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    Quique's Tormenting Audition! M/M

    Enrique welcomed into the studio for his audition, the handsome 22 yr old Puerto Rican lad took off his hoodie and looked hot, immediately his well worn sneakers got my attention and he told me that he'd seen my ad and listened as I told him about the site 'Straight-Mate' and this audition would see him paid $500 and if he passed it another $500 so immediately held his interest. The 6' lad was curious what he had to do and I said that the scene was going to involve him being a gang leader who was caught by the rival gang to his and he being subjected to abuse from them! He didn't freak but was uneasy but money talked so told him to strip off his jeans and sneakers and tee then to replace his sneakers keeping socks on.

    He had a slim but fit physique and was wearing dingy white socks and soon in his sneakers he was more than appealing and told him so and he smelled good as he said he had come direct from college so not showered which I told him was perfect and asked him how he felt about another guy touching him and he said he guessed okay seeing he was being paid but not his ass and told him this was cool and mentioned his feet and he told me that he didn't think anyone would want to go there as he got sweaty size 12 feet that he didn't think people would much want to be with too long.

    Then interested in the scene I said he needed to be blindfold and secured to the bed he saw in the studio, I told him if he proved successful that he would be appearing on the exclusive, private paid for site, membership only so his I.D. protected as he would be working under a new name and 'Quique' had a ring to it and he agreed. So in his boxers, socks and sneakers Quique was soon secured. I then told him that he needed to play along with the scene and impress me but saw he had potential and was fully confident he'd be leaving $1,000 richer and could afford himself a new pair of sneakers and notice him flinch as he knew I was by his nikes when I put my hands on them

    "So your feet will be all stinky and sweaty and I reckon warm n' sensitive right Quique!" I said

    "My feet aren't ticklish, guess the rest of me is but you're wasting your time there with my feet." he said

    "Okay fine so it won't be a problem for you if I run my fingers all over the soles of your feet and under and in between all your toes If your feet aren't ticklish, then its no big deal right?" I said

    "Right." he answered simply, not trusting himself to repeat his claim to not being foot ticklish.

    "It would be perfectly understandable for you to deny being ticklish, you know ticklish on your feet Quique to dissuade me from even trying but as my captive and enemy I'm going to try anyway knowing this won't get to you, your feet won't flinch, toes won't wiggle, you won't react so won't laugh right!" I taunted him

    "I'm not ticklish on my feet." he said firmly.

    "Okay Quique I believe you but will be so upset if you are lying about not being foot ticklish. You gotta know that I won't give up easily, that I'll check out the soles of your feet very thoroughly, my fingers will stroke underneath and between your toes. That I'll tickle you soft and slow, hard and fast, and every combination in between. That I won't stop after a few seconds, or after a few tens of seconds. I can assure you of this as I am a sadistic tickler and very experienced and having been a masseur know exactly where and how to touch and have to say foot-fixated so will indulge in continuous stroking, caressing, yeah Quique I'm relentless!. If you are not ticklish this won't be a problem but If you are ticklish, then I'll be vindicated in my belief of your foot ticklishness and being vindicated will make me want to explore your foot ticklishness for as long as I can. Maybe even be a little cruel, my tongue work is excruciating and I've an insatiable appetite that demands satisfying!

    I saw him grimace so told him but he had $1,000 waiting for him so worth the try out and saw him slightly nod his head and slid my finger inside his right sneaker and wiggled it a little and my index finger stroking the sweaty socked side of his foot I felt it twitch inside his sneaker but he trying not to react! He was committed to playing this out till the end to earn his fee but so and so was I and then repeated this with his left foot and same response from him!

    "Well Quique you're a stubborn guy I will give you that and yeah can smell you got hot feet, they've worked up quite a sweat!"

    I then unlaced his sneakers saying he must have worn these a while but no reponse as he was concentrating on not reacting to his feet being touched and I knew it so told him that hot n' sweaty feet being the most sensitive trapped inside sneakers all through the day that it must be a relief to have them ulaced and as I was doing; being pulled off exposing both feet and lowered my head to get a good sniff of both feet secured together and kept sniffing saying his feet had a strong footsmell which was pretty addictive so welcomed sticking with them but appreciating other people might not asking if his girlfriends like their raunchy stench and he shook his head and asked him if there was anyone serious and he nodded so told him that he'd be able to buy her gifts as I thought him suitable to be in my genre of films!

