one and why should I deny myself your foot taste? So you can judge for yourself which sensation is the most effective, a tickling or a lickling? I guess you arrived here anticipating a blow job but me taking advantage of you and enforcing fellatio on you but not imagining it would be indulged in by me on every one of your toes but my preference to sucking dick is sucking toes and licking in between them!"

Saying this I began licking his feet; the heels, the soles, and the sides of his feet and soon vigorously licking them and relishing their delightful taste and getting an amazing high doing so and licked every square inch of each foot as his gasps and moans enticed me doing as clearly not something he was enjoying happening at all and sucking on his toes and licking in between them drove Grant berserk! I grabbed each foot in turn and slowly sucked on his big toes and joked it being a new kind of blow-job; unlike those he'd indulged in but it seemed even more intense! I sucked on each big toe back and forth and slowly, loving the feeling of his toes in my mouth and wiggling and moved on to sucking on all of his toes, sucking on multiple toes simultaneously! Wiggling toes as doing so stroking ticklish soles! I licked in between his toes both in and out of my mouth; slobbering all over them as his tender tasty toes I nibbled and tongue massaged! I couldn't stop myself from chewing on the tender toe-pads as my tongue ran in between every single toe! I ran my fingers underneath Grant's toes and gripped them so he felt the determined ticklish strokes and squeezed on his toes as I told him his feet both mine to enjoy in every way imaginable!

Grant was laughing his silly head off as every sensation tickled him horrendously as fully intended, he soon panting and sweating when I stopped to give him a break and told him it seemed tickle torture really got to him as he nodded and I think I hearing his begging to let him go but gagged I couldn't be sure and he'd need to articulate his words more clearly to make himself understood or as he was laughing so much, it seemed to me he enjoying this as much as I was! I'm such a bastard but hey his choice to meet me right! I began slowly tracing my fingers up n' down the length of Grant's size 14 feet again and sliding over them slowly, which soles sweating and saliva lubed was a walk in the park and driving Grant insane and increased the pressure of the finger strokes which escalated the volume of Grant's laughter and magnified the ticklish sensations deliciously! My indulging in raking both hands up n' down each of Grant's soles, fingers relentlessly tracing lines in the winkled soles of his feet causing unimaginable torment to him as I continued to tickle both feet mercilessly and now specific areas so focusing on torturing the heels, arches and balls of his feet.

The inkless biro pen nib introduced to his soles and writing messages on his soles with it and indulging in art, drawing patterns over them both as he literally thrashed about on the bed but attempts to escape all proving futile. I writing things like 'Is Grant ticklish on his feet?' 'YES!' 'Where is he most ticklish?' 'All over them but especially arches seem mega sensitive!' and then indulging in proving the scrolled statements being factual with my evil fingers! I then drawn to his toes and stroked under them all gently with my fingers sending him ballistic, licking them and saliva lubed then sliding my fingers easily in between them which drove Grant wild and worked on them toe by toe in a deliberately intense and concentrated assault! It seemed to me Grant clearly being subjected to the worst tickling imaginable by me judging by his reactions which made indulging in delivering it to him all the more exciting!

"Mmm fuck Grant you have some really nice feet, I sensed on your arrival you not liking attention to them as I'm pretty perceptive and guessed it being more than the fact they smelled as you would have asked to wash them in the bathroom or just used it and inside there have done so but no you don't like them touched and no way tickled but that's great for me as you wanted to be controlled and dominated and explore different avenues of interest and you are doing so as I am in full control of these big, stinky size 14's and actually they're not pungent but just smell as a healthy pair of feet are expected to - of feet! They being so fucking ticklish though is the icing on the cake and you haven't experienced the electric toothbrush yet right, the revolving vibrating bristles are killers Grant!"

'Bzzz' activated I pressed the tickle tool hard against the sole of Grant's right foot and drew it the length of his sole and same time finger stroked his left sole so doubling the ticklish impact for him and heard him roaring with laughter even gagged and then switched feet and loved watching his reactions to the bristles as they were aimed along his soles, across his arches and under his toes and he losing all sense of sanity as he endured the chills and thrills of tickling torture extreme to my sadistic satisfaction! To be a successful Master there must be a degree of sadism and whilst I have no enjoyment causing pain through spanking, beating a sub; have no problems tickling the shit out of him! I have a known reputation around NYC and am respected as a T.M. - 'Tickle Master' but something Grant having answered me on line had no knowledge of! Now with his feet in my grasp indulging in telling him which increased his sense of helplessness! The toothbrush proving horrendous for him and he relieved when after 20 minutes I switched it off!

