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    Jon his Boss's Tickle-Lickle Toy! M/M

    Mr.Richie had waited until the office was closing and had suggested Jon Lomax return to his home with him to discuss a business matter of importance and they'd shared a bottle of wine. Now Jon woke blindfolded on his Boss Mr.Richie's bed, naked but for his black nylon socks. He was breathing loudly through his nose, duct tape covering his mouth in a crude gag. He jerked at the first touch of Mr.Richie's fingers on his socked ankles seeing him examine his size 12 black loafer shoes then discarding them without a second thought.

    Mr.Richie grinned watching his employee 19 yr old Jon's arms flex as he struggled against his bonds, quiet moans filtering from behind the makeshift gag. He smiled at him saying he didn't appreciate dishonest employees and was going to punish him himself or he could call the police but Jon having been in a youth detention centre he would immediately be arrested and jailed. He told Jon he had drugged his drink!

    "You know Jon I find you attractive and more so as of course you liking the ladies but right now here to please a man and one who holds your future in his hands and you know Jon I'm looking at your feet in black nylon socks worn all day and whilst securing and stripping you finding their strong aroma appealing to my senses Hmmmmm I like the way your toes are wriggling and telling you how I'm going to eventually peel off your socks and tickle your bare feet, tickle them Jon, really tickle them and you're going to laugh like hell, you'll have no choice!

    "I am going to give you the real treatment and your feet secured tightly, soles taut and defenseless on my especially adapted and custom made bed, we all have our quirks, our kinks Jon and mine's tickling among other things but a treat when it's a straight guy being worked on but even then they expecting to be touched, played with so somewhat by mutual consent but our games not making them even more exciting for me! Afterwards your choice but your job still secure but the evidence of you fiddling the company accounts with me and duplicated! So once these warm, sweaty socks are off the tormenting torture will begin but Mmmm I love the smell of these feet trapped in shoes and socks all day and mine to look at and see all the wrinkles as your toes wiggle for me involuntarily!"

    Mr.Richie leaned over both socked feet feet hanging over the edge of the bed vulnerable and appealing as he told Jon he intent on discovering how ticklish his feet were as when securing them having loved seeing them flinch and his toes wiggle in his socks and found his feet even socked hot as he indulged taking long and deep inhalations from them smiling as Jon winced being told how he'd feel his Boss's lips against his bare soles and his moustache grazing them so that he'd be desperate to pull them away but futile in his efforts as he would sense breath on his feet, heated breath on his trapped, tied, ticklish vulnerable feet. The Boss said he anticpated Jon reacting violently to the tickling, teasing touches but even to his feet being sniffed, licked, nibbled and kissed as well as tickled as his feet were going to be tortured to drive him crazy, this the objective as it was punishment!

    "I want to hear you laugh Jon, laugh as you have never laughed before and the whole night! Mr.Richie pressed his nose against the soles of both socked feet and inhaled deeply and then licked each socked sole making Jon flinch immediately so the Boss licked each socked foot slowly in turn savouriing their musky scent. He told Jon it would take a while for him to suck the sweat from them but secured to the bed that Jon wasn't going anywhere except to tickle-hell! He soon was sucking on Jon's socked toes savouring their taste and kissed each socked foot all over but making Jon suffer humiliation and embarrassment as he sucked the socked toes of each foot in turn loving the misture of Jon's sweat and his own saliva on the socks.

    Then still licking the socked right foot he lightly stroked the socked left foot and his fingers running over the nylon socked sole gaining an immediate squirming reaction from Jon so something his Boss made him endure via his right foot to a similar reaction. Slowly Mr.Richie dragged his finger from the heel to the ball of first one of Jon's feet, then the other, caressing the socked feet skin, tracing the curve of the arches witnessing Jon's reaction, twitching his socked toes! Mr.Richie smiled stroking the centres of both feet as Jon instinctively tried to pull his feet away so his Boss settled for gently caressing them as Jon's body tensed up and both feet jerking violently when his fingers ran along the socked insteps! Then indulged in rubbing both socked feet

    "You see Jon I am going to tickle these feet socked and bare and drive you berserk laughing and yelling but nothng you can do to stop me and you stealing from me, the guy who gave you a job inspite of your criminal record, you asked for this to happen; well not this but some kind of retribution and Mmmm these feet more than satisfy my desire for revenge! Have you always been this ticklish, I am sure in the detention centre something discovered as boys will be boys and reckon you could be tickled to sucking another lad's dick and even getting fucked in preference to it happening but might tickle a kinky confession from you later!"

    The Boss lightly tickled up and down Jon's socked feet only imagining how delightful they were going to be to tickle bare as even socked Jon's head twisting from side to side on the pillow whenever the socked sole tickles intensified as Mr. Richie's fingers picked up speed and tickled faster all over each socked foot so Jon could not keep them still from the ticklish assault being so perfectly executed by an experienced tickler, his experienced tickler's fingers stroking the length of each size 12 foot from heels to toes as Jon desperately tried to kick free but was going nowhere as teased verbally by Mr.Richie taunting him how ticklish they were, so superbly sensitive as he lightly tickled both soles and Jon's toes flexed like crazy driving Jon frantic!