    "Oh yeah that's cool but maybe you can go easy on the foot thing as it is a bit annoying and my dick and balls more interesting!" he said

    "Hmmm I don't know Quique perhaps later but right now your feet are more appealing, yeah they're very warm and clammy in these socks and wet here by the toes, fuck now these feet smell like feet!" I teased him having a fondle of his socked feet and telling him my guess being his being extremely ticklish on his feet and can't stand them touched much less tickled but my liking a challenge was more than happy to find out and priding myself on being an extremely skilled tickler!

    I sensed flinches from him as I leaned in close and smelled his socked feet and told him to wiggle his toes and stared at his ten toes wiggling as I almost touched them with my nose sniffing them. I then took hold of each foot in turn and kissed his socked soles and his feet smelled so awesome as I rubbed my face in them. I moaned as I sniffed both feet! Next a socked foot massage as I told him wanting his feet as hot n' sweaty as I could get them saying when satisfied they were seeing if though not ticklish I would get any reaction at all. Massaging them saying I was glad he didn't like the foot thing as in the film being the prisoner that his feet would therefore be the focus of my attention even on this the pilot movie! I then slid the fingers of my right hand into his right sock and fingers explored and he squirmed as his toes wiggled as fingers stroked his warm, moist sole and switched to his left foot and did the same.

    Then fingers caressed his socked soles, drawing circles, nice slow circles along them as he bit his lips. I began raking the arch and ball of his right foot and he began snickering and panting under his breath.

    “Hnnhh..uUhHEha….NNEhahaaha, NnhhHhahaha!” he breathed, trying to hold his giggles as I smiled and my fingers carried on, dancing over his sock, pin pointing all his nerves.

    “Noooooooostaaaap!” he squealed. Quique' boyish giggles began to slip out more often and seeing the toe imprints in his socks I traced under them teasingly and tormentingly and he began fighting me more earnestly. He dropped the act as I sped up the pace and my fingers continued their harassment, tickling straight through his thin layer of sock and I scratched them along his sole quicker, and his laughter was released!

    "Oh Quique you are ticklish on these feet, I am disappointed you couldn't hold out as you really tried but now I am going to break you, you have $1,000 to earn and maybe paid into being persuaded to meet me privately like Arturo and yeah quite like to film you both working eachother over as know you'd enjoy using the electric toothbrush over his feet for pay!"

    I then started to attack both of Quique's socked feet at once making him squirm and buck up and down, going ballistic because this torture was hell to him and all he could do was take it and deal with it as I was insistent in tickling his socked feet! I inhaled his masculine footsmell from his damp socks telling him it was Intoxicating, and erotic as he moaned and I told him that my dick was hard knowing he didn't want too much of the foot thing as I lightly stroked his soles so involuntarily he flinched his feet and his toes wiggled in and against my face as I sniffed them taunting him saying wiggling his toes like this he must be enjoying enticing me to smell his feet and he cursed me which as I told him played perfectly into the scene as he was a prisoner being toyed with and pissing him off more saying to imagine it was his girlfriend playing with his stinky, sweaty feet!

    "Hmm Quique you have got pretty hot feet in these socks for sure but now let's peel these socks off, oh fuck yeah now these are what I've been waiting to see, love these long toes and fuck the smell of these feet amazing, Latino lads are popular, you might have seen Arturo and now his feet are ticklish, the electric toothbrush run under his toes all but destroyed him and that was fun, he cried literally, that wasn't fake and earns a lot meeting me privately, well it feeds his habit but he works for it. Oh yeah his size 11's I know so well!"

    "Now with these bare feet we're gonna play a game and you are going to tell me what I am doing to your feet and how it feels and be explicit as you want that $1,000 but will earn it or this film will go viral and your girlfriend and also your mates will see it and see your feet being played with in all kinds of ways and it will be edited so it shows you having your feet enjoyed by another guy and intermixed in laughing, instead of curses you moaning and groaning especially when later these feet of yours are tongue bathed, my tongue slid in between your toes and up n' down your soles!"

    Quique listened horrified but trapped and he knew it and begged me to let him go, forget the fee, to release him but that was no deal I told him, I had explained my terms and that was that, too late to back out now and he best humour me and play along and be honest or you can be sure you will be punished so ready Quique and he nodded

    "Okay Quique where am I tickling?"