I then indulged myself in tasting his feet again, licking the soles and sucking and licking on his toes and loving the deliciousness of his feet as I made sure he knew and saying two of the tastiest I having had the pleasure of orally enjoying and glad that his feet were virgin to any kind of foot-play prior to our meeting but by the time I decided enough was enough they would be well used and abused; been around the block; twice! As I having said on line I liking long meet and he agreeing and suggesting it's being today as his wife being upstate with family and therefore told him that for me this meant no time limit as being in the mood for an all nighter! I again indulging in tasting his feet before using the pipe cleaner on them. Sliding the pipe cleaner back and forth in between the toes of each foot, his big, smelly feet twitching from the tickle torture; toes wiggling like crazy! I then activated the toothbrush again and ran it over the soles of Grant's feet, the bristles up n' down both soles, across the balls of his feet and his toes and heels as well as a focus of ticklish attention over both arches until laughter rendered Grant being incoherent! Grant laughing uncontrollably as mercilessly I continued the tickling another ten minutes and then de-activated the torture tool extraordinaire!

I then indulged in slowly and gently stroking both arches and up and down each toe and under them all and then saliva lubed his soles with another tongue bath which was easier for him to relax to and I loving the taste of his feet was happy allowing him a respite from tickling as it is tiring even for the tickler but soon was stroking over each saliva lubed sole and randomly back and forth along his toes and telling him he was my tickle-slave and so at my mercy and would be at other ticklers later as I planned inviting a couple of friends over for the weekend and both Tickle-Tops; Grant being our ticklish guest! Stroking slowly up and down both saliva lubed soles and arches before moving back up to Grant's toes, his feet twitched and tugged trying to pull free which invited my continuing the torment and tease them as Grant's loud laughter muffled by the gag increased, my fingers, feeling gliding over each foot, every single spot and leaving no spot untouched as Grant sweated from the nonstop laughter he exploded in as his soles, arches, toes, balls of his feet and heels were tortuously tickled! Grant literally laughing hysterically almost manic when I stopped to allow him to breathe!

"Don't want a corpse on my hands Grant and funerals an expense too, fuck you're a sweaty, gasping mess so guess glad the tickling initiation over soon but have to see you react to a feather first of course but reckon I might call Mick over tonight as you need a shower and don't trust you to not try to escape and the WWF player making sure that doesn't happen and his ID you'll keep quiet about and be tickled into agreeing to this and he favours armpits; not so much the feet but a threesome will be fun and we'll be joined later by another Tickle-Top as I've said!"

I then dragged the feather up and down each of Grant's soles at the same time and delighting in seeing his toes curl, and his soles wrinkle and feathered Grant's feet all over: soles, arches, balls, outer edges, heels, tops, and especially his toes as he squirmed like crazy on the bed and gasped for breath. I then drew it in between each if his toes slowly, one toe at a time but Grant reacted as if he were being subjected to electric shocks when I drew the pointed, quill end of it up n' down his size 14 soles; and madly wriggling his toes and feet about in another pointless attempt to escape but after twenty minutes of this I indulged in massaging Grant's tickle out feet having witnessed his losing energy and being unable to flinch and whilst massaging them and sniffing and licking them making my call to Mick! Having told Grant Mick would introduce him to being tickled with all kinds of tickle tools as Mick favours using a plastic tined hairbrush, a paintbrush and a plastic tined comb drwan up n' down both soles and from side to side slowly and fast paced guaranteed terrorising him and violent reactions also being expected!

I told Grant with Mick we would have Grant begging the tickle and lickle torture to end as he feeling like a trapped animal, our prey and we the hunters delighting in hearing his agonised laughter and seeing his suffering and traumatised from his own weakness so with only himself to blame for being so damn ticklish and licklish every inch of his size 14 feet!

"Hi Mick, Still okay for tomorrow; yeah that's great and he's very, very sensitive all over, yeah a real live one and well he was a virgin to tickling; of his feet anyway but reckon his arm-pits need initiating and wondered if you'd fancy coming over now; tonight as he's kind of sweaty and needs to be freshened up so a shower in order; oh okay yeah after you've worked on them and yeah natural smells a real turn-on so about what 30 minutes or so you'll be here; yeah okay sounds good to me; see you in a while! Bye"

"Well Grant; Mick can't wait to meet you!" I said smiling and went and made refreshments for all three of us as it was going to be a long night!