    Then his Boss began slipping the socks off but just half way as the exposed part of his barefeet were stroked and followed by the socked part but clearly barefoot got an even greater ticklish reaction! Both socks off it was soon discovered Jon being very ticklish under his toes so Mr.Richie smiled and stroked under the toes of both feet simultaneously.

    “OHOHOHOGODHAHAHAHAHAAHAH PLEHEHAESEHAHAHA!” Jon was thrashing wildly as this was torture.“PLeheahseheahahaha- HAHAHAAHA!”

    Mr.Richie went in for the kill and tickled under all of Jon's toes repeatedly attacking both ticklish feet, scribbling back and forth from one to the other. First the toes, then under them, back to the base of the feet, then up and down the arches and told him he was going to tickle him and that’s was all there was to it and there was no escape! He then groped Jon's flacid dick and stroked it and pumped it until Jon was semi - hard and moaning and then stopped saying he would jerk him off properly later but this would magnify the tickling and saying this lightly stroked Jon's dick until pre-cum came and stroked his balls lightly! Helpless Jon unable to predict what his devious Boss was going to do next.

    Suddenly Mr.Richie began lightly tickling Jon's navel as he squirmed, trying to escape the teasing, tormenting fingers that ran from his navel up each side of his rib cage and across his chest and then Mr.Richie opened the bedside drawer and retrieved the feathers and began stroking Jon's nipples with them. Jon gasped as his Boss twirled the tortuous feathers against his nipples, then all across his chest. His moans quickly turned to more hysterical laughter and he started bucking on the bed pulling frantically at his restraints in a futile frenzy to escape the increasingly intense torment of his exposed chest. Then the inevitable and he began stroking the feathers along the soles of Jon's feet.

    Jon's reaction being instantaneous, gales of laughter escaping him, trying to pull his legs away from the feathers but he was tied too tightly, he wasn't going anywhere so just had to lie there and take it. Mr.Richie continued running the soft quills along the tender arches of Jon's feet, up and down, back and forth, watching as Jon thrashed about on the bed, wiggling his feet, toes alternately spreading and curling. The Boss merciless as he grazed the feathers against Jon's toes, then between them sawing back and forth. Every so often he stopped to let Jon catch his breath but quickly returned to assaulting his helpless feet, torturing the unbearably ticklish toes and soles.

    Eventually substituting the feathers for his fingers stroking Jon's suffering arches, then the feathers again and so the switching technique between fingers and feathers continued for a good hour and then Mr.Richie tickled Jon's inner thighs with vigour making his handsome 6' employee writhe on the bed yelling through his gag even more than he had been throughout the torment!


    Mr.Richie ran his fingers the length of both soles driving Jon berserk and making him howl instantly as the tickling now feverish as he taunted Jon he was excited most by the fact by Jon's reactions it being obvious he hated being tickled and excited by this a reaction which invited more tickling and both feet trapped his fingers ran the length of both feet and slid under Jon's toes as the tickler violated the violently ticklish ticklee who was reduced to begging but gagged unable to be vocally understood!


    His fingers stroked under Jon's toes and lightly stroked both soles as he squirmed then 'Bzzzz' and Mr.Richie subjected Jon to enduring the revolving bristles of the sonicare electric toothbrush making Jon shake and spasm with laughter as his soles were brushed and under all of his toes attacked and gliding the tortuous tickling tool slowly under all of Jon's toes and slid in between his toes so the tickling delivered made deliberately intense! The toothbrush swapped for a feather and Mr.Richie tracing the quill end the length of Jon's size 12 feet and sawing it back and forth in between each toe in turn and smiling at Jon hysterical with laughter but then being a tickler knew how to make Jon's feet even more sensitive and soon was heating both feet with the blow dryer seeing them flinching as Jon was desperate to escape! Remarkably effective having been heated again using the feather on Jon's feet, tracing the quill end the length of his soles and then slid the feather in between each toe in turn! Then stopped tormenting Jon's feet!

    Mr.Richie's fingers tickled along Jon's ribs to his stomach, tickling harder ever so Jon screamed with laughter as he writhed on the bed, both because he was trying to escape Richie fingers utterly exhausted and still being responsive being so intensely ticklish! When not tickling Jon's feet Mr.Richie pressed his nose against the soles of Jon's bare feet and deeply inhaled his strong footsmell, he sniffed them both all over and separated the toes to slip his nose in between them all to take in their scent and licked them all over and sucked every toe to cleanse both feet of the day's sweat! He sucked every toe a good long time and ran his tongue over the tops of both secured feet drooling over them both loving the fact this was hell for his straight employee and therefore would stay their secret! Something he would use to bribe Jon anytime he wanted too! To date he hasn't done as not proven necessary to do so but it's an available option to use as Jon is all too aware of!