    "Your fingers... they've just touched down on the inside part of my heels... just at the top of the heels... where the arch begins... they've stopped moving... your fingersheeheeheeehee I mean..... eeeeeeeeeeee... shit.... fuckyou mother fucker.... your fingers are just rubbingstooopnooohahahahahhasweeping over the tops of my heelsahhhhhhnooomorehahahahahahaha.... noooooooooo.hahhahahahaha.. you are sliding into my arches... fuck, both of my feet at the same time.... fuck, fuck, fuck ahhahahahahahhaha"

    "Good Quique really good, you're a natural so now?"

    "You've got each of my feet in the same place with your fingers in the centre of my soleshahahhahahahaha,my archesheeheehee and the balls of my feethahhahahahahhaa. Please... please"hhahahhahahahait tickles so baaad!"

    I guess I worked over his feet a good hour, perhaps even two but he totally exhausted and drained when questioned by me about the experience he had just endured being subjected to by me!

    "Okay so what was the tickling like, was it a nightmare Quique?"

    "My sensivity just went off the scale when you started tickling my soles and under my toes fuck, that tickled so bad!"

    "Well you know Quique I love the way these bare feet ineffectively attempt to escape my fingers tickling the fuck out of them and the way you were driven to uncontrollable and unstoppable laughter, seeing your feet trapped and helpless and vulnerable at my mercy. How you reacted to my fingers on your soles concentrating on both feet then one foot after the other and then both feet together again and making your toes clench and pulling them spread to tease in between them all and drive you nuts and seeing you not deal well with my stroking, scraping, scratching,teasing, tomenting, yeah tickle torturing your feet making you suffer, it was delightful, delicious, devastating for you Quique you which really got me hard enduring my slowly spider tickling both of your feet simultaneously, from the heels to the base of your toes making you squirm and seeing all your toes wiggling! Then stroking the centre of your arches and seeing you finding this happening hard to deal with enticed me to work over both sensitive soles mercilessly subjecting you to an evil tickling assault on your feet with special concentration focused on your toes as clearly something you hate happening!"

    I then began to massage his feet and made him gasp when I put my mouth over the toes of his right foot and slid my tongue in between his toes which made him want to kick away as it was intimate but then simultaneously brought my fingers up to the sole of his right foot and stroked the sole and he giggled as his toes in reaction wiggled inside my mouth. I then stuck my face into his bare feet and went to town and licked and slurped and nibbled at his toes and all along the soles of both of his feet as he was laughing and shrieking and his toes clenched and flexed but it didn't stop my tongue and teeth and fingers. I feasted on his feet as I exploited him being totally helpless telling him that I couldn't stay away from his feet stroking along the outline of them as they squirmed and his toes twitched but I kept him under control.

    "You have great feet Quique and think I'm soon done with them, think again as so sensitive for a guy who is not foot-ticklish, the challenge for me is to prove you are and I'm not done doing that yet as you could be pretending to having such very ticklish feet to satisfy my need that you have and I need to be sure you really are ticklish all over both of your feet and this might take hours, in fact it probably will."

    I then resumed tickling his feet and I went crazy indulging in licking them all over and saliva lubed and wet with his sweat I used my comb up and down his soles, then lightly stroked them with the very tips of my fingers, then stroking them with a feather telling him what a kick I was getting driving him nuts as Quique knows how to giggle as he has become a regular tickle-toy as he does not want his girlfriend and mates seeing him being foot raped by me and Arturo who jealous of another Latino getting my attention really works Quique's feet over and to date Quique not got his revenge on Arturo but his 23rd birthday soon, Arturo will be his present or rather his size 11 feet will and all will be filmed!

    Anyway I continued tickling Quique's bare soles unmercifully and mixed with his incomprehensible moans and pleading, had him laughing loudly and uncontrollably.

    "Ha-ha-ha-hhhheeee. Don't . . . pl-please! St-stop it! Stop it! Ha-he-he-hey-no-no-nooo Ha-ha-ha-he-hey-he! Pleeeeeeeeeease!"

    Quique's feet so delicious to taste and ripe, smelling so sweaty and raunchy I traced swirls and patterns with my nails to extract the utmost benefit from each stroke mercilessly attacked his soles as I tickled and tickled and tickled his feet driving him into fits of spasms and convulsions and wriggling and squirming and writhing that really turned me on. I paused from tickling his feet to gently kiss each of his toes and up n' down his soles down my feet, in between his toes and around his insteps. I spread each of his toes and licked and blew the tender spaces between them and sucked his toes and then massaged them saying I loved the fact he was straight and into pussy and had not wanted too much of the foot thing but his problem having such amazingly smelling, tasting and ticklish feet! I loved nibbling Quique's soles as he wriggled and splayed his toes! I nipped the contours of his soles, his arches, and his heels. I stuck my tongue out flicking it like a snake, and tracing the curve of his arches and the base of his toes gently, suckling on each one, and tasting his salty soles. My fingers teased his soles and found a particularly soft spot dead center of his arch, right below the balls of his feet.

    I again indulged in licking both of his feet especially in between his toes, sucking on his toes then got the feather and slid it all over his feet and sticking it between his toes and then used the comb and scraped his feet driving the latin lad berserk saying an accomplished tickler, I knew how to keep him ticklish but not so he'd pass out and then stopped the combing of his soles and soothed them licking them all over very, very sensually so messing with his head as I told him the pleasure and pain principle never fails. Loving licking the tops of his toes, flicking my tongue across them as he lost in tickles!

    Then my fingers began curling deviously again over the slippery sole of Quique's right foot and told him

    "Im gonna tickle the fuck out of you all night and you cant do shit about it Quique!" as I slowly started to tickle torment his right sole

    His toes jittered, as his foot began twitching and wiggling and Quique was unable to resist and burst into hysterics instantly. I loved and love his intense ticklishness and Quique howled and cried and pleaded with me to quit tickling his foot so rewarded this tickle torturing his left foot. In no time he in ticklish submission a my technique was methodical starting at the heel, and across his arches and along his soles visited that centre hideously sensitive spot on his soles thoroughly and up to his toes but his arches and insteps especially sensitive and tender. My evil tickling went on and on with his barefeet as he laughed and screamed driven crazy as he is always reactive to me and Arturo working over his feet and trust me we are totally merciless! Working on a foot each, we challenge eachother to see who can get the most ticklish reaction!

    "I know this must be driving you fuckin' nuts Quique not wanting too much of a foot thing!" I laughed sadistically. In my hand the feather and caressing the soles of his feet and toes with the soft endrtils as he throwing his head side to side involuntarily reacting to the sensation then employed my fingers assalting his bare arches and lightly stroking under his toes delivering the tickle treatment getting the reaction wanted from him!


    “What’s the matter Quique? I will give your soles a little break as I want to tickle all your toes!"

    I gently began tickling between his toes hearing instantly his reaction “HAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHA NOT THE TOES!”

    I indulged in giving his toes a real working over so they wiggling and flexing like crazy as he was literally losing it”


    I raked my fingers all over his large sweaty and smelly super sensitive soft soles, up n; down and across his arches driving Quique ballistic!


    “Quique your feet are incredibly soft and sensitive and you have passed the audition as these feet irresistible I intend tickling them awhile longer knowing how it drives you berserk but you came to this audition of your own accord and will be paid the $1,000 but work for it as your soles and toes need all the ticklish and licklish attention I can give them!"

    Saying this gently pulling Quique's toes back with my left hand and with the other hand tickled the soft pads of his feet just below her toes.


    “I bet that really tickles Quique!" I taunted and swapped to his other foot and repeated the same session to his toes and soles. Then introduced the pipe cleaner to run in between each of his toes which tickled him horribly as intended as a tidal wave of laughter camw from him as I sawed the pipe cleaner in between his toes! Telling him he would be tickle tortured another 30 mins!


    I smiled amusing myself foot raping his flinching virginal feet, toes wiggling wildly as my having direct access to every inch of his vulnerable feet and my stray fingers lightly and maddeningly caressing his feet, sucking his toes, lickling his soles and as the skillful and experienced tickler I am seeing him subjected to overwhelming and excruciatingly ticklish, teasing torment! I replacing his socks and massaging each of his stinky and sweaty feet in turn and handling them making them even warmer and more moist then peeling off each sock and orally assaulting his feet all over with my fondling them and orally violating them to my lustful satisfaction!
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