    This an agreement tickled out of Jon but later in the session but now having orally enjoyed Jon's feet Mr.Richie took a long look at the long, smooth youthful feet the 40 yr old had at his disposal, toes that curled when tickled, high arches and feet that smelled like feet! No means of them avoiding tickling touches as kneeling at the foot of the bed he spider-walked his fingers up and down the length of both soles loving that Jon reacted as though someone were running a high voltage of electricity through his body. The bed frame bounced and shifted from the sheer force of his spasm, and a scream of surprise and ticklishness filtered out through his gag as his feet wiggled and protested madly being expertly tortured by him!

    "Oh Jon I've given many guys a ticklish workout but you definitely one of the most responsive and tickling these feet you will agree to anything I suggest especially a promise of no more tickling but these ultra sensitive soles mine to torment at will and seeing you squirm gets my dick so hard, feet totally immobile teasing me you bad boy! Feet so sensitive and so helpless at my mercy and sweaty feet the most sensitive so later socks on a foot massage getting them nice n' moist even heated with the blow dryer before off again and more barefoot tickles!"

    Mr.Richie danced his fingers up and down both soles repeatedly as Jon squirmed at every touch as the tickling torment progressed unabated as his muffled screams, protests and giggles were ignored. Jon's feet so sensitive to tickling everywhere, the tops of his feet; the sides of his feet; the ridge underneath his splaying and clenching toes, even the spaces in between his toes, all were off the charts ticklish so a delight for his Boss to play with! The electric toothbrush was an evil tool as the revolving bristles scraped swiftly over Jon's soles brushing intensely across both arches which made Jon wiggle his toes dramatically desperate to move his feet from the merciless bristles as they scraped the soles of his feet making him shake in ticklish agony and no more so then when scrubbing his toes as he howled and shrieked in loud laughter that was muffled!

    A short break when comments were made about his feet being such fun to control and then the feathers again slowly sliding down his bare soles and his Biss expertly trailing the tips from toes to heels slowly brushing over each foot so Jon was wriggling his toes fiercely flexing both feet. Mr.Richie kept on stroking both bare soles with the feathers randomly teasing them all over. The tips sliding and brushing slowly exploring every inch of Jon's soles and under his toes! Then the quill ends dragged along both soles in random patterns tickling much more intensely and unbearably! The feathers stroked the tips of his toes teasing them one by one and then feathers replaced by his Boss's fingers but wearing silk gloves as the soles of his feet were stroked and caressed with fingers run all over both smooth bare soles and kept stroking and sliding up and down the soles of his feet getting faster and faster!

    The gloves off and a dried up nib of a marker pen brought into play and the nib slowly slidng from toes to heels slowly drawing patterns all over Jon's smooth soles. The marker pen explored every inch of both feet over and over again. The nib slid very slowly over the length of both soles and then comments written like 'Jon's feet are so ticklish' 'Jon's feet smell like feet' 'Jon's feet taste delicious' though no ink marks on his feet but the scrawling of the comments were real torment for Jon! The pen replaced by Mr.Richie's fingers stroking over both soles rapidly again making Jon thrash around wildly on the bed and trembling vigorously.

    Jon has been promoted to P.A. to Mr.Richie and some nights Mr.Richie insists they work late which means Jon secured to the camp bed in an adjoining room and gagged and blindfold feeling a teasing finger stroking the soles of his black nylon socked feet, the price he pays for earning a high salary, driving a B.M.W. car and with his live-in girlfriend pregnant grateful for his job! He endures the ticklish touching though he hates, can’t stand, cannot tolerate, being tickled and begs through his gag for his Boss to stop tickling his socked feet though this only encourages Mr.Richie to tickle torment them more scribbling his fingers up and down both size 12 soles and then baring his P.A.'s stinky, sweaty bare feet.

    Jon's big size 12 feet squirmed like crazy as again Mr.Richie's fingers glided over both bare feet, across both arches and stroking the balls of both feet as Jon struggled like crazy! All his fingers dancing the length of Jon's soles up n' down the length of both hyper-sensitive soles being tickle tortured, his toes splayed and wiggling as his feet jerk around in futile attempts to avoid the insidious tickling but all he can do is endure as his feet vibrate violently and he laughs uncontrollably as Mr. Richie's evil fingers relentlessly run up and down both big, smooth soles until he decides after tickling them to becoming sweat saturated to tongue bathe them both relishing in the fact Jon's feet are hideously tongue ticklish and later having sucked his dick and licked Jon's balls and nipples, jerking Jon off when his feet are even more responsive to a good old fashioned tickling and indulging in alternating between a light touch and ferocious tickling of them both informing Jon he still had his job but another position being his Boss's 'Tickle-Lickle Toy'!

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    Love this one! I like to think his girlfriend knows and tells him that her staying with him depends on him making that money as a tickle-lickle toy, perhaps herself sometimes showing the boss her “appreciation.”

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